A Conversation Online with Natalie Ch. 01

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Natalie contacted me after reading my story about Kim and her incestuous relationship with her mom. Natalie’s fantasies are about her daughters, particularly about her 17 year old asking what it is like to be with a girl, and when her mom tells her she starts to masturbate. She feels embarrassed, so mom asks her if she will feel better if she masturbates with her. Then of course, she does and then they eventually have sex together.

I asked Natalie to tell me something about herself. This is what she wrote, with a little extra help from me.

I am 41 years old, divorced with three daughters, 19,17 and 15. I am 5’5″ and weigh 115lbs, 36D and a very nice body. I work out a lot and have been told that I can easily pass for 30. My daughters are all very pretty and have inherited my large boobs. Actually my youngest is going to pass us all by. I have always considered my self bisexual. I had some experiences when I was young but once I got married, I played the good wife and was faithful to my husband.

I met my ex-husband when I was 19 and we got married when I was 20. He was 24. At first it was very nice. He was very good to me and he quickly became very successful financially. Because of this, he did not want me to work. I was soon pregnant and had a baby girl when I was 22. Taking care of my baby kept me busy. He was a good father but he left everything to me.

So by the time I was 26 I had 3 daughters. They were the loves of my life. But my husband was always working and when he was not working he would be out with his friends golfing, or watching sports. He lost all interest in sex. And I was always home playing the good wife and mother that I thought I was supposed to be. Since I really had nothing to do or no one to impress, I kind of let my body go. When I had my last daughter, I gained a lot of weight and had trouble losing it afterward. So at the age of 27, I was a plump 150lbs.

But the fantasies were always there. I got divorced seven years ago and I have only had sex with women since. I have a friend who I have known for about fifteen years but we became lovers about four months ago. I was her first woman, or so I thought. But I just found out that when she was younger, she and her sister masturbated each other. They slept together, so I suppose it was natural. We are very open with each other, love to share other women. We agree it’s OK to have sex with other women alone, as long as we don’t try to hide it. My girls know about us.

In fact, chatting in the bedroom with my 17 year old recently, she asked me outright. ‘Tell me Mom, since you like girls, and Lily likes girls, does that mean I will too?’

Lily is her older sister. ‘Not necessarily. Now you tell me something. Are you attracted to girls yourself?’

‘I don’t really know. I’m a bit confused. But I think girls’ bodies are beautiful. But why do you like girls, Mom?’

‘Because they are soft and more sensual than men. Having sex with them is so wonderful.’

I could see she from her face that she was getting excited. ‘Look, I think you should have a little “alone time” to think about it, eh?’ I closed her bedroom door before going into my room next to hers.

Almost straight away I heard her masturbating. She had obviously got rather worked up talking about it. My belly was churning! Oh my god! I was so tempted to go in her room, but chickened out, lying on my bed, ear to the dividing wall, to masturbate myself. I imagined her lying spread-eagled, her blonde hairy pussy wide open, fingers rapidly circling her clit, then two fingers penetrating her vagina. All wet and sloppy. The other hand pinching her nipples. Mmm! It was so erotic.

I had often fantasised about güvenilir bahis watching my middle daughter. But to hear her was incredible. I was a voyeur of course. And I loved it! Until I heard her little squeals of delight. I came myself! It was so thrilling. One of the best orgasms I ever had. I am not sure if I actually want to have sex with my daughters, but I think I would like to share masturbating with them.

Anyway, over the next few years after my third baby, sex was non-existent, so my only means of pleasure was to fantasize and masturbate. I had a large mirror on the wall facing the bottom of the bed. I would squat on the bottom edge, studying my vulva. I found it a beautiful piece of me. I still do! I would take a long time playing with it, until I could no longer control the orgasm. Over time, I found myself thinking more and more about my childhood girlfriend and the older woman who seduced me. It led me to some great orgasms. On the rare occasion that my husband would give me sex, it lasted about two minutes until he came and fell a sleep.

It all started to change when the house next door was sold and a couple around my age moved in. Me and my new neighbor quickly became friends and it was very apparent that she was in the same boat as me. Over coffee one day, we got talking and I told her that I have fantasies about sex with women. She seemed very surprised but also curious. I asked her if she would ever have sex with a woman. She said she did not think she could in reality, but thinks it is a very hot fantasy. One to make her belly tremble with lust.

