4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: I am grateful for Utamu who have helped make my story more readable. If there still are errors, then it’s my fault.

All characters in this story are of legal age.


It was game time and as usual Aidan was wearing his uniform. The last two years the team had made the finals with him as the quarterback. He loved the game for several reasons, but he also loved being the big man on campus. All knew who he was and everyone wanted to be his friend. Standing on the field Aidan looked up into the stands and he noticed all his friend’s families were present. They were easy to spot as they always were seated the same place. Before he looked Aidan already knew his father wouldn’t attend the game as he as usual were emerged in business out of town.

As one of the captains, Aidan went out to the center of the field and met their Westside counterparts. Everyone shook hands and the referee did the coin toss. Westside won the toss and deferred the choice to the second half. Soon after, the game was in full play.

It was a fierce game where both teams competed at their highest level. It was also a close scoring game where the teams defended well. Aidan’s adrenaline was pumping and he noticed the opponents plan was to make a huge pile in the center of the line so he had no room to run as he had done several times this night. He decided to run the option to the outside, where they were very vulnerable.

Two things went right at the same time. Aidan made a move that hid the ball from the defense before he passed it to Justin, who ran on the outside. Pretending to still have the ball he ran forward meeting all three of their defensive players in the hole at the same time. You could hear the crack of pads over the moan of the crowd as they thought Aidan had been stopped. Aidan found himself under a pile of bodies and he could hear the Westside players congratulating each other over a well-executed play.

But they stopped as the crowd noise told them, they had been fooled. When Aidan finally got out from under the pile, he saw Justin was handing the ball to the official and they were now up 14 – 16. The extra point made it 14 – 17 in favor of the home team.

The game continued being fierce and several times the Westside defense ran a delayed blitz, and Aidan was hit hard again and again. His whole body was hurting but he kept on playing.

Still up with three Aidan saw an opening he had been waiting for. Jay played wide receiver and he was free down the field. Aidan stopped and planted his feet and threw as far as he could. Jay had not slowed down confident Aidan could get him the ball. There was an audible gasp in the crowd as they saw the high arching spiral flying to Jay. The ball had traveled 40 yards in the air and Jay came down with it for a touchdown. The crowd was on their feet cheering out loud.

Winning the game was fantastic but Aidan was also exhausted after the game. When he exited the locker room, he saw Amanda Bratton and her family take off. But he was pleased to notice Amanda smiled and waved goodbye to him. It seemed to him that she had accepted their dalliance.

As Aidan worked his way through the crowd he found Jay standing with his mom, dad and two younger siblings, Bill and Elizabeth. He broke into a big smile as he took in the family especially Jay’s mother Claire. Claire was a gorgeous mature woman in her early forties. She had elegant chestnut hair, falling in waves down her back. Her face was perfectly made-up with bow-shaped lips and striking brown eyes. Her green summer dress was perfectly tailored for her, highlighting her impressive body. She always dressed alluring and often showed off her bountiful breasts. Her dress highlighted her impressive breasts, showing off their round, firm shape. Her dress was knee length and showed her firm legs and round butt. And, as usual, she wore high-heels, choosing style over practicality, even attending a high school football game. As Aidan greeted the family Claire smiled, flashing her brilliant white teeth.

“Fantastic game, Aidan,” Walter Robbins greeted him.

“Thanks, Mr. R. but it was a team effort,” Aidan responded and smiled to Jay.

“Hell yeah,” Jay said and continued, “let’s go out and celebrate the win.”

“I’ll take a rain check. I/m really sore right now,” Aidan replied.

“You took some awful hard hits tonight, Aidan. Are you alright?” Claire asked worried, getting into her pediatrician character.

“I hope so but I’ll probably be real sore tomorrow,” Aidan frowned.

“Are you going to be home alone, Aidan,” Walter Robbins asked and continued. “If that’s the case maybe Claire should take you home and make sure you’re settled. Even an eighteen year old boy can use a pediatrician once in a while.”

“My dad is away but I don’t want to trouble Mrs. R.” Aidan said.

“No trouble. I’ll take you home, while Walter take the kids home. When I’m sure you’re settled alright, I’ll leave you alone.” Claire replied.

