Our Distinctive Family Pt. 05

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I woke up with Manny still in my arms but on my side. His hand was placed over my dick as he slept peacefully. He looked so beautiful with tendrils of hair framing his face. I kissed him on his forehead, and he groaned softly, squeezing my dick. I removed his hand and kissed it before he opened his eyes.

“Good morning” His groggy voice sounded so fucking sexy.

“Good Morning baby bro. How did you sleep?”

“Good, especially in your arms. I always feel safe here.” It was rare for Manny to show this side of him, but I felt great knowing that I’m wanted.

“Come on, we need to get up,” I said as I lifted my body to peer down at Manny. We stared at each other for a few seconds. Manny leaned up and I turned away. “Come on. Dad’s leaving in a few. He has a business trip to go on.” Many grumbled but got out of bed. I put on some basketball shorts without underwear with a t-shirt. Manny headed downstairs with only his underwear on. My dad was at the table drinking coffee while he strolled through his phone.

“Good Morning dad.”

“Good Morning Dawson. Are the twins awake? I wanted to say goodbye before I leave.” As if we called upon them, Carson came strutting down the steps with the thinnest shorts I’ve ever seen him wear. His ass was literally eating them at the back. Kole came down a few steps behind him, wiping his eyes and only wearing a crop top again. They both went directly to my dad and each sat on his lap.

“Good Morning boys. How did you sleep? I know it stormed last night.”

“It was fine. We were already in a deep sleep before it started,” Carson said. Kole wrapped an arm around dad’s neck.

“Daddy, do you have to go? I feel like we barely seen you this month.” Dad squeezed Kole to him, his hand rub down his back then to his round ass, squeezing it.

“Yes baby. I have some contracts to finalize and a possible new business venture. You boys going to be good while I’m gone?” They both nodded. “Okay, well let dad get ready to leave.” The twins got off dad’s lap and I grabbed his luggage. Approaching the door, dad turned around and gave Kole a tight hug and kissed him, patting his butt and doing the same to Carson. Once Manny approached, he gave him a slightly longer kiss, rubbing his thick arms. “Help your brother watch over them okay?” Manny nodded. When I approached, I handed him his luggage and I gave him a big hug. My dad leaned towards my ear and whispered, “Don’t be afraid to show them a little more affection son.” And he kissed me on the neck before pulling away. I waved goodbye and dad left.


I missed daddy already. Even though we didn’t see him as often, I still enjoyed the times he was here. I still hadn’t gotten over the rejection by Dawson despite everyone’s reasons to believe he actually loved me. If we were raised to show our love and affection this way, why didn’t they understand why I was upset when I didn’t receive that from Dawson? How else was I supposed to feel? Everyone else showed how much they loved me except for Dawson. He’d even cuddle Carson yesterday and let Manny sleep with him. I’m trying to ignore the hurt inside me but it’s easier said than done.

After breakfast, Dawson and Manny went to the gym leaving me and Carson at home.

“Want to go to the mall? – I asked.

“Now? You don’t want to wait until the guys come back?”

“What for? We’re 18 and we have driver’s licenses. We don’t have to wait on them.”

“Yea but, they’d want us to wait,” Carson pressed.

“So. I want to meet some guys. This is the best time to do that while they are not around us.” Carson thought for a second.

“Okay, lets go.” I smiled. It never took much convincing for my brother. We liked the same things, one of those things being dick. We both went upstairs and put on some presentable but a little bit skimpy clothes. I wore shorts that showed the bottom of my cheeks with an off the shoulder shirt. Carson wore some overalls with a crop top. We got in our purple Jeep Wrangler and headed to the Mall.

The place was crowded as usual with people of all ages. We visited a few clothing stores until we made it to a lingerie shop. We both purchased some sexy panties and thongs. We loved wearing things that barely covered us just so we could get the compliments from our brothers and dad. They loved our bodies and we loved showing it off to them. Before we left, the clerk pointed out some panties with the back out in them. Carson and I turned to each other in glee, purchasing a few pair in different colors. I couldn’t wait to wear these for Manny. I wanted him to fuck me so bad and I’d been trying to tease him but he wouldn’t take that step. If he wouldn’t, I was going to find someone else that would.

Once we got home, we took our bags upstairs. “Look, we need to do something to make the guys jealous,” I suggested.

“Something like what? I don’t want to piss off Dawson.”

“I’m sure Dawson wouldn’t even care,” I said with a pout.

“K, don’t say that. What did I tell you?”

“I know, I know, but I want canlı bahis someone to make a move. I’m tired of being a virgin and I don’t want to still be one when we start college in the fall. If our brothers won’t fuck us, then I’ll get someone else to…which is why we spoke to those guys earlier.” Me and Carson met three guys at the mall on our way out. They were super hot with thick muscles. They were not as tall as our brothers, but they will do.

***** Me, Manny, and Carson chilled in the living room watching tv for most of the day. I was excited to see the outcome of our plan. Around 8pm, the doorbell rung and I perked up, looking over at Carson. We had already dressed in our outfits 5 minutes prior which were twin rompers. They made our asses look huge and of course we didn’t wear underwear so the guys could see them jiggle.

Manny opened the door and I could hear him asking who they were.

“They are here for us,” I said as I walked past him. Manny grabbed my arm, “Where the hell you think you going wearing that?” “We’re going out, obviously,” I said. We’d never spoke back to our brothers so the statement shocked Manny into silence. Carson looked between us with a weary expression. “We’re 18 and we can do what we want.” Manny shook his head and stepped back, calling for Dawson. Before he came down, I grabbed Carson by the wrist, and we left with our dates.


Dawson!! Seconds later, I heard footsteps and before long, Dawson was in the living room. “Why you calling me like that? What’s wrong?”

“The twins just left.”

“Left? To go where?”

“Idk. They left with some guys,” I stated.

“What!?! And you just let them?”

