A Hot Afternoon

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It’s a warm day, a hot day. It’s in the middle of summer and you’ve been wearing a bikini and a small pair of shorts all day and as we were making lunch together it was all I could do not to pull those shorts down and the bikini bottoms aside and take you right there in the kitchen. We’ve just had lunch and now the kids have gone off to various friends, we’ve made sure of that. We need to have the house to ourselves for a while. They have barely left when we lock ourselves in our bedroom.

Our clothes come flying off. You surprise me when you kneel right before me, kissing your way down my body to my already active staff. You say you’ve been thinking about this all morning as you start caressing and kissing me at my most vulnerable spot. Licking my eager equipment in ways that make me go cross-eyed. Then you press it against your bosom, using your breasts to envelop it. No matter how many children that you’ve breast fed I still find those hills of yours incredibly sexy. You use them to great effect on my most excitable bit. Taking the tip in between your slightly parted lips to add to the effect.

I can’t take it anymore and almost brusquely I help you onto the bed, down on your back. The landscape of your magnificent body laid out before me and I can’t help but worship it. No matter how many kids you’ve had you’re still beautiful to me. I kiss and caress my way down your body, all the way out along your legs. But then I have to pause to get something from the drawer of your night stand. Your favourite toy that I’ve seen you use to such effect that just hearing it turns me on. But I’m only going to use it for your sake today. I kiss and lick my way to your centre, to the deep origin of your womanhood. To that glorious animal which can both give and take.

You caress yourself as I let my tongue go wandering in search of your love-bud. I take my time but when I find it the moan you let out makes it slightly painful for me to be lying on my belly on the bed. Something keeps trying to push me off the bed even though it feels great to just rub it against the sheets. I turn on your toy and as I start applying it your moans get louder and louder. You even start shivering and I know I’m on the right track. God how I love making you come. How I love the taste and feel of your ecstasy. Slowly and gently I insert it, going slow to tease you further. Soon I feel on of your hands on the beck of my head pressing me closer against you. It’s to be expected and I love it when you get a little rough with me. As I increase the pace your moaning builds up into a crescendo. Your pendik escort back starts arching and relaxing like you’re trying to imitate a belly-dancer while lying on your back. The more intensively you seem to be enjoying yourself the more intensively I keep going. I want to push you over the edge and see you explode before me. When you finally do all I can think about is how much I love you and want you. It hardly needs saying that I try to prolong that moment as much as I can.

I kiss my way up your body as you start coming back down, landing after your trip into outer space or should I say inner space? Wherever we humans go in those moments of intense and unrelenting ecstasy. You’re panting, sweaty and happy, as I reach your lips. I get to kiss the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world. We both know that you won’t be getting up in a while, that you need to regain some energy. It isn’t much of a surprise therefore when you ask me to move a certain part of my anatomy closer to your lips. Straddling your chest I again watch you devour me. One of your hands playing just at the root of my sack as your lips engulf me. In a moment when your mouth is empty you tell me that it’s your favourite part of me. In a moment when I can keep my eyes open I tell you how beautiful you are to me. You can’t seem to keep your bosom out of this game either and feeling you use it upon me drives me insane with lust. The fact that you’ve been groping and clawing at my bum with your other hand hasn’t helped me keep my sanity intact.

When I ask if you’re ready to go again I can see your eyes light up with that feverish desire that made me want you in the first place and has kept me at your side all these years. I can’t help but let my fingers explore the deep of your wet well before letting the proper tool do the job. Those lips that you have down there are truly amazing. Thick and full they’re just as beautiful as those surrounding your mouth. Now I let those other lips of yours taste and nibble at the tip of my most delicate spear. God how I want you. With your legs spread wide I slowly push home, little by little. Fighting the urge to just slam inside and then keep slamming until I’m completely spent. Neither of us can seem to keep our eyes open as I explore your secrets. I find myself gasping and moaning almost as much as you did just a little while earlier. The pleasure in this act is delicious. I lean forward to kiss and get met by your hungry lips. Going slowly to leave plenty of room for acceleration. The primitive parts of my brain want kartal escort to slam into you so hard that your back touches the floor having gone through the mattress and broken the bed.

