A Bird’s Eye View

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It was a much anticipated ‘girl’s reunion weekend’ for the six friends. They’d been tight in school, but some had drifted apart in the years since.

The late Spring weather was warm and perfect for outdoor activities and Brenda’s large vacation house was an ideal location for the getaway. Carpooling from the city, they stopped at several local craft and specialty stores. The shopping was a fun rush and helped them reconnect as they egged each other into clothing purchases they might otherwise defer. It was amazing how quickly they shed their workaday personalities and reverted to their prior gal pal relationships.

They arrived about noon at the spacious post and beam house. All were impressed by the country elegance and woodsy setting. After dumping their luggage, they piled into Brenda’s Nissan Pathfinder and drove to three local vineyards for wine tastings. As a tea-totaler, Donna was designated driver. They were like a cheerful flock of birds. A chattering pride of sundresses, white cotton shorts, colorful tops and comfortable footwear noisily flitting across the verdant hills. Each winery was unique, but had the common traits of friendly and knowledgeable servers who shared the girl’s fun attitude. A picnic lunch of local artisan cheeses, fruit, crackers and imported Italian salamis at the second vineyard helped keep them from moving beyond tipsy to inebriated. The pleasant buzz created warm bonding memories and silly picture poses.

Returning to the chalet, they sunbathed and lolled in the afternoon warmth. Some broke off in pairs and strolled the property. Any residual nervousness from their loss of contact had dissipated. They returned to the comfortable embrace of their youthful intimacy.

Friday night was a potluck dinner that filled the chalet with comforting aromas. The large country kitchen was perfect for many hands and incessant chatter. Ann was her typical take charge self in organizing the meal. Stacy played the lazy scofflaw and volunteered to be in charge of drinks. There was little enough involved in that as it meant pouring wine and handing out beers. Everyone else pitched in to make the meal preparation easy.

Dinner was slow, long and fulfilling. Since four of them were married, talk of husbands, kids and balancing job demands dominated the early conversations. Tess appeared to be recovered from the disappointment of her divorce and was thinking about getting back in the game. Jennifer was having a ball and in no hurry to lose her single status.

After dinner, they retreated to the wide deck to enjoy the sunset and the rise of the near full Pirate moon. When the air chilled and drove them inside, they relaxed on the overstuffed pit sofas in front of the fire in the high-ceilinged great room. Brenda put on songs from their school days and there was laugh-filled dancing. Dessert and drinks fueled talk and catching up that stretched for hours. Tess excused herself and retired first. Others drifted off to their rooms shortly after.

Later that evening, Tess awoke and couldn’t get back to sleep. She decided to read for a bit and quietly left her room to brew some green tea. She assumed everyone was asleep. However, as she looked down from the balcony, she noticed two people below on the sofa. Tess thought they were talking and decided to join them, but something made her hesitate.

Standing stone still, her eyes adjusted to the low light from the fireplace and the moonbeams slanting through the high windows. As the scene cleared, Tess’ mouth dropped open and she did a double take. Her eyes registered that the women were kissing, but her mind found it difficult to process. In a knee-jerk reaction, she stepped away from the railing and ducked down so as not to be seen.

Staring wide-eyed through the railing, her initial impression was confirmed. The pair were definitely entangled in a tight romantic embrace. Tess was dumbfounded. She wracked her brain to think which of her friends might be attracted to women. In school, Stacy had talked about experimenting with lesbian play. But, Stacy had talked about a lot of things and everyone had put it down as empty chatter. She was married now with a three year old. Prior to this instant, Tess had thought everyone was completely straight. In the dim light and with their faces hidden, Tess couldn’t make out who it was. Her shock and quick retreat hadn’t allowed her to take in many details.

While her mind was awash with emotions, a sense of guilt at stumbling upon the steamy scene was predominant. She silently scooted down the rug to conceal herself behind a quilt draped over the railing. Leaning with her back to the slats, Tess glanced around the dark balcony at the doors to the other bedrooms. Sitting concealed in the shadows, she was confident she couldn’t easily be seen from below. But if one of the other girls emerged from their bedrooms, she was completed exposed. She listened for any sounds from the bedrooms, but heard none. The only noise was muffled murmurs from below.

Peaking güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri around the quilt, Tess saw the silhouettes as a tangle of limbs and lust. She didn’t know how this tryst had started, but it was now a full-on make out session. The unexpected bawdy scene ignited her libido. It often took Tess time to get turned on. However, this shocking sight went right to her erotic core and lit a fuse on her passions. She felt a lascivious need start to stir.

