A Hot Day Out

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I picked Debbie up just after 9 on the Saturday morning. It was already hot and I was curious what she would have chosen as ‘appropriate’ clothing. I was in shirt and trousers, jacket and tie in the back in case needed for the evening.

I was not disappointed, she had gone for a shortish pencil skirt in grey with a matching jacket and a white, quite sheer blouse. She was also clearly wearing stockings I noticed approvingly as she bent to pick up her case to put in the back of the car. We had obviously both been thinking about the hotel bar and the coming evening. She got into the already roasting car alongside me and undid the button on her jacket. She grinned and squiggled down in her seat remarking on the heat and flapping her jacket open, I admired the outline of her well filled bra under the sheer blouse. She saw my look and we both grinned again. I handed her a bottle of water and told her to drink. She undid the top of the bottle and did as she was told, I turned the aircon up a bit and we set off.

The first destination was nearly an hour away, we chatted a bit and the heat started to build up again. Debbie remarked on it and I suggested she take off her jacket. She did so and twisted around in her seat to hang it up in the back. As she did I got a great view of her bra through the blouse. It was white and laced and again quite sheer, I could clearly make out the dark shadow of her nipples through it. again she noticed my look and smiled, the nipples clearly also hardening under the flimsy material. She settled back in her seat and finished her water, I passed her another and told her to take off her blouse. She looked at me halfway through twisting the top off the water, twisted it shut again and put it carefully in the door pocket. She canlı bahis şirketleri slowly pulled the blouse out of the skirt, then unbuttoned the front. She carefully undid the cuffs and finally slid out of it, again twisting round to put it neatly in the back. The nipples were clearly visible now and already tight and straining at the lace. She settled back down and began on the new bottle of water.

We were on the dual carriageway now making a good pace with only light traffic, we overtook a short convoy of trucks, at least one driver noticed Debbie as we sped past. She giggled and waved back. She finished the water and looked across at me, cupping her breasts through the bra giving the nipples a tweak with thumb and forefinger. I smiled and had to force myself to keep looking at the road. I took a deep breath and told her to take off her bra and panties. She gasped a little and hesitated, then told me she wasn’t wearing any panties. She slowly bent forward and reached behind her unclipping the bra and slipping out of it. we were passing more trucks and she kept her arms crossed in front of her. I told her to sit up straight and put them by her sides. She did so breasts quivering with the movement of the car, nipples tight and puckered. We swung out to pass a white van, the driver looked out at us as we passed and almost swerved into us! We both laughed and I told her she’d better put her blouse back on.

We were approaching the first town so she tidied up and we got ready to park. I gave her a third bottle of water to sip as we worked. It took about half an hour, then we made our way back to the car. As we got back in she told me she needed to pee. I told her to hang on to it. We had a long run coming up. We pulled out of the town canlı kaçak iddaa and moved back onto the main road, I asked how urgent it was, she told me it wasn’t too bad yet. The traffic was very light now, I told her to hitch her skirt up and show me the tops of her stockings. She did and more, giving me a good glimpse of her trimmed strip disappearing between her thighs. I told her to spread her legs and start to masturbate for me. She sighed like she’d been waiting for this, settled down into her seat put her head back and started. She quickly settled into a rhythm and judging from the little noises was already very wet. she grunted and shifted in her seat giving herself better access, eyes closed and gently biting her bottom lip. I told her to let me know when she was getting close.

For the next fifteen minutes or so she repeatedly brought herself up to the edge for me and then let it all calm down again gradually working up to sliding three fingers in and working her clit. Her bra-less nipples were straining against her blouse, bouncing with her and the car’s movement, occasionally she reached up and rolled one or the other with thumb and forefinger, sometimes pulling on them quite hard, making her gasp and squirm then returning her attention to her cunt.

Soon though the urge to pee got too strong and she was unable to continue. We pulled into a lay-by. There was a narrow strip of grass on our left then a fence, there was nowhere to hide and although no other vehicles in the lay-by, there was a vehicle going past every few seconds. I told her to pee. She looked at me and hesitated, then with no other choice got out and went onto the grass in front of the car. She hitched up her skirt, squatted and started to pee, groaning a little from canlı kaçak bahis the relief, a white van ran past and hooted as it sped away, another car coming the other way did the same. Debbie finally finished stood up and jumped back in the car, laughing and squirming in her seat.

She asked what she could do for me and I told her I had an idea, but first I wanted to bring herself off, so she started again and after a couple of enforced stops I finally let her cum. It was a noisy and obviously very wet orgasm and she finally gasped to a halt her hand gripped tightly by her thighs. After a moment she relaxed and let her legs fall apart again. After a few minutes recovery I told her to start again, she did and surprised me with the speed of it all, again I was holding her up at the crucial moment, building up the tension once more.

Soon we pulled into the Dunnottar car park, the sun was blazing down and the tourist buses and cars were bunched up at one end, we rolled to the other end there was only one empty car here. We could clearly see people moving about the three buses and few cars. If anyone looked we would be visible but not clearly. I pushed my seat back and undid my fly, Debbie got up onto her seat and put her mouth over my straining cock, licking and nibbling before taking it further and further into her mouth. as she did so I could feel and see her working on her clit, quickly bringing herself back to climax.

I was shamefully quick, the excitement was too much and I shot into her mouth within seconds as she also gasped and came.

Time for a quick tidy up and a half hour rest before moving on to the last shop of the day, then the overnight beckoned. As I looked across the car park one of the tourist buses was pulling out, there seemed to be some interested pointing and peering in our direction, we both laughed. A short walk gave us a fine view of the castle perched on the cliffs, the sea almost flat calm, it is an impossibly beautiful ruin and looked very fine in the sun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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