A Cape Cod Night

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AS each year passed since high school graduation the thrill that summer once entertained subsided. Friendships that seemed indestructible, crumbled from the passing of time and where it had once been comfortable to proclaim to have all the answers now maturity’s humbling touch left only questions. Three years removed from high school did not really appear to be a magnificent leap into the future, but the past seemed to be just that; the past. Connor Williams reflected on these truths with a simple sigh. High school he had cared about sex, parties, and alcohol. These vices did not subside for most college students but in him it certainly did. He would drink every weekend, special occasions but could not remember the last time he had actually been drunk, and random sexual encounters and the nightmares that usually followed them subsided into a steady relationship with a high school sweetheart that had only recently ended. The immaturity of youth had transitioned into the disciplined nature of good moral character, and it had happened completely against Connor’s will. It had to be the downside of succumbing to strong Irish-Catholic heritage and attending Boston College.

At school the moral dilemmas of Catholic dogma collided with Irish culture and the balance proved to be a healthy mix. Just enough guilt to stay out of a lot of trouble and just enough Irish to ensure that he got into some as well. The education itself had proved beneficial as Connor developed a flare for real estate and invested in a depressed property in Upper Cape Cod that he immediately started fixing, building an extended room enclosed by glass with a view of the ocean. Now he woke with the sun to see it rise over Nantucket Sound and melt away the fog that hovered like a blanket over the still water. Wiping the nagging remnants from sleep, standing only in his Marine Corps sweatpants while the warmth of the sun reflected off his flat chest and tanned abs he yawned in protest to the early hour. Inspecting the landscape he marveled at the romanticism that is Cape Cod and his life. It was on his third gaze to the outside that he detected that he may not be alone in the world young Allison Hoover had awakened as well.

She stretched on her back porch, wearing tight black shorts and a red sports bra that left just enough to the imagination while showing off a well tanned, and toned female body. Her breasts looked as if they had gotten bigger and could easily fill the 36C that Connor’s ex had. He couldn’t help but look at her and admire the work she must have spent to stay in shape, and then she turned her head. She had long dark red hair, or cherry brown depending on the lighting that swung around her face as she caught the stare from above and responded only with a quick look away, innocent smile, and flirtatious wave before she took off for a morning jog.

BY noon the sun had warmed the Massachusetts air to an unpleasant 97, and Connor’s teammates from the baseball team were on their way over to use the beach. He had walked on as a freshman to the BC team, and after showing some outstanding field work and being quick on the base paths had received an invitation to play in the prestigious college Cape Cod Baseball League. He immediately accepted and since most the players were from all around the country he found himself playing host more than outfield. Within an hour he had the grill cooking and beer being passed out like candy on Halloween. A few players brought their girlfriends with them, and the ones that were staying available kept walking down the beach to recruit ayvalık escort some women to the impromptu party. It was Tony that brought Allison in the house, or more accurately that Allison followed two of her friends that Tony had evidently met.

“Ladies, this is Connor Williams,” he began. “Gracious host, owner of this beautiful house, and starting centerfield for the Falmouth Commodores.”

Allison’s friends, Sarah and Jennifer were anxious to meet Connor and the rest of the players, star struck by the athletic celebrities Cape players seemed to become in their towns. Allison however, could not have looked the least bit impressed to meet another ballplayer and she only politely introduced herself before telling her friends she was leaving. Connor hurried after her catching her in the sand just before she crossed a gap in the bushes back to her house.

“Leaving so soon?” he asked.

“Just wondering if you would follow,” she said. “Walk me home?”

