A Passion Play Ch. 03

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This is a copyrighted original work of fiction. All rights reserved.

All characters featured herein are at least eighteen years of age, even if not expressly stated. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Song lyrics contained herein remain the original artist’s property.

Many thanks to editor Tom Graham of Girls_cum_first.


In my room I handed Bubbles the gift bag and we decided on 8:00 pm next Thursday night. In her room. This was the main event. I couldn’t wait, her ass was just too sweet.

After breakfast Eve and I rushed down to Fulham Road holding hands. She was wearing those sexy shoes again. She missed church, but was still dolled up, in her Eve nerdy way — except for the point high heeled shoes, which weren’t nerdy by any means.

It was a beautiful day. Around the corner right as we merrily strode past St. Angel’s, we met the little gang of demons – young boys. I’d seen them before many times. There were between six and twelve of them at any given time and they were all six to maybe twelve in age. Dirtballs. Wild little rascals, always having so much fun. I’d joke with them every time I saw them. I actually envied them.

“Get em!” they screamed as they ambushed us on the sidewalk. There were about eight or nine of them this time. They were carrying various length of rope, thick rope – tripping over themselves. I was quite an amusing sight. “Tie ’em up!” In a second they did. It was funny. Eve and I were bound standing on the sidewalk, arms around each other. I was surprised they could reach to get a loop around our necks.

“Kiss him! Kiss him!”

They’re on my side! I love these kids.

“No way! No way! He’s too gross and too ugly!” Eve was playing the part perfectly, twisting her face side to side as I tried to press forward, lips first.

“Kiss her! Kiss her!”

She was still wiggling in mock determination when our lips met. I pressed in, she softened up. Our tongues met. Her body shivered.

“Ohhh….gross!” they all ran away.

It wasn’t gross. It was hot. I had both my hands on Eve’s ass and my tongue down her throat. They were dozens of eyes on us I was sure. Her glasses were at an angle. Her eyes were rolling. She hung on to me tightly.

It didn’t take long to shed the ropes. It was fun. My mind drifted as we continued towards the main drag…bondage…with this girl.

It was a busy week, we hardly saw each other. Eve and I slept together only one night. Finally Thursday came around. I had dinner on campus and made it home just in time to have shower and get myself upstairs. I had a bone the whole time. Actually, I had a bone all week. In fact I thought to myself, I had a bone for the last few months for this little piece of ass candy. I made my way upstairs.

The house was strangely silent. Then I heard murmurs and giggles inside Christa’s bedroom. They’re all in on this, whatever it is. One side of me was suspicious, the other half was flattered. I knocked on Bubbles’ door. Christa’s door opened and Eve walked out holding a black cowboy hat. She planted a big kiss on me and said “Are you ready?”

“I guess,” was all I could say.

As she opened the door to Bubbles’ room she said, “Take off all your clothes and put the hat on. Then wait.” Then she leaned in, handed me the hat, gave me a hug and whispered into my ear, “Enjoy”. I loved this girl.

Bubble’s room was pink! All her pink towels were draped over everything. Over her bed, on the floor, hanging over the furniture, hanging from the walls. Pretty damn well everywhere except on the ceiling. The room was bright too, there were a lot of lights. On one side of her bed, right on the edge, there were a bunch of pillows, I guess, piled up so they were four foot high off the floor, covered in pink towel of course.

What the hell?

I undressed, tossing my clothes under the bed. I didn’t want to spoil the pink atmosphere. I put on my cowboy hat as instructed and sat on the end of the bed next to this heap of pink draped pillows thinking, “What are they doing?”

Angela came in first. I stood up. She was dressed in jeans and a white western style shirt, she wore a cheesy red cowboy hat and held a bottle of bourbon in her hand , trying to contain her laughter. She pressed a button on Bubble’s pink boogie box and Aaron Copland’s ‘Rodeo’ started in the background. The whole situation was extraordinarily bizarre.

Ana was next. She wore jeans and western shirt too. She had on the same red, cheesy, cowboy hat. She had a bunch of shot glasses on a tray.

Ana was smirking and she poured the whisky into the shot glasses. Angela was trying to control her laughter. She wasn’t doing a particular good job of it. Ana passed me a shot and said, “Drink up”. I did. They gave me a second shot and I whacked that one back too.

Eve came into the room. She was dressed the same as the other two, also with the silly cowboy hat, but instead of running shoes as the other casino oyna two had on, she had her high heels on. Oh boy, she was sexy in spite of the hat. After giving me a kiss, she sat down on the floor — on the pink toweled floor — and wrapped her arm around my leg, lightly scratching my balls from behind. My cock was twitching.

