A Mother’s Love – Prelude

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Ann ran to her room she slid her hand down her soaking wet panties and rubbed so hard, within minutes she was cumming.

She lay her head on the soft pillow, her hand on her heavy breasts, her thin cotton nightie sticking to her skin from beads of sweat. As her breathe started to slow to a normal pace, half from her recent orgasm and half from what she just did, she recalled each detail in her mind like it was a dream.

Ann herself was the product of her grandfather/father’s lust for her mother, she came to know of this at a young age, her mother and father were arguing in the kitchen when she snuck downstairs to see what all the commotion was about, only to find out the big family secret.

Was this something in her blood? Was it something she could not get away from? Was it really that wrong to love someone that much, that you wanted to share every experience with him? Was it all that or was it that gene inside her that made her lust for her son’s hot body and intoxicating smell? All these questions racing in her mind.

She tried to sleep and it seemed as soon as her eyelids closed she was waken by Pat gently shaking her, asking for his breakfast, she looked at him stunned and misty eyed and with a slight blush from the events of the night before. He said “Gee Mom, you look like shit, did you not sleep?” She just replied she stayed up watching movies.

She quickly got out of comfy bed and made him breakfast, he kissed her and gave her a big hug and said he was going out with his friends for a while and would be back early so they could halkalı escort have dinner and maybe go out. His scent only reminded her of her actions the night before.

She cleaned the house and went about her daily chores, then went upstairs and ran a bubble bath, as she stripped her clothes off she felt the heat growing inside of her, her pussy tingling. She slowly sat into the hot water of her Jacuzzi tub for two and could not help but slide her hand along her pussy again dreaming of his sexy body, she quickly came to an orgasm and sank back in the tub.

She entered her walk in closet and decided upon a tight black skirt a tank top and a pink bra and thong, she was a little overweight and her breasts were sagging but nothing a good pushup bra could not fix, she dried her hair and applied her make up. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought she looked pretty good. She liked to dress up and with no man around she did it for Pat. He did compliment her quite often when she looked nice.

Pat arrived home early and said “wow mom, you look hot” I have to take you out, they decided they food and drinks at a club, this was not uncommon as Ann was young when she had Pat, they had drinks together all the time, they would even smoke the odd joint here and there. They would often be passed off as a young man dating an older woman.

They arrived at the club at 9 and it was already booming with business, although they had lots of money and could afford to go to the best clubs taksim escort and restaurants in town, they would frequent the smaller ones where the people were more down to earth. With the music blaring and people laughing and having fun Ann instantly grabbed Pat’s hand and begged him to dance, she loved to dance, he refused, he never learned to dance and was not the dancing type. Pat went to get them drinks at the bar and when he returned he saw his mom dancing with another on the dance floor, she came to the table flushed and laughing and all she got was a sour look, she looked on with concern and asked what was the matter, he replied he did not like it when she danced with strange men. She apologized and drank her drink. They ordered snacks but the drinks were flowing and both Pat and Ann could feel the results. The night flew by and they ordered a taxi home.

When arriving home, Pat immediately went upstairs to Ann’s bedroom and put a movie in and told Ann to make popcorn. Although the house had so many bedrooms, Pat enjoyed sleeping with his mom. She made the popcorn and went upstairs only to find him passed out from the booze.

She looked and smiled, she loved this boy immensely, her only child, result of a one night stand with a gorgeous guy, her devotion to him was almost god like. She began to remove her skirt and top in front of him, she stopped then said to herself what the hell he is sleeping. She stood in front of him in her bra and thong and thought if only.

She jumped in the shower and thought of her şişli escort sleeping son. She was unsure if it was the drinks or her sexual frustration but her pussy started to get wet. As the dual shower heads pounded against her skin she fingered herself and moaned thinking of her sleeping baby boy. She dried herself off and slipped into a knee length nylon nightie along with a black pair of nylon panties, she liked the nylon as it stretched to allow her hand room to play. She put oil all over her body and walked to the bed. She slowly undid Pat’s jeans and slid them off, his aroma filling her nostrils, she leaned down and kissed his thigh and inhaled. She lifted his sweater over his head and all he let out was a little moan, she ran her hands down his chest and leaned down for a kiss. She knew she should not be doing this but how could she stop, it was in her genes but mostly who would stop with the sexual beautiful boy laying there.

She slowly and quietly kissed his neck and then his chest, she made her way to his thighs and knew she should stop. She promised herself she would just get his scent and then stop, she kissed her way all the way to his toes, loving every inch of her son. She made her way back up and rested her head on his cock, even with boxers on, it felt wonderful, she told herself over and over again, just one smell. She pulled his boxers down slightly and buried her nose in his pubes and inhaled deeply. She pulled them back up, quietly slipped into the bed beside him and placed her hands on her wet pussy, gently she rubbed her hand back and forth, thinking of her son beside her, she was so far gone into her orgasm that she could not control herself, she lifted her nightie and placed his hand on her bare nipples, this was enough to send her over the edge, she quickly got control of herself and cuddled against him, thinking to herself wow two nights in a row, how will I ever control myself.

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