400 Days

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A short story about a long wait.

Danni’s skin crawled with anticipation as she breezed through the vestibule into the air conditioning of the hospital lobby. She flashed the ID badge clipped to her shirt pocket to the uniform at security, who waved her through to the elevators. Rounding the corner, she stopped short of a small group of doctors waiting patiently for the next available car, her sneakers squeaking on the freshly polished tile. One, a tall African American man with thin-framed rectangular glasses glanced over his shoulder, nodding when he saw her. She smiled back under her mask, suddenly self-conscious. Did he know? Could he tell?

She glimpsed her reflection in the window. A slim young woman with curly red hair in blue scrubs and grey thermals. Typical for a nurse at Memorial. But beneath the stock exterior, a fire burned in her chest. Goosebumps covered her arms and legs, her nipples strained and scraped her B-cups, and her panties were soaked from the slurry of naughty thoughts sloshing through her mind on the short drive over. It had been 400 days since she’d last sucked a cock. Today she would end the drought.

They filed into the elevator, one to each corner, settling in for the short trip to their respective floors. The doctors seemed calm, confident, prepared to take on whatever the morning threw at them. Danni’s hands were shaking so hard she shoved them quickly into her pockets to avoid rapping her knuckles on the wall. She wasn’t sure she could hold it together long enough to make it to the eighth floor.

The last year and change had been difficult for a lot of people. Separation from friends and loved ones, disruption of every norm and routine, work under challenging or dangerous conditions — if one were fortunate enough to be working at all. It was a trying time for families all over. But it was hell for singles.

All the places one might go to seek company were closed; all the events cancelled. A date was now a Zoom call, a night out a Facetime with friends from the balcony. Texting someone was a poor substitute for talking and drinking alone wasn’t much fun — at least not after the first week or two. And to make matters worse, people no longer had faces — only eyes.

She missed dressing up, going out, and meeting new people. She missed yoga in the park, bands in night clubs, dinner and a movie. It felt so bizarre to live in a city of 4 million people and be holed up in a one-bedroom apartment with Netflix and a pint of ice cream night after night. And then there was the sex. Or…lack thereof.

Before Covid she didn’t masturbate much. Didn’t feel she needed to. She was young and attractive; sex was never more than a text or two away. But lockdown changed everything. Three months in and she was a self-pleasure professional. Her nightstand filled up with vibrators. Dildos multiplied in her dresser drawers. She had wands and jellies, bullets and plugs of all shapes and sizes and colors. And by the time autumn cooled into winter her laptop hard drive had two partitions: one for work and one for porn.

She tried everything. From the five-minute dildo squat challenge to hours of edging to grinding her pillows to the phone-controlled vibrator in the Starbucks drive-thru. She even got the weird egg-laying alien dildo. The orgasms were mind-blowing — easily many of the best she’d ever had. But there was one thing that, try as she might, she simply could not replicate: the taste of a hot gooey load between her lips and on her tongue.

It was the last thing she thought she would miss. Sure, she swallowed now and then– spitting was rude and wholly unsexy. But she would just as soon have a guy cum on her tits or her ass — or even her face, bakırköy escort before draining his balls in her mouth. Funny thing though. Once she realized she could no longer have it, it was the only thing she wanted.

She could have been irresponsible, flaunted the guidelines like many of her friends. But, being a cancer survivor, she decided early on that risking infection and a potentially life-threatening reaction for a blowjob was a stupid thing to do. By January she wasn’t so sure anymore.

But salvation had finally arrived. The vaccines were ready. And not a moment too soon. Six weeks ago her entire ward received their first shot. Two weeks back they received the second. According to the information packet distributed with the first dose, the vaccine would reach full efficacy fourteen days following the second dose. Today was day fifteen.

She stepped out of an empty elevator onto a still quiet ward, stuffing her mask into her pocket. She was early, as she’d intended. Weaving around the furniture she made her way to her station, powered up her computer and scrolled quickly through her e-mail. She tried to concentrate but found herself distracted by the slow steady drift of the minute hand of the oversized clock on the far wall.

Six minutes from now he would sweep in past the reception desk freshly showered from his shift at the PT pool. He would dip his head and flash her a smile, drop his bag at the station behind her and head to the breakroom for coffee. That is when she would make her move.

