A Few Days Together Ch. 02

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The next morning, I wake to the sun coming in through the windows. A morning breeze is lifting the curtains and letting the light in. You are lying on your side, facing away from me and I reach out for you, and pull myself closer against you. You have your pyjamas on now, but I am still naked and as we spoon you rouse yourself and reach around and run the back of your hand against my thigh. I nuzzle your neck and kiss you good morning, my groin rocking against your buttocks. I slip my hand inside the elastic of your pyjama pants and caress your bare thigh and bum cheek.

You pull away from me and turn and kiss me good morning before getting out of bed and wandering out of the room. I roll over and start to doze, but soon you are back in the room and I feel the mattress move as you slip back under the sheets. Now it is your turn to spoon me, and I can feel your naked breasts pressing against my back. I reach around and feel your bare thigh and arse cheeks and I know that you are now fully naked. You kiss my neck and reach around with your hand and hold my still dozing penis in your palm. You edge down and cup my balls and squeeze them gently. esenyurt escort

I roll onto my back and you shift to allow me to do so, and I reach out for you, to kiss you and pull you into me again, but you have shifted onto your haunches and before I know it your are straddling me and sliding down along my body until your face is down between my legs, below my balls, blowing softly against my skin. You run your hands along my thighs and along the side of my stomach and then up and across my chest, then down my chest and across my stomach, and back along my thighs. You are still blowing softly against my balls, and, lifting your head, you blow softly along the length of my now stirring penis.

Then you run your tongue across my balls, once, then twice, and with the third time you engulf one of my balls in your mouth and you begin to suck on it, pulling against it with your mouth and tongue. You release it and then repeat the ministrations, but this time you end with my other ball in your mouth. You release it finally and run your tongue across my balls again, once, then twice, and with the third time avrupa yakası escort you keep trailing upward along the soft shaft of my penis until you engulf the tip of it in your mouth and suck it down along the back of your tongue. As it is only semi-hard it all goes easily inside your mouth, and I can feel your lips buried in my pubes. You my cock in and out of your mouth now, each time swirling your tongue around its shaft and I begin to feel it growing harder and harder, and you begin to feel it growing more and more inside your mouth.

While you continue to suck my cock, your hand reaches up and begins squeezing my balls together. You release them, and rub them, then squeeze them again, over and over as your wet mouth slides up and down my shaft. My hips begin to lift and drop to counter the rhythm of you wet movements. After a while you stop and your start rubbing my cock with your cupped hand, it is slippery with your saliva, while your mouth goes down and works on my balls again. Your hand then slides down, and starts massaging my balls, now also wet with anadolu yakası escort your saliva, while your tongue runs up the side of my cock and takes it fully once more in your mouth.

I reach down and grab one of your breasts and feel it gently in my hand as your body rocks over me. It is beginning to feel too good, and I tell you so, and I put my hands on your shoulders, to try to pull you up so that I can fuck you, but without taking your mouth from me, you take my hands in yours and you put them from you, and lay them along my side. You look up at me briefly and tell me you want to keep going, and I close my eyes and offer no further resistance.

Soon the feeling of your mouth and tongue, and your hand against my balls, is pushing me over the edge. My hips are rocking more quickly now, but you are maintaining the same, steady, maddening pace. And it feels amazing. My breathing picks up and you can feel me getting closer and closer, and finally, I relax, and sink back into the mattress, and you keep going, once, then twice, and with the third downward thrust I start coming inside your mouth. You grip your lips around my shaft and take each pulse, and then, when the pulsing subsides, you slowly pull yourself from me, and I see you grinning to yourself, before you go back down and start licking my sated cock, and kissing it, and rubbing it with your hand until I am finally spent.

You slide up along my body and lay down against me and I wrap my arms around you…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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