The walk home had been more than Connor had expected, he would have never guessed what type of woman Allison really was. She seemed young, and cute. Beautiful, but in a high school cheerleader sort of way, he would have never guessed how interesting she is. They detoured from her house down the beach and had spent hours together in the water. She told him about how she took the past year off after graduating high school to sail yachts from the Vineyard down to the Bahamas and deferred her acceptance to Notre Dame where she wanted to study history. After sipping Corona’s at the edge of the waves any thoughts about maybe a quick hook-up were dismissed, and he felt himself drifting helplessly toward the friend zone. He didn’t regret it however as knowing this young woman could not be a bad thing and she had impressed him when none of the women he had met at BC could. Again he cursed himself for messing up any possible romantic connection. Strike two.

BY nightfall the ocean seemed tranquil again, and the sky seemed at peace lit only by the distant lights on Martha’s Vineyard and the stars overhead. Connor settled into his futon in the extended room and glanced from the Red Sox game, to the ocean, and to Allison’s unlit house. She was outside kicking at the backdoor. A minute later his doorbell rang, and his new friend stood in front of him beautiful and frustrated. She explained that her Dad had left for the weekend on a romantic trip to Newport with his new girlfriend and she was now locked out. Connor could not believe his luck, and suddenly felt that every hour he had spent in church over the years was paying off, he had a chance. She came in and Connor couldn’t resist his natural male motion to glance over her 19 year old body. She wore short jean shorts that showed off her tan legs, and had only black tank top that showed some impressive cleavage.

She stood only 5’6 a good six inches shorter than him but she made up four of those inches with her sandals, and her cherry hair hung down to her shoulders. She watched the game with him, and had curled up in his arms on the futon by the middle innings, he dared to kiss her neck and she kissed him back but second thoughts clouded his mind almost as quickly. Catholic guilt always pops into one’s mind at the least convenient times. When the game ended he kissed her passionately again, massaging her neck with his fingers while gently stroking her tongue with the tip of his. “I have a game tomorrow and it is pretty late, so I am going to get ready for bed. Is their anything you need?

“Just escort ayvalık to know where I can sleep, she responded”

He shot her a mischievous smile, and said half jokingly, “With me of course.” She shot him a half interested but no look and he finished, “I set up the guest bedroom down the hall for you. You have your own bathroom and I put out some fresh towels. Breakfast is at 10 tomorrow.”

“Well aren’t you the perfect gentleman? Were you planning on putting a mint on my pillow in the morning as well? Well sweet dreams,” she finished giving him another passionate kiss to dream with.

As he lay in bed, his door open he could see that Allison had left her door open a crack as well, and she started to undress in front of the light. Seeing her blue jeans fall to the floor revealing black bikini panties and watching her remove her tank top and unhook her bra left him with an erection that made his sheets stand as he closed his eyes with that wonderful last image before sleep.

Connor awoke suddenly, and saw the flash of light tear through the room. Thunder rocked the sky and the sound of rain pounded against the windows. A storm came ashore during the night and now the house shook with each bang. Thoughts of Allison flooded his mind and he lay awake wondering if she was too. His answer came quickly, her door opened from the crack he had left and she appeared in the hallway only wearing her black panties that had molded perfectly against her skin. Her breasts were large, nicely curved and nipples the size of quarters. Connor knew his mouth had to be hanging open at the site of the knockout walking down his hall, but then she entered his room and lay next to him in bed.

“I don’t like being alone in thunderstorms,” she said sweetly. She pulled the sheets over her and nuzzled her body against his, placing her very firm ass against his penis. Connor placed his arm over her body and rested his hand on her stomach. She grabbed it quickly and guided it onto her left breast then whispered, “It is romantic though isn’t it?”

Connor’s heart leapt, two strikes, but he was still at the plate. More importantly he thought, he really liked this girl. Her nipple felt erect, and he started to move it between his fingers, massaging it slowly while keeping his hand squeezing her breast. He let his lips communicate his feeling. Brushing away her hair he kissed her neck, moving inch by inch with his lips to her ear lobe while his hand moved slowly down her stomach to her panties. His palm went forward and firmly stroked his hand up her vagina along the cotton panties, massaging her thighs and clit. Each stroke he could feel her panties were getting increasingly wet to his touch. Then he slid his fingers inside those cotton panties and traced her pussy. Allison’s breathing got heavier and heavier, her moans were passionate and she felt the lips of her pussy tighten and loosen responding to his touch. Connor’s erect penis penetrated into the cotton and Allison’s ass cheeks had tightened around his shaft. The sensation of his penis between her ass cheeks and teasing penetration of his fingers made her body tremble in excitement.

