A Sibling Affair: No Tell Motel

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Authors Notes: This story is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age. All names, characters, places, and events mentioned are fictitious. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.

This is a longer version of the previous No Tell Motel story, with the details of how the siblings got to that motel.

Many thanks to Reindeer58 for the editorial expertise.


“What are we supposed to do for the rest of the weekend?” Noah complained as he sat at the kitchen table while his cousins ran about the house, spreading the chaos of youth as they went.

“Spend time with your family?” Their mother asked sarcastically.

“This whole trip is a bit silly,” Noah said.

“No it isn’t, we can’t get the family together as a group often, before long it isn’t likely to happen at all,” their mother scolded Noah.

“If Jack wasn’t so busy at work I wouldn’t be here,” Holly said as she dumped the latest batch of popcorn into a large plastic bowl.

“See, that’s exactly what I mean,” their mother said as family members began to make their way down to the basement and gramps’ movie room. For as long as anyone could remember he had a room set up for watching movies. After months of convincing a large flat screen now was the center piece instead of the old clattering projector he used to love. “It isn’t going to kill you to spend some time with your family young man.”

“Nobody else I know is dragged off to their grandparents on long family weekends out of state,” Noah continued his complaint.

“Well you were and you’ll live through it,” their mother said.

“You’re being a child Noah,” Holly mocked her brother.

“Don’t be late, you don’t want to miss the show,” their grandfather advised as he made his way through the kitchen and down the stairs.

“Be there shortly gramps just have some more popcorn to make up,” Holly said with a smile as she swept her blonde curls over her shoulder and pressed the popcorn setting on the microwave once again. A couple of minutes later the microwave’s buzzer rang out, the third and final batch ready. Holly quickly dumped the fresh popcorn into a bowl and bounded for the stairs.

“Where am I supposed to sit?” Holly asked as she entered the movie room only to notice that the couch and three armchairs were already filled with various family members.

“We have cushions you could sit on, the kids might have another bean bag,” answered her grandmother.

Holly looked over to see Noah sitting by himself in an armchair. “I’ll sit with Noah,” she smiled at her brother, darting across the room to sit in his lap before he could protest too much.

“Damnit Holly,” Noah protested as his sister dropped into his lap. “I don’t need your scrawny butt poking me for two hours.

“Shut up and make room dum-dum,” she replied wriggling in his lap, spilling popcorn as she did so.

“Can’t you just sit somewhere else?”

“No,” Holly replied with a smirk, “but you could.”

“I was here first,” he pointed out.

“Yep,” she agreed making no effort to get up.

“Exactly how old are you two?” Their father grumbled at them as the movie was about to start.

“This many,” Holly answered holding her hands open, palms out toward her father showing him her fingers in a display of her age. “Two more years than dufus here.”

“Shhh,” their mother sternly admonished the group, ending the chatter in the room.

The movie’s opening sequence had barely finished when Holly noticed a familiar sensation against her ass. At first she tried to dismiss the feeling but it kept pressing at her, growing until it was unmistakable, demanding her attention. Noah’s cock was hard. She had decided to sit in his lap primarily because she knew it would irritate him and she loved to give her baby brother grief, it was a past time that never got old. With her and Jack engaged and living together, her job, and Noah headed back to college for his sophomore year soon, she knew there would be few chances to torment him as she liked to, opportunities would have to be seized when they presented themselves.

Holly would have expected Jack to get hard with her in his lap, but Jack was her fiancé, not her brother. Her efforts to get comfortable and get away from her brother’s erection pressing against her ass cheeks only made the situation worse. Noah’s cock was as hard as any she had ever felt. He squirmed as she moved; small beads of sweat began to collect on his brow. Fun was fun but if they kept the squirming about someone would take notice. As much as she enjoyed tormenting Noah, she didn’t want to see him get busted at a family activity, with his dick hard and his sister in his lap. Discovery would be bad for both of them. Why did he get hard with his sister in his lap they would ask? Why didn’t she get up when she felt his erection? Neither was a question she wanted asked or wanted to answer.

