3 Families Vol. 03 Ch. 02

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Volume Three: Home Sweet Home

Chapter Two: Cousins

Edited By: Todger65


Summer 2000

Joanna frowned as she walked in through the door of the trailer thinking soon it wouldn’t be home anymore. In some ways she be glad not to come back to see this old worn down trailer but it was still where she grew up, here and Alex’s which would become home when she wasn’t at college anymore. Nothing else if she ever got homesick she could come visit Nicky. Of course this meant she couldn’t break up with Alex, not without things getting messy but they had been friends for so many years now she didn’t know what could possibly break them up. Jo had slept so good last night and had beaten Alex up who after driving them home, teaching Izzy to swim and two foursomes he was probably exhausted.

She headed for her room as mom came in behind her. Jo couldn’t help but smile when she looked at mom after their little MILF four-way last night.

“You want some pancakes.” Mom asked?

“Yeah sure.” Jo nodded.

“See if Izzy wants some to.” Mom smiled.

“Okay.” Jo nodded and headed for her room if she was even home Jo thought.

Jo found Izzy cleaning up a little having put up all Jo’s bags aside in a neat stack. She wouldn’t say Izzy was a neat freak, nowhere near as bad as Candy, but Izzy did like things to be in some sense of order.

“Mom wants to know if you want pancakes.” Jo smiled at her sister as she was bent over in a pair of shorts.

“No I ate already.” Izzy stood up and shrugged.

“She says she is good mom.” Jo said as she stuck her head back in the door.

“I was wondering if you were going to come for your stuff or not, though I wasn’t sure if you needed clothes or if Alex would just rip them off of you.” Izzy giggled.

“Ha, ha.” Jo smiled as she closed the door and went to one of her bags Izzy had missed that she had on the top bunk, fishing out a clean tank top, shorts, and panties.

“So you two do it?” Izzy teased.

“No.” Jo shook her head as she pulled off her shirt.

“What, why not? I would so have tapped that already.” Izzy shook her little silly ass.

“Said the virgin.” Jo smirked as she put on the tank top not bothering with a bra. Jo might find one later if she went out but didn’t really see the point if she was just going to end up back at Alex’s later. “I am not ready yet, I mean to be with a guy.” Jo pulled off her sweat pants.

“Is it because of his you know?” Izzy laughed and held her hands apart. “Just take a few painkillers thirty minutes before hand; I am sure Kitty can hook you up.”

“I don’t see you jumping on it.” Jo grinned and stepped out of her panties and slung shot them at Izzy.

“Only because I know you love him.” Izzy smiled at her throwing the panties back at her.

“Please you never even had a boyfriend. You wouldn’t know what to do with it.” Jo laughed as she stepped into a new pair of panties, one of the few more sexier pair she had knowing she picked it out because of Alex which was silly since he seen Jo in her underwear so often but not this pair she thought.

“That’s by choice.” Izzy shrugged as she leaned forward. “Besides the person I like doesn’t like me.”

“Oh, is it William the guy you went to prom with?” Jo smiled.

“No.” Izzy shook her head.

“Then who?” Jo asked sliding on her shorts.

“Kitty.” Izzy pouted a little.

“What.” Jo froze for a second.

“We got drunk after prom and I told her that I loved her and I kissed her.” Izzy was looking at the wall pouting a little. Jo sat down beside her and touched Izzy back softly.

“What she say?” Jo asked softly.

“Basically lets be friends, she doesn’t have feelings for me that way and didn’t want to lose me as a friend.” Izzy shrugged.

“So you’re gay?” Jo looked at her a little puzzled, Izzy always came off as straight, she seen her checking out guys but then again Jo came off as lesbian at college but was now dating a guy.

“No bi, I don’t have many people I trust, I have trouble getting really close to people. It took me three years of high school to even make a best friend. So it doesn’t make sense for me to limit my options really. I mean physically I am attracted to guys but, maybe Bi curious would be the right word for it.” Izzy shrugged and looked at Jo. “Besides it took you and mom how long to figure out you are Bi?” Izzy teased.

“So wait a minute, when I came out were you jealous about me and Kitty or what?” Jo frowned.

“No, I was just mad that you were banging my best friend who was one of the cool kids.” Izzy giggled.

“So any girls or guys I should know about.” Jo grinned.

“Alex is the only guy I would even think about having sex with, if you wouldn’t have decided to finally make your move I might have.”

Jo gave Izzy a little smirk and wiggled her eyebrows at her which made Izzy blush a little.

