A Sister’s Awakening Ch. 10

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Megan hugged Vanessa, promising that she would come back home again soon. They kissed tenderly, and Megan realised that as their tongues mingled, they were mixed with her sister’s tears. She hadn’t realised how hard it would be to leave her sister behind this time. Vanessa refused to come to the airport to say goodbye, because she didn’t want people realizing just how much she was going to miss Megan and the intimacy that the two of them had found.

Megan threw her last bag in the back of her Dad’s car and climbed in alongside him in the passenger’s seat.

“Your Mother is really cut up about not being able to see you off you know,” Phil told Megan.

“Yeah, I know, but its also a really important time for her at work. Besides, I’m thinking that I may be back before much longer this time. I think I’m going to try and find a job that brings me back here, or at least close enough that I can visit more. I’ve found new and wonderful reasons to come home now!”

Phil found his cock hardening as he thought about some of those ‘wonderful reasons’ that his daughter had mentioned.

“Well, you know I for one wouldn’t complain if you moved back closer to home,” he said, starting the car and commencing the drive to the airport.

As they drove along, Megan decided to have one last bit of fun with her father, reaching across to stroke his cock as he drove them along. He was really hard and Megan began to undo the fastenings of his pants, releasing his erection to the air so that she could stroke it. Phil moaned in appreciation of the attention that he was receiving. Megan adjusted her position in the seat and leaned over to take her father’s cock in her mouth. She contentedly sucked upon it as he drove them along, struggling to maintain his concentration on the road under the pleasure that he was receiving.

They continued like this for some time, until a police 4wd pulled alongside them and flashed his lights, indicating for Phil to pull over. Phil’s face went bright red as he told his daughter to stop as he slowed the vehicle, trying to get his pants done up again and his cock packed away at the same time. The cop pulled in behind them on the side of the road, emerged from his vehicle and approached the driver’s side window.

“Sir, you do realise that what you were doing doesn’t exactly constitute safe-driving, don’t you?” the cop said, peeking through the window, obviously looking to see who the chick was that was prepared to do this on the road. There was an obvious look of shock when he saw the age difference between them.

“Yes Sir, it was just one of those crazy impulsive things that happens. I’m really sorry,” Phil replied.

“Well, I afraid sorry isn’t really good enough and I will have to give you a ticket for reckless driving. Impulsive or not, that sort of behaviour can lead to serious accidents and we simply don’t want them on our roads.”

“Oh please officer,” Megan said, using her best doe eyes, “I’m leaving town for work again, it’s the last time we’ll see each other for months and I just wanted to give him something to really remember … I’m sure you like to remember things like that sometimes?”

“Yes I do Miss, but that doesn’t make it acceptable,” he replied. Megan eyed off the bulge in his pants (he’d obviously enjoyed the show before he pulled them over) and decided to see if perhaps there was a way to use this to their advantage.

“Oh officer, surely you’d LIKE something to remember, she said, licking her finger, sucking and nibbling at the tip of it.”

“What I might like to remember doesn’t really come into this …”

“Oh but it could officer, if you were at all interested .. ” Megan interrupted, her fingers teasing at her nipple. She noticed that his gaze was transfixed her fingering of her nipple and she slipped her hand inside her top to fondle her breast. “I’m sure if you escorted us out of the way a little, we could come to some arrangement?”

Phil sat stunned as his daughter offered to bribe a cop with her body to get out of a ticket right in front of him. There seemed to be no end to what she was prepared to do sexually.

“Well Miss, we’ll see what we can do about that,” he said, “Follow me sir.” He returned to his car and slowly drove past them. Phil pulled out and followed him as he turned off of the main road and into a secluded area behind some industrial buildings. He got out of the car and walked around to Megan’s side this time.

“Just what are you proposing Miss?” he blatantly asked.

“Well, it appears to me officer, that there’s some tension in your pants that needs relieving. I am offering to assist you in that endeavour.” She opened her car door and climbed out, kneeling down beside the car. He made no move to stop her from what she was doing and so she immediately set about removing his cock from her pants and held it in her hand as she said, “I hope you don’t mind the rush, but I have a plane to catch.”

