A First Time Ch. 06

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Author’s Note: In this chapter, Laurie graphically keeps her promise to Jonathan, her love child, in the most surprising and eye-opening way. If you have not read the preceding chapters, it is recommended you do so before reading this one. Enjoy.

As always, much appreciation to Amela for her editing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the beginning, I told myself that my incestuous love affair with my son would pass and be forgotten. He was just a young man sowing his wild oats as his biological father and my younger brother, Kenny, did with me when he was Jonathan’s age. Idealistically, Jonathan would eventually grow tired of humping his frumpy mother; would discover younger and prettier girls more his age in college; and would enjoy the pleasure of youthful energetic sex. Then after several trysts and a couple of romances, he would eventually marry, and in doing so, relegate me, his mother, to just a uniquely perverse chapter of his life that was best hidden and forgotten.

Of course, I knew that this mess wasn’t just my son’s doing. It didn’t help that I was a middle-aged woman who felt neglected and abused in a loveless marriage. I had to admit that when Jonathan first seduced me, I was in desperate need to be wanted and loved. Perhaps this is the reason why I gave in so easily and then reveled in having a wild and silly fling with a handsome and attentive young man – even if he happened to be my son.

Thank goodness I still had a shred of common sense and managed to secretly get on the pill after that first weekend with Jonathan. I kept this act a secret because I still wanted Bruce, my husband, to continue using his condoms when he decided to have one of his boom-boom sessions or marital rape of me. How I hated his bitter aftertaste in my mouth and the stink of his semen in my sex. A rubber nicely and conveniently contained Bruce’s rancid spunk.

I also kept my contraceptive pills secret because I wanted contraceptive protection without overtly encouraging the amorous efforts of my son. However, the latter reasoning was wishful thinking. Jonathan was completely taken with me as demonstrated by his need to constantly embed his beautiful manhood in my readily available mouth and vagina.

For my part, my resistance to forbidden sex with my son crumbled as easily as it did when I entered into a similar sexual affair with my younger brother eighteen years ago. Despite Bruce and Andrew, my younger son by Bruce, being around, Jonathan had a knack of always finding the right opportunity for daring and vigorous sex. And, as always, I willingly allowed myself to be swept off my feet, literally and figuratively. This was apparent as I tutored my quick-learning son in an apprenticeship of incestuous love and sex in which the student quickly became the master.

It certainly helped that Jonathan was young and handsome, attentive with just the right amount of sexual dominance, and had a whopping big cock. Much to my shame, my son’s humungous erection inflicted the right amount of wincing pain each time it struck my cervix and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri then brought exquisite passion when it continued to pass to the innermost depths of my womanhood. I don’t know how Jonathan did it, but the most fantastic and exhausting orgasms nearly always resulted.

I would have surrendered to being Jonathan’s wanton sex slave if it was not for my last bastion of virginity – the small clenched orifice between my generous buttocks.

Since Jonathan’s announcement that he intended to sodomize me, I had maintained a sense of confidence (false, as it would ultimately prove out) that I could dissuade him from booty banging me. I based this sense of confidence on the fact that I had denied Kenny, my persistent younger brother and Jonathan’s biological father, my last virginity all these years. And then there was Bruce who thought that sticking a finger up my behind would stimulate my anal desire. I somehow managed to successfully resist him each time he tried to bugger me.

The error of my way of thinking became apparent when I was confronted with Jonathan’s sheer audacity and calculated determination to dominate me in all ways, and my inexplicable inability to do anything but acquiesce when it came to sex with my love-child.

It happened on a late afternoon when Bruce was out bowling. Andrew was in the living room with earphones on and totally absorbed with the X-Box. I was about to cook dinner when Jonathan sauntered in to hug me from behind, kissing me on the back of my neck while his hands fondled my braless breasts though my thin house smock. I thought Jonathan was just being affectionate until he pressed me against the unlit stove while the bulge in his pants rubbed and bumped my ample buns. I knew right away that my son wanted something else.

“Jonathan, not here. Andrew’s in the other room and he might walk in at any time,” I whispered as I sought to casually continue with dinner preparation. “Please be patient, Jonathan. Let me fry the pork chops and get dinner ready. I’ll take care of you later…as soon as I can.”

However, before I could turn on the burner, Jonathan stopped me and held me to him. His lips found the nape of my exposed neck from when I put up my hair. He kissed me softly and suggestively. My nipples immediately hardened to the point of rock-hard achiness against his massaging palms. There was an unmistakable flooding of my sex that drenched my panties. My knees wobbled and I was helpless do to anything when my hips were pulled back. With a nudge between my shoulder blades, he made me lean over. My loose smock was flipped up my back before I felt my panties being quickly yanked down to fully expose my naked behind.

I can still remember Jonathan saying, “Mom, I can’t wait. I need you now. I’ve been thinking about you and your gorgeous butt all day at school. I’m going to fuck you…I’m going to fuck your beautiful virgin ass…yeah, right here, right now. I know you’ve been trying to avoid it. Don’t deny it. You’ve been deliberately trying güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri not to keep your promise. Don’t say anything, Mom…because it is time to keep your word. Mom, when I’m finished with you, you’re going to love taking my cock up your lovely ass.”