The minutes crawled by. She read the same subject line over and over, squeezing her thighs together at the start of the sentence, releasing them at the end. Glancing around to confirm she was still alone, she slipped a hand beneath her waistband and dipped two fingers into the puddle between her thighs. Her entire body shuddered as she brushed her clit, scooping out a dollop of syrup and slurping it into her mouth. Mmm. So light, and sweet.

The elevator chime startled her out of her trance. She snapped her fingers back to the keyboard and tried to look busy. Megan, the receptionist, ducked around the glass partition and waived hello before settling into her desk. Danni’s cheeks flushed with relief. She dried her fingers on her sleeve and crossed her legs under the desk, leaning forward, savoring the pressure on her clit. Only two more minutes.

The squeak of sneakers on the tile floor snapped her out of her daze. She looked up, her thighs trembling. Nathan strode in through the doorway, fresh from the pool and right on time. He dipped his head and flashed her a smile as he brushed past, heading to his station. Her heart thumped in her chest, beating so loud she feared he might hear it.

She tried to look busy. Clicking away at her keyboard and staring at the screen, all the while listening for her cue. She heard his duffel bag scrape the floor as he kicked it under his desk. His computer booted up and there was a clatter of porcelain when he plucked his coffee mug from its place on his bookshelf. That was it. Showtime.

She slipped silently out of her chair as he rounded her station, matching his footsteps a few strides behind. The familiar essence of Old Spice tickled her nostrils and the damp sheer fabric of her underwear clung to her labia. She barely breathed passing reception, hoping Megan wouldn’t try to make conversation. But she was so busy with a file she seemed not to notice either of them. Danni smiled to herself, digging her nails into her palms.

Nathan shuffled to a stop at the coffee bar and set his mug on the counter. As he stretched to the rack for a K-cup, Danni grabbed him by the wrist and spun him around. He managed beşiktaş escort only a gasp before she clamped her free hand over his mouth and released his arm to place a shushing finger to her lips.

His eyes bulged in his head, clearly stunned by his co-worker’s assertive action. Danni’s head whipped around, scanning the room. Satisfied no one had seen them she turned back to Nathan and smiled. The finger slipped from her lips and fell to his waist, crumpling the fabric of his shirt into her fist. She looked him dead in the eyes. Her own smoldering, she jerked her head to the left, giving him just a moment to digest the gesture, before dragging him off to the unisex bathroom in the corner.

She shut the heavy wood door softly behind them, twisting the thumb turn to engage the lock. When she turned she found Nathan flat against the wall beside the sink, wearing the expression of a deer in headlights. She stepped forward, pressing her body into his. Her breasts flattened against his chest, and something thick, firm and very warm bulged against her thigh. She shivered violently, clutching Nathan’s arms to keep from crumpling to the floor.

“What is happening,” he stammered, his voice cracking.

“Just go with it,” she whispered in his ear. “I promise you won’t regret it.”

Hooking her thumbs over the waistband of his scrubs she sank slowly to her knees. His erection sprang from his boxers, thumping her in the chin, and brushing against her cheek. She closed her eyes and craned her neck, nuzzling his balls and rolling his cock over her face. She purred deep in her chest. The wait was finally over.

“Oh my god,” Nathan breathed, shoving his hands behind his back, his hips involuntarily thrusting toward her. She met him in stroke, running her lips long the underside of his dick and planting a tender kiss at the base. Pulling back she looked up, her mouth watering, legs aquiver. He still looked bewildered, overwhelmed by the moment. But that was okay. This wasn’t really about him.

She wrapped both hands around his cock, its heat warming her freezing fingers. It pulsed in her grip, driving her desire to devour him. As she relaxed her jaw an uncomfortable thought chilled her mind. It had been so long. What if she didn’t remember how to do this? What if she couldn’t…. She bit her lip. She’d be fine. It was like riding a bike. All she needed to do was get started and everything would come flooding back. Tipping her chin down, she slipped his penis into her mouth.

