A Night with the Cross Country Capt

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I never thought I would be Brett Rylson’s bitch.

At least not like this.

It was 11:00 PM on a Saturday Night and I was lying in bed nude. The majority of people from my class having had gone out to binge drink and to celebrate the end of a tortuous freshman year of college. I, however, decided I would take advantage of the empty dorm. What better way than by staying in and jerking my cock?

I was obsessed with the feeling of release from an intense edging session. Normally, by this time of night, I would have already covered myself in my own cum at least once by now. I enjoyed feeling the warmth of each edged shot exploding from my cock and covering different parts of my body – from my stomach and chest – to sometimes, if I was lucky, as far as my face.

As cocky as it sounds, I loved seeing the image of my own body covered in cum, and being left with a drained cock and the feeling of lightheadedness after an intense orgasm had become my ideal way of relieving college stress.

Tonight, however, something felt different. Unlike myself I didn’t feel like watching any porn, but as I laid in bed nude I could feel the breeze from my ceiling fan teasing the tip of my cock. It felt good to feel pleasure naturally, almost as if someone else were doing the work. Would it be possible for me to cum hands free?

I shut my eyes as my thoughts wandered through different fantasies I had built up over the past year. I imagined myself being fucked mercilessly in the dorm showers by a team of seniors, one of whom had me pinned against the tile with one hand while spreading my ass with the other. I imagined the rest of the seniors taking turns taking my virgin hole, and the feeling of their different sized cocks swelling deep inside me until eventually my hole was filled and leaking their cum.

Quickly, my shower fantasy had caused my cock to grow without me touching it at all, and not wanting to lose any progress, I closed my eyes again. This time imagining myself being walked in on by my roommate at that very moment, and what his reaction may be. Would he be shocked? Would he want to join in? Perhaps the two of us could pull up a straight porn and work ourselves out to it. He could watch the porn, and I could watch him. If he wanted, perhaps he could drain his fresh load into my dirty virgin mouth.

As I continued to imagine different scenarios I could feel my cock growing firmer as it began to bend and pulsate against my leg while it grew along my thigh. Suddenly, The simple feeling of a breeze from my ceiling fan began to feel more like a blow job from the angels, and the tip of my cock would start to leak more and more precum as I dove further into my own filthy imagination.

Soon, a euphoric rush began to consume my body as the head of my cock continued to swell. My body temperature rising as I grew closer and closer to the edge, I felt my pits begin to sweat.

The smell of my own body caused my mind to race even further into the depths of my sexual imagination, and my hand almost autonomously shot down towards my erect cock. Quickly, I stopped myself from giving in too early. In this moment of pure sexual frustration and ecstasy, I was determined I would cum hands free.

I left my swollen cock alone and wrapped my hand around my own neck instead, choking myself as I let my mind drift away from fantasy and into memories of reality. Real life situations which, when recalled, have the ability to make me unload.

This is when I see Brett. 6’1, dark hair, the body of a god and a cocky yet perfect smile. He’s there, in my brain, in quick and bright flashes of the memories I have collected of him over the course of the past year together spent on the cross country team. In my mind, I can visualize the memory of his cock outline through his running shorts, a bouncing thick and heavy bulge which became clearly visible through the sweat soaked fabric.

I could also imagine his bare chest rising and falling quickly with each breath after a long run, his nipples hard and beads of sweat on the hair which lead from just below his chiseled abs down into his runners shorts, which were sure to be full of a thick and meaty member needing serviced.

I focus on the memory of his heavy breathing, and the redness of his face as he recovered. A similar appearance, i’m sure, to when he shoots a load from his thick, meaty, straight cock.

I start to think of each and every time he readjusted his bulge in front of my wandering eye while I hopelessly wished for just a tiny peek. I wanted so badly to know what Brett Rylson hid underneath those tight and soaked running shorts. I knew that however it was, it deserved to be worshipped.

My thoughts of Brett had my pulsating erection once again begging for a tug, but I continued with my determination and refused to let myself cave in. My hand staying gripped tight around my own neck as my pulsating and fully erect manhood screamed for more pleasure.