So it continued this way until I was 30. Then one day, my neighbor told me that she thought her husband was cheating on her. I asked her what she was planning to do. She said she was not sure but she know she had to change her life just in case she is soon single again. So she talked me into joining a health club with her. I was reluctant but she kind of pleaded with me so I did. To my shock, I really started to get into exercising and was soon going to the gym every day. Within a few months I really started to notice a change in my body.

Soon all of my clothes were too loose. I changed my diet and worked out every day. If I did not go to the gym, I would run. About six months after I started working out I went form a plump 150lbs to a much leaner 125lbs, my stomach was pretty flat and I really started to feel better about myself. I also noticed that I was getting hit on by the men in the gym. So I continued working out every day and my body became very well-toned. I must say that I was looking good. Because of this new found confidence, I started to buy sexy new clothes that showed off my hot new body. I eventually got down to 115lbs and have been there ever since.

The funny thing about this was that my husband never really noticed or at least never said anything or gave me any words of encouragement. And it was at this time that I was really wanting to explore my sexuality. I was starting to buy real sexy lingerie, would go out wearing very short skirts with no panties. I was getting looks from men all the time. I even noticed that some women even checked me out. I really felt good about myself.

But I did not want to cheat on my husband, but nor I did not want to have sex with him even if he wanted to. So I relied on my fingers and my imagination. And my long mirror. The only reason I stayed married was for my girls. But eventually, I decided I’d had enough. So I got divorced when I was 34. My husband did not contest the divorce and I got a great settlement. I got the house, my car and a shit-load of money as well as child support. He wasn’t good for sex but, boy, could he make money! türkçe bahis Well, he was one of these rich bankers!

So now I was free. And looking to make up for lost time. I dated a few guys but quickly realized that I was more interested in women at this point in my life. So I started making friends with those I knew had similar feelings to me. I had sex with many of them. I was very happy for maybe the first time in my life. As my daughters got older, I was very open with them about my life and they were fine with it. We were very open about sex.

We lived in a house that has a great pool that is very private. So me and my girls would sometimes sunbath topless and swim naked. When my girls started to develop their bodies, I could tell that were going to be well endowed like me and my sisters. It was at this time that I started to fantasize about them.

My life was pretty much like this until this year. I have a friend and sometimes lover who is pretty wild. She is married but has a very open relationship with her husband. You know – don’t ask, don’t tell. We get together once in a while. I have a group of girlfriends, just friends, that get together every week or so to watch movies. I wanted to make a video of myself masturbating and “accidentally” have them see it. Well my wild friend helped me make it and I put my plan into action.

Well the night came and the video played by mistake. There were four women at my house and my kids were out. When the video played, one of my friends thought it was disgusting, two thought it was hot and one said nothing. We had a good laugh about it but nothing really came of it. To tell the truth, I was a bit embarrassed.

Until the next day. Ann, the friend who did not say anything called me up and invited me over for coffee. After small talk, she asked about the video.

‘Can I see it again, Natalie? I was surprised at her request.

‘Oh Ann! I’m sorry but I was so embarrassed by it, that I destroyed it.’ I could see she was disappointed. ‘But if you really want to watch again, would you like me to masturbate in front of you? Here and now?’ She didn’t answer but I could see excitement in her face, so I started playing with my boobs, lifting the hem of my skirt so that I could rub my pussy through my panties. They soon stained.

It was wonderfully exhilarating. I felt no shame at all. After a few minutes, I was actually naked, masturbating to a great orgasm. I found exhibiting myself this way was so exciting.

Whilst I was manipulating myself, I could see Ann rubbing her pussy through her jeans but trying to hide it. ‘That’s incredible,’ she muttered thickly. I could see her thighs shuddering. And the dark patch of pubic hair through the lace.

‘Would you like to masturbate for me?’

‘Oh no! I’m much too embarrassed.’