Megan sucked the cock into her bakırköy escort mouth. It wasn’t as large as her father’s but she enjoyed that lovely combination of the soft skin over the hard shaft as she ran her mouth up and down its length. The cop was obviously enjoying himself as much as she was, and she found that sucking on a complete stranger’s cock like this was getting her very very horny. She asked him to kneel down for her and then said to her father,

“Phil baby, why don’t you come around here and fuck me while I help this nice officer out of his stiff problem? Since we were interrupted, I’m sure he won’t mind you finishing off while I help him, will you officer?”

“Not at all, Miss, you go ahead and have fun.” He couldn’t believe that this gorgeous young chick had just out and offered to suck him off to get out of a ticket and now she was asking the old guy with her to fuck her at the same time. He must be rich, he thought, because he looks old enough to be her father.

Phil got out of the car and went around to where his daughter was now on all fours as she sucked on the cop’s cock. He got down behind her and reached under to undo her jeans, pulling them down, grabbing her thong at the same time to expose her butt. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy, finding it to be nice and wet and he thrust forwards, his cock sliding into his daughter’s pussy. He was excited and astounded. Here he was, fucking his own daughter and at the same time she was bribing a cop by sucking him off! If only the cop knew the true relationship between them.

The cop started to moan and Megan could feel in his movements that he was about to cum. She sucked as much of him as she could into her mouth and worked her tongue until he grunted, his seed spraying into her mouth as she swallowed quickly to take it all, licking her lips and showing her appreciation as she released him from her mouth, licking at the tip of his cock to clean up a dribble of sperm that appeared.

“Mmm, thank you officer. Do you think that you could go back there and take Phil’s place while I take care of him too,” Megan asked.

“I think I just may be able to do that for you Miss,” the cop replied, a twinkle in his eye as he realised he was about to get to fuck her as well. Phil thrust into her pussy a couple more times, making sure that his cock was well coated with her juices before she turned to take it in her mouth, sucking noisily at her juices coating his cock.

The cop watched, excited, his cock growing in hardness again as this young chick slurped at the cock that had just been buried in her. Hard again, he looked down at her pussy, loving the fact that there was no hair obscuring his view. He nudged the head of his cock up against her lips to have Megan push back against him, urging for his cock to fill her. He slid in, pushing until he could feel his balls squashed up against her. Then he started to pump his cock in and out of her tight pussy, loving every moment of this.

Phil watched his daughter get fucked by the cock and that combined with her attentions to him with her mouth drove him over the edge, his cock exploding into her mouth, Megan swallowing and slurping in her efforts to contain all of his cum. She didn’t quite manage to and looked up at her father as she used her finger to clean up her face, sucking his sperm from it as her pussy was pummeled from behind. She focused on the attention behind her, pushing back and timing her movements to have the cop fuck her hard from behind. She could feel herself getting close and urged the cock to fuck her, to ram his cock into her.

Megan orgasmed, her pussy clutching at the cock inside it as it continued to slam in and out. She pulled away, turning to take the cock back into her mouth again. Once more enjoying getting to suck her juices from a nice erection. This was too much for the cop who came a second time, Megan again swallowing it all happily.

Megan stood and pulled her jeans back up.

“If you’ll excuse us officer, I have a plane to catch and not a lot of time to get there.”

“Certainly Miss. In fact, if you’ll follow me, I’ll make sure that you get there on time. Just make sure that you behave in the car,” he laughed, getting back into his 4WD.

Megan and Phil got back into their car and followed the cop, who led them, at a brisk pace all the way to the airport.

At the gate, Megan said goodbye to her father.

“Bye Daddy, be good.”

“You too young lady and hurry back soon, you know I’ll be here waiting for you, “Phil said. Megan kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth, his arms enfolding her. She smiled in her kiss when she realised that she was again giving her father a hard-on, feeling it rise in his pants against her belly.

“Save some for me,” she laughed, rubbing his cock subtlely as she turned to go through the boarding gate.