Allison stood and Connor marveled at her body again. Their she was a beautiful young woman that had dazzled him in every way quickly now dazzled him again in a very sexy way. She slid her wet panties off her and stroked herself just once, marveling at her own smooth skin and shaved pussy. When she came back to bed she saw Connor’s erect penis that only a minute earlier had been on ayvalık escort bayan the verge of penetrating her ass through her panties. She smiled and brought her body back against his. Connor moved slowly to the bottom of the bed and slid his hands up her amazingly smooth legs, following with his tongue. He traced every inch to her thighs, and knew he wanted to taste her. Licking slowly from her thighs, to her clit he flicked it with his tongue and then outlined the lips of her pussy. He moved his tongue up and down her vagina and penetrated her sending her into orgasm. Allison moaned, and lifted her legs, digging her nails into his shoulders. “Now,” she cried.

HER legs opened, and their two bodies intertwined, exposed by the lightning from the skylight. She grasped his penis and he put it in her waiting pussy. She felt tight, warm, wet, inviting and perfect. Inch by inch he penetrated her pushing in slowly and then pulling out just as slowly. Pushing back in a bit faster he kept the same slow pace on withdrawal. The motion continued as she moaned each time he entered her, and each time became faster and faster while his withdrawal stayed slow, an inch at a time. Allison rocked her hips grinding against Connor’s hard dick as they fell into a perfect sync with one another. Her legs moved and body flexed as only a person who did daily pilates could and again Connor thanked God for growing up a baseball player and having the same range of motion through daily work outs.

The friction between her pussy and his penis made both moan with pleasure, as they worked their bodies against one another. Her leg came up and on top of Connor’s shoulder and he pushed his purple swollen tip into her and then every inch deeper and deeper into her begging pussy. Faster and faster they went, steadily building speed and meeting again and again. Minute after minute passed and Allison enjoyed her second orgasm before switching positions again. Connor lay flat on the bed, eyes watching Allison’s long hair sway into the air as she lowered her tight body onto his erect cock. She rode him cowgirl extending his penis as far as it could go and grinding it against every part of the inside of her pussy. She bucked and her ass cheeks grinded against his thighs while she picked up speed. Connor could feel the cum filling inside of him ready to burst at each of Allison movements.

She kept going moving her body against his faster and faster determined to make him cum, feeling the sensation of a third orgasm build inside her as she did. Finally she slid forward bending her chest almost 90 degrees and her face into the sheets below, when she reached her third orgasm the loudest bang of thunder rang through the night and she moaned at the top her lungs. The echoes of the moan and the extension of his penis finally pushed him, and Connor erupted into her pussy filling it with cum, with each spasm that seemed endless. He couldn’t remember ever experiencing an orgasm like that before, cum flowed from him in spurts making both their bodies shake as their hearts raced and sweat dripped onto them. They collapsed in one another’s arms physically exhausted, asleep peacefully lit still only by the lightning overhead.

WHEN morning came the storm had long since passed, Connor woke with a smile on his face and saw Allison still asleep in his arms. He sniffed her hair and took in the smell of the ocean air and Victoria Secret bought shampoos. The smile only grew larger as he knew what this day would bring. He set out to the kitchen to prepare breakfast as promised, but the hours in between were filled with their instant love for one another and they made it all day until he had to leave for the field. Connor went 3 for 4 that night, and brought in the winning run. It was by far the best game he ever played but he knew it was the best day of his life before he even reached the field.

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