A Different Kind Of Fairytale Ch. 03

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Prince Charming was worried. It had already been over a week since the King’s men had gone out looking for Frederick. What if he could not be found? Perhaps he had moved on to a distant land or, worse yet, had found another lover.

The prince could not wait to have Frederick back in his arms again and to cover his beautiful body in kisses and lay him down in sheets of satin and make sweet, tender love to him. It had been far too long since he had known the delights of a man’s body: his last encounter had been with the spotty kitchen lad whom he was sure had been responsible for Princess Clarissa becoming pregnant. It had been worth parting with his gold ring and six gold coins for that result because ever since she had become pregnant Princess Clarissa had lost interest in sex and that suited Prince Charming just fine. She had even moved into her own bedroom and that meant that once Frederick came back it would be pretty easy to sneak him into his bedroom for a quick tryst. Oh, just the thought of Frederick’s big, fat cock jutting out of that massive bush made him hard.

But right now there was no time to jerk off. He had been invited to a ball that evening at a nobleman’s house and he had to get ready. Princess Clarissa had declined the invitation and the thought of a night off, alone, really turned the prince on. He asked his manservant to fetch his finest robes and run him a bath. As he lay in the luxuriantly scented waters the prince thought about his lover and once more his cock rose up, this time like the periscope of a yet to be invented submarine. Once more he had to resist the urge to tug on it; he knew that Earl Kinkyboots was going to be at the ball and although Prince Charming did not find him at all attractive the idea of being in the presence of another man that liked cock was very exciting. And if necessary, well yes he would let the earl slobber over his knob.

It was hard for him to believe that just six months ago he had thought himself all alone in his tastes and desires. Oh, he knew that men could be bought: show them the gold and they would turn a blind eye to the fact that it was a man sucking their cock. Even Frederick had been bought but somehow he was different; he had showed the prince real affection and hadn’t even collected the huge bonus that the King had promised him. And Prince Charming found himself wondering now if there were other men of his class who, like him, simply love cock and didn’t need to be bought.

Alone in his carriage Prince Charming listened to the clack of the horses hooves. When the new, young footman opened the door of the carriage, back at the palace, the prince couldn’t help but notice how ruggedly handsome he was, and the way he filled out his breeches was most impressive. There was something about the poor, peasant lads that worked at the palace that appealed to the prince. He had noticed this attraction long before his first encounter with Frederick but had assumed it was a phase that he would grow out of. There was no future in wanting to be with a man, much less a poor country lad, he had told himself. Yet the fascination had not ended; if anything it had grown stronger. Their masculinity seemed so easily worn, and their beauty was unfussy; all that any of these gorgeous men needed was to be stripped naked and given a bath and then they were ready for the taking. Lately the prince had started fantasizing about taking all of his jewelry and savings and absconding from the palace to live out his days in a modest house somewhere where he could have a steady supply of rough, rugged lovers to drill his ass and blast off in his throat.

And then it was time to stop thinking about cocks as he had arrived at the ball. He spent the next half hour greeting and mingling and dancing a little but now he was bored with all that. The prince was just about to go over and talk to Earl Kinkyboots when in walked the most exquisitely beautiful thing that the prince had ever seen. For a moment he wondered if perhaps this was a lady, dressed up as a man, though that would have been a little too daring for even the bravest, or silliest, of the ladies on the circuit. The price watched, in fascination, as long fingers reached out to stroke an elegant neck. Yes, there was a hint of an Adam’s apple but the face could only be called pretty. Long, long lashes framed large blue eyes that he could see scanning the room now. A little button of a nose and a pair of red, Cupid’s bow lips completed the picture. This certainly was illegal bahis the most feminine looking man that the prince had ever seen and he was intrigued, not to say incredibly turned on.

‘Best to keep that thing down, while in here.’ Earl Kinkyboots hissed at him as he looked down at the prince’s tenting breeches.

‘Oh shit!’ the prince responded as he tried to hide his throbbing cock. ‘Do you know who he is.’

‘A merchant’s son, I’m told.’ The Earl sniffed. ‘But then I’ve heard you have a taste for that sort of thing.

The prince was stunned. What were people saying about him? And who had spread the rumours? Surely not Fred, nor the spotty kitchen lad?

‘What exactly have you heard?’ he asked the Earl.

‘Let’s just say that you like the life downstairs.’ The Earl replied. ‘You know, you and I, we could have been a team…’

‘Hardly.’ Prince Charming pulled rank. ‘I am a prince of the realm, one day to be crowned King. Besides, you’re not really my type.’

‘Well good luck with him,’ the Earl spat as he walked away in a huff.

The prince watched his pretty young man as he declined the attentions of various females while continuing to scan the room. What was watching, the prince wondered. And then, suddenly he saw it, he was checking out the men’s crotches as they danced! Elation bubbled through the princes’ blood. Yes, yes, yes! The sweet young man was into cock and so greedy in his need; perhaps he was yet to make good his fantasy. Was this a virgin that he was lusting after? The very thought of it almost caused him to gush. He stood watching for a few more minutes, studying the way the young man held himself. There was a certain provocative grace in feminine movements. The idea of holding that delicate body in his arms and then teasing out of it a masculine response, as Priapus took hold, sent a shiver of delight through the royal personage. It was time for the prince to make his move.