It may have been strictly my own imagination, but I swear as I grew closer to covering my body with bahçelievler escort my thick and edged load that the ceiling fan begun getting faster, and faster, as my legs squirmed and my excitement grew. I felt myself growing closer and closer to the edge as my hand began to squeeze tighter and tighter around my neck until…

My door swung open.

I quickly threw a blanket over my body and rolled onto my side, trying not to crush my now ready-to-burst cock in the process. Reaching for my table lamp in the dark, I couldn’t yet make out the figure that had just walked into my dorm room. It wasn’t until the intruder spoke that I realized I may have just manifested a situation that I was not yet ready for.

“Are you in here Dylan?”

My cock switched from about-to-burst to flaccid out of sheer shock. I knew that voice, I had a memory of it, just like I had a memory of every other detail about this person.

It was Brett Rylson.

I laid silently unsure of how to react. Should I pretend to be asleep? Should I tell him to go away? I had never spoken with Brett outside of cross country, and now he was in my dorm room just seconds before I unloaded a wrath of cum, covering my entire body with over an hours worth of edging while thinking about him.

My thoughts continued to race as I tried to decide what to do next. Had I choked myself too hard? Was this just my fantasy playing itself out in my unconscious mind? Either way, I needed to wake up, as I did not want my roommate finding me passed out, cock out, if I had managed to knock myself unconscious.


Brett whispered my name once again before I finally managed to turn on the light. Laying on my stomach, I wiped my eyes pretending as if I had just woke up from a deep sleep. No matter how convincing I was of pretending to have just woken up, however, it didn’t change the fact that I was now completely nude in front of Brett. I could feel the excitement of the moment rushing to my eager-to-cum cock, so I awkwardly fidgeted myself around so that I could sit up with the blanket over my lap before answering.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

Brett stood in the doorway to my dorm looking like I imagined him just moments ago, like he had just finished one of our races. His breathing was heavy, and his muscled chest rose and fell quickly as he held his hands to his hips. He managed to look even taller than usual in my doorway, and with hair that fell just above his eyes he brushed it and his built up sweat away.

Tonight, instead of the usual running shorts and bare chest, he wore ripped jeans and a tank top, his chest muscles practically bursting from the top.

Brett wiped the sweat from his forehead. I could see spots of sweat on his t-shirt which followed the same pattern I had gawked at all year from Brett’s belly button down to the inside of his pants. How in the fuck was I going to control myself with a heavily edged cock and a sweat-covered Brett Rylson in my dorm?

He allowed me just enough time to save the image of his sweaty shirt and chest in my brain before putting his hands back up on his hips, taking in one last deep breath, and finally speaking.

“Can I… Can I sit?”

Brett motioned next to me on my bed, and I thought about allowing him to sit and leaving a slight gap in my blanket so that my firm, bare ass would finally have the chance to tease him. If I dropped something while Brett sat on my bed, I could perhaps tease him by showing him my hairless, pink, tight virgin hole. I spent a lot of time studying Brett, but he most likely has never given me a second eye. Maybe now was the time to show him what he had been missing?

I realized my brain was still in “fuck me” mode, and that this scenario was way out of my realm of comfortable human interaction and confidence. I was still a virgin, and the majority of my dirtiness took place in my own imagination. I wanted to talk to Brett, but first, I needed to find some pants.

“Do you mind if I get dressed first?” I asked

Brett took a step back, as he may have realized for the first time that he might have walked in on something more than just sleep.

“Sure, yeah, sorry. I shouldn’t have barged in I just… I need to talk to someone.”

I could see in his eyes something was not right. Even then, however, he managed to turn me on. His eyes were light hazel, and carried a soft glaze that glistened from the light of my table lamp. I sat focused on his eyes waiting for him to turn so I could dress, while he stayed locked on mine, almost as if he were waiting for me to do it in front of him.

I was hard again, but I wasn’t that brave.

“You think you could turn around?” I finally asked.

My question seemed to snap Brett back to reality for a moment as he realized why I hadn’t put on pants yet. He quickly turned towards the door, allowing me just enough time to slip on some pajama pants over my sweat covered legs. As I slid them on, I could feel the leftover pre cum from the tip bahçeşehir escort of my dick wipe against my thigh. I pulled my pants up over my ass, and decided to leave off my shirt. Just in case.