I was handed a third shot. The upbeat music was dancing in my head.

The door burst open. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Christa was holding Bubbles in some kind of noose contraption above her head. Christa looked like a vamp all dressed in black, holding onto a pink, animated fuck animal!

It wasn’t a noose. It was a twisted pink and white scarf, tied around Bubble’s head with the knot in her mouth. I was like a bridle and rein. It forced Bubbles’ head to angle down a bit, neck straight up though. It looked a bit uncomfortable.

Bubbles was bouncing though as Christa held her by the rein. She was kicking wildly on a leash.

Bubbles’ thin blond hair was braided together, high on her head, almost like a mohawk. I think it’s called a French braid. Her blue eyes were accentuated with black mascara, as usual, except this time thicker. Her thick luscious lips with deep pink lipstick clenched down on the makeshift bit. It was almost a ball gag in her mouth.

Her tits! I’d never seen her tits before. They were beautiful. Small, but lovely, with puffy nipples. Her deep pink puffy areola crowned with even deeper pink, fat nipples. Her little tits were an amazing sight. They were perfectly proportioned on her tiny frame. Each tit was like the end slice off a softball, except not soft at all. The puffy areolas were huge in comparison, each perhaps a fifth in the total mass of each tit. The fat nipples sat on top, probably a fifth of the areola size. Perfect symmetry. My prick was hard.

She had on a little shirt on her flat belly below her exposed tits. It was like an eight year olds’ shirt, but the neck and the sleeves were clearly cut off. It was pink and it had that kid’s logo ‘My Lil’ Pony’ on it in white with sparkles.

She had a tail!

As she gyrated and bucked around there was no doubt. She had a butt plug in her ass that streamed out about two feet of deep pink translucent ‘horse hair’ as a tail. As she swayed her ass provocatively, the tail swished from side to side.

Bubble’s had white cowboy boots on and her hands were in white long-sleeve mittens with what appeared to be something like small horseshoes inside, giving her hands a distinctive hoof –like appearance.

Next to her Christa stood in all black, nylons, garter belt and suspenders, thin lace panties, a leather vest and a black cowboy hat to top it all. She had a riding crop in her other hand.

“What the hell?!!” was all I could say – or think – as I stood there with my shot glass.

Bubbles continued to bounce around the pink cube that we were in. Her knees were kicking up and arms were flailing around. I didn’t want to get caught on the chin with whatever the weights were inside her mittens. The girls, especially Angela, were all laughing like hyenas. Christa was holding tight onto the rein.

Bubble’s had no panties on. For the first time I laid my eyes on her fuzzy white lined little pussy lips. I don’t think she shaved. She didn’t need to. Her pussy lips were pink.

I stood there with my mouth open, completely taken by surprise.

Christa said, “Joey, we have a feisty little filly here. Are you ready to ride her?

I whacked back the shot of bourbon and handed the empty glass to Eve.

I was definitely ready to ride.

I hesitated. “Christa” I said “I know this is all fun and what not, but is Lisa okay with all of this?”

Ana answered before Christa could say a word, “Joey, it’s all Lisa’s idea. We’re just bit players in this passion play.”

“Okay let’s play then!” I shot back. Eve squeezed at my leg and beamed me up a big smile.

As the black ring mistress-cum-dominatrix walked around the room the little pony pranced and swished her butt-stuffed tail. I could see Bubbles really was enjoying all of this. Christa stopped her and while holding the rein still above her head, reached under her crotch with the other hand and pulled the tail through and up. She wiggled the tail across Bubbles’ pussy. Bubbles started to moan.

What a pair these two were.

“Who wants to taste this little pony’s pussy before the cowboy tries to break her?”

I stepped forward. “I do!” but Eve held a grip on my other leg.

“Not so fast cowboy!” Christa snapped at me pointing the riding crop into my face. Her neck veins were bulging, eyes focused like lasers into mine.”You’ll get your turn….if you’re lucky.”

Now I understood why Eve was holding my leg.

Angela scooted forward on her bum towards Bubbles.

Christa said as she dropped the tail “Come on little pony open up those legs.” Angela’s hat fell off as she slid her legs between Bubbles’. She grabbed Bubbles’ ass from slot oyna behind and nestled her mouth on her pussy. Bubbles let out another moan as she draped her front hooves over Angela’s shoulders.

Holy shit! My eyes were bugging out. I didn’t know this went on between these girls.