“What else was I going to do?! It was three of them and the twins ran off with them. Kole even talked back to me. He’s never done that before.”

“Fuck!” Dawson spat, pacing the room.

“I know bro. I didn’t know what to do. That’s why I was calling you.” I shook my head trying to think of a plan. “They looked good too Dawson. They had on these little shorts outfit things that some girls wear, and their asses was fucking jiggling, so I know they weren’t wearing any underwear. I think they’re trying to get laid tonight.”

Dawson kept pacing the room. “I think I can track their phones.”

“Really? How?”

“I just need to get onto their laptop. Do you know their password?”

“I’m not sure, but I have some guesses.” We went upstairs and retrieved the twin’s laptops. I had Kole’s and Dawson had Carson’s. We each tried possible guesses to no avail. Dawson stopped guessing for a while and I went downstairs to get us something to drink. After 30 minutes, Dawson yelled out and I looked up to see him with a smile on his face.

“I got in. Now hopefully I can get on their…got it!? They’re on a fucking college campus.”

“Okay let’s go.” Dawson wrote the name of the building on a piece of paper he found on their desk and we headed out.


Pissed could not explain my mood right now. I was also worried; worried that these guys might take advantage of my little brothers. Manny had said there were three of them and they were close to our size. What the fuck were they going to do with them?!? I drove my truck 20 miles over the speed limit towards a part on campus I was familiar with. A frat house.

Once we arrived, we both jumped out and stormed into the home. There were maybe 30 other people there, some drinking, some dancing and making out. I walked towards the back of the house and saw the twins. Kole was making out with one guy while another guy was talking in Carson’s ear, squeezing his ass. I saw fucking red. I stormed towards them with Manny on my heels.

“Get your fucking hands off him,” I said to the guy kissing Kole. Manny grabbed Carson and pulled him to his side.

“Who the fuck are you? His boyfriend?”

“Don’t worry about it. He belongs to me. Come on Kole.” I pulled Kole up by his arm and he yanked it from me. “Dawson leave me alone. We are having fun. We’re 18 so you can’t treat us like kids anymore.” I bent down to Kole’s level, “Walk your ass to my truck K.”

Kole stood still, “Dawson I’m n…” I smacked him hard on his ass. “Go! Now!” I pointed in the direction of the truck. I could see tears forming in Kole’s eyes before he stumped off. I’d never put my hands on any of my brothers in an angry manner, so this was all new to me. I turned to Carson. “Give me your keys.” He immediately gave them to me, and I handed them to Manny. “Drive their Jeep home.” Manny nodded before I guided Carson out the house.

We drove home in complete silence and when we arrived, Kole immediately jumped out of my truck and ran inside with Carson right behind him. I got out feeling horrible and exhausted. Manny walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me. I reciprocated the gesture, placing our foreheads together. I needed this short moment to take a breather.

“You okay?” – Manny asked.

I sighed, “I shouldn’t have done that. I’ve never put my hands on you guys. I feel fucking horrible.”

“Don’t. You only smacked his ass. He deserved that for talking back and being bahis siteleri a brat to you. I don’t know what’s gotten into him,” Manny stated. “You are a great big brother, the best. I wouldn’t trade you for anyone in the world.”

I chuckled to myself. “Thanks.” In a rare expression of affection, I slowly leaned down the small distance and gave Manny a few pecks on the lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too Dawson,” Manny responded.

I held him for a few more seconds before pulling back. “Let’s go inside. I need to apologize.”

“Don’t. Kole should apologize to us. Let’s just go to bed.” I nodded and we went inside.

The house was completely silent and I knew the boys went straight to their rooms. I went to mine, heading straight to the shower. It wasn’t that late so I would just watch some tv until I fall asleep. I exited my bathroom, still naked and drying my hair. When done, I got under my covers and turned on a movie. Hours later, I was starting to doze off when I heard a slight knock. Manny peeked in.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?”

“You okay?”- I asked.

“I just don’t want to sleep alone.”

I knew it had to be a reason for this so I agreed by pulling back my cover. Manny smiled and immediately walked over and joined me in my king size bed. He moved close to me then turned away, with his underwear covered ass in view. Part of me wished he was naked, but I knew it was best he had something on. I looked down at my brother and admired how beautiful he was. His long eyelashes fluttered closed but not before his request, “Can you cuddle me…please?” I moved closer to him and wrapped his body in my thick arms, kissing him on his neck. “Sleep,” I said. He wiggled back until his ass was on my dick. I tightened my hold on him and drifted off to sleep.

At some point during dawn, I dreamed I was having sex with Manny. I fucked him from the back right here in my bed. His moans were low and sexy, almost like they were right beside me. Realization hit me when I opened my eyes to see Manny’s head in front of me. I moved my hand down to found out he was now completely naked, and my dick was stuck in between his ass cheeks. I was just humping my brother a second ago.

“Don’t stop,” Manny moaned. I wanted to keep going but I knew I needed to stop. I pulled back and Manny groaned in frustration. “Go back to your bed Manny,” I said. Manny turned to me, “Why? Is it so hard to show affection every now and again? I try my hardest to be understanding, especially in front of the twins, but it’s getting hard even for me.”

I rubbed my hands over my head, “Manny. Please. I do show affection. I kissed you last night and you slept in bed with me two nights in a row and I’ve cuddled you.”

“You make it seem like you’re being forced to do all of this.” Manny got up and put his underwear on.

“Manny it’s not like that,” I tried to explain.

“Save it. I won’t bother you anymore.” He left the room without another word. Once again, I felt like shit. The last thing I wanted was for Manny to be mad at me also.

The rest of the day went by uneventful. I made breakfast but no one came downstairs; only when I went back up to my room did I hear them go to the kitchen. I hadn’t physically seen any of my brothers for the entire day nor night. The following day went by the same way and I went to sleep another night without even speaking to them. I decided I was going to talk to them about why I’d been so distant with them all these years. I couldn’t take another day of their silence.