What happened next was a complete blur. I saw Jonathan’s hand in the oil that I had just poured into the cool pan, then it disappeared behind me. I flinched immediately as I felt the slippery liquid applied between my butt cheeks. My mouth dropped open in a silent protest when a well-lubricated finger penetrated my anus to ream me good.

“Don’t struggle, Mom. I know it feels strange…but your asshole is so tight that I have to loosen it really good so that it won’t be too painful…and that you can take all of me. Squeeze my finger, Mom. Go on do it. Yeah, that’s it…wiggle your butt…shit, you look so goddamn sexy when you do that. Yeah, Mom, that’s the way.”

His finger slipped out and I felt a slight let down although I would never admit it. Then I saw his hand dip once again in the frying pan’s oil, then disappear from my sight. A stifled cry escaped my lips as the first finger was reintroduced and then quickly followed by a second that made me rise to the balls of my feet in startled reaction. Jonathan paid it no heed as he continued to finger my anus until I could accommodate his presence easily.

Jonathan nuzzled my neck, whispering, “You’re so beautiful, Mom. I want all of you. Do you know that when I take you doggie-style, your puckered asshole always winks and calls out so invitingly to me? I want to be the first man – the only man – back here, Mom. And I want you to be the first woman whose asshole I have the pleasure of sodomizing. I love you so much, Mom.”

But we both knew that this was mere foreplay to the main event when Jonathan’s well-oiled man-sausage tried to replace his intrusive fingers in my burning butt, causing me to gasp and immediately tense. Instinctively trying to pull away, I was blocked by the stove and my son’s firm embrace. I was about to struggle and panic in a last-ditched effort to avoid what was about to happen.

It was then that Jonathan pressed his well-oiled penis head into my puckered orifice and murmured into my ear, “Bear down, Mom, like you’re using the toilet.” As he kissed me, I struggled to hear and obey my young lover’s muttered instructions, “That’s it, Mom… push down…more. Hold still…relax…don’t fight me, Mom. You know you want it as much as I do. Bear down…yeah, like that…some more. Come on, Mom, you can do it. Yeah, I’m spreading you out…relax…breathe…push down and back. Do it…do it, now!”

It felt like I was giving birth except from my butt and the damn baby was trying to slide in instead of out. The pain and pressure was so intense at first that I had to shove an oven towel into my mouth so as not to cry out.

Suddenly, my sphincters were breached and a massive burning log impaled my twisting bowels, causing me to gulp desperately for güvenilir bahis şirketleri air as a speared fish would do. I shoved more of the towel into my mouth to stifle my scream as my tightly stretched once-virgin anus lewdly spasmed around Jonathan’s thick, reaming girth.

“Shush, Mom, shush. It’ll be okay once you get used to me. Relax, that’s it…relax and breathe deeply. The hardest part is over and it’ll only get better, Mom. I promise. Now I’m going to hold still…to let you get used to me wedged in your behind. Breathe. I want you to squeeze my dick as hard as you can. That’s it…again …harder. Okay, Mom, breath and relax.

“I want you to play with yourself, Mom. Go on, Mom, finger your stiff clit. What’s that? It hurts too much? That’s okay, Mom, let me do it for you. Do you like the way I play with you…finger and strum your stiff little clit? That’s it, Mom, don’t hold back…let go…relax.

“I’m kissing the back of your neck, Mom…your earlobes…your neck…as I squish your small tits, Mom. Feels good, doesn’t it? Does that help to ease the pain? Ooh, yeah, Mom, don’t hold back. Wiggle your buns…that’s it. Every time you move your hips, you take a little bit more and more of me…that’s it. Now how about a little more…in your unbelievably tight and delicious asshole. Jeez, Mom…you are so incredibly sexy…with my dick stuck up your rectum! If you could only see just how beautiful your asshole looks tightly stretched around my cock. How I love fucking your ass, Mom!”

Jonathan sodomized me with mini-strokes, causing me to lurch forward, shake violently, and hiss in wincing pain. Yet, while I was mortified beyond all belief as my son porked my butt right there in the kitchen, I’ll be damned if Jonathan wasn’t right about anal sex and how I would take to it after a while. Yes, it hurt a bit, but just a little more than when Kenny cracked my virgin cherry. Given Jonathan’s size, that was saying a lot.

I cannot begin to describe the amazing sensation of having my son’s massive presence in my burning rectum. He slid all the way between my buns until his massive cock ground into my spasming anus. My son had me whining in unbelievable passion like the proverbial bitch-in-heat, and I simply couldn’t believe just how I ended up pushing back for more. His groin slammed against my quivering buttocks as I repeatedly took Jonathan’s roto-rootering from the tip of his flanged penis head to the kinky pubic hair of his groin. When he finally exploded in my churning bowels with my first sperm enema, I couldn’t believe how I lewdly moaned like some depraved nymphomaniac.

In retrospect, being butt-fucked by my son’s thick monster is not exactly my most pleasurable sexual experience. However, what turned me on was giving into to my love-child’s incestuous sexual desire and ultimately my own. It makes me feel so wickedly sinful and alive as his manhood filled my gut, going where no man had ever gone before. At thirty-eight-years of age, pleasing my young incestuous lover is now my top priority.

What a sexual pushover I’ve become. I wonder what more can Jonathan ask of me of me – do to me – to make me groan with forbidden pleasure?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

More to come in the seventh chapter of eight as Laurie goes further down the incestuous rabbit hole of sexual depravity with her love child, Jonathan.

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