Angela was getting right into it. So was Bubbles, her tail was swinging side to side as she dug herself onto Angela’s mouth. She was moaning louder now. Ana stood up and came up behind Bubbles. Her brown hands reached around, each one cupping a tit. Puffy nipples being tweaked between her brown knuckles. Christa gently ran her riding crop along Bubbles’ thighs and stomach, then her clit as Angela’s lips pulled away.

Bubbles came. She let out a muffled “Arrgh..arrgh..ahhhh” as her whole body shook, her face was red as she was snorting for air through her nostrils. Had it not been for Angela holding her ass and Christa holding her head up with the reign, Bubbles would have surely collapsed onto the floor.

“My turn!” Eve sang out. My head snapped down to look at Eve. She looked up at me, still holding my leg, smiled and coolly said, “Well, you’d do it, wouldn’t you?”

“Ya” I answered, still in disbelief.

“Angela, hold onto the cowboy while Eve tastes the pony.” Christa ordered.

Angela slipped over replacing Eve and put both of her arms around both of my legs. She then reached out with her tongue and licked the pre-cum off the end of my stiff dick.

“Calm yourself girl,” Christa said to Angela, “we don’t want to spoil things.”

Eve assumed the position that Angela had earlier. Hooves were placed over Eve’s shoulders and Ana kept on working Bubbles’ tits. Bubbles was moaning again. While still holding the reins above her head Christa reached behind and grabbed a hold of Bubbles’ tail and started to rhythmically pull it as Eve bore down on her pussy. Eve’s right arm dropped off of Bubbles’ hip and her hand went to her crotch. She had a finger or two, or more, inside Bubbles and was finger humping her as she continued to lick her pussy. Bubbles was moaning aloud again. Her hips were grinding again.

I desperately wanted a taste.

I couldn’t believe how Eve was getting into licking and fingering Bubbles’ pussy. My eyes were watching in disbelief.

Angela of course would fuck anything. I wondered about the others. Ana was playing her part, but squeezing someone else’s tits ain’t exactly being bi-sexual. I wondered about Christa. Was she dressed that way in this little charade just to give me a rise? Or for the others too? Maybe, just for Bubbles’? It didn’t matter, this was good.

Bubbles was going to come again. I was certain of it. As I watched I recalled Bubbles squealing in delight at the prospect of Christa sharing her sit-up winnings with the other girls. Oh yeah, this girl really likes getting her pussy licked. I always knew she was a little mink, but I didn’t see this side of her. Are all girls like this? I asked myself.

Bubbles came again. Her nostrils flared while and making those same garbled noises through her bridle. Her little pony body was glistening in sweat and her whole little frame convulsed. It was an even stronger orgasm, for sure. It may have had something to do with having her tail pulled, or the fingering, or both. Her eyes looked at me and although they were glassy, there was a lust look in her eyes that I’d never seen before. She looked as though she was going to eat me alive.

Bubbles’ whole body spasms finally subsided. Eve pulled her mouth off and slowly pulled her fingers out of Bubble’s puss. She stood up and walked to me and without saying anything smiled at me and shoved two wet fingers into my mouth. I know my eyes rolled over as I licked them clean. I was nearly overwhelmed by how good they tasted. Then she kissed my mouth pushing her tongue deep inside me. I was overcome with Bubbles juice. I was devastated with what Eve just did. To me!

These crazy women are torturing me I realized, and Eve was more than just complicit in all of this. My head was spinning.

“On your knees!” Christa’s veins were popping again breaking my reverie. I dropped.

“Do you want a proper taste of this little fillie?” the ring mistress asked. Bubbles was brought to me while I was on my knees. Christa positioned herself behind Bubbles and wedged a high heeled foot behind each of her cowboy boots. Ana and Eve each grabbed one of Bubbles’ elbows and arms as Bubbles was lowered towards me, still standing with legs apart. Her head was held firmly in place by the reins as her whole body was now forty five degrees from vertical.

Her little titties we now in my face. I couldn’t help but lick those succulent puffy nipples. It was like ice cream, but better. The puffy areola were soft but topped with hard nipples. Underneath, her tits were firm. What a sensation each one was. Solid base of a tit, the pink areolas so soft — like whipped cream, followed by a hard cherry nipple. Such perfection.

In spite of canlı casino siteleri the fact that Angela was holding both of my arms behind me I was still able to twist my body down and take a quick lick of Bubbles’ pussy. Nectar, manna from heaven.

