A Little Restraint

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‘… until you reach the terminal building and thank you for flying TWA.’

The French accent I had earlier been attracted to broke though my thoughts and I realised we were taxiing to the airport building. All around me people were starting to grab their bags and fight their way towards the exit. I settled down again to allow the crush to ease.

Why was I here? The thoughts began to gain control of me once again, I had never met Melody, she was a name in the internet chat room, this sort of thing only happened to other people. I thought back to the first time we chatted, was it her name that attracted me – “melodius*19f”, well that was the name that first night. “Spitfire*19f” another night, ever changing only the last four letters remaining the same. Was it her description of herself – “pert 36Cs, long legs, tattoo over my cute little ass, purple painted toenails, oh and still a virgin”. Yes these points but the speed of replies and sheer number of contacts maintained at once, keeping a conversation flowing with each contact, always witty and sharp, a hell of a memory for individuals.

‘Sir you must get off now’ I felt the hand on my shoulder and that accent again. I looked up into the eyes of the airhostess, I looked around and realised the plane had completely emptied and I was alone. I apologised and made my way to the exit.

“Catch a taxi downtown” she wrote, “I have booked you a room at the Adelphi, it’s territory I know plus I get good rates” I did as I was instructed. I had flown halfway around the world for this. Officially I was attending a trade show but that was only the excuse, this was the reality, so why was I feeling so nervous? “Ask for Monique and check in under your chat name, pay cash only”. I tipped the taxi driver and went inside. At the desk I did as bid and asked for Monique she was a tall slim blonde girl, early twenties and highly attractive. On paying for my one night stay she gave me my key and indicated the direction of the allocated room. The room was quite large, held two queen size beds, onsuite facilities and a television and video in one corner. I put my bag down and fixed a large scotch from the mini bar to steady my nerves. Looking at my watch I realised I had made good time and decided to take a long hot shower. I luxuriated in the hot spray for a long while, washing my hair with the hotel shampoo. I eventually stepped and started to dry myself, standing naked I suddenly got the feeling that I was being watched and turned quickly around, I was just in time to see the outer door closing. Moving back into the bedroom I saw a single rose had been placed on the pillow of one of the beds, the stem was tucked inside a card. Smiling to myself I wondered if the observer had liked what they had seen. Inside the card was simple message “restaurant, 8:00pm, do not be late” and a red lipstick kiss.

I got dressed, tied back my hair into a ponytail and made my way down to the restaurant. At the door Monique greeted me and showed me to a table at the back. It was 7:56, only a short wait I thought, but a drink to steady the nerves would be good. Before I could call for a waiter Monique brought a scotch on the rocks to my table, I hadn’t actually ordered so how did she know? Could it have been her watching me earlier?

I watched each and every person who walked in the door for twenty minutes; no one came even close to my table. I was close to giving up when a large bespectacled girl in her mid thirties approached me. She looked me straight in the eye and smiled, this was it I thought, the description I had been given was a lie, I had come all this way to meet some-one who looked nothing like her self delivered description. I stood up to greet her, my initial internal reaction rapidly giving way to the realisation that it was not only the physical description that I had been attracted to. It was her wit and intelligence that could not be faked that had made me seek out Melody time and time again. I smiled at the approaching girl.

As I stood there the girl passed me straight by, swinging cleanly past my table, at this I sat back down confused only to look into the face of the most beautiful girl I had seen in a long while. ‘Melody?’ I asked in a confused tone. ‘Yes Cool Eyes’ she replied and smiled. Melody was wearing a light cotton blouse with the top three buttons undone, the hem was tied under her breasts in a double knot exposing her midriff. Her lightweight summer skirt was short but still long enough to make me unsure as to whether it was tights or stockings that graced those long legs.

My look of surprise caused her to laugh, ‘well you passed the fat girl test’ she said.

‘The fat girl test’ I replied even more confused.

‘Oh yes, I use the fat girl test on the contacts I decide to meet, you were a touch disappointed when you first saw her but you soon got over it and passed the test with merit.’

‘All your contacts go through that?’ I replied ‘how many contacts like me have you had?’

‘Oh only four, two failed the test and never even got to meet me, one passed but he was so boring that we never even got to dessert.’

‘I hope I can do better than that.’ I said

‘Oh I’m pretty confident, pretty confident. Come on let’s order, watching you for twenty minutes has built up my appetite.’

We talked through dinner, bursa escort about other contacts we had made, some of our pet chat subjects, the fact that I had never met another chatter, yet I had travelled this far to meet her. After finishing deserts she called over Monique and put the bill on my room. ‘We’ll go to your room for coffee and finish the conversation in comfort.’ She said.