Holly leaned forward placing the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table that sat in front of the couch, pendik escort her movement causing Noah’s cock to find a resting place in the cleft of her ass, exactly where it would be if he were dry humping her. “Hey Dan,” she whispered, “toss me the blanket will ya, I’m a little chilly.” Without taking his eyes off of the large screen in front of them her cousin flipped Holly the blanket that was folded up on the back of the couch. She quickly unfolded it and spread it across her lap, covering her and Noah from the waist down. A small thrill went through her as she spread out the blanket, it had been hand made by her grandmother, the doting little housekeeper and craft junkie, and now it was being used to conceal the sexual arousal of one of her grandchildren as another grandchild sat in his lap. “Comfy?” She said quietly to Noah with a smile.

“Sure,” he croaked out.


The movie played without incident, except for the hard girth of her brother’s cock lodged in the cleft of her ass as she struggled with little success to pay any attention to the film. She knew her brother was a perv, he never hid it well, but she had no idea to what level of perversion he was capable. Holly wondered if this was why her teasing had been so effective over the years. Did her brother really have a thing for her, or was he just hard because he had a girl in his lap?

As the credits rolled and the lights came on a new wave of concern swept over her. The lights had been out during the movie, the only light coming from the television screen, a brightly lit room might mean discovery. Noah was still hard, there was no way he would be able to get up and leave in front of everyone with his dick hard.

“You two coming?” Their mother asked as the family began to filter away as she and Noah stayed seated in the chair, the blanket over their laps.

“Soon, just gotta talk to Noah for a sec,” Holly replied desperately hoping she sounded calm and casual.

“Don’t be too long everyone will be heading to bed soon,” their mother replied.

“Just a minute or two,” Holly answered.

“Good night you two,” their mother said as she left.


“Good night,” Noah added.

“So Noah,” Holly said as their mother disappeared up the stairs. She leaned back against him whispering in his ear, “what’s with the giant boner I have pressed against my ass baby brother?” Her emphasis on the baby part of her taunt knowing how much he detested it.

“Shit … I know Holly, I’m sorry,” Noah mumbled his eyes fixed upon the plaster of the ceiling. “I can’t control what it does; the damn thing has a mind of its own.”

“Well something sure made it decide to wake up,” Holly said.

“It just does that,” Noah said with a deep sigh.

“It wasn’t like that when I sat down,” Holly continued with a wide grin, studying his reaction. She had always loved to tease him, a flirty comment here and there or a suggestive movement was a sure fire way to get his attention and make him squirm. But catching him with an erection was whole new level of embarrassing things she could tease him about.

“Well …”

“And if it only got hard once I sat down that must mean my ass on your lap caused it,” she continued playfully, pretending to not notice his discomfort.

“I said I’m sorry, can we just drop it?” Noah said as he tried to move her off his lap.

Holly was not about to let him off easily. “I wanna know Noah,” she said, her mouth next to her brother’s ear as she moved with him, preventing him from getting up. “Why did your cock get all big and hard when your sister sat on your lap?”

“Come on Holly … give me a break,” he said as he gave up on his escape attempt.

“Tell me Noah,” she whispered seductively into his ear, “why?”


“You think your sister is hot?” She teased him.

“Everyone does,” he said.

“Oh so you do have a thing for your big sis huh,” she said surprised by the confession so soon in her tormenting.

“I’m a guy I can see when a girl’s hot.”

“Even your sister?”

“Apparently so,” he said smirking at her.

“Most guys don’t look at their sisters like that ya know,” she stuck her tongue out at him. “You must be a pervert.”

“I bet more do than you know,” he said.

“Yeah?” She studied his reaction, “maybe.”

“They just don’t talk about it is all,” he replied.

“So let’s talk about it,” Holly said as she wiggled her ass in his lap.

“Just let it go already,” he said. “Besides we can’t talk here anyway, the house is full of people.”

“True, nosey ones at that,” she said. “What are you doing tomorrow?”

“Stuck here for the rest of the weekend I’m afraid … same as you,” he said as he finally made good his escape from his sister’s soft round ass, sitting on the armrest of the oversized chair.

“Well we can go somewhere then,” she said as she slid onto the cushion next to him.

“Like where?”

“I dunno, some place where we can have privacy for a while,” Holly explained. “We’ll tell çekmeköy escort everyone else we’re running an errand, or going to do or see something they won’t want to.”

“Then what?” He asked as he raised an eyebrow at her.

“Easy killer, don’t get too excited,” Holly said raising a hand as if to fend him off. “I’m just interested in why you would be interested in me that way. Brothers aren’t supposed to have those feelings about their sisters, despite what you say.”