The next morning was the day dad was supposed to return. I wasn’t sure of what time but I wanted to make up with the boys before he got home. I’d just put on some shorts when I heard a small knock at my door. I opened it seeing it was Kole.

“Can I come in?” – he asked

“Of course.” I led Kole over to my bed and sat down while he stood in front of me. He had on a small t-shirt with sweatpants which I thought was odd. I’d never seen him so covered up before…not at home anyway.

“Is this a new look for you?” – I asked.

Kole looked down at himself. “I figured you preferred I dressed this way.”

“What? Why would you think that?”

“Because you hate seeing my body.”

What the hell was he talking about? “What gave you that idea Kole?”

Tears started forming in his eyes before he spoke. “Because…you hate touching and kissing me or any type of skinship. You think I’m disgusting, don’t you?”

“What? No baby. Come here.” Kole didn’t move so I pulled him in between my opened legs. “Look at me.” When he didn’t, I grabbed his chin. “You are perfect, in every way. I love your body.”

“No you don’t,” Kole said with tears streaming down his face. “You always tell us to cover up. I promise I’ll wear more clothes. We all will. Just don’t…be so cold to me.”

My heart was breaking at Kole’s words. I need to fix this, now. I pulled his face to mine and captured his lips in a passionate kiss. He hesitated only for a second before engaging in the kiss. I pulled him down on top of me as I laid back on my bed. I sucked on his tongue and lips as bahis şirketleri the kiss grew intense. My hands roamed all over his body, reaching down under his waistband to grab his juicy ass cheeks with both hands. I rolled us over so I was on top as I moved down and kissed on his neck then back to his lips. Kole moaned in my mouth as he began grinding his hips into my crotch. I was just about to reach down into his pants for his dick when I heard Carson’s greeting that dad was home. I broke the kiss and Kole whined.

“It’s okay baby. Come on, let’s go greet dad.” He looked at me with slight fear in his eyes. “I won’t be cold anymore,” I said and leaned down to give him another kiss. He grinned at me before I pulled him to his feet. “Like I said, your body is perfect and I love seeing it so stop covering it up.”

“Okay,” Kole said with the biggest smile.

We went downstairs just as dad was walking in the living room. Kole ran to him giving him a big hug and kiss on the lips. He was surprised by all of their outfits and I realized Manny and Carson also covered up. It was all my fault.

“Were you guys cold or something. Why is everyone covered up?”

Before anyone said anything, Kole answered, “No reason…dad come over and sit. Manny made breakfast.” Kole led our dad over to the dining room and Carson fixed him a plate of waffles with bacon and fruit on the side. I went to the kitchen and found Manny making a few more waffles. I walked up behind him, ensuring my half hard dick was pressed against his ass. I hugged him from behind, letting my hand explore under his t-shirt then down into his shorts to give his dick a few strokes.

“Thanks for cooking,” I said in his ear. Manny dropped his head, enjoying the slight pleasure I was giving him. “Y-you’re welcome.”

“Also, I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting and about the last few days. Will you let me make it up to you?” I was now massaging Manny’s sack. He nodded. I noticed he stop cooking. “Don’t let the food burn little bro.” He immediately flipped the waffle before pressing his ass into my crotch more.

“How are you making it up to me?” – Manny asked.

“You’ll see later. Now turn around and give me a kiss.” He turned and pressed a gentle kiss to my lips and pulled away. I wanted more so I grabbed him by the back of the neck and took his mouth. I sucked on his lips and tongue before slowing the kiss down to a few pecks. Manny looked up at me panting. I needed to stop this here or I was going to take things too far. I was already hard in my shorts so I knew the twins and/or my dad would say something.

I gave Manny’s dick one more squeeze before I took the waffle he had ready and headed to the dining room. When I made it, I bent down and gave my dad a kiss on the cheeks. “Sorry dad, I didn’t greet you.”

“It’s fine son. Sit and eat. Where’s your brother?” Just then, Manny walked in with his own plate, his sweats showing the wetness from his leaking cock. No one said anything, just enjoyed the food he cooked.

After breakfast, dad went to his room to shower and nap. I pulled Carson to the side before he went upstairs. “You know I love you right?” Carson hesitated for a second then nodded. “And I know I haven’t been showing it fully, but for now on I will. And I don’t want to see any of you cover up while you’re home ever again. Unless you’re actually cold or something.” Carson beamed up at me.

“We can just cuddle if any of us are actually cold,” Carson pointed out.

“You’re right. Skin to skin does produce a lot of heat,” I smiled down at him. “You’re so beautiful. I just want you to know that.” Carson nodded, blushing. I took his chin in my and gave him a thorough kiss on his soft lips. “Love you.”

“Love you too,” Carson said before he jumped in my arms, giving me a big hug. I returned it by wrapping my arms around his small waist, moving my hands down to cup his ass.

For the rest of the day, we all sat in the living room watching tv. The twins came back down wearing a pair of loose booty shorts that only looked like panties with some crop tops. Manny also wore shorts, except they hung low on his hips, showing the base of his dick. Carson snuggled up against me, eventually laying his head in my lap. I’d begin absently rubbing his body, focusing on his juicy ass. The twins always said butt rubs soothe them, so I wanted to do this. I continued to slowly caress Carson’s ass, occasionally running a finger over his hole. He never said anything, only pressing his ass against my hand more. I looked over at my other brothers to see Kole sitting in Manny’s lap, his legs spread open like the way he sat at the table a few days ago. He lay back on Manny’s shoulder, allowing Manny to slowly stroke his dick in his shorts whenever he wanted.