It didn’t help that it had been had been weeks since her last good orgasm, so Tess was feeling frisky and primed. This sex show tingled her skin and stoked her lust.

Her curiosity overcame her guilt at furtively watching her friends. She silently said ‘Screw it.’ Tess moved to be in a more comfortable, but still concealed, viewing position. Sitting cross-legged in the middle of the hall, she smoothed her lavender cami over her matching lace panties.

Below, her friends were shadow wrestlers on the couch. With a better view, she squinted intently to identify the entwined figures. Because several of the women shared similar low maintenance mommy or work hair styles, that wasn’t a telling distinction.

Suddenly the bodies separated and Tess had a flash of recognition. Donna and Stacy. While the entire situation was still mindboggling, that one of them was Stacy was easier to fathom. She’d always had a provocative streak.

But, Donna! Donna? She was the last person Tess expected to see splayed on the couch in a bawdy girl-on-girl diorama. Chaste, old fashioned, virgin until marriage Donna? Bible Study Donna? Happily married with two kids Donna? This was more incomprehensible than the scene itself.

Tess stared open-mouthed and with her head in a whirl. Now that she knew for certain who it was, her guilt at watching spiked higher. She knew it was wrong to be a Peeping Tom, but she was bewitched.

Donna pushed her thin hair off her forehead and gazed at Stacy. Her wiry body looked agitated. The pale skin glowed alabaster in the semi-dark. Still slim and girlish, even having borne two children. Despite the lascivious behavior, her face somehow still seemed innocent and guileless.

Stacy was different. Her face revealed undisguised lust. Her larger and curvy body sprawled on the couch like a predator. She reached out and caressed Donna’s pale shoulder. She followed this by leaning in and placing her full lips on Donna’s small, sensitive mouth.

Donna responded by stroking Stacy’s dark hair. Encouraged, Stacy moved her hand to grasp Donna’s breast. The smaller woman seemed to tense, but from excitement, not resistance.

Donna wore a knee length flower print sundress. Or, more accurately, partially wore it. Although still draped on her shoulders, it was peeled open like a petal to reveal her underwear and porcelain skin. Both her bra and high rise panties were pure white befitting her chaste reputation.

Stacy’s short-sleeved blue blouse was still partially buttoned and her khaki shorts were in place.

Tess was enraptured and getting more aroused. She wasn’t an innocent. She’d seen pornographic movies. Even lesbian videos. And, although she was heterosexual, had found some of them arousing. But, this was on an entirely different level. Maybe it was the surprise. Or, the forbidden nature of the voyeurism. Or, the proximity. Probably the fact that she actually knew these people, and the fact that it was real passion, not staged for a camera. Likely, all of these contributed. Whatever, she was in no mood for analysis. Tess just knew it was creating an involuntary and blood-pumping excitement.

Still fearful of discovery and embarrassment, she warily scanned the corridor and listened for any upstairs movement or noise. Her conscience told her to leave and stop invading their privacy. Nonetheless, she continued to gawk and didn’t move. Tess excused this impropriety by telling herself she’d only stay for a minute to give herself a quick titty massage. Then, to feed her body’s need, she brought her right hand to the thin material covering her breast. It felt both sinful and delightful to knead herself in accompaniment to the rowdy play widening her pupils.

Watching the heated action, it was clear that Stacy was the initiator. But, just as clear, that Donna was a willing participant and eager acolyte. Stacy moved Donna’s hand to grasp her breast. When Donna began a circular motion, Stacy said, “Ohhhh, that’s perrrfect, honey. Rub it harder.” Donna followed the directions like an enthusiastic trainee wanting to please an admired mentor.

As the waxing moon crept higher, it dusted the erotic tableau in a bright and silvery glow. It added to the surreal feel.

Tess continued to tweak her taut nipples. Stacy kissed her way from Donna’s lips to her neck, then to her ear. When she pushed back Donna’s hair and lasciviously tongued her ear, the thin blonde’s head lolled back and her face was blissful.

Stacy pulled güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri back an inch and whispered something. Donna let out a girlish giggle and covered her mouth in an expression of embarrassed shock. But, pleasurable shock. It was apparent from Stacy’s smile that this was the effect she intended.