“I mean for a relationship, well not for a long term one but Alex seemed like a good guy to lose my virginity to and I know he is patient as hell, I mean come on.” Izzy was turning red, a little güvenilir bahis more than usual as she buried her face in her hand and laughed. Izzy had more confidence but she was also still Jo’s adorkable little sister.

“Fair enough.” Jo put her arm around Izzy. “Well if you want you can still have sex with him.”

“What.” Izzy looked at her.

“Well he has a birthday coming up; I figured what else could be better than a virgin sacrifice.” Jo shrugged teasingly.

“You are so bad.” Izzy said and gave Jo a push.

“I know.” Jo laughed as she lay back.

“You know if you are serious, me and you could do it together?” Izzy talked softly.

“What?” Jo asked looking over at Izzy as she sat up.

“You know hold each other’s hands so to speak when we lose our cherries.” Izzy blushed. “Plus I wouldn’t. Well like I said. I am Bi and you had no problem with Kitty and Candy.” Izzy was doing that thing with her fingers when she fidgeted.

“Are you trying to say me and you have sex.” Jo asked.

“I don’t know, could we?” Izzy looked at her with her bluish green eyes as she blushed.

“You know you’re cute when you’re nervous.” Jo teased.

“Jo.” Izzy said turning a little redder.

“I will think about it.” Jo said as she took Izzy’s hand and put an arm around her kissing her cheek. She wasn’t sure about having sex with her, sure Jo and mom fooled around a little last night but she wouldn’t say they had sex. It wasn’t like they had fingered each other or eaten each other’s muffs, though the thought of having Izzy in bed with her and Alex was appealing even if she and Jo didn’t do anything. If Izzy was willing to take on Alex’s big cock what excuse did Jo have?

Alex woke up as he felt something hit him. He looked up to see his little sister Abbey, though why he called her his little sister he never knew as he looked at her tits in her pink camisole and no bra underneath.

“Are you going to lay in bed all day sleepy head?” Abbey smiled. There were worse ways to wake up he thought. Lilian water boarding him by dripping water in his face came to mind.

“Well I was thinking about it until now.” Alex grinned as he rubbed his face though partly to hide the fact that he was staring at her tits. It was their typical little game he thought. He pretended not to stare and he pretended not to notice.

“So you two do it?” Abbey grinned.

“Do what?” Alex grinned.

“You know, bump uglies.” She bobbed her little head.

“No and that is a terrible expression, last time I checked it wasn’t ugly.” Alex laughed.

“Oh so you have checked.” Abbey smiled. “Better hurry and plant your flag before some girl does.”

“You are so bad.” Alex shook his head.

“Yeah but you still love me.” Abbey giggled and jumped off of him and walked over to her dresser and pulled off her shirt. Alex couldn’t help but look at her tits.

“What?” Abbey asked looking at him. “You have seen me naked Alex, you have pictures or at least I assume you still have them.”

“Nah I gave them to Jo, she really enjoyed them.” Alex smiled as he sat up and slung his feet off the bed.

“What?” Abbey’s eyes went wide.

“I am kidding.” Alex laughed. He had told Jo about them but hadn’t showed her, at least not yet anyways.

“Butt hole.” Abbey came over swinging her bra at him.

“Ouch.” He said as it hit him in the arm, the underwire had a little weight to it though not a lot. She went to swing again and he caught her arm pulling her close. She swung her other hand which he caught as well.

“Ha what you going to do now.” he laughed as she struggled a little which he was enjoying her breast bouncing around in front of him.

“Booby trap.” Abbey yelled and stuck out her chest rubbing her tits in his face. He was too stunned to even try and stop her if he wanted to. She swung her shoulder back and forth as her tits slapped against his face until she managed to pull her arms free.

“Ha, I win.” Abbey laughed as she started putting on her bra.

“Sure if you think so.” Alex grinned. Abbey shook her head at him.

“Can you.” Abbey asked as she turned showing her bra strap. Alex began to fiddle with the clasp. He was used to smaller cup sizes Abbey’s were a little more complicated because of her cup size.

“Alex, can I ask you something?” Abbey said in her serious voice.

“Always.” Alex smiled as she hooked the bra.

“If we weren’t siblings would you, you know, date me.” She turned.

“Without a second thought.” Alex smiled and took her hand. “I love you Abbey, way more than I should being your brother.” Alex said softly not wanting anyone to overhear him.

“Thank you.” Abbey smiled and leaned over and kissed him.

Alex headed down stairs after putting some sweatpants on. He headed down to find Nicky standing by the counter with what looked like pancake batter she was mixing in a bowl. Her big braless breast swaying about in the night gown she wore; which was only a little less revealing then the bath robe from yesterday.

“Morning.” Alex said as scratched his head.