We stayed like this watching tv all day; occasionally pausing for food and breaks but returning back to the couch to cuddle and enjoy each other. By the end of the night, I was rock hard. I knew Carson could feel my dick pressing against his face but he didn’t say anything. It was getting late and I needed to cum. I’d been holding my urges in for so long and it had been easier when I didn’t kiss or touch the boys. Now that I’m showing more affection, it’s harder for my erection to go down. I needed a release. After our last movie, I motioned for a sleepy Carson to sit up.

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Nothing in Life is Free Ch. 05

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Nothing in Life is Free — 05

I’m Bishop. I’m a middle-aged, balding guy who has a penchant for younger women. Nikki is twenty-two years old and has been living in the efficiency apartment over my garage for the past four months. She was homeless, dirty, smelly and hungry when she moved in. Over the past four months the ugly caterpillar has transformed into a very pretty butterfly. She’s not a classic beauty by any means but, to my eye, she’s absolutely lovely.

Nikki has straight, dark, almost black, shoulder-length hair. She’s nearly six feet tall and naturally slim. She’d been positively skinny when she moved in; her ribs, collar bones, shoulder blades and hips were all very pronounced. Now that she’s been on a steady diet of home-cooked food and the occasional take-out pizza, beer and ice-cream she’s begun to fill in. She has a beautiful smile now that her face has filled out a bit. Her stomach is still flat as a board and quite muscular but her tits seem to have grown slightly. They’re still only just teacup sized but they seem to be fuller now. They’re topped by small, pale areolas and long, perpetually stiff nipples that always seem to be trying to tear their way through whatever fabric covers them. Nikki hardly ever wears a bra and is fond of wearing small, tight t-shirts that never get anywhere near the tops of her tight jeans, let alone her shallow belly button.

Nikki’s ribs can still be seen but they’re not nearly as pronounce as before. Her thighs have thickened a bit but there’s still a wide gap between them through which daylight can be seen. Her boyish hips are very narrow, they’re only slightly wider than her thin waist but her ass has filled in very nicely. It’s still very slender with large dimples on either side but it’s firm, muscular and very nicely rounded. Her tits may not be quite a handful but her butt cheeks are just a little more than a handful.

It’s difficult to describe Nikki’s personality. She’s very odd to say the least. I’m not certain but I think she may have Asperger’s Syndrome. She seems naïve about some things but she’s very bright and articulate. Her own mannerisms and her reactions to people and situations are always just a bit ‘off.’ She’s usually very polite and friendly but she’s also brutally honest and very blunt. She’ll tell a complete stranger that he has bad breath.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t happy at Nikki’s arrival. Without any plans or means of support she’d left her wealthy parents’ home at age twenty-one. She was demanding, obstinate and spoiled. I’d agreed to let her stay rent free in the apartment above my garage until she could get on her feet but that wasn’t working out. I had to buy her some clothes to wear and even the simplest hygiene products like soap, shampoo and a hairbrush.

Nikki was always ravenously hungry. She could eat an entire large pizza in one sitting and still eat a heaping bowl of ice-cream for dessert. On top of that Nikki could drink an entire six-pack of my favourite craft-brewed beer before she started to show any outward signs of inebriation.

She had gotten a job stocking shelves at the local drugstore but had been fired after only two weeks when the manager caught her in the storeroom blowing the clerk in exchange for a bag of candy. Her excuse had been that she was hungry.

When I found out she was still blowing the occasional stranger in exchange for a Big Mac here and there I put my foot down. I told her that if she was going to stay rent free, she was going to have to start giving me sex. She hated the idea of having sex with a man who is the same age as her father but the idea of being hungry and homeless was even less appealing. So, we came to an agreement; in exchange for a place to stay and at least one full meal per day, she would have sex with me and only me.

That agreement has now evolved. None of Nikki’s previous lovers had ever brought her to orgasm. She’d had at least a dozen sex partners and given dozens of blowjobs but no one had ever given her an orgasm. She always thought of sex as something that guys enjoyed and that the only orgasms she’d ever have were those she’d give herself in private. That is, until the first time she’d had sex with me and she experienced her first orgasms with a partner. I got her off with my fingers, my mouth and my cock and she couldn’t get enough. She was now as hungry and demanding for sex as she had been for food.

Nikki turned out to be an adventurous lover. She doesn’t seem to have any gag reflex so she’s able to take my cock into her throat with ease. She loves sex in any position and, after getting over her initial fear, has even admitted that she enjoys anal sex. At more than twice her age, I’ll admit that I was having a little trouble keeping up with her appetite so we recently modified our agreement. Nikki is allowed to have sex with someone else if she first gets my permission. This resulted in a wild threesome with me, her and my best friend Paul.

So, now things have changed. Nikki is very content and canlı bahis says she’s in love with me. I’m finding that I’m also very content and that I’m falling in love with this odd little waif. Now what?

Nikki waltzed into my kitchen early on Saturday morning after our Friday night romp with my buddy Paul.

“Good morning. What’s for breakfast?”

“Good morning, Nikki. I’m making eggs, bacon and biscuits this morning.”

“Good. I’m starving.” No shocker there.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah. I was really tired after last night.”

“Was that fun?”

“Yeah! Can we do it again?”

“Sure, but not today. I don’t think Paul is coming over today.”

“OK. Will you fuck me then?” She was, as I said, very blunt about most everything.

“Sure thing, Nikki. I’d love to but let’s have breakfast first. OK?”

“Sure.” She sat down in her regular seat at my kitchen table and waited patiently for her breakfast. She was dressed in her tightest blue jeans and her tiniest t-shirt. She might’ve had a thong on but I couldn’t tell. She was also barefoot, as usual.

I served her four eggs, two biscuits, several slices of bacon and a tall glass of orange juice. I held another two eggs and some bacon in reserve as I knew she’d probably want more. The reserve turned out to be a wise decision as she did indeed ask for more. This girl could eat!