I closed the door to the room and she went to the mini bar to fix a couple of drinks, ‘scotch on the rocks Monique tells me’ she said laughing, pouring them out. As she handed me one she looked me in the eye and said, ‘you’ve come here hoping to fuck me haven’t you?’ and sipped her drink. I tried to look away and deny it but she would not have any of it. Laughing she said ‘oh don’t deny it, yes you like me for my chat, I can tell by the way you passed the fat girl test. But you really want me on my back, with my legs over your shoulders screaming your name as I cum. Don’t lie to me’ the eye contact was maintained throughout this statement. She then turned away picked up the scotch and refilled my glass which I had rapidly drained. Turning back she started to undo the buttons on my shirt. I reached out to her but she pushed my hands away. ‘You are here on my terms Cool Eyes, don’t try to change that and we will see what the evening brings’.

Removing my shirt she let it fall to the floor and then started on my trouser belt, my trousers dropped quickly followed by my boxer shorts. ‘Remove the socks, I don’t do socks’ she laughed and then she stood back. ‘Monique was right’ she said, ‘I think I am going to enjoy this. Now lie back on the bed and think back to some of the things you mentioned you liked.’ My confusion, as I mentally went through my various chat subjects, must have showed on my face and she laughed again. ‘A little restraint, I think you said, and a little restraint is what is on offer now lie back and spread out you arms.’ From a small bag she took four soft cords and secured first my wrists and then my ankles to the four corners of the bed. Finally she tied a loose but effective gag and stood back to admire her handiwork. Sipping her drink Melody picked up the phone and dialled a number, ‘Monique, I think shall be ready for my order in twenty minutes’ she listened, laughed and said, ‘oh twenty will be fine’.

My mind was racing now, was this her plan, to fuck me for twenty minutes and then a room service supper? Much further from the truth I could not have been as she took a video from her bag and inserted it in the machine. As she sat down on the couch I realised that she was now out of view and the video had started. I looked desperately around the room wondering what was happening, what sort of mind games was she playing with me? Suddenly I realised that if I craned my neck I could see her reflection in the big mirror on the opposite wall to where she was sitting.

I looked back at the video the lady of the manor was riding into the distance on her horse, the maid was in the stables and the stable boy was kissing her – predictable plot. I looked back at Melody; she had untied the knot in her blouse, had slipped a hand inside and was massaging her breasts. I looked back at the video, the stable boy had gone down on the maid after she had given him the customary blowjob and he was now preparing to fuck her. Melody had put her drink aside and was tracing a hand along her inner thighs under her skirt. On the video the stable boy was now fucking the maids’ ass and she was pinching her own nipples and gasping loudly. Melody was licking her lips, her skirt was lifted and laid back on her stomach and, to answer an earlier question, she was wearing stockings, suspenders and no knickers. The stable boy withdrew, put his cock between the maids breasts, pumped twice and came in her face. The maid kissed him deeply on the lips got up and went into the house. The lady of the manor, unbeknown to the maid, had now returned and entered the house, she watched from behind as the maid climbed the stairs and went into her room.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and the handle turned. Without a word Monique entered the room pushing a trolley containing an ice bucket with champagne and a bowl of strawberries. Melody looked up and just smiled. Ignoring me Monique closed the door and moved over to sit with Melody. My cock, which had been hard since Melody started to undress me, had withered slightly at the sound of Monique’s knock. Now, though, it had regained its’ composure and was standing hard, firm and aching.

In the video the maid had climbed out of the shower to find the lady in the room still in her jodhpurs and carrying a riding whip. I looked back in the mirror to see Monique pick up a strawberry, place it between her lips and then lean over and kiss Melody, their tongues rolling the strawberry from mouth to mouth. The lady was now being stripped naked by the maid, she peeled the tight jodhpurs off and proceeded to go down on her. Monique had already undone the front of Melody’s blouse exposing a white half-cup bra, Melody’s nipples peeking out over the lace topping. She was now tracing a hand over Melody’s stomach and unfastening the skirt as she kissed and gently bit on her nipples.