“Okay. You can turn around now.”

Brett turned around and plopped himself flat out on my bed, lying face up towards the ceiling. His shirt rising just to his belly button, his jeans being pulled downward as his legs hung off the side of my bed, his feet planted on the floor.

With his jeans pulling downward, and his shirt pulling upward, I now had the closest view of Brett’s happy trail than I have ever had before, and as his pants sagged further, it appeared Brett was going commando.

Brett’s jet black hair on his head matched what was down below, and I could see the start of a nicely trimmed bush peeking from his waistline. His sharp, muscled V pointing straight to what I so strongly desired. I dreamt of one day getting to see a full view of his cock, balls, and ass.

I made sure to take an in depth memory of the moment, and tried desperately to shake my gaze from the beautiful hips and pubes on Brett’s body. It wasn’t until Brett spoke again that I was finally able to avert my eyes.

“Will you hangout with me tonight?”

“Tonight?” I asked surprisingly. By now, it was already 12:15 AM, morning. I knew what Brett meant, and I knew that no matter what time it was I wouldn’t say no to him. If anything, I wanted to be sure that this wasn’t any kind of prank.

Brett sat up, and my perfect preview of what stayed hidden in his jeans was taken from me in an instant. As he sat up next to me, I felt his arm throw itself around my shoulder. His bare, sweat soaked arm now against my shirtless back. As he wrapped his arm around me, I could smell Brett’s scent. Sweaty, but erotic. It was a smell I wanted to linger in and remember forever.

“Sorry, I know it’s late. I’m sure this is beyond weird. I guess I should explain…”

Brett threw himself back again, this time with his hands in his pockets which caused his jeans to pull even further down towards his crotch.

“I guess Sarah has been sleeping with Frank throughout the whole season. No one told me. Everyone knew.”

Sarah was Brett’s longtime girlfriend, the one reason I knew Brett would be off limits. He was a flirtatious guy, known to charm anyone who took the time to know him. With a girlfriend, however, she was obviously his first priority. Now, Brett had found out she had been cheating on him with Frank, another member of our team. Was he here to confront me?

“I didn’t know they were doing that!” I nearly shouted. As much as Brett turned me on, his physique was enough to also terrify me. I was worried he was under the impression I had kept something from him.

“I know you didn’t know” Brett explained calmly

“That’s why I am here. No one told me, and everyone knew. Except for you. I don’t want to see any of them.” Brett said.

“So you came to hangout with me instead?” I asked. This time, less frightened, but still confused.

“Yes dude!” Brett exclaimed as he continued to stare at my ceiling. I was happy he was not making eye contact, as my eyes stayed locked on Brett’s crotch while his hand came from out of one of his pockets and into his pants. It was as if I have been given a gift from god when Brett reaches in and I am finally able catch a glimpse of where the happy trail leads. For just a moment, I can see the base of Brett’s cock, and it’s thick! I save the memory in my brain as Brett scratches his balls.

Brett pulls his hand out of his pants and sits up again, unpurposely placing the same hand on the back of my neck. I can’t help but thinking about him choking me with it.

“It’s finally our last fucking night of this freshman year” Brett Said.

“I tried staying in, being depressed, jerking off…none of it worked. I need company”

This was the most I had spoken to Brett and I had already managed to see the base of his cock and now hear about him trying to jerk off. It all seemed to good to be true, but was I really about to hangout with Brett Rylson? I was the quiet one, the shy one who never did anything wild or out of the ordinary. The craziest I managed to get was when I was alone with my own cock. How could I manage a night hanging with Brett?

Before I could consider an answer Brett was up and ready to go. He stood in front of me, his bulge now aligned with my face as he stretched towards the ceiling. His shirt rising, and his pubes now only within a tongues reach. I could feel my mouth salivating at just the thought of him. There was no way I could turn this night down.

Brett pointed down to my waist. I panicked, thinking that I may have been hard again and he had noticed.

“Just put a shirt on. The pajama pants can stay” Brett said.

“We’re going to my house.”

Brett lived nearby campus and insisted that we run one last time before tomorrow, the official first day of Summer. Not knowing bakırköy escort how to act around Brett, I agreed. This was a mistake.