She was still eating her breakfast when I pushed back from the table and carried my dishes to the sink. I put the skillet into the sink and started washing up. I turned around to get Nikki’s dishes and found her standing in the middle of the kitchen nude from the waist up, having tossed her t-shirt in her chair. She was wiggling out of her jeans and revealing that she did indeed have on a thong. They were bright red and they hit the floor on top of her jeans.

I picked up the dishes from the table, rinsed them and was bending to put them in the dishwasher when Nikki came over, leaned her butt against the kitchen counter next to me and started running her right hand across her belly and down to her bald pussy. She spread her tight lips apart and rubbed the length of her pussy several times before settling in and concentrating her efforts with two fingers on her clitoris.

I moved back a couple of steps in order to take it all in. I just stood and watched as she rubbed herself harder and faster. She was spreading her wetness liberally between her thighs and all the way up across her smooth pubic mound.

“Having fun?”

“Uh huh. I’m horny.”

“I can see that. Are you going to cum?”

“Uh huh.” She bit her lower lip and stared into my eyes as she intensified her masturbation.

I was so stiff that I had to reach into my shorts and rearrange things so that I could stand up straight without hurting myself.

Nikki set her feet apart, bent her knees, spread her thighs more and began pressing hard and rubbing herself with her entire hand. She started to emit little grunts “Uh, uh, uh, uh,” as she continued to stare directly into my eyes. After a little less than a minute of this Nikki started cumming. She started bouncing on her toes and thrusting her hips into her hand as she got herself off. She never broke eye contact.

After a couple of minutes, she started to slow down and breathe more regularly. She cupped her entire pussy with her hand and sighed deeply. Her hand was visibly wet. I was afraid that my shorts were going to be visibly wet from all the pre-cum that I was leaking.

“That was beautiful. I love watching you cum. Do you masturbate a lot?”

“Yeah. Probably about four or five times a day.”

“Do you usually get off standing up like that?”

“I don’t know. Sometimes I do it in bed but sometimes I do it in the shower or in my chair. Once I did it while I was sunbathing in the yard.”

“The backyard, I hope.”

“Uh huh.”

I have a privacy fence but a couple of my neighbours have second story windows that overlook my yard. Those neighbours have undoubtedly discovered Nikki’s less than bashful nature but nobody has ever complained.

“Do you like watching me?”

“Yeah, Nikki. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen you get yourself off and I really liked it. Will you do it again for me sometime?”

“Sure. Whenever you want. I like making myself cum. It’s easy”

I started to strip off my t-shirt as I headed for the living room. Nikki, already completely nude, followed me. I dropped my shorts on the floor, sat in the middle of the couch and, without words I invited Nikki to sit on my lap.

Nikki sat facing me. She put her hands on the back of the couch on either side of my head and leaned in to put one of her lovely little tits in my mouth. I kissed and suckled her nipple until she shifted and put her other nipple in my mouth. I let her show me what she wanted. She went back and forth feeding me her nipples and each entire tit for several minutes. All this time she was pressing herself into my lap. She didn’t take me inside her but bahis siteleri rocked back and forth, rubbing her pussy along the length of my rigid cock.

Nikki rested her chin on top of my head and moaned as I continued to stimulate her tits with my mouth and tongue. She abruptly sat up straight, dropped all her weight onto my lap and leaned hard against me with her tit in my mouth. She gave a series of squeaks and drenched my cock.

She didn’t wait to recover before sitting back a little, reaching down between us, grabbing my cock in a tight fist and basically shoving it into her cunt. Once she’d accomplished this she started to rock again, then bounce, gyrate, and generally go completely spastic on my lap. She had a look of deep concentration as she focused hard on her task.

Eventually she developed a rhythm. She put her hands on my shoulders and started to ride me as if ‘posting’ in an English horse saddle. She would come down hard, slide forward, come up and back and repeat. For my part I held my hands at her waist and let her do the work of making me cum.

I can usually hold out for quite a while but after all the verbal and visual stimulation, coupled with her riding skills I didn’t last long at all. “Honey, I’m gonna cum.”

“Uh huh.” She only intensified her efforts.

“Oh, Nikki,” I sighed and bucked underneath her as the spasms started. My muscles clenched involuntarily at least eight or ten times and I let myself go inside her.

I started to calm down and pulled Nikki against me. She sat, with my cock buried inside her and hugged me tightly. I returned her hug and said, “You’re really wonderful. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yeah.” Blunt and honest as usual.

“Did you like that?”

“Yeah. I love it when you cum.”

“You make me really happy, Nikki.”


My cock started to soften and I could feel my cum starting to leak out of her pussy onto my balls. Nikki put her hand under herself; cupping it over her pussy she disengaged and got up from my lap. She didn’t head straight for the bathroom as I expected but instead stood in front of me, feet spread apart with her hand cupped between her thighs. She let my cum drip out onto her hand and then brought it to her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and seductively licked our combined cum off the palm of her hand. She looked straight into my eyes while she licked and then sucked each individual finger into her mouth. Like a cat, she cleaned her hand thoroughly before leaning in to kiss me.

Nikki stuck her tongue in my mouth and kissed me deeply. I was a little freaked out that I was not just tasting her but I was also tasting myself. This was completely new behaviour but I was too turned on by her to say anything or to do anything other than kiss her back.

I grabbed a fistful of her hair, “You’re a nasty little girl, aren’t you?”

Nikki, stopped and stiffened a little. She looked at me with real concern in her eyes and said, “Sorry.”

“Oh! Honey! No! I didn’t mean that in a bad way. Not at all. I love it that you’re such a nasty girl when you’re with me.”

She softened a little.

“Nikki, you should always strive to act like a nice young lady in public but it’s perfectly fine if you act horny and nasty when it’s just me and you. As a matter of fact, I love it.”

“OK. You’re not mad?”

“No, that was really sexy. Where did you learn that?” I was afraid she was going to tell me she’d learned it from the mailman or some stranger in the park.

“I read a story in a magazine. I was really horny when I finished so I decided to do it with you.”