“Oh they do, it’s just kept quiet,” Noah said.

“So you keep saying,” she replied.

“So you want to talk about …”

“Us you dufus,” she cut him off, “you … your interest in me, how did this start, when did it start? And of course your big cock”

“Christ Holly,” Noah sputtered his eyes wide.

“I’m teasing a bit.”

“Okay fine,” Noah raised his hands in defeat.

“You want to talk sex so bad let’s do it. Tomorrow at the motel.”

“A motel?” She asked, arching an eyebrow to him.

“Relax, it’ll give us all the privacy we need and we can leave whenever we want, all it’ll cost is a few dollars. I’ll pay”

“My hero,” she mocked.


“Well …” she hesitated. “What if someone sees us, we do know people here and the family unit will be running around town.”

“We’ll go to the small one across town.”

“That scummy one? I dunno Noah. We could just wait and talk after the weekend.”

“You wanted to talk so bad, that’s how we can do it,” he said standing up. “Besides it isn’t that scummy, they don’t even have hourly rates.”

“Funny,” she said as her eyes drifted to the lump in her brother’s jeans. “Okay, fine we’ll go to the motel … to talk.”

“Talk,” he agreed.

Holly stood up taking a second to grab a throw pillow off the couch. “Here,” she said as she tossed the pillow at Noah as she left the room her hips swaying more than was needed. “You can use that to hide that sister poker you’re sporting there, could be hard to explain away.”


Holly ran her hands through her tangled mass of morning hair as she walked into the kitchen. Her raised arms lifted her tee shirt enough to show off her navel. Noah and their mother sat at the large antique table with her grandmother chatting and having some coffee. Her eyes immediately went to Noah, she winked at him behind their mother and grandmother’s back.

“You kids joining us today at the parade?” Their grandmother asked in her soft grandmotherly way.

“No I don’t think so,” Holly said as she poured herself a cup of the borderline undrinkable instant coffee her grandparents kept.

“And why not,” their mother asked with her irritated tone Holly was all too familiar with.

“I wanna spend some time with Noah,” Holly said, “no biggie.”

“So what do you two have planned then?” Their mother asked as she sipped her coffee.

“Holly found a cool hiking trail not far away,” Noah said. “Thought we would go take a look.”

“The scenery should be great,” Holly added. “And it’ll give us time to talk, we don’t really do that much.”

“Yeah,” Noah said as if he had barely heard his sister.

“I’d really like to talk a bit with my brother and since I can’t get any of my normal workouts in this weekend this will make a good substitute,” Holly said with eyes on Noah.

“Yeah,” Noah repeated as he caught Holly’s look.

“Well, okay then,” their mother said. “Don’t be gone all day we’re having a family dinner later. I want us all there.”

“Wouldn’t miss it,” Holly said as she watched Noah over the rim of her cup.

“Yeah, we should get going,” Noah said. “It’ll take a bit to get there and I’d like to check the place out first.”

“Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll be ready,” Holly said.

“No problem, I’ll get the truck ready.”

“Okay,” Holly replied as she darted up the stairs, her brother’s eyes fixed upon her ass and the way her short denim shorts hugged her ass as she moved.


“You look like you didn’t get much sleep,” Noah said as Holly left the house and slowly walked across the lawn.

“You saying I look like shit?” Holly asked with a scowl as she walked up to Noah’s truck.

“No, no .. it’s just … well you look a little tired is all,” he said.

“Yeah, good catch,” Holly said as she swung the door of the old truck open and pulled herself up into the vinyl bench seat. “I had an issue I wasn’t able to tend too with all the family units under foot.”


“Yeah, some pervert went and pressed his big hard dick against me last night and got me flustered.” Holly said as Noah started the truck’s engine.

“You have fingers,” he added with a smirk.

“Yeah and I had to sleep in a room shared with cousins that took forever to get to sleep and then took turns getting up in the night,” Holly grumbled. “It was as if they were doing it in shifts just to keep me from taking care of my problem.”

“I guess I had better luck,” Noah said with a grin.

“Pervert,” she said trying not to maltepe escort laugh. “I need more than a five minute shower and some shampoo to get my business taken care of.”

“Ya know I would be happy to help you out with that,” Noah said as he winked at his sister.

