A New Beginning

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A New Beginning..

First submission, constructive feedback would be appreciated.

Hi all. This story is not true but inspired by someone I know and have been intimate with. She has seen this and is aware this exists.

After a long time working for one large organisation, I finally decided I wanted to work closer to home and managed to get a new job as team leader in a small, local company providing training services. Having got through the interview process I arrived on day one excited to get started but apprehensive about starting in a new environment. On arrival, my nervousness was eased by the fact I wasn’t the only one just starting at the firm, they had also taken on a new member of staff to promote our activities and drum up business.

Dressed smartly in a sharp business suit that still shows off her fantastic figure, Michelle is looking just as nervous as I am as we wait to start our arrivals process in the admin office. We say hello and I take a moment to appreciate this beautiful woman in front of me. Tall, slim and blonde, hair tied up and around 20 years younger than me, there’s a touch of naughty librarian in the look, but what gets me most is her smile that immediately puts me to ease. Something between us clicks and dispute the age difference, we are soon chatting away and becoming friends. As the day goes on, it becomes obvious that our roles mean we would be working quite closely so it bodes well we seem to be getting on.

During the first few months working together, our relationship, both professional and personal, progresses. As work colleagues we are very effective, there have been the occasion butting of heads over work issues but it’s always sorted the same day and nothing that affects our friendship, which sees us developing a bit of naughty banter between us. We regularly have coffee breaks together and we tell each other about our own lives, me being married for nearly 25 years and Michelle being in a relationship and due to marry, and vent our frustrations to each other when we feel the need.

Late one afternoon we are closing up the office as the last ones out when Michelle’s mobile rings. She answers and as we walk to our cars, she starts getting angry at what she’s hearing. I stop and wait to see if everything is ok and soon Michelle is shouting into the phone in anger, hangs up, then screams out loud. “What’s up?” I ask, seeing that look in her eyes that says he’s fucked up again. “He was supposed to pay the deposit for the caterers today but forgot and now they are booked elsewhere so I got to find new caterers” she replies. Knowing how bad wedding planning can be I suggest a drink in the pub nearby before going home in order to calm down.

Settled down with our cokes (we are driving after all) Michelle proceeds to tell me about how hard getting the wedding sorted has been and she is worried that she’s becoming a bridezilla to the extent that it could be affecting her relationship to her fiancé. I sincan escort set her at ease, reminding her things like this happen all the time and I’m certain that he understands, but do try to give him a break now and then. Drinks finished, we head back to the cars and as we get to them, she gives me a hug, a kiss on the cheek and says thanks for putting up with her nonsense. “No problem” I reply “you just need to blow off some steam. A night out with the girls should do it. Either that or you need a fuck buddy” I say with a smile and a wink hoping to get a smile. Mission achieved as she laughs out loud and replies “Know any good candidates?”. “Well I’d do it but I don’t think I’m your type” is my jovial response as I get in the car and drive off.

Over the next few days, Michelle seems a bit off and not her usual self, certainly not around me. I wonder if I have crossed a line and ponder how best to speak to her to see if my parting comments are the cause and to apologise. I try a couple of times to start that conversation but she quickly shuts it down saying I have nothing to apologise for but things aren’t the same. One lunchtime, deciding to give her some space, I eat in my office when suddenly she come in, closes the door and locks it.

“Don’t want to be disturbed” she says sitting down and look intently at me. Just as I am about to speak, she suddenly says “Shut up, don’t say anything until I have finished”. “Yes Miss” I reply and suddenly your focus is fully on me, intently so. After a few seconds Michelle start to speak. “To start, you have nothing to apologise for so stop it. You were a friend trying to get me out of a funk and I really appreciated it, even if your last comment was close to the bone. In fact, your suggestion of a fuck buddy has been stuck in my head and I’m liking the idea more and more. Now I want to trust you with my biggest secret but only if it goes no further and I’m taking a massive risk here so before I go on, I need you to promise not to tell anyone else”. Of course, I agree, my curiosity now running at full pelt to hear this.

I come round and sit on the comfy chair close to where she is also sat and composing herself before she speaks. “Ok, I’ve never really spoken about my previous employment with you but I’m going to tell you so please don’t judge me. Before I started here, I worked providing adult services” She pauses to see my reaction but I give nothing away except to say go on.

“I decided to stop that line of work as I was going to get married and thought I would try to live a more conventional life. I met my fella through my previous work so I’ve not hidden anything from him and I love working here, meeting new and interesting people”, she smiles at me, “but I am starting to miss the variety I had with my sex life. I loved making people’s fantasies a reality and I got off doing it. The thrill of not knowing what each day brings is such a buzz and I especially loved getting it on with horny older men who only wanted to please ankara escort me. That’s why your fuck buddy comment caught me off guard as while you say you’re not my type, you certainly are and could soooo use a fuck buddy right now”. She pauses for a moment, still wondering what I might be thinking, “I’ll be honest, I’m horny and frustrated and my partner is feeling the pressure from me at the moment and I just want to blow off some steam”. Michelle stops talking and this time it’s clear she’s finished. I take a moment to consider what I heard and make a decision.

