A Dream

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I had a dream last night… things were… different, and better.

I came to your room to let you know that things had finally improved and the world was finally in a better place. I had sent you messages asking if you were OK and if you’d heard the news! I also asked you if you would celebrate with me, but you tell me you don’t want to play online because you’re finally free to go out and are excited to feel the warmth of a real body again. That’s when you hear the knock at your door… It’s your friends asking if you are ready. They’re completely dressed to hit the party on the beach and tell you to hurry.

You shut the door as they leave, only to hear a knock again a few moments later. You open the door and see me standing there. I smile at you and walk towards you slowly, taking your hand and bringing it to my lips for a soft kiss while I look into your eyes. I ask you, if you still want to celebrate with a real body and bring you closer to me. My right hand reaches out for your left hip as I get closer to you and slip it around your lower back pulling you towards me firmly. My left hand makes its way up to your neck, cradling your ear and head softly tuzla escort as I bring you closer to my lips. I tell you, I’ve wanted to do this for a long, long time and bring your lips to mine… slowly.

You feel my body strong against yours, with no room between us as I breath you in just as our lips touch. Finally we feel each other, and my hand move around your back down towards your ass to pull you in harder… my tongue finds your tasting you for the first time, softly pushing against yours… tasting you for the first time. I feel you wrap your arms around my back and pull me in harder as our kiss gets more intense, faster, wanting to taste more of you, I lean you back against the wall and we hear the door finally close, giving us privacy. I back you up against the wall and my hands find yours… trying to catch our breath, I tangle my fingers with yours and slide your arms over your head… kissing your neck, from one side, to the other… then down your chest through your shirt… finding your nipples hard… and biting slightly through your shirt. I look up at you and tell you I want you… and you’re mine tonight… I slide my hand up your shirt, around your tuzla escort bayan back, feeling your warm skin again pulling you closer to kiss you more as I slip your shirt over year head to reveal you’re tanned, sexy skin 🙂 I pull my shirt off, standing close to you, so you can slide your hands up my chest and pull it off of me.

I kneel down in front of you immediately, kissing your neck, then your chest, then your stomach on the way down to the floor I look up at you as my hands meet your knees and slide up your thighs. then back down again before I lean into you and kiss your hips one at a time… you run your fingers through my hair and tilt your head back closing your eyes for a moment as you feel my warm mouth searching for you…kissing your soft thighs… feeling me push them apart slightly as I get closer and closer to you.

Finally you feel my mouth warm against you, through your lacy panties… I feel your warmth, and my mouth completely covers your lips as you lean against me more… and my hands slide up under your ass pulling you in hard. I pull one leg over my shoulder, and then the other, completely pulling you on top of me as your back leans escort tuzla against the wall and your hands run over my head, thru my air pulling me in… I find you with my tongue, you can feel me pushing against your lips, through the fabric… wetter and wetter, you feel your lips open, and I taste you for the first time as you moan and pull me in hard. I feel you letting go as my tongue finds its way inside you again, deeper and you breath heavier as the tip finds the inside of your pussy so warm, so wet, you start to feel yourself dripping gushing into my mouth…as I drink you up… again and again I find you deeper and deeper.

I stand you up, sliding your back up the wall… holding you… turning you towards the bed and plopping you down. My hands on your knees, pushing them apart to see you, then sliding down to your panties to pull your panties off of you, slowly… you watch me take them off of you and put them into my pants pocket as I smile at you playfully. I want them to keep them forever to remember the night we are about to have, and kneel on the floor pulling your ass to the edge of the bed as I kiss your lips again and moan into you as my tongue finds you again, dripping… the tip curling just enough to hit your gspot and make you arch your back and moan for me as I smile and look into your eyes. I’ve missed you, I’ve wanted you… and need to taste you completely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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