Without further comment, Stacy shifted her position and pressed Donna back onto the couch. Kneeling between her legs, she undid the front of Donna’s bra. Looking into the Donna’s eyes, she lowered her head toward the uncovered breasts.

Donna’s hand still covered her face. Her eyes seemed to say, ‘No. You’re not going to do that.’ But, her voice made no protest. When Stacy’s tongue flicked her nipple, Donna gave an involuntary shudder and she did a quick suck in of air.

Stacy began to work the smallish breasts with kisses and licks. Donna closed her eyes and was a frozen recipient of the salacious attention. Then, her body relaxed into the sofa and her hands returned to Stacy’s body. First, touching her hips, then her back, then her tits. She unbuttoned the rest of the blue blouse and tugged it off Stacy’s shoulders. Her hands returned to a frenetic massage of all parts of her partner’s flesh. In a single motion, she pulled off Stacy’s bra. In the next moment, her shorts and underwear joined the bra on the floor.

However this had started, it was not a slow seduction. It was an inflamed, lust driven rush. And, Tess’ own sex drive was on fire. There was no use denying it. Since her divorce last year, she had been reserved in sexual matters. Pre-occupied with self-doubt and recriminations. Now, this wanton display of sex for sex sake was liberating. It unleashed natural feelings and desires she had tamped down.

Prurient self-interest is a strong force. Tess wanted, needed, more than gentle masturbation. One hand slowly rubbed her thighs, the other slipped under her top and squeezed the excited skin of her boobs. Tess had a new appreciation of the joys of voyeurism. Although she wasn’t actually touching the libidinous maids, she, nonetheless, felt intimately involved. Their energy and lust crackled in the air. The vision of their arousal transferred electricity to her hands as they caressed her flesh on the balcony floor.

Stacy was attacking Donna’s body with expertise that had to be born from experience. She had the reputation as being the sluttiest of their little sisterhood. Given her perception of how conventional they all were, Tess thought that was a low threshold. Now, she would have to adjust that assessment.

In truth, the more Tess saw of this raunchy and exciting wrestling match, the less she’d ever be able to think of any of her friends the same. It shattered her long established biases and proved the cliche that ‘You never know’. It made her question how much else she was wrong about. Her other friends? Her ex-husband? Herself? The doubts were simultaneously troubling and emancipating. If the thought had every occurred to her that she might masturbate, in a strange house, while watching two close female friends engage in lesbian sex, she’d have dismissed it as beyond even a fantasy. And yet, here she was stroking herself and more aroused than she’d been in a long time.

Tess was operating on two levels. While her body glowed and pleasantly heated, her mind floated in these languorous thoughts. Almost subconsciously, she moved her fingers to her panty-covered groin and feathered across.

While her body squirmed and rocked on the thick rug to increase gratification, Tess continued to parse out the motivation of her friends. Maybe it was just a healthy physical engagement and a free spirited approach to sex. Was Tess that out of touch with her friends because they didn’t meet and talk as openly since they’d left college and ‘grown up’? Or, was she just self-absorbed and preoccupied with the monogamous love of a marriage she had been certain would last a lifetime?

Donna was zealously grinding against Stacy. She was the most interesting part of the puzzle. Was she sowing belated wild oats that her strict upbringing and young marriage had inhibited her from doing earlier? Or, were these emerging urges she could no longer suppress? Perhaps, the connection with old friends and a more mature open-mindedness had overcome her reluctance. Below, Donna was now happily nuzzling between Stacy’s breasts. Whatever the genesis, she was fully getting into it.

Tess shook her head to clear these thoughts. Whatever the cause, Tess couldn’t get her mind around the concept that sweet Donna was clearly more open to sexual adventure and exploration than she was. The idea made her feel old and dowdy.

With the action below heating up, she decided ‘enough thinking’. Her mind dialed back and her body and libido took over.

Stacy and Donna were engaged in a rapidly accelerating, pleasure-soaked ‘Slam bam thank you ma’am’ grope and poke session. Although Stacy was clearly introducing the shy girl güvenilir bahis şirketleri into lesbian delights, Donna happily mimicked her moves.

Tess’ nether lips were swollen and lush and damp. Her fingers moved faster over the moist and silky cloth covering her cunt as she stoked the spark. Eager fingers slipped beneath her panties. They tangled in the curly hairs and petted her yoni.