“Morning türkçe bahis Tiger.” Nicky looked over at him and winked. Alex walked by and gave her a little kiss on the cheek.

“Blueberry?” Alex asked noticing the berries she had beside the bowl.

“Yep.” Nicky nodded picking them up and pouring them into the batter. “So you have fun last night?”

“What do you mean?” Alex shrugged.

“With moms, don’t play dumb.” Nicky grinned over at him.

“You heard?” Alex felt a little flush.

“No mom told me.” Nicky playfully smirked at him. “Me and mom talk about everything.”

“So she told you everything?” Alex scratched his head.

“Pretty much.” Nicky shrugged and went back to mixing the pancakes.

“You’re not mad are you?” Alex asked.

“No, a little jealous maybe.” Nicky smiled. “Must say you and Jo have a very open relationship.”

“I only want what she wants.” Alex shrugged, neither of the foursomes had been his idea.

“So you’re saying she made you do mom against your will.” Nicky teased.

“No.” Alex shook his head.

“Thought so.” Nicky smiled and bent over to get a pan out.

“Me and her haven’t done it yet. Jo is nervous about being with a guy.” Alex said.

“Probably saw your cock and is just stalling though I got to admire her technique.” Nicky smiled at him.

“You don’t think that is it, do you?” Alex asked.

“Well it is a lot to take in baby bro.” Nicky smiled at him.

“Ha, ha.” Alex laughed.

“Just give her time baby bro, besides you will never meet a girl better then Jo. I am glad you two finally got together, you been pussy footing around it for years now.” Nicky ruffled his hair.

“Hey blame her.” Alex shrugged.

“Well you both had to grow up a little first.” Nicky said as she moved over to the stove.

“I am a little worried about if things go wrong; you know she is my best friend and all, if we break up then what?” Alex sighed.

“That won’t happen, besides I think she kill you first.” Nicky grinned. That was assuring Alex thought.

“Oh that makes me feel a whole lot better.” Alex frowned.

“So I got to know, how was mom?” Nicky grinned at him.

“Pretty good.” Alex smiled.

“I spied on her once with Aunt Vicky, they can get pretty hot.” Nicky grinned. What was it with spying in this house he thought.

“Speaking of, where is mom?” Alex shrugged.

“Shower. You can probably join her if you like.” Nicky grinned at him, the thought of them making out in the shower did sound hot as hell.

“Nah, I am a one woman kind of guy, if that woman wants to bring other women into my bed that is fine too.” Alex shrugged. He needed to talk things over with Jo, maybe work out some ground rules, though he did want to go up and bang the hell out of mom, if Abbey wasn’t home that was. He was supposed to go over later and help Jo move some of her stuff over. Her mom had worked so it just be him, her, and Isabelle; though he might find some time to talk to her about it.

“Good answer. I see Jo already has you trained.” Nicky teased.

Alexander Noon

Alexander headed over to Joanna’s after hanging out with Abbey to kill time. Anything to keep away from his mom he thought. He wanted to fuck mom again right there on the kitchen table. She had kept her flirting to a minimum but it was there, he wondered how Aunt Vicky handled her but then again Aunt Vicky had a pretty healthy sexual appetite herself. He heard that women typically hit their sexual peek in their forties which wasn’t too hard to believe after last night.

Being around Jo would make things easier. Not that he didn’t want to fuck her on the kitchen table also he thought, though he hadn’t fucked her at all yet. Jo had always been really good at stalling he thought though she taken it to a whole new level now. He smiled as he saw the trailer. It’d be weird to come over in a week or two to see Nicky here. Jo wanted to go ahead and pack up what little she had left that wasn’t in suitcases already. That way when Nicky moved out of his room they could move back in. It shouldn’t take too long Alex thought. Jo wasn’t really a pack rat and didn’t keep much more than she needed. Alex knocked on the door and then let himself in after getting no reply, the cool air hitting him.

“Anybody home?” Alex asked, though Eleanor was in the driveway so he didn’t think Jo and Izzy had gone anywhere.

“Back here.” Jo said from down the hallway.

“Hey.” Alex smiled as he went through the kitchen and found her in the hallway.

“Hey, got you something for our anniversary.” Jo grinned swaying her arms about.

“Anniversary. It’s only been a day.” Alex joked.

“A whole day and I haven’t killed you yet.” Jo smiled. “I figured we could celebrate them all, One day, one week, one month, and one year.” Jo grinned as she put her arms around Alex and gave him a kiss.

“This isn’t a foursome or anything is it?” Alex joked.

“Not quite.” Jo smiled and took his hand pulling him towards her and Isabelle’s room. She opened the door and Izzy lay on the bottom güvenilir bahis siteleri bunk in a thin robe.

