A Hot Touch

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He had started his search with great ambition and with a feeling of rambunctious anxiety; he slid the gearshift to park and pulled the key out of the ignition. It was an unusually hot day in Southern California, the ocean breeze at a standstill; the waves undulated with a slow rhythm underscoring the stillness of the humid air. His apartment was unbearable hot, and he knew that on his day off he couldn’t just turn on the fan and watch TV, a usual thing for Jack’s time off. But today it was too hot; his apartment a second floor unit had soaked up the morning sun’s heat as well as the heat from the neighbor below.

He opened the car door and looked out onto the ocean with a tingling in his belly; a certain uneasiness could be seen on his face. He reached into the car and grabbed his printouts and began trying to orient the paper with where he had parked. The map was smudged in areas where beads of sweat had rolled off his perspiring face. He moved the paper out in front of him. The directions were printed after an hour of intense searching on the web and an hour of mental debate. But he had decided that he couldn’t resist the pull to do this. His deepest instincts moved him to try it, despite the hundreds of reasons his brain kept throwing at him, there all old biker chicks, I’ll get fined, there all old dudes, am I small?

He rattled the papers into place and got himself oriented with the trail markers. He whipped his bag across his shoulders, closed the door, pressed the lock button twice, waited for the beep, and he set off. The sun was overbearing, shining just over his head and directly onto the tarred trail. His feet could feel the heat rising right through his beach flip-flops whenever he stopped to check the directions. Almost to the bottom of the cliff face he had noticed that his trunks had begun to stick to the inside of his thighs as he worked up a sweat. He stopped to adjust his shorts and looked out onto the ocean and the empty beach below and figured that if all else failed he’d at least be able to take a dip in the cool ocean. Some decent relaxation on the beach would do him some good anway.

Now at the final two steps of the directions, off the tarred trail and now onto the sandy, pebble ridden, narrow trail he had reached the rock which was the point where he had, had to turn left and walk about a half mile or so and with a quick turnout to the beach, he would be there. With the the privacy that the narrow trail gave him between the cliff trail and the brush on the outside he stopped for a moment, set his backpack down and rapidly pulled the top of his trunks to air out the build up of sweat that accumulated from the walk down. He jumped up once to adjust himself and fixed himself and the bag back on his shoulders and he began walking. Now the tingling had turned into a rapid heartbeat that he could feel getting more intense and more intense as he finally got there. He stopped for a moment, pulled the trunks from the front and looked inside. Some of his worry had subsided as the heat had worked up a good posture.

The trail started to turn right and he could hear the waves crashing with evermore intensity, as did his heartbeat. With every pulse, conflicting thoughts swarmed over him on whether to go through with it. But his desire was strong and his youth led him to step through the trail onto the beach and to his suprise…

Nothing, not one beach goer was there, just the sand and ocean was in front of him. He had accounted for the fact güvenilir bahis that it was a Tuesday and had expected to the turnout to be few, but he didn’t think that no one would be there. It was the summertime and people were on other beaches that he seen on his drive here. He was disappointed and yet relieved in a way because the pressure of his adventure had disappeared. Well he thought, I guess it’s going to be a cool dip, and a summer read and he walked towards the surf to lay down his blanket.

After clearing the cliff now onto the beach he could see down the shoreline in both directions and could see people way up north on his right. He could see beach umbrellas, lifeguard stands, surfers, and beach goers playing frisbee or catch. He had wondered if he would make the long walk up there, but had decided that the walk was too long and the solitude of the empty beach was somewhat inviting and he set his bag down. He looked left pass the outcropping of the cliff and decided that it would be even more peaceful if he walked around the cliff and setup on the other side. Just as he turned the corner of the cliff he saw a few people scattered behind the cliff face. His heart had resumed pace and everything inside him began to tingle and quiver with anxiety.

He had read the etiquette and knew to play it cool and just go about business as usual. He now neared where people were laying out all spaced out to give each other privacy and realized that he had found it and that every person there was nude. He had also realized that everyone had peeped a look at from behind his sunglasses was either an old geezer or an old, crinkly blonde. He began to feel small and scared. There were no young people out here, it was just a bunch of old nudists soaking up the sun. And then he thought that the weekend would probably be different. He decided that it wasn’t that bad after all because he felt more comfortable with the idea of taking his clothes off with this crowd. It didn’t seem intimidating anymore.

He found the most private spot he could find and spread out his towel and set out his book and sun block lotion. He peered through the shrub branches onto the beach and take note of the others, feeling his penis growing with anticipation, and pulled his trunks down and off his feet. He took off his tank top and bunched it in front of his package because it had hardened with the element of exposure and was embarrassed. He stroked it a few times with his shirt out of sheer instinct and pushed it back down and with a relenting sigh it took a natural position. He was happy at this situation because he had looked plump and he had hoped this would last.

He laid down on the towel face down, his back side to the sun, and felt his hardness push into the sand beneath his towel. He could feel the sun bathing his back and it felt good. Making sure that everything was ok in the front he rolled over after breaking into a sweat onto his front. While turning over he glimpsed a leg out of the corner of his eye standing right next to him. It was a beautiful leg and he could tell instantly that whomever this belonged to she was going to be beautiful. All in that moment he looked at her French manicured toes, leading up to her small, smooth ankles, and beautifully toned calves. He knew that for sure that by tone and texture of her skin that she at least had a hot body, and this was no old horny lady looking for a thrill.

He corrected his manners at the instant his eyes reached her inner türkçe bahis knees and turned over like a man and looked her straight in the eyes. But before his he could help but glimpse the super beautiful tits she had. They were round and firm, small nipples kissing the beautiful beach air, glistening with a hint of perspiration.

“I didn’t mean to startle you,” her thin voice declared.