Slowly I start going faster and faster, fighting to restrain myself just a little even though all of my body keeps crying out for me not to. My rewards are your more and more plentiful moans and the way your fingernails keep scratching my back. The quick thought that I might have to wear a t-shirt when the kids get back flashes through my head. Grinding against you, not content with just sliding in and out but also rubbing my whole groin against yours, just because I have to. Because I can never get too much or even enough of your skin, your body, touching mine. If I could I would spend all day every day just holding you tight so that our skins made contact as much as physically possible.

Plundering you onwards I go faster and harder. Sex can be hard work but I barely notice that I’m sweating. But then so are you which makes our skins slippery as they touch one another. Sliding against each other as we make passionate love. I wish every day could be like this, every second of every hour of every day. God I’m going crazy. But then it’s you that makes me go this way. Your effect on me cannot be overstated or overestimated. You are the goddess of my desire and I wish for nothing more than to be allowed to worship you. Worshipping you in a way which we both greatly enjoy.

An idea strikes me, or perhaps rather more of a desire. A desire I’ve been feeling all day. I pause and ask if you feel able to get up a bit. When you say yes but ask why I tell you or rather ask you, beg you, to go stand on all fours on the bed. With a naughty smile you comply. You’re so sexy in this position. I simply have to grope, nibble on and even gently bite your behind before re-entering. Your back enchants me and I must kiss it. Kissing your neck to because I have to. Taking you in this position like an animal, holding you tight to feel your skin against mine. My wandering hands seeking out your bosom and then one of them seeking out your rosebud. Just holding you like this turns me on even more and I can barely control my pace as I start moving, a couple of fingers on each hand playing with your buttons. I feel aggressive, sexually aggressive. I just want to fuck and take and thrust. Watching, feeling and hearing your pleasure is the factor that keeps me going and makes me go harder. Your pleasure adds infinitely to my own.

You can barely keep the front part maltepe escort of your body up and in the end you fall down on the bed with your head and chest, your rear still facing upwards and egging me on. I keep plundering you, I have to. My consciousness is dominated by desire and for all my intellect at this point in time it’s my body that’s completely in charge. I couldn’t stop even if I knew that climaxing would kill me, rather I would seek death with ever increasing vigour. I’m breathing like I was coming up on the last stretch of a marathon, fatigued yet fighting to keep going. I can feel you shuddering under me and when I open my eyes I catch a glimpse of you biting into a pillow, I’m biting into my own lip myself. Harder and harder. The bed is shaking but there’s nobody else at home to hear us. We’re free to be the sexual animals that we truly are inside. I lift you up, with what strength I do not know, for the last few thrusts.

Holding you close to me I keep going like a man possessed, without that pillow in your mouth your loud moans reverberated around the bedroom and probably throughout the whole house. Finally we can both let go. I feel your cunt convulsing around my member, squeezing it and helping to milk it over the edge. Pushing me into oblivion. I think I scream, I must have because the release is so sweet and yet so forceful that it feels like it’s ripping me apart from inside. I keep going to milk every last ounce of pleasure but with each thrust I get more and more tired and with the cramp in my limbs lessening I feel my whole body going limp and flaccid. The only hard part still being inside of you. With every last centilitre of my spine released into you I hold you tight, still needing the sensation of your skin against my own. As all the raw energy inside of me is used up I begin to tremble with fatigue. None of us that sure on our feet anymore we collapse onto the bed. The last few weak and pathetic thrusts that I make are made when we’re lying side by side, spooning on the bed. My weary arms gently caressing your hair. Each of us twitching now and then as every little move one of us makes creates a short and sweet burst of pleasure, aftershocks infinitely smaller than the big earthquakes we’ve just felt but still excessively pleasurable.

I kiss your neck, gently, sweetly. Tired and sweaty I begin telling you how much I’ve wanted this, yearned for this. Thought about it for days, every time we’ve gone to bed together. Telling you how lucky I feel for having you. You answer that it’s only fearing that your own moans would wake up the kids that you don’t jump me every night whether I’m awake or not. We agree to savour each opportunity we get, as we have agreed to so many times before. We just can’t seem to ever get too much or even enough of each other… I just hope our kids will one day find somebody that they like as much…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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