The maid had relieved the lady of the whip and was straddling her face, the lady was probing the maids pussy bursa escort bayan with her tongue as the whip was alternatively used to lightly tease the lady’s clit then flick savagely on her nipples. The strain of lifting my head to see Melody and Monique was beginning to hurt, I looked back at the girls in the mirror and realised that Monique had slid completely out of view as the pair of them slid down the couch. I could only see Melody’s head now as it was thrown back against the couch. Her mouth was partially open and, despite not being able to see much more of Melody’s body than her head and shoulders, the expression on her face was so intensely erotic that the action on the video screen was quickly ignored. My cock was aching and weeping pre-cum, my mouth was dry, my neck hurt and beads of perspiration were breaking out on my forehead but I couldn’t drag my attention away. Melody’s breathing was short and fast, as she exploded on the couch she gave out a little scream and slumped in gasping ecstasy. I watched as Monique’s head moved up to kiss her on the mouth the shine of Melody’s juice’s on her lips, a look of wild excitement in her eyes. My cock was beyond aching now, I so desperately wanted to feel it inside of Melody, to pump it hard and let it explode but all I could do was squirm my hips and feel the ache.

Melody arose, switched off the video and poured out a glass of champagne, sipping at it she turned to look at me and smiled. ‘Feeling adequately restrained Cool Eyes’ she said, I just groaned. She half turned and beckoned to Monique who walked to the front of the bed. Melody placed the drink on the trolley and stepped behind Monique, sliding her hands from Monique’s waist up to her neck she started to slowly undo Monique’s blouse. Button by button, tantalisingly slowly as Monique closed her eyes and licked her lips in anticipation of pleasures to come. As the last button was undone she drew the blouse off Monique’s shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Monique was not wearing a bra, her breasts were not large but were adorned with the most perfect nipples one could imagine, already erect as Melody pinched then between thumb and forefinger. ‘Do you think Monique is a natural blonde’ asked Melody as she started to work at the zip on her skirt and allow that too to drop to the floor. Monique was wearing a black lace g-string and Melody slipped a finger of each hand inside the waist straps and started to ease it down.

I gulped as I realised the reason for the question, Monique was shaved completely so it was impossible to tell whether her head of blonde hair was natural or not. Monique threw her head back on Melody’s shoulder as Melody started to gently caress her neck. ‘Would you like her Cool Eyes?’ Melody asked. I noticed a slight shudder pass through Monique’s body as this question was asked. The dilemma of deciding whether to fuck Monique or Melody must have shown in my eyes as, before I could answer, Melody said ‘Oh I forgot to mention that Monique doesn’t do men. She has the tightest little pussy I have ever experienced and feels that a cock inside might just stretch it a little and ruin it for the girls’. The desperation in my eyes was beginning to show now and Melody recognised the look instantly, ‘but Cool Eyes’ she cooed ‘a little restraint you said, is that not what you’re getting? Besides, as you well know a lady should always be allowed to cum first’ She laughed again and span Monique around, kissing her full on the lips before pushing her slowly onto the spare bed.

Monique lay back, pulled her ankles towards her ass and spread her knees wide apart. Melody kneeled in front of Monique and kissed her once more before tracing a line down her neck with her tongue. She lingered at her breasts teasing each nipple before continuing down to her stomach. Monique’s eyes were closed and her tongue was parting her lips slightly. Just as I thought Melody was about to lap at Monique’s pussy she stopped and reached out for the ice bucket. Picking out a cube she quickly applied it to Monique’s left nipple, Monique gasped as within an instant Melody applied her lips to warm back the cooled nipple. Repeating this on each nipple in turn had Monique writhing in ecstasy.

Melody pulled away and returned to lick between Monique’s legs, her juices were already glistening on the smooth skin and her clit was standing erect and swollen. I realised that Melody’s teasing was not confined to me but she was intending to hold Monique on edge for as long as it was possible, she traced her tongue around her pussy, she flicked her clit with the tip of her tongue. Using her fingernails she made long lingering traces along her inner thighs and then moved back to tease her nipples with the ice cubes or to kiss her deep on the lips. ‘Fuck me with your tongue now’ groaned Monique, ‘please now’ she begged but all Melody did was smile and continue to tease, never lingering long enough at Monique’s pussy to allow her to cum.

After another ten minutes of this when I thought she would drive us both insane Melody reached out for the half empty bottle of champagne. She first pressed the cold bottle to Monique’s engorged nipples and then started to pour a little onto her stomach just below her navel. The cold liquid fizzed as it ran down Monique’s stomach and onto her pussy, as the cold hit her clit she squealed, escort bursa bucked her hips and lifted her ass off the bed. Melody chased each drop of the liquid as it ran over and into Monique’s pussy, not a drop was wasted as she lapped at Monique, slipping her tongue deep inside to mix Monique’s hot juices with the cold champagne and sucking at her clit. Monique’s hips continued to writhe as she came in one long screaming orgasm and then collapsed in exhaustion onto the bed, her mouth open gasping for breath.

