A Latin Angel Ch. 01

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Have you ever been with a Colombian woman? If so, you know what I’m talking about. If not, you’ve still got time. First, Colombian women are drop-dead gorgeous. Second, they’re totally feminine. Third, they love to make their man happy. All of this I found out in my travels through South America shortly after I divorced Little Jim’s mother. It was in Cali, of drug cartel fame, that I met my second ex-wife, a smoking little brown-eyed chica. I dragged her back to the states where she quickly became a chubby, unhappy, complaining wreck of a woman. That’s a different story.

About a month after my adventures with Little Jim and Jade, I got a call from my Colombian ex-wife, who’s now living in Boca with some pointy-headed, born-again corporate accountant type. Her nephew, Angelito, was arriving in Miami from Colombia in a couple of days. Could I pick him up at the airport and put him up for three or four days until she and Pointy Head, CPA, returned from their last minute trip to Las Vegas. I agreed. Angelito, she told me, had some problems but he was a nice boy. I didn’t ask for details, so long as he was house-trained and ate with utensils he was okay by me.

So, the next Thursday I drive over to the airport around eight at night to pick up Angelito. I’m waiting down by the baggage carousel when I see hordes of gorgeous dark-haired, dark-eyed women passing me by and I know the plane from Bogota has arrived. As I’m scanning the cuties flowing around me, I lock eyes with a slender, long-haired guy who’s craning his neck to search for someone. I wave. He waves back. Must be Angelito.

You didn’t need a PhD in psychology to figure out what Angelito’s “problem” was. He was five or six inches shorter than me, built slim as a supermodel, wearing tight jeans, high-heeled boots, a sleeveless t-shirt, and a pair of rose-tinted glasses. He approached, and I stuck out my hand to shake. Instead, Angelito raised his sunglasses and gave me a hug and a peck on each cheek.

“You must be Uncle Jim,” he said in an incredibly effeminate voice.

I said I was and he smiled. Angelito had those big, soft brown eyes like his aunt. He had high cheekbones, wide, full lips, a slender nose, and dark, lustrous black hair pulled up into a ponytail. He practically twirled on his heels with happiness at meeting me.

“My god,” he hissed. “Tia Janet was sssssoooo right about you.”

He put his hand over his mouth to suppress his giggle.

I grabbed his bags off the carousel and we made small talk. About the family back home, about Miami, about his trip. As we headed for the car, he looped his arm in mine and chatted on in Spanish and English. As we drove out of the airport, he complained that he was “sssssoooo” thirsty and asked if we could get a drink. I agreed and we ended up in a bar near the airport. I ordered a bourbon on the rocks. Angelito drank mimosas and I lit his Virginia Slims with my lighter. He was having the time of his life, swinging back and forth on the bar stool, emphasizing everything he said with grand sweeps of his arms and hands. At some point he shook his hair out and it flowed, like a dark, shiny river down over his belt.

Angelito liked his mimosas. I lost count after his seventh or eighth. After nursing my second bourbon empty, I knew it was time to leave. I pulled Angelito along and he staggered out the door beside me.

We got in the car and I cranked down the windows. The breeze kept blowing Angelito’s hair across his eyes and he pulled it back with long, langorous gestures.

“Tia Janet must be such a fool,” he said, leaning next to me as I drove.

“How’s that?” I asked, as I felt his hand snake onto my thigh.

“Because,” Angelito said. “You’re so big and good-looking!”

I felt his long fingers beginning to massage my thigh. And I felt my cock start to respond. I spread my thighs to let him know I was enjoying myself. Angelito needed little encouragement. His hand moved further internet casino up my thigh.

“What have here, Uncle Jim,” he said with a mock gasp as his fingers ran across my cock. “Wow . . . what a nice big cock you have.”

I laughed and Angelito leaned over to work my zipper with both his hands. Soon, I felt the humid air on my dick and then Angelito’s two smooth hands grappling to get my dick out of my pants. He pressed his lips against my ear and flicked his warm, wet tongue around my ear lobe as he began stroking my cock.

“God, Uncle Jim,” he whispered. “It’s been so long since I found a real man.”

I answered by taking one hand off the steering wheel, wrapping my hand in his soft hair, and pulling his head down to my cock. His lips surrounded my cock head and I heard him grunt with pleasure as he began to slowly swallow my dick. Angelito was a skilled cocksucker, and I moaned with pleasure as he licked and sucked my cockhead and then began bouncing his mouth up and down my hard cock.

I drove down the highway with Angelito’s hot mouth wrapped tight around my dick and his hands kneading my thighs. His panting and mumbling supplied the soundtrack to a very enjoyable blowjob. By the time I got the car in the garage, I was ready to blow a load. But, as I turned off the ignition and pushed both hands through Angelito’s long,thick hair, he suddenly sat up.