“Hello handsome.” Izzy smiled, blushing a little as she pulled open the robe to show off she was wearing nothing but a bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. It reminded him of his first time with their mother. Hell knows she looked enough like their mother.

“Izzy.” Alex froze in place.

“See something you like?” She ran her hand over her leg, before she finally broke down laughing. “Sorry.”

“Izzy you were doing so well.” Jo said.

“Sorry I just feel silly in all this.” Izzy laughed sitting up.

“You look beautiful.” Alex shrugged not sure if they were pranking him or what now.

“Thanks.” Izzy blushed and bit her bottom lip.

“Izzy said she wants to pop her cherry before she goes off to college.” Jo smiled as she sat down in the chair. “And she wants it to be with you.”

“What?” Alex asked feeling a little surprised that Jo had agreed to this. Jo would kill over her baby sister and now she wanted Alex to pop her cherry. “Are you sure?” Alex looked at her.

“Yeah.” Izzy blushed.

“That is why she wants it to be with you Alex. You’re the only guy who would stop and think about it.” Jo smiled at him.

“So what are you going to be doing?” Alex shrugged.

“Oh no threesome or anything like that, but she did say I can sit here and watch; she gets you all to herself.” Jo grinned.

“And you’re okay with this.” Alex smirked at her.

“Yep.” Jo nodded.

“So how do we, I mean.” Alex scratched his head feeling a little out of his depth.

“How about something familiar.” Izzy said as she stood up and leaned in and kissed him softly at first; he could remember kissing her before, but now was different. She wasn’t holding back, any hint of shyness was gone. Her tongue found his lips well before he even thought about making his move. His hands ran over her body slowly, her soft skin felt like silk. Avoiding his hand sliding down and grabbing her bare ass just yet, as much as he wanted to though, she didn’t show the same restraint as she slid her hand into his back pocket and cupped his ass. She slowly pulled away grinning at him.

“How about we take this into mom’s room.” Izzy giggled.

“Okay.” Alex nodded. Izzy took his hand and led him to their mother’s room where she stopped and kissed him again giggling slightly as she brushed up against him. Alex had thought about Izzy before and if not for Jo would have made a move on her a long time ago. She had Jo’s beauty but none of her hang ups, now as he kissed her, a small part of him had wished he had. She had gotten a lot better at kissing he thought as they made out then she leapt up onto him wrapping her legs around him. Alex carried her over to the bed and sat her down on it softly. Jo walked around and sat on the other side of the bed.

“You really just going to watch?” Alex grinned.

“Well I might do other things.” Jo smiled as she popped a button on her pants. “Just worry about Izzy and you will have all the red head you can handle.” Jo teased.

He didn’t doubt that any. Alex turned his attention back to Izzy who bit her lip as she grinned up at him and used her stocking covered foot to rub up against his crotch. He was more than a little hard now but didn’t want her first time to be a wham bam thank you ma’am thing, plus he wanted to put on a good show for Jo he thought. Alex bent over and kissed her as he ran his hand up along her leg to her panty clad pussy. He felt her jump a little at first and then slowly melt in his hands as she spread her thighs, moaning softly into his mouth.

Alex kept rubbing her as he began to kiss down her neck and then over her collar bone and chest, gently pulling her bra aside till he saw her bright pink areola and nipple. Softly he began to suck and lick at it as he kept softly massaging her pussy through her panties. He glanced at Jo as she began to caress her tit with one hand, her other buried in her sweat pants she had stolen from him earlier. He teased Isabelle’s nipple for a little while before moving down her stomach kissing her belly softly stopping just before he got to her panty line. He smiled when he noticed that she had put the panties on after the garter belts which meant he could pull them off without having to take off her stockings.

He grabbed them and slowly pulled them down revealing her bright red pubic hair and soft pink pussy lips snug between her outer mounds. Alex grinned as he leaned back down and softly kissed around her pussy playfully.

Jo smiled as she watched Alex tease her little sister, hell knows it was making Jo wet as hell she thought as she rubbed herself, Jo panties clung to her. Moist with her own juices but she didn’t want relief she wanted to lay here and watch Alex and her sister. She enjoyed the look on Izzy’s face as Alex teased her but even more so as he began to lick her clit. She knew he enjoyed his foreplay though Jo was sometimes a jump right to it kind of girl, for her this was foreplay. Watching Alex have his little fun, as long as he kept looking over at Jo to steal little glimpses she thought, Jo waited till he was looking again before she began to strip down to nothing. She lay on her side spreading her legs and put her leg up as she began to rub her pussy slowly.

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