‘Well, anytime you want to see me do it again, just call.’ Later that night, she did call. It was so hot, she told me, that she may take me up on my offer. I suggested she slip on a dressing gown and pop round. She did. I was waiting, naked on the settee, fingering my pussy. ‘Come on – why not join me?’ I asked several times. By the way she was breathing I could tell she wanted to. When I persuaded her to do the same, she parted her gown, putting her hand between her bare thighs. She didn’t want me to see her vulva, but I knew she had a mass of dark pubic hair.

I sat beside her, telling her to do other things to herself until she came very hard and noisily. With thrashing hips and legs. Then I whispered into her ear. ‘I’m here anytime you want me!’

Things like this went on for several weeks. We met for lunch and I would masturbate myself while we were eating. güvenilir bahis siteleri I finally got her to do it too. She was shy at first, but soon found the thrill overcame her reluctance. One time we were caught by a young waitress. So we went to the ladies room and went into a stall to masturbate together. There was someone in the next stall breathing hard. When we got back to our table we noticed our waitress leaving the bathroom.

I gave her a big wink, leaving her a big tip. I told her that we hoped she enjoyed our performance. She smiled.

That was the end of Natalie’s first email to me. I was feeling rather worked up by this time! So I sent her an invitation to become one of my Buddy list friends on Windows Messenger.

The next day, at about 9.15 in the morning her time, the little message came up on my computer screen. ‘Natalie has come on line’. I immediately clicked on to show I was available.

‘Hi Sarah. You see. I made it! This is wonderful. To be able to chat online.’

‘Thanks for your email, Natalie.’

‘I have some more to tell you. Not really about me but about my daughters. I had a talk with my oldest and found out some juicy details. Makes me wonder what else is going on.’

‘Write and tell me! Lol.’

‘I will write you later today. I am at work now, and if I start writing about it I’ll want to play with my pussy. Lol! Not the place.’

‘Oh – a little play under the desk – no harm!’

‘I feel a bit shy as well. Lol.’

‘Shall I come and duck my head under your skirt?’

‘Oo. I wish.’

‘Inhale the scent. Your special scent.’

‘Mmmmmm. That’s very personal.’

‘All the signs of your warm wet pussy.’

‘That would be wonderful.’

‘Getting horny?’

‘And wet.’

‘Oh yes!’

‘My nose rubbing against the panties.’

‘Feels great.’

‘Getting nice and juicy. I could snake my tongue inside the leg of your knickers. Have a quick taste.’

‘Oh yes Sarah. I’m getting very wet thinking about it.’

‘Tongue exploring your pussy.’

‘You are making me so horny.’

‘Searching for the secret dark entrance to your mystery. Ah there it is. Oh how beautiful! So fleshy and wet. And hot. Tongue fuck for a few moments.’

‘Sarah please, I can’t.’

‘I am touching my own pussy.’

‘Not here. Sorry darling.’

‘Can’t resist!’

‘You are so bad!’

‘I know Natalie. And your open thighs are so tempting.’

‘I am so very wet. I just put a finger in there. Just there. Prodding. Oh my god! Gently but fast. I must stop before someone hears me.’

‘Two fingers exploring your vagina. Just grunt or cough as you come!’

‘Please, Sarah, make me stop.’

‘Mmm. Stop Nikki – do you hear? But not before you have a lovely quiet orgasm.’

‘I can’t! Soon. Mmmmm. I am close.’

‘Come on then – just a quickie.’

‘So close. OMG.’

‘I can kiss your clit from where I am. Suckle it between my lips. Mmmm. It’s throbbing. Lovely and erect.’

‘Almost there.’

‘Come on Natalie. Come on.’


‘Squirt in my mouth.’


‘Give me a taste of your juices.’

‘I’m cumming. Mmmmmmmmm. Yes YES YES.

‘Come for me darling.’

‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Jeeeeeeez!’

(There is a pause of almost two minutes.)

‘Oo that was a really good one! Phew! I’m out of breath. Panting. Our first together Sarah! My first on line! That was great! I never thought it could be so powerful. Thank you.’

‘Hope there’s many more to cum.’

‘Again – oh yes – some other day soon! Mmm I shall need to masturbate again – now! OMG! Thinking of you. Sarah darling, I just have to go. have a client to see. Dash to the rest room first though.’

‘Kisses. Have fun. Thanks for the feel of you. You have a gorgeous body – lovely.’

‘Be back on later. We must do it again.’

We did! Often!

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