‘Are you enjoying the ball?’ he asked the pretty lad as he sidled up to him.

‘Yes, thank you sir.’ the pretty lad replied, as he bowed his head.

‘Please, forget that I am a prince.’ he said.

‘But you’re not just any old prince, are you sir?’ the young man said. ‘You’re the first born son of our good king.’

‘Be that as it may I would prefer it if you would just call me Charming.’ the prince said.

‘Such a lovely name.’ the young man said.

‘And what is your name?’ the prince asked.

‘My name is Victor, but my friends all call me Vicky.’

‘Do they indeed!’ the prince replied. ‘Well Vicky, how about you and I go somewhere quiet to have a little chat?’

The prince led his young catch upstairs. Being the second most important man in the land he knew that his host would not mind him making use of his house this way. Perhaps they would never again was the sheets that the royal seed would spray into. Leading Vicky into a bedroom the prince could already feel a familiar sensation in his groin. Lust had a hold of him.

‘Let me have a good look at you.’ The prince said.

‘My father warned me about Earl Kinkyboots but he didn’t say anything about you.’ Vicky told him.

‘How old are you, Vicky?’ the prince asked.

‘I’m nineteen, soon to be twenty.’ Vicky replied.

With a wig and a little make up this sweet flower could easily be mistaken for a woman. Prince Charming was a little surprised at how wide his tastes in men were proving to be. This effete, feminine, passive little charmer was proving to be every bit as much a turn on as rugged, furry Frederick.

‘Nineteen is old enough to make up your own mind, don’t you think?’ the prince asked him.

‘Yes. I was only teasing.’ Vicky replied.

‘And are you going to tease me all night?’ the prince asked.

‘I’m not sure that I know what it is that you want.’ Vicky replied.

There was a hint of naughtiness in his eyes. Suddenly the prince was inflamed beyond all endurance. His hard cock throbbed in his breeches; it needed a warm hand to close around it, or a hungry mouth or…. would it be possible, a greedy bum.

‘How about a kiss?’ the prince asked.

Vicky simply nodded. Now the prince took that delicate frame in his arms and his lips sought out those delicious lips. Oh sweet joy! That first kiss just stole his breath away and his cock started leaking its excitement juice. The prince was torn between kissing the sweet young Vicky for ages and ripping his clothes off and showing him how to illegal bahis siteleri pay royal obeisance. Keeping his baser instincts in check the prince carried on kissing his sweet young lover. On and on they kissed until the prince’s cock threatened to drench his expensive breeches in love juice and he pulled away from those hungry lips.

‘You are one mighty fine kisser!’ the prince told Vicky.

‘Thank you, came the reply ‘I’ve never kissed anyone before.’

‘What? At all?’ the prince could feel his excitement rising. ‘Never been with anyone?’

‘No. This is my first time for everything.’ Vicky said. ‘I never thought that anyone would be interested in me. My father says I should start taking up manly sports and manly pursuits so that I can develop more masculine looks but it’s not girls I want.’

‘What do fathers know, eh?’ the prince said. ‘You’re perfect just the way you are and you are going to break a lot of young men’s hearts.’

‘Really? You think so?’

‘Oh yes, my little petal.’ the prince reassured him, feeling mature way beyond his years.

The prince unbuttoned Vicky’s shirt and stroked the smooth, ivory skin that lay underneath. His tiny pink nipples were soon jutting away from that flat expanse of skin and simply demanding that Prince Charming worry them between teeth and tongue. Vicky sighed and squirmed on the large bed; this was turning out to be way beyond his wildest fantasies. Imagine having your first fuck with a prince of the realm! And what a prince he was turning out to be. That hot little tongue of his seemed very experienced in giving pleasure and Vicky’s cock ached at the thought that perhaps that tongue would soon be sliding down to other places. How glad he was that the long drought was over. This night he would be the ladylike man he had always wanted to be: feminine in allure and wiles but masculine where the beating heart of lust lay. Already he had leaked a river of sex slime and he could hardly wait to be free of his clothes and laid bare to the horny prince’s inspection.

Prince Charming pushed Vicky’s hands up above his head and, keeping them there, he kissed the sparse fluff that grew in his armpits and listened, with pride, to the babble of pleasure that gurgled in Vicky’s throat. Still keeping Vicky’s hands firmly in his grip he now kissed down Vicky’s flat, smooth stomach and in to his belly button. He heard a soft gasp and thought “just you wait till I show you what tongues were really made for!” He brought his hands down now to the horny lad’s breeches and got his first feel of the tumescence that had hitherto lay hidden in the dreamy satin folds. What a throbber it was! So hard, and thick and a good eight inches; the lad might look like a lady but down below he was all man, and what a man! Prince Charming could feel his arsehole twitching just at the mere thought of playing host to that magnificent man-staff.