“Now, Uncle Jim,” he said, playfully smacking my chest. “I just got here. Give a girl a minute to get herself ready.”

I laughed while Angelito rearranged his hair and wiggled his ass in the car seat.

“Let me at least freshen up,” he continued with a wicked grin. “Before you ravish me.”

He opened the door and pulled his long legs out of the car. With a sigh, I zipped back up. I carried his bags into the house. Angelito gave a little squeal of delight when he walked into my living-room.

“How gorgeous,” he said. “How wonderful. How macho. Where’s the bedroom?”

I motioned down the hall and followed his long legs and curvaceous ass along the hall. I pushed open the door to my bedroom with a suitcase and Angelito slipped in ahead of me. He pranced around the room, admiring the bed, the furniture, the big television.

“Where’s the bathroom?” he asked, giving me a quick peck on the cheek. “I do need to freshen up.”

I pointed to the bathroom door and dropped the suitcases. He grabbed a small carry-on bag and headed for the bathroom. As Angelito freshened up, I snagged a bottle of whisky, some glasses, and ice from the kitchen. I settled onto the bed, awaiting Angelito’s entrance.

It was everything it promised. Angelito flung open the door and strutted out, dressed in a pair of high heel pumps, a black silk thong, and a black bikini top. Wow, he looked good. He had long shapely legs, smooth and brown. The thong curved over his hips and I could make out the bulge where his cock pressed against the thong’s triangle of sheer nylon. He had a firm, round ass, and his smooth upper body, while not muscular, was definitely toned. I smiled. Angelito did a twirl with the carry-on bag in one hand, then sat down at the bureau left over from my last ex-wife.

He dug into his bag and brought out a perfume bottle and a hairbrush. He turned toward me and began dabbing perfume all over his body in slow, sexy movements, running his finger up his thighs, across his belly, and then along his collarbone and up under his ears. I watched his long fingernails, shiny with clear polish, run along his smooth brown skin. The perfume was sweet and heavy.

Angelito turned and sat with his back to me while he brushed his hair and watched himself in the mirror. He ran the hairbrush in slow, even strokes down the length of his silky, black hair. He smiled at me in the mirror.

“Well, papi,” he whispered to my reflection in the mirror. “This won’t take long at all, and then you can really enjoy your little chica . . . Angel.”

I canlı poker oyna smiled and began pulling my shirt over my head.

“Si, papi,” Angelito continued. “Hmmmmm. You look realnice, and I hope you treat your little Angel right, cuz Angel really, really needs a man.”

I unzipped my jeans and shrugged them down to the floor. I was wearing only boxers.

“Ay Papi,” Angelito continued. “Look at you. Such a big man. Hmmmm. Just the kind of big, strong man that Angel has been looking for.”

Angelito stood up and leaned forward to check his lipstick in the mirror, managing at the same time to thrust his perky ass at me. Angelito turned around and put a hand on each hip.

“Now, papi,” he whispered huskily. “Angel is all ready for her big, strong man.”

With that, Angel raised his arms and I walked over. He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me tight and our lips met, first gently, and then violently as Angel mashed his mouth against mine. Our tongues twined together and I wrapped my arms hard around Angel’s waist as we practically tried to devour each other. Angel ran his hands through my hair and pulled my mouth down harder onto his. Our crotches ground together and I could feel Angel’s hardening cock through his sheer thong.

I dropped my hand to squeeze Angel’s sweet, tight ass, running my fingers under the thong’s tiny nylon triangle. Angel pulled his head back and started to grind his crotch against mine even more furiously.

“Ay, papi,” he whimpered. “Ay, ay . . . yes . . oooh that feels so good.”

I began planting kisses and nibbles along Angel’s neck and behind his ears. He clasped his hands tightly around my neck. I ran my hands around his ass, squeezing each cheek and then pushing my fingers down along his ass crack. As Angel moaned his pleasure, I ran one hand around to the front of his thong and pull a thong strap away from his crotch. Slipping my hand under the strap, I grabbed his hard dick in my hand. Angel gasped and clutched my head.

“Oh, papi,” he whimpered. “Yes . . . that feels so gooooood.”

Then, the fun really begins. I start by stroking his dick which is short and fat. I can feel his fingernails scraping my waist as he drops one hand from my head to pull my cock out of my boxers. I mumble in gratitude and we stand there, locked together, pulling each others’ fast-hardening cocks. I drop my lips to his chest and begin sucking and nibbling on his nipples through the nylon of his bikini bra. Angel’s breath comes now in short, high-pitched gasps.

“Give it to me, Uncle John,” he groans. “Da me. Give it to me.”

I take my hand off his now rock-hard dick and grab his ass to pull him up off the floor. Angel takes his hand off my dick and wraps his arms around my shoulders. As I carry him to the bed, he rubs his hands furiously through my brush cut. I wrap my hands around his firm, sleek thighs. I stumble to the bed and throw him down on to it. He gives a little shout of surprise.