Agreeing güvenilir bahis to the suggestion Aidan and the Robbins family worked their way to the parking lot.

Aidan gave Claire the keys to his car, so he could relax on the passenger’s seat. As they drove off they waved to Walter and the kids.

Aidan turned and looked at Claire and said. “Thanks Mrs. R. I appreciate this.”

“No worries Aidan. You know, I’ll always be there for you,” Claire smiled at the handsome teen.

When Aidan and Claire got home to Aidan, Claire could see that Aidan was starting to hurt so she said, “Why don’t you spend some time in the hot tub, so your muscles can begin to relax. Then we can evaluate your condition.”

Even with a sore body Aidan saw an opportunity and agreed to Claire’s suggestion. Soon after Aidan was getting into the hot tub wearing only his boxer shorts.

From the kitchen window Claire took in the sight of her son’s best friend. She was really impressed with his hard, muscular hot body. The development of the little skinny boy into the handsome muscular hunk next door had not gone unnoticed by her. Just this past weekend, she had seen Aidan while he played hoops with her son Jay without a shirt on. Claire had looked down at her young neighbor from her bedroom window and could not help the automatic clenching of her thigh muscles, wondering what it would feel like to have the handsome hunk deep inside her. She had gasped as she realized just how awful her sinful thoughts had been. “My God! How can I have such wicked thoughts! God, I’ve never looked at another man than Walter since we began dating in high school! And worst of it all is that I’m thinking of my son’s friend in such a nasty way! Even if the passion in her relationship with Walter had been declining it was a first for her and it was unheard of!!” She chastised herself. She tried to shake her mind clear but she could not dismiss that one last thought of “God, if that handsome young man ever put his hands on me, I just don’t think I could find the strength to resist!”

Standing at the window remembering this, Claire could not stem the clenching of her cunt muscles as she pictured the handsome young man, causing her distress at the thoughts going through her mind. “How can I think of such things! I’m happily married to Walter. God, how can I be thinking such thoughts! He’s young enough to be my own son! That plus I’ve never before had such thoughts of ever being unfaithful to Walter! Why am I thinking such thoughts?!’ She chastised herself. Nervously, Claire peeked out of the window. She bit her bottom lip and felt a shudder course through her body as she eyed the muscular teen about to climb into the hot tub. Then for the first time ever, she unconsciously let her fingers wander over her breasts, pressing down over her hardening nipples. As she stared out the window at the handsome teen, her body shuddered as she felt the excitement run through her veins. Taking deep breaths, she tried to calm herself from what her illicit thoughts had done to her body. “Who was she kidding. Aidan wouldn’t even be interested in her. An old woman when he had all the teenage girls swarming around him.”

Aidan had crawled into the hot tub and let the warm water relax every tense muscle. He felt his neck and back loosen and the headache that had been building started to go away. He leaned his head back and started to doze off. But when he noticed Claire coming out from the house he jerked awake and got up.

“Don’t get up Aidan,” Claire said as she walked towards him but then gasped and stared at him.

Aidan realized what had caught his friend’s mother’s eyes. His wet shorts left nothing to the imagination. The wetness of his shorts suit made it cling to his body, and Claire’s eyes had stopped at the front of the suit. It was clinging to his huge package.

Claire was stunned by the size of Aidan’s penis even in its flaccid state. She had heard rumors, but just thought it was the usual gross exaggerations, but at this moment she realized it was all so true and she remembered her earlier thoughts about Aidan and started to blush as her legs trembled.

Aidan decided to take a chance, so he said, “Thank you for doing this for me, Mrs. B. I’ve never felt so sore in my life. I feel like an old man.”

Claire became aware of the fact she was staring at Aidan hot body, so she tried to hide it by saying, “Get in the tub it’ll make you feel better.”

“I hope you’re right. My neck and back are still killing me. Maybe you could join me and massage my neck and shoulders so they could start to loosen?” Aidan asked.

“But I don’t have a suit,” Claire stammered.

“Just use your underwear like me. I’ll promise not to look,” Aidan smiled and turned around.

Claire was indecisive at first, but then thought to herself, that Aidan probably only saw her as an older woman, so she pulled her dress over her head and was standing only in her underwear.