“OK, I’m a pretty open-minded guy about things so your past……employment is no concern of mine, although it does explain how you find it so easy to speak and get along with your client, professionally I mean” I begin. “Now, you trusted me so I’m going to trust you. My wife and I are not exactly setting the bedroom on fire at the moment, in fact you could say its non-existent. Basically she has medical issues that means she’s always tired so sex rarely happens and it does its nice but same old same old.” I stop and look to see what her reaction is but she shows nothing yet so I decide to carry on. “Frankly I’m a becoming a pervy older man who wishes he had the guts to go and find someone who he could explore his fantasies with. And finally I’m sat here with you, who I find hot as fuck and revealing this to you has got me turned on as well”. You pause for a moment and glace up at the clock, its about half way through lunch and usually no-one comes back in for another 25 minutes.” Michelle looks at me, eyes lit up. “Tell me one thing that turns you on, right now”. “I’ll tell you 2, eating pussy and stockings and suspenders ” I reply. She stands and moves in front of the desk, “Well today’s your lucky day!” and her hands move to your skirt.

She grabs the hem of the skirt and start teasing it up her legs. As it slowly goes up, my cock continues to stiffen an I begin to squirm and try to get comfortable watching, my eyes alternating between her legs and those gorgeous blue eyes. The skirt continues up until it reaches the lacy stocking tops and stops, “Hold ups or suspenders?” She asks. “Suspenders I hope” I reply. “Well you’re going to have to get your cock out to find out” She says. Without thought I stand, undo my belt and trousers and drop them to the floor allowing my hard cock to stand proudly upright. I’m not big but better that average and a contented smile appears on her face, saying “Oh we are going to have some fun together, now sit back down and slowly wank off to me”.

Once settled back down she grins. “You’re going to love this” and start to lift the skirt, revealing the straps that confirm that she is indeed wearing suspenders. My wanking begins, first tentatively, but increasing in pace as I get hotter, not believing my luck. Finally, her skirt is around her waist, showing that she is wearing matching Ann Summers knickers and suspender belt, blue in colour teamed with black stocking. “I love wearing sexy etimegut escort things under clothes like I’m always ready to get fucked” she muses, causing me to moan out load as I furiously tug on my cock. “Slow down, don’t want you cumming too soon” she warns me as her hand slides inside her panties and she begin to rub her pussy. “Feels so wet, doing this with you in this office where we could get caught. I was turned on earlier hoping this might happen that I had a cheeky wank in the loo earlier so my cum has soaked into these panties. I bet you would love to smell them.” Now in her element, she is rubbing your clit furiously and watching my desire for her plainly showing on my face. “Would you like a taste?” she asks and off comes the knickers to reveal a smooth and obviously wet pussy as she leans back and opens her legs. “You can come and eat me only if this is not the last time we do this together”. “So, I take it you want me as your fuck buddy then?” I say as I move to kneel in front of her. “God yes, you and me, no-one else finds out” she replies. “Well then, I best get to work then” and I lean into you and start kissing her legs.

I start just above one knee, kissing my way up her leg while my hands savour the feel of the stockings by sliding my hands up and down, caressing the back of the legs. Once my lips reach her bare thigh, I alternate from kissing to letting my tongue lick it’s way further up until I stop just above her pussy lips and I allow myself to pull back for a moment to take in the view. Before me is an obviously aroused pussy, shaved bare and glistening it’s juices where she is clearly turned on. “Fuck me that’s beautiful” I whisper as I glance up, eliciting a smile.

After a few seconds of me admiring, Michelle has had enough and grabs the back of my head, telling me “No time to waste, eat me” and pulls me in. I start by licking around the edges but this still makes her moan, part frustration, part lust and again whispers “Not much time”. With that reminder I part her pussy lips with my tongue and work my way up to her love bean. Finally there she moans out “Fuck yes babe” as I lavish her clit my full attention. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow I work on her, occasionally slipping down to run my tongue up the full length of her labia before returning to her clit. I check the time and realise I’m not getting off today but I’m ok as I’m sure they’ll be other times so decide to make sure she gets off. Tongue now dedicated to her pleasure button, I push first one, then a second finger into her now soaking pussy and begin finger-fucking, causing Michelle to gasp and moan in joy. Feeling her tensing up as she approaches her climax I suddenly crook my fingers and hit the g-spot, the final stimulation she needed as she cries out “I’m cumming babe….oh fuck me I’m cumming” and I keep teasing and caressing as she rides the wave of joy. Finally, breathlessly, she begs me to stop, not able to carry on as her clit is too sensitive. I stand up, pulling my trousers back into place and watch as she catches your breath. Michelle finally looks at me and smiles, still gently heaving and says “God I needed that, oh and your good” and leans into me to share a deep and passionate kiss…….FIN (for now?)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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