“I see. Well, it was very sexy. I don’t think it’s for every time we have sex but it’s good to try new things.”

“Oh, good!” I watched her skinny little butt as she headed toward the bathroom.

I pulled on my shorts and my t-shirt and sat back on the couch. When Nikki finished up in the bathroom, she came back to the living room and sat down next to me. She was still completely nude but seemed unbothered by it, almost unaware.

“Nikki, I need to talk to you about something. OK?”

A brief look of concern, “OK.”

“It’s nothing bad. It might be good. We’ll see.”

She sat quietly and looked me straight in the eye.

“Nikki, I’ve grown very fond of you. I never expected to but I’m falling in love with you.” Her eyes brightened and her face broke into a wide smile.

“I love you.”

“I know, Nikki. That’s very sweet. I’ve been thinking…”

She continued to sit passively and wait for me to finish.

“I… Uh… Uhm… I’ve…” I finally just blurted it out. “I’ve been thinking that you should move in here with me instead of living alone in the apartment.”

“Really?” Huge, bright smile.

“Yeah. I’m not sure how it’ll go. It might not work out but maybe we should try it on a temporary basis. If you don’t like it or if I change my mind then you can always go back to the apartment. How does that sound?”

“It sounds nice.”

“We would be spending a lot bahis şirketleri more time together. We could sleep together or I can clean out my office and make that your room with your own bed.”

“Can I sleep in your room, with you?”

“Yeah. We can try that.”

“I’ve never slept with a guy before.”

I chuckled, “Most of the time when people say that they’re ‘sleeping together’ they mean that they’re fucking one another. In this case we’re talking about actually sleeping together.”

“Yeah. We can fuck and sleep together too. I like that idea. I like it a lot.”

“So do I Nikki, or I wouldn’t be asking you. There will have to be some other changes too.”

She just sat and waited as if for instructions.

“I’d like to have your help around the house. I’ll need you to help keep the house neat and clean. We have the small bathroom off the kitchen but it’ll mean sharing the master bathroom. We’re going to be sharing things more often and we might get in each other’s way. It’ll take some getting used to.”

“I won’t be in the way, I promise.”

“Would you like to go and get your things and bring them down here today?”

“Yes!” She practically jumped up and sprinted, completely nude, to the backdoor.

I spent the next half hour cleaning out half of my closet, two drawers in my dresser and half of the double vanity in the master bath. Nikki came back and found me in the bedroom adding another set of pillows to my king-size bed. She was dressed in her black slacks and one of two blouses that I’d bought her. She was still barefoot. She was carrying her old backpack and an armload of books and magazines.

“You can put your things in this side of the closet or in either of these two drawers. I’ve also made room for your things in the bathroom vanity.”


She hung her sundress and a blouse in the closet and put the rest of her clothes neatly into one drawer. I noted that there were only two pairs of jeans, two t-shirts, several pairs of thong panties and a barely worn sports bra. She had various other small items for grooming that she put in the bathroom but that was about it. She just didn’t have much.

“That’s all you’ve got?”


“Where are your shoes?”

“They broke.”

“You don’t have any shoes? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I thought you’d be mad.”

“Nikki. I’m not mad that you broke your shoes. I’m a little mad that you didn’t tell me.”

“You’re not going to throw me out, are you?”

“No! Just because I get annoyed doesn’t mean that I’m going to throw you out. I want you here as much as you want to be here. I’m not going to throw you out.”

“Dad threw me out.”

“I’m sorry to hear that sweetheart, but I’m not your dad. I may be old but I’m nothing like your dad. OK?”

“Yeah.” Her expression said she was still a little worried.

“We need to go get you some new shoes and you’re going to need more clothes too.”

“I don’t have any money.”

“OK. That’s another thing that’s going to change with this new arrangement. I’m going to support you a bit more. I’ll get you some more clothes and some other things like makeup if you want. I’ll have to rent out the apartment so that there’ll be enough money but, in the meantime I have enough to get you some clothes if we’re frugal. We’ll go back to the thrift store again. OK?”

“Oh, Thank you, Bishop! That’s wonderful!” She actually danced a little jig.

I pulled on some jeans and a polo shirt and tried my best to convince Nikki that she had to put on her sports bra under her blouse before leaving the house. In the end she opted to change out of her blouse and slacks and into her sundress to avoid the need for a bra. I gave her an old pair of flip-flops that were too big for her and off we went.

We drove back to the thrift store. I wanted to know what she’d choose so I gave her a shopping basket, sat down on a bench and told her to, “Go get some new clothes.” She just stood and looked at me, not quite knowing what to do.

“Look, Nikki. You know what you like to wear. Go choose things that you want to wear. Be sure to try them on and make sure they fit and try not to spend more than a hundred dollars. I’ll wait here until you’re done.”

“A hundred dollars!?”

“That should be enough to get plenty of clothes here.” I worried that she considered me cheap.

“That’s a lot of money!” I felt relieved.

“It’s OK. Be sure to find at least two pairs of shoes too, if you can.”

Off she went; wheeling her shopping cart in front of her and browsing through every rack of clothing. We were going to be here for a while.

It took almost two hours but she met me near the front of the store with a half-full shopping cart. She said she had everything she could possibly want.

“Did you find shoes too?”

“Yes. I got two pairs and a really cool pair of boots too.”

“OK, let’s go see how much it all costs,” and we headed for the cashier.

Nikki had apparently been quite frugal. Her purchases only came to just over eighty dollars. I gave her the remaining twenty dollars and told her that it was hers to keep and spend any way that she wanted. She grinned so widely that you’d have thought that I’d handed her a gold bar.

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Leafy Suburbs Ch. 03: Play Doctor

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Nikhil may have been intensely aroused by his mom’s houseguests but he wasn’t sleepy yet.

When he heard the lights getting switched off downstairs he leapt up silently to completely shut his bedroom door. He shut it, but he heard his mom coming up the stairs. Within seconds here she was.