Getting to the very edge of blowing your load, stopping yourself from cumming, and then running a mile is not suggested to anyone. ever. To top it off, it is probably best to ensure you don’t run with the person you were thinking of when about you were trying to cum


During the majority of the run my cock felt heavy, and sore. In addition to the pain of blue balls, I was also now running in just pajama pants. No underwear. My recently hard penis slapping against my body as I ran feeling the pain of blue balls with each and every step.

The only thing that encouraged me to keep running was following Brett. He ran with an ease that I have never been able to accomplish, and with the posture of a god. While running, he took the tank top he had worn in my dorm room off. I watched from behind as his shoulder and back muscles stayed rock solid in form, leading in perfect alignment down to his hips and his just barely visible crack. His muscular yet juicy ass jiggled up and down in sync with his pace.

When we arrived at Brett’s house, I wasn’t surprised to see that he came from a well off family. He lived in a nice, two story home with a large front yard and shrubbery that had been taken care of. A fence surrounded his home, the lights turned off for the evening. The driveway, which was large enough for four different vehicles, remained empty.

“We’ll go around back” Brett said.

I followed Brett as he walked through the side of the yard and up to the gate of the fence which surrounded his home. With the click of a latch, we were in.

The backyard was far more impressive than the front, with a pool that took up the majority of the space. On the side of the pool, a hot tub and pool house took what yard was left.

“When we originally moved here, when I was a little kid, that wasn’t here.” Brett mentioned, gesturing towards the pool house.

“…but when my parents found out that I was going to school close to home, they decided they should build it for me. It was there way of giving me space without actually having to lose me. The pool house is mine. Wait here.”

Brett left me alone on the pool deck while he entered the pool house. When he came back, he had two towels with him.

“Hot tub?” he asked, holding up both of the towels.

Brett was walking towards me with a determined look on his face. Before I could manage to ask any questions, he tossed me a towel.

I could feel the heat again. The heat I had felt earlier when I was close to cumming while thinking about Brett. Only this time, it wasn’t from pleasure. It was an anxiety attack. Nervously, I began to spout out excuses which I knew weren’t going to help my cause.

“I don’t have anything to really get wet in…you just made me run in pajama pants, remember?” I protested.

Brett smirked at me. The smirk alone almost making me crumble at the knees.

“I guess I should have known you were a nervous one when you forced me to turn around to put on pants earlier”

As Brett spoke I watched as he started reaching for the button of his pants. His thumb sliding into his waistband, his pubes finding their into my site line as a reminder he was going commando.

“I’m the captain of the Cross Country team, kid. I’ve been in sports all my life. I’ve seen it all.”

In an instant Brett’s pants were around his ankles. His entire body in front of my own eyes, standing nude in the backyard of his home and in the fresh air. His body still covered in sweat, his skin still pink from the blood flow of our recent run.

His cock was thick, the base of his dick only getting thicker as it made its way towards Brett’s soft, pink cock head. His pubes were jet black and straight, laying nicely on his exposed shaft and trimmed neatly near his sack, which hung lower than mine and appeared heavy. His cock had to be at least seven inches, soft.

Before I could remember not to stare, he had already begun ascending the stairs to the hot tub. His tight, muscular ass flexing with each step, I could make out those same beautiful hairs I had seen from his happy trail, and now around his cock, in the crack of his ass and on his taint.

As he reached one leg in the hot tub, I watched as his low hanging sack dipped into the water and he began to sink further into the water. Soon, Brett’s body was no longer in my eye-site, and as he turned his body around to face me, I realized I was now in his.

Brett laid his head on the edge of the hot tub, looking straight down at me while I stood at the bottom of the steps. Nervousness must have easily been read on my face.

“I’m not going to judge you.”

This time Brett spoke sincerely, realizing the issue of my insecurity may have needed more than just a joke to shake itself off. I had rarely heard him speak like this, to anyone really. It made me feel…calm, but I couldn’t shake my mind from what I had just seen.

My mind began filling with images of me taking Brett’s cock in my mouth. Imagining swallowing him whole until his trimmed pubes pressed against my lips, his hands on the back of my head forcing me to gag on and swallow him full while he shot a thick, creamy load into the back of my throat. His heavy balls landing on my chin while his cock fed me.

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