Aidan glanced around and just couldn’t türkçe bahis believe what he saw. Claire wore a laced green bra and matching green panties. Those big, luscious tits of hers were barely contained in the skimpy material and the panties was molded to her mound. As Claire crawled up into the hot tub Aidan noticed there were a little wet spot on her panties, “Interesting,” he thought to himself as he turned around and was seated with his back towards Claire.

Claire turned on the tub jets and got down leaning against the wall when she felt Aidan back up towards her, invading her personal space. As she felt her large breasts brush against his back she started to tremble.

“Mrs. R. could you please massage my back and neck. I took a pretty hard hit today and it is killing me,” Aidan said and looked forward to feel her hands on his body.

“Alright, but this have to be a secret between me and you.”

“Deal, I’m so sore I’ll agree to anything Mrs. R.”

Claire surprised herself as she started a very gentle massage of Aidan’s neck and shoulders. As her hands gently kneaded his sore muscles she was in awe of his great body.

Aidan enjoyed the massage and he was moaning at the pleasure of the moment, “Oooohhhh, Mrs. R. it feels incredible. You have got such soft talented hands.”

Claire started to relax as she continued to rub his neck and shoulders. Unconsciously her hands also moved to Aidan’s front rubbing his muscular chest.

Feeling this Aidan moved closer to Claire. He wriggled up between her legs and the movement forced her legs to spread open just a bit further, and causing the inner part of her thighs to rest against his hard outer thighs. As Claire just continued the massage Aidan turned his head around and looked her into her eyes. “It feels wonderful, Mrs. R. Just what I need. Thank you so much,” he said and then placed a light kiss on her chin.

Claire gasped at this but continued rubbing Aidan’s hard body. Her body tingled all over and she felt how her hard nipples were pressing into his muscular back as if they were trying to drill holes into the hard surface.

When Aidan felt this he once again turned his head around and whispered, “Thanks,” before he kissed her lightly on her full moist lips. Before Claire could say anything he once again was looking ahead.

Claire’s hands were now caressing Aidan’s shoulders, neck and chest. It was no longer a massage, but she just didn’t care. For the first time in a long time she felt alive as a woman and she just didn’t want to let go of this feeling for a moment or two. So when Aidan’s lips once again descended on hers, she slightly open her mouth and felt how his tongue entered her mouth. As they began to passionately French kiss Claire moved her hands to the back of Aidan’s head, pulling his mouth harder into hers.

Aidan knew he had his friend’s mother right where he wanted her, and was quite confident in his seduction of her, so he decided to take his chances making an even more daring move. He moved his hands behind Claire’s back and unclasped her bra in an expert moved. Without warning he slid the bra off her breasts. He let his hands directly to Claire’s full, round breasts and squeezed gently. As he kept on kissing his friend’s hot mother Aidan caressed her hard nipples.

Claire was moaning and couldn’t wrap her mind around what was happening. She was shuddering as she felt how the handsome teen began pinching each of her very aroused nipples. It felt so good and the way he kissed her was so exiting. She wasn’t ready to stop his action yet, but also didn’t know how far she would take this.

Aidan was wondering the same exact thing. He was excited that she didn’t move to stop him. He’d been through similar situations with a lot of girls his own age and usually it meant he could go all the way. He was surprised he’d gotten this far but there was no way he was going to stop now unless she told him to. His cock was rock hard and he thought it would only be a matter of time before he was buried deep inside her hot mature body.

Claire gasped when Aidan’s fingers grazed her panties with just enough pressure to make her feel it. It was only then that she knew how aroused she really was. She felt how he nudged her legs further apart and she let him and his fingertips pressed harder into her mound, rubbing in a little circular motion. “God help me, I wish my panties weren’t there.” She moaned and bit her lip, grabbing onto Aidan’s arm.

Aidan pulled her panties aside and slipped a finger inside her. Claire moaned and instinctively pushed herself at him. Aidan slowly buried his finger inside her and as good as it felt she knew she had to say something. She could not let this go on like it was all okay. She opened her eyes and found her son’s friend staring intensely at her, like he was studying her every reaction.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” she whispered without conviction.

Smiling, Aidan crooked his finger inside her and stroked her güvenilir bahis siteleri g-spot. He knew he had her already. Her hips moved, like she was trying to pull him deeper while he rubbed her g-spot and he asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” she sighed and laid her head back against the headrest.