She shuddered the moment the head grazed her tongue, her cream trickling from her pussy to her panties. It was everything she remembered, and so much more. Hard and hot, yet smooth and soothing. Filling her mouth while emptying the rest of everything but the flutter in her stomach and the buzz between her legs. Desperate for more she peeled a hand away, steadying herself against Nathan’s thigh while taking him deeper.

She sealed her lips around the shaft and began to suckle, touching her chin to her fist, then out to the glans before returning for more. She worked herself into a rhythm, slow and steady, savoring every second she held his cock inside. It grew harder as she continued, straining against the roof of her mouth as if trying to launch from his body. Like it wanted her mouth as badly as she needed his dick.

Regaining her confidence, she grew bolder, inching more of his dick between her lips. Saliva seeped from the corners of her mouth, bubbling to a froth at the base of Nathan’s cock. She slurped at it, pushing the tip to the back of her throat. She expected to gag, but didn’t. Immediately curious she dipped down again, anticipating the bump at the base of her tongue. beylikdüzü escort She felt the nudge, but the urge to throw up did not follow.

A whip cracked in her sex, firing nerve-endings, snapping senses to attention. She released the root of Nathan’s cock and worked it in further, feeling her throat tighten around the tip. There was an audible groan from above and a corresponding slouch, a thrust from his hips. Trembling, she straightened her back, changing her angle on his dick, making it easier to take him deep.

Her head bobbed faster, up and down, in and out, stalling every several strokes to take it all the way in. Nathan’s chest rumbled, growls and groans forced from his throat each time his dick bottomed out. Danni worried just a moment that someone getting coffee might hear him and interrupt. But that fear was quickly overwhelmed by the surge of power she felt controlling the pleasure of the man before her.

She continued sucking his cock, varying her tempo, pressure and depth, rediscovering the skills and reveling in the sensations that had lain dormant for more than a year. She could tell from the quake of his knees and his shortness of breath that he couldn’t hold out much longer. For the first time since she’d freed his penis she looked up, her eyes catching his gazing lustfully down at her. The ecstasy scrunched on his face confirmed she would soon have what she wanted.

She watched him, feeling his cock somehow flex harder between her lips the longer she stared. His mouth began to move. Twitching — flinching at first. Eventually stretching and rounding to form words. Something he repeated first silently to himself, then to her, growing in volume until she could finally discern it over the deliciously sloppy slurps and sups of her blowjob.

“I’m cumming,” he groaned, “Oh god I’m cumming!”

The words pierced her ears and needled her sex. She was so ready for this. His hand migrated to her shoulder and gave a gentle push, as if to offer to finish himself. But she slapped it away and gripped the base of his cock with her other hand. She would have what she came for. He would not waste it on a cold tile floor.

Danni curled her tongue around the shaft and pursed her lips just behind the head. She sucked in her cheeks, smothering every inch of his dick in moist velvety heat. His muscles vibrated, shaking his legs harder and faster until suddenly, his body froze. For a single agonizing moment he neither blinked nor breathed, before finally thrusting forward and bursting in her mouth.

Semen blasted against her palate, splashing down onto her tongue and sloshing back against her tonsils. It streamed over her cheeks, filling every nook and cranny in the floor of her mouth before rivulets of the warm viscous fluid spilled purposely down her throat. Four hundred days of deprivation, ended in a single, blissful swallow.

Danni’s mind went blank as her thoughts turned to mush. Her feet and fingers tingled, and her pussy exploded in a crushing orgasm, racking her ass and thighs in convulsions and soaking the crotch of her scrubs with her own juices. She saw nothing but white light, heard nothing but her moans. And felt nothing but Nathan’s cum seeping under her tongue and between her lips.

* * * * *

At some point, later, her faculties returned. Her vision cleared and her hands steadied. Breathing easy she swallowed one last time and eased her smooth sticky lips from the head of Nathan’s cock. A strand of semen clung garishly to her chin. She curled it around her finger like a piece of bubblegum before scraping it onto the tip of her tongue. His erection blipped up at the smack of her lips. She smiled, finally sated. At least for now.

His hands shaking, Nathan reached down to pull up his scrubs. “Umm,” he wondered softly, “Is there…is there something I can do for you?”

Danni sighed, keenly aware of the sodden swamp between her legs. “You can meet me here after lunch,” she replied. “I have a lot of catching up to do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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