Melody lay for a while as the tension drained out of Monique, she then lifted herself up and sat on the edge of the bed just inches away from my spread-eagled torso. After pouring the last of the champagne into her glass she said ‘so Cool Eyes, restraint’s still holding I see’. She then looked intently at my throbbing cock ‘I think a hair trigger would be an apt description for that. Tell me just how long do you think you would last if I were to mount you now? Not long I guess’ and laughed, ‘fortunately though that is not my plan’. She looked me in the eye ‘oh don’t get dismayed I am not leaving just yet’.

She placed her half-empty glass on the service trolley and moved to the bed beside me, she was still dressed in the bra and suspenders. Her hand reached out and touched my neck before tracing down onto my chest. ‘Really it would be polite to allow Monique to dress and leave, she still has work to do poor girl’. Melody lay down at the side of me, placed one hand on my thigh and laid her head on my stomach. We watched as Monique got up from the bed and went through to the bathroom to run a shower, ‘no rush eh Cool Eyes’ was Melody’s comment I just groaned. As Monique showered I could feel Melody’s hot breath on my cock and how it ached. Monique returned to the bedroom and picked up her g-string panties, watching her wriggle into them followed by her skirt was almost as sexy as seeing them being removed. She sat on the edge of the bed and kissed Melody on the lips, her top was still naked and one breast brushed the tip of my cock as she bent down. The contact was only for a split second but it had been the first by either of them all night and it sent me into spasms. ‘Careful Monique, he has still got a lot of work ahead of him, we wouldn’t want him to get overexcited would we’ said Melody laughing. I watched Monique, still topless, start to brush her hair and apply lipstick, Melody had moved her hand closer to my cock now and I could feel her fingers lightly brushing at the hairs on my balls. Monique pulled on her blouse, kissed Melody one more time and left the room. ‘Now’ said Melody ‘I think we can remove that gag’.

As the gag came off I felt the joy of unrestricted breathing again and was about to speak when Melody placed a finger across my lips and said, ‘I didn’t remove that to chat Cool Eyes. We can do that on the net, I have other things in mind for you’. I looked at her, tried to swallow and croaked ‘a drink at least, my throat is so dry’. She smiled and obliged me with the last of the champagne. ‘Thank you I croaked’ as she placed her mouth against mine and kissed me deeply, her tongue probing the back of my throat.

Melody got up and straddled my chest with her legs, hooking her calves under my outstretched arms she sat gently on my chest. ‘Oh Cool Eyes I hope you don’t think I have finished with you just yet, you have a lot more ahead of you tonight’. I had already been tied like this for over two hours, ‘Remember a lady always cums first and I’m the only lady in this room’. Her pussy was now only inches away from my chin and I could see how wet she had become. ‘Do you want to taste me?’ she asked smiling into my eyes, ‘Of course you do.’

Melody reached over and took a strawberry from the trolley, she placed it in her mouth and bit it in half. Taking the half in her fingers she brought it to her pussy and started to rub it along the edge of her lips and then circled her clit with the red fruit. This action caused some of the strawberry’s juices to run onto her pussy and mingle with her own juices, and some of her juices to adhere to the strawberry. She then placed this into my mouth and pressed my jaw closed. I rolled it around my mouth for a while tasting the combination of flavours before chewing and swallowing the ripe fruit. She repeated this five or six times each time transferring more sweet strawberry juice to her pussy and each time becoming more wet and excited. I thought she was going to make herself cum, the prospect in itself was causing my cock to ache more but she stopped suddenly. ‘Why have a dog and bark yourself’ she said and lifted herself within reach of my mouth and tongue. I extended my tongue to lap at her hot pussy and she gasped at the touch. Sliding my tongue along her lips and working it just inside caused her breathing rate to increase and she lowered herself towards my open mouth. I looked up at her and saw her reach between her breasts to undo the white bra and let her full breasts swing free. The bra was clearly for decoration as there was no discernible sagging on its release. I started to probe inside her pussy, pressing my tongue as deep as I could and then withdrawing it to lick at her clit, she gasped and took more strawberries from the trolley. She proceeded to crush them in her hands and rub the wet pulp over her breasts and nipples. After each breast had received a thick coating of strawberry she lifted them in turn and bent her head so she could lick the juice off, lingering at her nipples. She repeated this until only one strawberry was left in the bowl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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