A Night with His Dream Girl Ch. 02

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As the steam rises in the shower stall, we find our lovers getting to know each other’s bodies. Lazily relaxing together in the temporary haven, they enjoy the intimacy and pure joy of each other’s nakedness and the feelings of a shared openness. After all, who doesn’t enjoy naked time? With the embarrassment from being watched by the other girls gone, she has relaxed with her man and allowed the loving touch of his hands to sooth away the stress and strain built up over the last few hours of dancing.

Leaning back against him, she locks her hands behind his neck and rests against his chest, allowing his hand easy access to liberally apply soap to her stomach, breasts, and neck. He runs his wet hands over her slippery breasts reveling in the feel of her hardened nipples against his palms. Guiding her forward, he gets her to lean against the wall with her hands as he massages and washes her neck from behind and then lowers his touch to glide over her supple back and inviting ass. Leaning into her, he presses his chest against her back, allowing her to feel his erect shaft against her back. Reaching behind her, she takes the shower gel, and although the aroma is a bit feminine, squeezes a healthy amount on her hands and proceeds to wash, fondle, and stroke both his manhood and balls. A small groan escapes his lips and he nearly falls backward. Feeling his loins tense from the firm grip with which she holds his swelling member, and not wanting things to end too quickly, he grabs her roughly by the shoulders and spins her around facing him. Pressing her, perhaps a bit roughly, against the shower wall, he leans in to kiss her. They spend several moments twirling tongues together, nibbling on lips, and generally invading each other’s mouths due to a rising need within both of them. Nearly panting, they finally part, he with a level of urgency he has never known, she with confusion after losing herself in the passionate kisses. Quickly coming back to earth, she feels his hands on the back of her thighs as he lowers himself to his knees in order to properly worship his goddess.

Leaving her one leg with which to support herself, he raises her casino siteleri other leg over his shoulder in order to apply his oral loving upon her cleft again. He simply can never get enough of her taste. Delving into her folds, he finds her clitoris quickly and gently rolls it between his lips while darting his tongue out to tease it even further. Gently inserting a single finger partially into her, he continues to lap at her sex while lightly teasing her with his digit.

Whether it is from the relaxed attitude he instills in her, or the erotic and unexpected setting, she is not sure, however, she rarely remembers being this wet and this easy to satiate. Quite surely his nimble fingers and tongue have something to do with it as well, but it is her mood of acceptance and openness that she marvels at. Losing these thoughts as quickly as she snares them, she quickly grabs his hair and pulls his face into her and covers him with her juices. Her orgasm sends acute bolts of pleasure along her spine, and leaves her feeling warm and fuzzy throughout her entire body. With trembling knees she urges him to stand again, if for no other reason than to support her lest she fall before she recovers.

Happily fed, he rises to his feet, supports her weight and nuzzles against his lover’s neck whispering words of need. He tells her how much he loves pleasuring her, how much her body makes him need her. He leans down to suckle each breast, nipping her nipples between his teeth in order to elicit a throaty moan from her. Backing up a half step, he looks into her eyes and sees the kind of unbridled passion that drives him wild, her desire obviously matching his own unrelenting need. He also sees something else. The heavy lids tell him of an unexpected depth to her emotions. It is this moment, this place, and it is this union of souls that makes her gaze so riveting. He cannot force himself to look away from her stare, not that he really wants to. Seemingly baring their inner sanctums to each other, a more powerful connection is made in a mere handful of seconds than words could produce in a lifetime. His life is hers now. He feels a weight lifted from slot oyna his mind, body and soul that he had not realized was even there heretofore. His lover, his friend, his dream stands before him, moves towards him, and gently kisses him. She brings her arms under his and brings her hands to the back of his shoulders, pulling him in tighter against her nude form. They share a lasting kiss not encumbered with the passion of a few moments ago. No, this time they kiss as real lovers do. They impart their emotions into the lip lock, gently melding their lips together until the world around them dissolves into nothingness and they are left alone in the universe.

Breaking the lip lock, she pushes him in the chest lightly, wanting him to back away from her. Never breaking their eye contact, she offers him a wanton smile and reaches between his legs to eagerly stroke his shaft. With both hands upon his cock, she slides them up and down his organ with a strong grip. Lubed from water and soap, her hands glide easily, firmly teasing his head on each stroke. Filled with passion from his attention to her body, he realizes he will not last long. She senses the impending explosion from the change in his breathing and the tightening of his abs. She quickens her pace, eager to have him find his release, and is rewarded when he grabs her shoulders for support and begins to spurt. With a strong grasp, she continues to stroke him until he pushes her hand away, too sensitive to take any more stimulation. Once finished, she moves towards him, embraces him in a hug and kiss, and slyly steers them into the running stream of water, rinsing the evidence of his orgasm off of them both.

With a sudden yelp from both of them, they realize they have killed the supply of hot water as freezing cold liquid pours down upon them sending them scrambling for cover. Protectively, he shields her from the shower of chilling droplets and allows her to escape into the dressing room. Relieved that their prior audience has vacated the premises, she quickly wraps a towel around her hair, dries off, and encases her nubile form within the confines of a terry cloth robe. She turns into canlı casino siteleri an appreciative gaze, at once blushing due to the visible sign of his renewed arousal. He stands on the threshold of the shower, not wanting to remove himself until he has the chance to at least partially dry himself. Although his body is covered with goose bumps from the cold air added to the chill brought on by the sudden fall of the water temperature, it does not seem to have affected his organ, since it is once again standing proudly at full mast. Immediately she feels herself grow damp again, eager to touch, to lick, and to have him inside of her. She grabs another towel and lovingly dries him off, stopping briefly to take his rigid organ into her hand for a teasing stroke and a kiss upon the head. They slowly dress, stopping for a playful slap on the ass here, and a stolen kiss there.

Leaving together, they stop for a quick bite to eat at a local diner, laughing and enjoying the meal together as only a new couple can. With the taste of a newfound love in their hearts, the early morning breakfast satisfies better than any meal either of them can remember. During a quick drive to his house, they succumb to the eventual weariness brought on by the intense level of emotion and sexual activity. As he pulls into the driveway, he looks over and takes a moment to watch her as she sleeps. He turns the car off and sits as still as a stone, closes his eyes, and listens to the soft sounds of her breathing. Finally, he gets out and traverses the car, opening the door and lifting her out of her seat and into his arms. Like a newlywed couple, he carries her through the threshold and to the bedroom, eager to fall asleep next to her, and even more eager to wake together. She wakes up to feel her clothing being stripped from her, allows for her eyes to adjust to the dark, and suddenly remembers where she is and with whom. Stripped to her panties, with the addition of a soft t-shirt that smells like her man; she is fulfilled when he reclines next to her finally and takes her in his arms. With gentle kisses and soft-spoken words, they recline together for a few moments before succumbing to the well-earned repose they have both so eagerly earned. Laying her head into the crook of his arm, the last thing she remembers is his smell wafting towards her, and the admission of his love as she slowly fades away.

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