Prince Charming’s fingers trembled as he pulled down the lad’s satin breeches and fought with his silk drawers. The cheeky monkey! Those were definitely a lady’s drawers but what they contained was very, very far from ladylike. At last Prince Charming wrestled Vicky’s cock free from the nuisance silk, exposing a thing of great beauty with a narrow, arrow shaped red tip growing ever thicker and more rampant as it slid down to the base. He couldn’t get his fingers to meet around the base, that’s how thick it was and the sight of a heavy blue vein underneath the pale skin made the thing look all the more rude and potent. This was a phallus that needed to be worshipped, even by a blue-blood, and Prince Charming did the only thing he could do: opening wide he took as much cock into his hungry mouth as he could fit without gagging and then slowly nursed on that throbbing tool. Vicky groaned out loud as he slid his fingers into the prince’s delicate blonde curls and surrendered to the pleasure of a hungry man’s mouth.

After what felt like an eternity the prince’s jaws began to ache. It was time for a different pleasure. Undressing his young beauty completely he took a few moments to admire his flawless beauty before flipping him over on to his belly. Now he was presented with the finest ass in the whole kingdom. It was small and tight and smooth, a real peach of an ass and when the prince tired of stroking that smooth magnificence he parted those tight little cheeks and found himself gazing at what looked like the inside of a peach, once you removed the stone. Vicky’s little bud had canlı bahis siteleri that same reddish-brown colour and that multi textured skin. Memories of Frederick flew out of the window as the prince fell, face first, into that crack and devoured that sweet, little pucker like it was the only sustenance left on earth.

Vicky grunted in shock and amazement. This was not something that he had ever fantasized about and to think a royal prince was licking his bumhole just frazzled his brains. Instinctively he pushed back against the prince, wanting more and more of that hot tongue to burrow up into his depths. The prince’s hands had a tight grip on Vicky’s peachy little cheeks as he ate him out and he reluctantly let go now to play with his tiny little balls. Vicky squirmed, as though afflicted by some debilitating illness, as pleasure shot threw his body, connecting his arsehole, balls and cock directly into his brain and as he worked his fat hog he knew he needed something more.

‘Fuck me, Prince Charming!’ he growled, surprised at the masculine tone of his voice.

‘You sure you want this?’ the prince asked.

‘I’ve never wanted anything more in my life.’ Vicky panted in reply.

Well, it couldn’t be said clearer than that, the prince decided. He got up from the bed and looked at the jars arrayed on the dressing table until he found something suitable. He gave Vicky’s spit-wet, glistening pucker one last, lingering kiss before applying a little cream to it and rubbing it all around.

‘Ooooh that feels good.’ Vicky sighed.

The prince knew that he was on to a winner with this little love puppet. Gathering up another gloop of the slippery stuff he pressed gently against Vicky’s pucker until he felt it give up its defenses and he was sliding inside. Oh, what hot silken delights he was entering now, taking the eager lad’s cherry. Looking down at those slender hips and that peachy little ass, and seeing them squirm in an attempt to entrap more of his finger, was the most amazing aphrodisiac any man could ever wish for. The prince quickly stripped and covered his throbbing cock in cream before kicking Vicky’s legs apart and sliding into him with one long, slow stroke that almost emptied his balls. The warmth, and tightness, of this virginal ass closing around his overheated cock was almost too much to bear. Gritting his teeth the prince fought back his orgasm and when it had subsided began to slowly stroke into the honey-pot to outdo any other in the land.

Vicky was surprised how easily the royal cock had slid into his arsehole. He was still waiting for the pain, yet it never came. All that he felt now was the most amazing sensations deep within him, in a place that he could not quite identify, and it amazed him to think that he didn’t have to do anything except lie there and take it. On and on the prince fucked, slow at first but building now in urgency and depth of thrust. The panting and the mumbling and the deep, deep punching into his guts were turning Vicky on like he could not believe. If this was fucking he wanted to be fucked all day and all night. Let a hundred million men line up to drop their loads deep in his willing guts.

‘Oh, you’re so hot!’ the prince gasped.

Vicky didn’t have any words to reply. Instead he gripped the prince’s cock tight with his ring and surprised both himself and his prince. The more he did it the more they both wanted and now he seized control from the prince, working his ass along the length of that man steel until he felt his cheeks bashing up against the prince’s soft blonde pubes. Now Vicky really came into his own, showing the prince how those snake hips and that peachy little ass could really smoke a man’s cock and make him weak-kneed and totally given up to lust. The prince’s grunts told Vicky that his lover was close and he quickly fisted his own cock until he could feel himself at the point of no return.

‘I’m going to spew!’ he groaned out loud.

Now the prince grabbed hold of Vicky’s hips and retook control. With one deep, potent lunge he triggered Vicky’s orgasm. The lad’s arsehole spasmed on the princely cock as his jets of love sauce blasted out of his excited cock and drenched the satin sheets. The growl that came out of Vicky’s throat was all male: hungry, horny, it connected all males, one to the other in a brotherhood of hungriness, from the dawn of time. The sound of his lover’s ecstasy was all it took for the prince’s balls to let go, sending his massive load of jizz blasting deep into Vicky’s guts.

The pair lay together in the afterglow, hardly speaking but stroking and cuddling each other and feeling very, very pleased that they had achieved something quite wonderful.

Daniel Blue

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