Monica came home from work to find the household subdued. It beşiktaş escort missed the presence of Megan. More than any other time that she’d come to visit, Monica had noticed the spark that her eldest daughter had brought to the house. She wondered how long this was going to last, because she’d not want all this mourning to continue for too long. She was surprised though, at how Phil had taken it. He’d always got on well with Megan, but he’d never been this morose after her departure before. Oh well, tomorrow she finally had a day off work and she thought that she would spend it by the pool, sunning and relaxing. Something she had missed this summer since work had picked up so much.

The following day, as planned, Monica was by the pool, in her bikini sunning herself whilst Phil was off at work. Vanessa had gone over to Cindy’s house and so she decided that since her tan had faded to the point that her tan-lines were hardly visible, she may as well get a tan without any. She removed the bikini and stretched out on the sun bed naked, feeling the warm rays of the sun caress her body.

She was still laying there when she heard the back door to the house slide open. She lifted her head to check who it was that was coming through and smiled when she saw that it was Vanessa.

“Oh, Hi, Mum, I wondered where you were,” she said, as she approached.

“Just enjoying the sun, honey,” Monica replied. “Care to join me?”

“Sure, I’ll just grab a towel,” Vanessa said, her eyes traveling over her mother’s naked body, admiring the curve of her hips and arse laid out on the chair. She went back inside, grabbed a towel and returned to the yard, where she quickly stepped out of her shorts and tank top before dropping her panties to the ground. She casually strolled about the yard naked as she got the other sun lounge an dragged it over next to her mother’s.

Monica watched her daughter strip off, impressed by the firm, athletic figure. Jealous that she no longer looked as good, even if she was well in shape and hot for her own age. She remembered well what it was like to have breasts that jiggled so nicely without drooping, to have such long, firm legs and a tight arse. Monica surprised herself when she realised that she was starting to get horny watching her daughter wander around naked.

Vanessa lay down on the sun lounge next to her mother, letting the sun wash over her breasts and her bare mound. From where Monica lay, she could see Vanessa’s mound protrude above her thighs, the smooth skin almost glistening in the sun. She found the look extremely attractive and wanted to get a better look, but didn’t feel like she could say to her daughter, “So show me your pussy.” The thought of it was oddly exciting though.

The two of them lay there, turning and tanning the afternoon away, making idle chatter, snoozing, occasionally swimming. Vanessa loved watching as her mother emerged from the pool, the water cascading off her body. Ironically, the two of them didn’t swim at the same time because they were both enjoying the same pleasure, that of watching the other as the exited the water.

Monica asked Vanessa how things were going with the new boy in her life, assuming that that was where she’d been spending all the time that she hadn’t spent in at home during the holidays. Vanessa swung her legs over the side of the sun lounge to face her mother whilst she spoke to her. Monica was on her back at this juncture and Vanessa enjoyed looking down over her mother’s well tended body as she spoke to her.

Monica was acutely aware as she turned her head to the sound of Vanessa’s voice that she was looking almost directly between her daughter’s legs. Just a slight movement of the right one and she’d have a perfect view of her pussy.

“Mum, have you ever had any experiences with another woman?” Vanessa asked in response to her Mother’s question. Monica was taken aback. This was not what she had been expecting in reply to her question.

“Why do you ask that?” Monica offered tentatively.

“Well, I don’t know how to tell you this other than straight out, so that’s how I am going to do it. I’ve been spending a lot of my time these holidays with another girl. And we’ve gotten pretty close too.”

Monica lay there, unsure how to quite approach this matter. She was open minded and certainly wasn’t about to tell her daughter that she’d go to hell or frighten her off or alienate her, but it sure was unexpected.

“Mum?” Vanessa prompted.

“Yes, I have.” Monica decided that the straight forward and honest approach was certainly the best since that was the way that Vanessa had played it. “When I was in college, there was a girl there who made a pass at me. Several passes, in fact. One night, after a few drinks, curiousity got the better of me and I let her kiss me. She wanted a relationship though and I was just experimenting. It didn’t last long.”

“Oh, well at least I feel better about telling beylikdüzü escort you then. You see, I’ve met a boy as well. And I like both of them. They’re different, but they’re both really nice. I’ve never been so confused.”

“Just how far have things progressed with these two people?” Monica asked cautiously.