“Keep dreaming dum-dum, I agreed to let you take me go to this crusty no tell motel to talk with you about your odd kink … that’s all,” she said sternly as the old truck pulled out of their grandparents driveway.

“Just saying, I can help if you’re in need … be the brotherly thing to do.”

“It would defiantly not be the brotherly thing to do; normal brothers don’t offer to pork their sister, no matter how hot she is,” Holly said as she stuck her tongue out at him.

“Modest as ever.”

“Hey when ya got it, ya got it and my brother’s boner told me I have it,” Holly said with a smile as she pretended to fluff her hair.

“I told you the damn thing has a mind of its own,” Noah said.


“If I’m a perv for what I think about then you must be one too if last night’s incident got you revved up,” he said.

“So you have thought about sex with me?” She asked while looking out the side window at the buildings going by as the truck bounced along the poorly maintained pavement.

“For fucks sake,” Noah said as the truck slowed for traffic. “Fine I confess … yes.”

“Like … sex … fucking … with me … your sister,” she turned toward him watching his expression closely.

“Yes,” he said loudly. “I know I’m not supposed to want to but I do.”

“Wow,” Holly whispered as she watched the traffic ahead of them. “I can’t believe this but … okay.”

“What?” Noah starred at his sister, his mouth hanging open.

“I said okay … let’s get there … I want to be alone with you.”

“What exactly are you saying … don’t tease me sis … this is big for me,” Noah warned, their eyes fixed on each other.

“I … just … I dunno … I can’t make promises but I’m curious about it all and I’m willing to talk … or … I dunno maybe more,” Holly said softly.

“No shit?”

“No promises Noah … we can talk at the motel and we’ll see what happens,” Holly said with a sly grin as she felt the truck accelerate.


“Well here we are,” Noah said sitting behind the wheel of his truck, as they both sat looking at the front of the motel.

“Yep,” Holly answered softly.

The two sat in awkward silence, Noah wringing the steering wheel as Holly fidgeted with the straps of her purse.

“This is so crazy,” Holly finally broke the silence. She looked around the outside of the motel, the ugly tan door of one of the rooms directly in front of Noah’s truck. “I’m sitting in my brother’s truck at some sleazy no tell motel because he wants to have sex with me.” The parking lot was mostly empty, not a surprise for a weekday afternoon. She was not sure if an empty parking lot was good or bad, fewer people meant they would be more noticeable to anyone who would look, but it also meant a lower risk of being seen by some one that knew them.

“I know, I never thought I’d actually be in this situation.”

“But you hoped, huh?” She turned toward him with a smile.

“Hell yes, just never thought there was a way for it to happen, not in my wildest dreams.”

“Oh I think you did a lot more than sit in a truck with me in your wildest dreams,” her grin widened.

“Umm … well, okay you got me there.”

“I should have freaked out. I should have slapped you, or cursed you, or … just left,” she said.

“But you didn’t.”

“I didn’t did I … why is that?”

“You tell me, you didn’t freak and then you came here.”

She took a deep breath, “I haven’t a clue Noah … curiosity maybe.”


“Curious about what it would be like. If I could do it. How far I could go.” She looked at him arching an eyebrow, “how much fun it might be.”

He turned to meet her gaze, “too much fun is my guess.”

“Pervert,” she slapped his arm.


“I know I said this before, but I can’t guarantee how far I can go. If I can do anything. No promises about what might happen in there.”

“I know. I’m just glad you’re here … with me.”

“I am here,” she looked at the door to the motel again. “But I know nothing will happen in the parking lot. Want to go in?”

“God yes.”

She giggled, “you must be really excited.”

“I feel like I’m going to burst.”

“I thought I was supposed to make you do that?” She smiled mischievously.

“Tease,” he said.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.”

He gulped as he stared at her, she was so beautiful, her lithe fit body, toned from years of running, tennis, and cheerleading. Her long blonde hair curled around her shoulders. She had been the object of his deepest sexual fantasies for as long as he could remember, and now she was sitting next to him, in front of a motel. He was so close to his ultimate fantasy he could hardly contain his excitement.

“Let’s get inside,” she said as she opened the door of the truck and stepped out into the humid air and heat of the parking lot. “I hope the air conditioning works in there, it’s really hot.”

“You’re hot.”

“Am I?” She smiled as they walked toward the door of the motel, “or are you just saying that hoping you’ll get lucky?”

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