Aidan lifted Claire out of the water and placed her on the side of the hot tub with her feet still in the water. He leaned forward and placed his hands and lips on Claire’s right breast and sucked on it passionately. He could feel her hands playing with his hair as he switched between her luscious breasts.

Claire whimpered when Aidan moved his lips from her, but she didn’t need to worry. He had no intentions of stopping. He just wanted her panties gone. She lifted her butt when he tugged them down her legs and threw them aside. He slid his hands right up her legs again and rubbed her pussy anew, this time finding her clit with his thumb while he slowly fingered her. He also shifted and pulled her slightly forward so he could lean over and kiss her thigh. He could feel her trembling as he came closer and closer to her mound.

Aidan couldn’t believe how hot his friend’s mother was. She was squirming all over the place, but he had no trouble holding onto her as he darted his tongue inside her, lapping up her sweetness. She was so drenched there was no doubt she wanted him. He wiggled his tongue up toward her clit and then slipped his finger back inside her as he attacked that sensitive little nub with quick, strong strokes of his tongue. She tightened her legs around his head and her cries grew louder and higher and then she was gushing in his mouth. Aidan licked and sucked, slurping away as she climaxed. He felt her digging her nails into his scalp as she ran her fingers through his hair and held his face in place between her legs. He stayed in place, licking and sucking until it became too much and she pulled him away.

“Oh God, that was incredible,” Claire panted, smiling down at the handsome hunk between her slender legs. “You’re amazing and it had been so long since I’ve felt anything like this.”

Saying this out loud made Claire feel a pang of guilt when she thought of her husband, but it was quickly overwhelmed by the rush of her orgasm. She could see Aidan’s face was glazed and he was licking his lips like he couldn’t get enough of her. She almost wanted to push his face back down between her legs again, but was a little bit unsure of what would happen now.

Aidan made the decision for her as he got naked out of the hot tub. He picked up Claire, lifted her off her feet and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Aidan’s large hard member was digging into her buttock. Claire shuddered as she felt how long and thick his cock was.

As they kissed, Aidan deftly maneuvered his friend’s mother until his cock found her dripping pussy. In one motion, he slid into her, impaling her on his hard pole. Being stretched around him released a primal moan from Claire.

“Oh my God he’s big!” Claire thought as Aidan’s cock opened her up. She had never felt anything like this, Aidan was definitely in a league all of his own. He moved slowly, just slipping in a couple of inches and then stopping, giving her time to adjust. Still, it was not as painful, as she feared, because she was sopping wet. She pushed her hips down at him, urging him deeper and felt how he was pushing his thick shaft further and further into her pussy, pulling out to the head before slowly sliding back in. Claire gasped every time he pushed inside her and she gripped his broad, strong back. Her head hung back and her mouth was wide open.

Her body jerked with each thrust, and soon she was panting hard. Her eyes were closed, focusing on the fullness between her legs. As he fucked her, Aidan walked through the house until they collapsed on a bed.

Aidan stood at the side of the bed, Claire’s legs on his shoulders as he plowed into her mercilessly. He enjoyed the sight of his friend’s mother on his bed as her breasts jiggled, their heaviness tossed to and fro by his unceasing rhythm.

The feel of Aidan’s cock sliding in and out, the wet sounds, the weight of her breasts heaving, the depth of his thrusts all conspired to make Claire orgasm. She moaned and clenched her legs tightly together, trapping him inside.

The way Claire was going wild for his cock was almost enough to make Aidan bust his nut in about a minute, but he held out. He was determined to give her a good, hard fucking she would never forget. She was gripping his arms hard and he felt her nails digging into his flesh. Her mouth was right by his ear and her cries were deafening. She was so tight around him, they fit together like hand in glove.

He started slamming into her harder and her grip loosened. Her legs fell back to the bed and she thrust her hips up to meet his cock. The way her pussy rippled around him it felt like she was cumming constantly. His friend’s mother was one of the hottest pieces of ass Aidan had ever had. Aidan began to give it to her real hard and Claire wailed when he started drilling her that way and tossed her head back and forth while clawing at the sheets. He fucked her hard and knew it wouldn’t be long now.

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