What a feast I had. Bubbles was writhing in ecstasy, moaning through the bit again, her eyes glassy, yet focused. Angela twisted her body around me and gave my straining cock a quick suck and lick. She licked my constant pre-cum ooze as if were an ice cream cone. I was ready to explode.

After a few minutes Christa proclaimed “Enough”. I wasn’t done feasting yet. Bubbles was brought back up to a vertical standing position again. Christa took the rein off Bubbles, then slipped her own knickers off to reveal her shiny shaved pussy.

This was all getting to be too much for my stiffy little fellow.

Christa climbed up onto the pink bed and positioned herself on her back so that her thighs were hanging over and off the pillow mound. Christa’s back was twisted up, her puss vertical in the air. As she spread her legs apart she said, “Bring the pony girl.”

Bubbles was released from Ana and Eve’s grip and stepped over to the edge of the bed towards Christa. She bent over at her waist, draped her front hooves over Christa forcing her own butt and tail into the air as she plunged her mouth into Christa’s cunt.

Holy fuck! My eyes were bulging. They planned this?

“Okay Joey,” Christa said between deep breaths, with her pussy stuffed with Bubble’s tongue “now’s your time to collect your prize.”

I stood up with my raging hard on. Angela grabbed my cock and stopped me from approaching Bubbles. Immediately she had the bottle of lube and doused my cock with it. I thought I was going to cum as she spread the lube on my cock with her hand.

“Ride her,” Eve whispered in my ear.

I approached Bubbles. Her ass was spread with the butt plug/horse tail firmly in place. Only the toes of her cowboy boots were on the ground as she worked Christa’s pussy. I grabbed hold of her tail and slowly pulled.

“Uuugh” was the only sound made by Bubbles. It didn’t drown out the moaning that Christa was doing, or Aaron Copland’s kooky music.

Bubbles’ butt hole was wide open. Pink. Red. Gaping wide. It was oozing clear fluid. Her tight little ass framed the perfect invitation.

I slipped my cock right in without resistance.

And I came right away. Squirting, squirting, squirting.

Knowing that I was able to go two in a row in Ana’s ass I continued to fuck Bubble’s sweet ass hoping to stay hard.

I did.

Eve came and kneeled next to my left leg. Her right hand reached up and found Bubbles’ clit. She started rubbing it with vigor.

Bubbles was gyrating under me, her mouth stayed clenched onto Christa’s sweet cunt. Christa was pretty well howling at that point. I kept on pounding Bubbles’ sweet ass with my cock. I could feel her tighten up around my cock. She was getting close. I was getting close. Again. And Christa was having convulsions. I kept at it.

We all came together.

“Fuck!!!!!” Christa screamed as she gripped Bubbles’ head to her crotch, her French braid now totally in disarray. Bubbles’ entire head was a different color — a deep red — as her body constricted in spasms under me. She let out cunt-muffled groans as her sphincter tightened up repeatedly on my cock. I was gasping for air. My hips weren’t going straight. I was hanging on to Bubbles’ torso for dear life. Eve stood up next to me.

“Wooo-Hooo!!!!” I suddenly became aware of Eve, Angela and Ana high fiving it next to me.

As I collapsed to the floor Eve jumped on top of me, straddling me, kissing me on the mouth with verve, “I love you!” she exclaimed between passionate kisses, “I can’t wait.”

I was panting, gasping for air. I kissed her back. Hard.

The whole pink room was breathing hard, but not saying a word. Copland’s zany music played on.

“Drinks!” Christa ordered. We all started to laugh. “Yeah,” “That was fucking amazing,” as we got ourselves to our feet and headed to the door.

“Ah — clothes Joey,” Christa said grabbing my arm.

Oh yah, I forgot.

We all were grabbing beers and stuff from the fridge and I came up to Bubbles and said, “Lisa, that was amazing. Thank you so much for what you did. It was so much fun.” I hugged her and gave her a warm kiss of gratitude.

She looked up at me hugging me too, smiled and said, “The pleasure was all mine.”

I gave her a good squeeze.

“Maybe we can do it again,” she whispered into my ear as Christa approached us.

“Christa, thank you so much for that…thank you all girls!” I said raising my voice at the end. I paused for a moment. “I have to say something…although Christa and I haven’t done the one thing, we’ve done the other and I’ve now had, shall we say, an intimate moment with all of you. And you’ve all been great. Winning this wager is the best thing that has ever happened to me. And what makes it the best thing…is that I got to know…really got to know five lovely ladies.” I could feel my tears welling up.

“Fuck off Joey, you sound like a girl!” It was Angela. They all broke out laughing simultaneously.

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