She knocked a couple of times with a fingernail, and spoke softly, even though they were the only ones home.



“Still up? I thought you were asleep by now.”

“I’m going to bed now.”

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah I’m fine.” He took a couple of seconds too long to answer.

“Are you sure?”


Now she felt vaguely curious. “May I come in?”

“Not sure.”

“Not sure?!”

Now she was afraid he was sick or something. She tried the knob, turned it, just cracked the door open slowly.

There stood Nick behind the door, shyly hiding, so that she saw less than one half of him. It seemed to her in the tipsy dark that he was wearing a tee shirt, a bashful expression and nothing else.

“Changing for bed?”

“Yeah. Eventually.”

Now she was vaguely amused. “Eventually?”

“Need to take care of some business first.”

Her face showed curiosity and she gently pressed his bedroom door open a little more. She gasped softly to see his hardness.

“Oh! I’m so sorry, it looks like…”

He only shrugged a little, still bashful. “Kind of.”

“Aww. I’m so sorry…” She crossed her arms and smiled hard trying not to stare.

He shrugged. She noticed that his balls had pulled up tighter under him and the hood was starting to pull back over the swollen head.

“Well that’s okay. I’m sorry to intrude.”

He stood there with his own arms crossed too. “It’s okay. You’ve seen me before,” he said. He meant she’s seen him naked before. She had.

“I have,” she said. “It’s looking very good there.”

As she uncrossed one arm and with her nails and fingertips slowly caressed the outside of his hip at the height of his arousal, she said, “I’m going to bed. You can do it and finish and get to bed yourself,” she instructed. Then she smiled. “What brought this on? Any lady in particular? Hannah?”

Hannah was a neighborhood girl who also now attended the community college. She had a sweet personality and a plain face and a curvy body beneath the jeans and hoodie and ponytail.

“Mmm, nah. I like her, but…”

Still caressing him: “Ohh. Were you thinking of Kayla?”

A scholarly black girl, Kayla also attended the community college. Like his mom, Kayla looked good in leggings. His mom must have noticed this too.

“Nah, not her…”

“Mmmm,” she said softly. Then asked in a breathy voice, “Just need some release then? That’s all right.” She smiled sympathetically.

She caught herself thinking of Madan, and the last time she had aroused him. The young guy’s erection wasn’t as great as his dad’s, she felt but did not say, but it did please her that it looked healthy and eager.

“Melessee,” he said plainly.

Even after a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, Priya’s eyes widened with surprise, and for a while after she wished they hadn’t.

“Professor Mulunesh?” she asked.

“Yeah. She said I should call her Melessee.”

Priya’s eyebrows knit as she tried to recall Nikhil coming downstairs even once during the party. “She said that? When did she say that?”

“Earlier,” he said, his hard slowly going soft.

“But you were up here the whole time, right?”

“Yes. Studying,” he added, in case this was a trap to see if he was watching TV.

“Oh, she must have come up here when the powder room was taken,” Priya said to herself.

Nick nodded.

“Well that’s fine. I hope you gave her some privacy and didn’t try to hang out with her.”

Nick laughed once at the idea and it made Priya smile. “I mean,” Priya said, “it’s one thing to hang out with me when I’m in there, but…” Nick returned her smiled at this.

“Melessee,” Priya said to nobody, like the English Department professor’s name was a statement. She smiled a little. “That’s sweet,” she said. “She is beautiful, isn’t she.”

“Yeah,” said Nick, smiling, and having returned to complete softness. “She is.”

“Well I’m off to bed,” she said, standing up straight again, “but you enjoy, sweetheart,” as she hugged him around his shoulders and kissed him twice, first on the lips then on one cheek, then gave his face a little squeeze.

“Seeing you like that is kind of making me miss your dad,” she said, half to herself and halfway out his door.

“Geez, Mom,” he cringed. She laughed as she shut his door completely.

Nick was just stretching out in bed when she knocked again.

“Hang on a sec,” he yelled, getting up.

Since there was nothing to hide he opened the door again. She stood there with a strange, knowing smile as she presented him with a large gently-wadded ball of bathroom tissue.

“Thank you,” he said flatly, as he accepted the tissue before closing the door again.

On her walk through the dark upstairs illegal bahis corridor to her bedroom, Priya made a mental note to buy a few items from the drugstore.

* * * * *

A couple of weeks later it was just after the lunch hour, and Priya, working from home, was on her way out to the office for a business-casual meeting. Nikhil was in his room, mostly getting a reading assignment done for class the next day. His TV was on in the background. His door was wide open. She knocked anyway. He looked to her.

“How’s it going? Studying?”


“I’m on my way to the office for our monthly meeting, but if you’re not too busy I’d like to take a quick look.”

“A quick look?”

She smiled. “Yes?”


She smiled hard.

“Oh, you want to examine me?” He noticed she was carrying both her purse and a plastic bag from a chain brand drugstore.

She only nodded, still smiling hard. He put the book down and got up from his desk.

She came all the way into his room, then shut his door, though they both knew nobody else was home. She took him by the hand and led him to his bed where she kept him standing while she sat on the edge and crossed her legs toward him, placing both her handbag and the plastic shopping bag next to her.

He played along. He was dressed in jogging pants and an unzipped hoodie over a white tee shirt. She wore a blouse and a scarf over black leggings, a good outfit for an afternoon meeting, her hair pinned up in a professional-looking bob.

Though she had somewhere to be this afternoon she was unhurried in unfastening his pants. With one smooth gentle motion she pulled down both his pants and the store brand briefs she bought him.

Though he was doing nothing more exciting than tomorrow’s required reading, his sex was semi-erect. This surprised the guy but not the woman. “Here,” she said, “step out of them.” He stepped out of his bunched-up underwear and pants and swept the bunch aside with one foot.