“Um, I’ve slept with them both,” Vanessa replied quietly, her eyes cast to the ground. Monica noticed at this point though, that her legs were spread just that little bit more, affording her a wonderful view of her daughter’s sleek, bald pussy. She couldn’t believe how much it was turning her on to see it. It was her daughter for crying out loud! But for some reason, the view was disconnected from the conversation and the rest of it. It was just a thing of beauty. Monica felt a stirring between her own legs.

“I hope that you were careful,” Monica replied, unable to avoid the motherly aspect of concern for her daughter’s welfare.”

“Of course, Mum, you brought me up well enough avoid un-safe sex,” Vanessa said.

“Good. So what can I help you with, anyway.”

“I was hoping that you might have had some revelation or something for me, that you might have faced a choice and ended up with Dad, choosing men over women or the like. Some guidance as to how I get out of this situation of liking two people, both of them of different sexes.”

“Sorry, sweety. I didn’t go very far with that one girl, I think the most we did was suck on each other’s breasts. When your father came along, it was 2 years past that or so and we just clicked. I never thought much about women after that … until you brought it up at least. Do you prefer sex with men over women, or vice versa?” Monica probed, her curiousity driving her questions forwards.

“No, they’re different. I love being licked by a girl, and being able to lick her as well, but I also like a nice boy doing his thing too,” Vanessa told her mother, staring thoughtfully at the sky, oblivious to the fact that her mother’s gaze was transfixed, staring directly at her pussy, which was slowly getting moist as she thought about the various sex acts with the various sexes and what was better or worse.

“So is being licked by a girl different to a boy?” Monica asked.

“Oh yes, its hard to explain, but its definitely different. Its just more right or something because a girl knows what to do with a girl’s equipment I guess.” Vanessa glanced at her mother and noticed that her hand was caressing her breast. Did this turn her mother on? Vanessa was suddenly curious what it would be like to have sex with her mother … to initiate her to sex with a woman the way that Cindy had with her. The thought was exciting and made her tingle in all the right places. Having had sex with her sister already, she found that the leap to have sex with her Mother presented no knew barriers that she hadn’t already accepted her way past. But the proposition itself and how to go about it were completely different.

“That was something I always wondered after I stopped seeing that girl, Monica mumbled. I never did get to feel a woman go down on me…”

Vanessa reached down and grabbed the sunscreen, getting some on her hands and spreading it over her breasts, taking her time, manipulating them, pulling at the nipples, teasing them before running her hands down over her ribs and tummy. She noted her mother’s gaze following her hands in their journey, noted that her legs had spread just a little and that her hand hadn’t left her bosom. She took a little more sunscreen, rubbing it into her tummy before letting her hand make the final traverse to her bald mound and pussy. She rubbed her hand over it, watching her mother watch her. She was licking her lips nervously and her hips were barely still. It was obvious to Vanessa now that her Mother’s pussy must be on fire but she had no way to relieve it unless she did so in front of her daughter.

“How long have you shaved your pubes for?” her mother asked hoarsely as she saw a single finger of Vanessa’s hand part her lips as her hand stroked along herself.

“A couple of weeks is all, my friend likes it and did it for me,” Vanessa replied. She decided to see how far this could possibly go and slid her finger deep inside her pussy before slowly working it in and out. She slid a second in alongside it, her mother’s eyes never breaking from the action.

“Does it excite you to watch me finger myself Mum?” Vanessa asked.

Monica’s face flushed, embarrassed and her hand dropped away from her breast.

“Don’t worry Mum, I like you watching. It excites me to have you watch my play with myself. Just enjoy it.” The whole time she was talking, her fingers continued to explore herself, plunging in and out, working casually over her clit, her second hand playing with her breast, pulling and squeezing her nipple. “Play with yourself, Mum, you’re obviously horny, let it go, release your tension.”

“Ness, this isn’t right, I can’t do this with you here.”

“Mum, if I left now, the first thing that you would do would be to play with yourself until you came. So don’t be afraid to do it here. Or would you rather I did it for you?” Vanessa asked, placing her hand on her mother’s breast, feeling the nipple against her palm.

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