“Hi, oh hi, I, I just didn’t expect someone to be there.”

“I’m so sorry, I just got here and took a spot right over there. I just need someone to rub some sun tan lotion on my back. I didn’t think you would mind?” with a melting smile.

Jack coughed and cleared his throat and with a schoolboy charm, “Oh no, no not all.”

“Cool, I’m Bethany by the way” as she walked over to her towel.

“Are you here with anyone?” as he started to stand

“Duh,”, she laughed out.

“I’m sorry, I’m an idiot, first time here, actually first time I’ve ever been to a beach like this.” He began to feel small but did not dare concentrate on finding out if he was going to get smaller. He bent over to grab his sun block lotion and he turned to her catching her turning away from looking at his bare backside.

“Oh I’ve got sun tan lotion already,”


They began to walk and he chose to walk side by side with her after looking at her ass as she walked towards her towel awkwardly put him at a loss for words. He picked up his pace and caught up with her and then realized that this was awkward as well because his penis was dangling with every foot step right in front of her, so close to her hand. He maintained his composure, as well as his good posture.

She laid on her towel her and reached the sun tan lotion handing it to Jack without looking. Her face was buried beneath her golden brown blonde hair. He took the bottle from her hands, touching her fingers ever so slightly and kneeled down beside her. He poured the lotion in his hands and began tentatively rubbing her back which he had thought was tanned quite beautifully already.

“So,” she spoke out.

“So?” he muttered, not knowing what to say as his mind had disappeared and into his hands feeling every inch of her back, every contour of flesh, her small well rounded shoulders, and her fleshy lower back. He had to control his thoughts as reached her lower back the contours of soft skin made him quiver and he thought about kneeling between her legs would be better.

“Your name silly?”

“Oh Jack, sorry, I’m just”

“So this is your first time at a nude beach huh?”

“Yeah, yes it is, I didn’t know what to expect, I was so nervous to come down here but..”

“You from here Jack?”

“No just moved down to Southern Cal.”

“Well I think you are going to love it out here, I come down here a lot, better than the tanning beds you know.”

“Yeah back home the girls didn’t really get into the whole tanning thing.”

“Yeah well out here, I don’t if you noticed, but every girl is hot so you best be hitting the tanning salons”

“Yeah I noticed the spas on every corner.” A pause fell on them as he reached the last area of her lower right back. He rested his hands there feeling sullen. “Hey, I’ve gotten your back done” He sat there hoping for something, his balls squeezed together on the inside of his thighs as he sat on his knees, his penis squeezed forward. He could feel his balls tingling with unrelentless calling.

“Ok thank you so much.” Bethany güvenilir bahis siteleri replied.

Jack removed his hand from her back and stared at her side where her breast was squeezing out. He had noticed that it had a tan line on it and he moved awkwardly to stand up.


“Yeah” he said casually

“I know you don’t know me that well, but would you umm this is so awkward,” she paused and Jack started to get hard in anticipation. “Would you rub some sun lotion a little lower down?”

Jack’s penis stiffened against inner thighs and did not care as her head was turned the other way. “Umm absolutely, no problem,” He thought with great dexterity and continued, “You know I could give you a massage if you like, I mean…”

“Oh yes, that would be so great,” she calmly said with a SoCal accent.

“If you don’t’ mind I think could I get in between your legs”, he said and then, “I mean”

She laughed and turned her head towards him catching a glimpse at his hardening cock and to his eyes, and laughed, “How else could you give me a proper massage.” and rolled her to the other side, with smile.

Jack stood up his cock hanging heavily in the wind and with pure joy and excitement in his loins he slowly pushed her knees aside to and kneel over her backside. He poured lots of lotion in his hand this time and started to really caress her butt cheeks with each hand squeezing each cheeks muscles and deeply invigorating her. She let out a moan of ecstasy. He continued on to her back and to her shoulders, this time rubbing her round shoulders off the ground a bit to see her breasts squeeze back out the sides. He wanted to reach around her and caress her breasts and he started to dream of fucking her right now, raw.


“Yeah, everything ok?”

“Oh yeah,” she lustfully moaned

“I want you.”

He stopped and took in what she said, She was more than a stranger now, his hopes and instincts bubbled over with excitement at this statement. He reached down and rubbed the tip of his cock and felt his creamy juice at the tip of his head. He had disturbing thought of fucking raw but it had seemed so right, her hotness, his hardness,

“I hope you mean what I think you mean,”

“Let’s take this over to your spot, its more private we could get in trouble.”

Jack sighed with relief cause he knew he had a condom in his bag just in case this miracle had happened.

“Let’s go.” They stood up, she looked at his cock hanging ever so largely, on the brink of hardness and grabbed his hand. They walked hurriedly over to Jacks place on the beach and she layed down as she was before. Jack this time put lotion on his her knees and he spread them apart and kneeled down. He glided his hands up her fleshy ass and squeezed her gently pulling apart her ass cheeks, the lotion spreading apart on ass he her cheeks gave way to a beautiful anus, waxed clean, so inviting that he had put his lotioned finger on it, rubbing the entire divide with lotion. Her asshole glistened in the sun and Jack bent backwards with his ass towards the ocean and put his tongue on her anus. He started to lick and eat it at it and she started to gyrate with ecstasy moaning with delight.

“You can if you want to,”

“You mean”

“Yes, yes, please, “

“Jack reached over to his bag and swiftly unsheathed the condom. He stroked his cock standing at firm attention and slipped the condom on. The buried his face down into her ass and licked her throbbing wet pussy and drank her juices. He kneeled over her know and pushed his finger in her anus back and forth with more lotion and it started to open up. He was through, he looked at her ass in total and then he slid in.

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