Stacy moved to focus on Donna’s squirming loins and removed her panties. Her vulva was covered with a neatly trimmed and fine mist of downy hair. When Stacy pressed her palm against her excited muff, Donna arched her back and let out a long, low moan. She spread her naked thighs to provide easier access. Tess imagined all that repressed sexuality churning and bursting through her carefully constructed good girl exterior of sensible hair, turtle neck sweaters and nerdy glasses. With Stacy skillfully fingering her vagina, Donna could only vocalize a heartfelt, “Oh my. Oh dear!”.

Tess felt like her doppleganger and mouthed the same words as she stared and pushed her fingers slowly inside her warm and moist hole.

Sensing an approaching climax, Stacy moved to a final assault. She lovingly licked Donna’s nectar from her fingers. Gave her another luxuriant kiss. And lowered her tongue toward Donna’s tunnel.

As Stacy gave her vagina a long stroking lick, Donna’s eyelids fluttered. Speaking in a tense voice, an octave higher than usual, Donna announced, “Roger won’t do this. He says it’s a no-no.”

Pausing to respond, Stacy said in a clear and sultry whisper, “Then, my dearest, Roger is a fool.” Before Donna could think to object and defend her prudish husband, Stacy continued her ministrations and Donna’s delight made any objection moot. With the thumb of one hand, she moved back the hood of Donna’s clitoris and licked the hard point. Between slurps, Stacy asked, “Do you like being eaten?”

Almost subconscious, Donna sighed, “Ohhhh yessssss.”

Tess’s vagina was tingling with the telltale sign of approaching climax. Although she usually closed her eyes at this point, there was no way she would miss an instant of the bawdy show that was searing her mind. She pulled off her damp panties for the final incautious rush.

While Donna was largely lost in her delirious joy, her lifelong predilections to reciprocate and assist others came through. She pulled Stacy’s head from between her legs and gave her a sloppy kiss while savoring her own juices. Then she twisted her body to settle into a side by side sixty-nine. With no further hesitation, Donna pounced on Stacy’s clean shaven twat with vigor. Tess could see Donna’s tongue lashing furiously and then her petite mouth clamping and sucking. A silver cross bounced on her neck with her rhythmic motions and glittered in the firelight. What she lacked in experience, she made up for with exuberance and animation.

Now it was Stacy’s turn to gasp. Her body actually shook. Stacy wasn’t to be outdone and returned her face to push deeply in Donna’s snatch. She displayed a ravenous, urgent fervor.

Tess was beside herself with emotion. Her cooch was juicy and twitching. She’d abandoned all sense of discretion and fear of discovery. The only thing she cared about was jilling off to satiation. One hand flailed about from tits to thighs to slit. The other forcefully rubbed her fiery clit. In a torso-shaking paroxysm, a climax swept her body and had her shaking on the floor. Her addled wits were awash in hormones and euphoria. A fragment of her brain feared her friends might hear her thrashing and discover her voyeurism. But, she was helpless to do anything. She opened her eyes and shifted her head to see if she’d been caught.

Her fears were baseless. The two nymphs were much too into each other to notice anything else in the universe. They were thoroughly buried in each other’s writhing vajayjays. When they came up for a short breath, they gave each other lewd encouragement. Stacy uttered, “Princess, you’re cunt is gorgeous and delicious.” Then continued her amorous task of sucking on the distended lips.

Donna could only whimper incoherently, “Love it. I never… MORE!” They tongued and fingered hair and flesh and openings.

Demure, ‘Please don’t say Fuck’, Donna stiffened and let out a low groaning “Fuuucccckkkkkk!” as she came. She savored her body’s rapture.

Stacy had yet to climax. But she was not to be denied. Without missing a beat, she pulled her head from Donna’s dripping bush and inert body, and switched positions. She mounted Donna and vigorously pounded their moist pussies together to get the final stimulation she needed. Donna accepted the pummeling with a woozy grin on her face. In seconds, Stacy peaked and a heated electrical charge swept her body. To muffle her squeals of pleasure, she bit into a pillow. She collapsed forward on her love mate and their bodies heaved in unison as the wheezed for breath.

All three were lost in post-coital bliss. If any of the other housemates had caught them at that moment, they’d have been unable to move.

After several long minutes, Tess heard some intimate giggles and talk downstairs. The lovers exchanged pecking smooches and murmured how great it had been. Tess glanced down and saw them cuddling and lost in each other’s eyes.

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