I stand above Angel as he lies on the bed. I pull my boxers down over my thighs and my cock, impossibly hard and long, springs out into the air. Angel breaks into a big smile and practically purrs in anticipation. He quickly pulls his thong down over his hips and his cock, thick and fat, pops up straight into the air. Angel begins stroking his dick with one hand while propped up on his elbow.

“Wow,” he says with a lascivious grin. “You’re so big. How will you ever fit all of that big cock into poor little Angel’s tight little box.”

I give my dick a couple of quick pulls and drop on top of Angel who circles my neck with his arms and wraps his legs around my waist. We kiss, our tongues lashing in each others’ mouths. As we kiss, I reach up, over Angel’s shoulders, and into the nightstand to retrieve a tube of KY and a condom. We break our kiss and, panting, Angel grabs my cock and squirms his ass on the bed.

“Hurry, hurry,” he whispers. poker oyna “I want you inside me, baby.”

I squirt some KY on my fingers and start playing with Angel’s asshole, sliding my fingers in and out his tight hole. Angel moans, all the while pulling furiously on my dick. After getting Angel slick, I grab the condom, rip it open, and start unrolling it over my cock. Angel quickly takes over, stretching the condom all the way down my dick.

He spreads his legs and draws up his knees while guiding my dick to his asshole. I grab under his knees to open his ass wider. I feel the tip of my cock enter Angel’s asshole. He switches his hands to my ass and begins gently pulling me in. His pussy feels so good – – tight and slick as it surrounds my dick. I push myself deeper and deeper into him, as his ass gobbles up my cock and squeezes down on it. Angel groans, and soon I’m all the way in, my cock buried into his tight asshole all the way to my pubic hairs. I look down at Angel’s slim, toned body. He turns his head to the side and moans in ecstasy.

Slowly, I start rotating my cock in and out of his asshole. Angel throws his head from side to side as I fuck him, his long hair whipping across his face.

“Oh, papi, yes,” he whimpers. “Fuck me daddy. Fuck little Angel. Come on. Give me that big cock, daddy.”

Now, I start pumping my dick in and out of his ass. Angel’s body shudders with each powerful stroke of my hips. His moaning is reduced to a deep grunt each time my dick slams into his asshole. I pick up the pace, feeling my cock grow heavier and heavier. Angel puts his hands in his hair and his grunts turn into little screams of pleasure.

“Papi, yes, papi, yes, ohhhhh,” he screeches.

I can feel my climax building deep down in my balls. I reach down and grab Angel’s forearms, pinning him to the bed. He shouts and starts raising his hips up to meet my thrusts. All bets are off now as the pleasure in my dick builds to unbearable heights. I lean my head down next to Angel’s and he turns to pour his high-pitched squeals into my ear. My ass is high in the air as I pump furiously, trying to drive as deeply as I can into Angel’s ass.

With a shudder, I feel my climax traveling up my cock and seconds later my cock head tingles with pure pleasure as I empty myself into Angel’s ass. He moans and presses his crotch tight against my cock. I buck my cock as deep as I can, squeezing out as much cum and pleasure as possible. Angel mumbles incoherently into my ear and starts raking his long fingernails across my back. As I feel my cock draining, I groan and bury my head into Angel’s neck. My hips relax and I slump down onto Angel.

After a pause, Angel rubs his hands across my back and upper arms.

“Oh, papi,” he whispers into my ear. “Oh, papi, that was so good. You are sooooo good to little Angel. Oh my god, papi. I feel so good. Hmmmmm. Keep your cock in as long as you can. Please, papi.”

I smile and stretch my arms upward pushing my body down onto Angel who groans. I can feel his hands on my ass and his fingernails digging deliciously into my cheeks as he tries to hold my cock in his asshole. We kiss, and Angel lets go of my ass to wrap his hands around my neck. I roll onto my side and my dick slides out of Angel’s ass with a pleasant pop.

We neck and I run my hands over Angel’s hips and across his ass. I find his cock which is still hard and fat. I feel laughter run through Angel’s throat.

“That,” he says pulling his lips off mine. “Can wait for later.”

I roll onto my back, pulling Angel on top of me. He plants his elbows on either side of my head and gazes down at me with a smile.

“You are ssssoooo delicious,” Angel murmurs, giving me a quick kiss on the lips. “And so good to Angel.”

He sighs and I run my hands down along his back and onto his ass, playfully squeezing a cheek in each hand. We kiss again, and Angel drops his head onto my chest, playing with my chest hairs. Slowly, we drift off to sleep.

So, Angel became my girlfriend. We fucked again that night, and then again in the morning. Each time more intensely and noisily than the last. The next day, I took Angel shopping for sexy under things.

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