With her left hand on his right hip and her right fingertips and nails gently caressing his right hip, her own hair pinned up neatly and professionally, she looked up into his face and asked permission to touch him.

“I’m going to touch you, is that all right?”

He shrugged. “Sure, I guess?”

She asked for clear affirmation: “Yes?”

He shrugged again but said, “Okay. Yes.”

Priya kept her left hand steady on his right hip and with the fingers of her right hand gently but deliberately first gently raked thru his sparse thatch of hair a few times.

“Should I shave that?” he said.

“No need,” she said flatly, almost expecting the question.

One by one she examined each of his balls, giving each a gentle squeeze followed by a gentle tug.

“Does that hurt?” she asked.

“Not really,” he said. “Not if you’re doing it.”

Using just the tips of her fingers and thumb reached up, deep around the base of his shaft, and milked him slowly and thoroughly from base to crown.

He groaned a little and softly said, “Careful, you’re making me pee a little.”

She didn’t respond to this. Then slowly and gently she pulled the skin back, revealing the head was glossy and wet. Whether from comfort or arousal, he began to grow hard.

“Ugh, sorry,” he said.

“It’s just fine, sweetheart,” his mom assured him. “It’s a good thing.”

“Did you masturbate lately?” she asked nicely.

He shrugged. “A couple of days ago, I guess?” he said.

Not only did her gentle caresses easily coax an arousal out of him but she thought she could smell the semen he was aching to express. At eye level she could watch his erection throb with his heartbeat.

“Looks like you’re just about due, poor guy.” They both smiled.

“Sit down here,” she said softly, patting a space next to her on the bed. Now dressed only in a white tee shirt and his hoodie he sat down, his sex now aroused and needing relief.

“I bought you some things,” she said, reaching for the plastic bag from a chain drug store.

She pulled out a small bottle of unscented plain white Serin brand lotion. The bottle had on its label a picture of a yellow finch. While he looked it over she pulled out an expensive looking bottle of coconut oil. It looked like a bottle of clear hand sanitizing liquid. He looked this over too.

“So, these are two different things you can use,” she taught.

He nodded.

“They’re all yours,” she continued. “I don’t need them back. If one of them isn’t feeling good to use, then just toss it in the trash. But they shouldn’t. Let me know sometime which on you like better.”

Next she pulled from the bag a box of store brand white tissues. “You should always try to wash your hands first, before you start doing it,” she said. “And of course afterwards too.”

She picked up the box of tissues and shook them as she said, “Have tissues nearby to clean up as you finish. You can flush them in the toilet, or, you know, conserve a lot of water and just leave the used tissues in the wastebasket. I’m the only one who collects the trash from illegal bahis siteleri your bathroom, so don’t worry.”

“How do I look?” the guy asked his mom, catching her by surprise with his vulnerability.

“What do you mean, babe?”

“I mean, does everything look okay there?”

“Well I know I’m not a doctor, or a nurse, but everything looks fine.”

“Good,” he said, relieved. “That’s all I wanted to know.”

“Aww,” she said, and putting both arms around his neck, pulled him close and kissed his cheek.

“Beautiful shapes there. Like your dad’s.”

This was meant as a compliment but made him cringe. “Mom. Please.”

“Well it’s true. Your penis and your testes. Healthy and good.”

“Okay thank you, but, seriously, stop.”

She benignly ignored his pleas, and now sounded like she was talking to herself. “I may have had some differences with your dad, she said, but I looked forward to going to bed together at night.”

“Can I see how you touch?” she asked.

“Sure, I guess, if you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind,” she assured him. “Lean back comfortably,” she said softly, this time patting an area on the bed behind him.

He leaned back on the elbow of the hand he wasn’t using. “Just do it like normal?” he asked. She nodded.

He gripped himself and began stroking. “Kinda lost the erection,” he said.

“That’s okay, she assured him,”it will come back.

He gripped his shaft loosely between his thumb and first two fingers and stroked slowly. “It’s weird with you watching,” he smiled to admit.

His sweetness made her smile too. She grasped and slowly moved his bangs out of his eyes.

“It’s okay darling,” she said very softly. “You’re safe with me. Right?”

He didn’t look up but he nodded.

“You’re safest with me.” Still talking very softly, almost whispering. “And this is your private bedroom. I want everything good for you. I know you get strong feelings there, and those are healthy and good, and Mama wants you to enjoy them.”

He met her glance and held it for a couple of seconds and stayed silent. He closed his eyes and smiled shyly.

She smiled too, and gave him another kiss, this time on the forehead she just swept of his bangs.

“What are you thinking of?” she asked.

“Nothing,” he said. She thought that may have been unlikely but was sweetly polite.

“It’s okay to think about different people,” she assured him. “You don’t have to tell them. It’s okay to think about… say, a romantic date with Kayla, or with Hannah…”

He wondered what she meant by a romantic date. What he did say was: “I’m going to think about Professor Melessee.”

He was still touching himself slowly, but at the mention of her name, both of them noticed that his erection began to return.

“Oh wow,” Priya said, “that’s great. You’re feeling her. She’s a beautiful woman all right. Did you know her husband is from India?” she asked.

“He is?” he asked in return. “Didn’t know that.”

Following her guidance, he stroked normally, not slow but not fast.

“Mmmm,” she said in a soft low voice, “now how does that feel?”

“Good,” he said, his own voice now tense.

“Good,” she affirmed. “Mmm, there, now you’re getting hard again, that’s nice. Thinking of Melessee? Hmm?”


“Thinking of kissing her?”


“Thinking of being her husband and taking her to bed at night?”


She was enjoying sweetly tormenting him. There was a reason she wanted him as erect as possible.

She said nothing about it but noticed he was gripping his penis harder and stroking a little faster.

“Thinking of Sweet Melessee? Hm?”

“Yeah I am… Thinking of her pretty dress.”

“Aww, that’s nice… Thinking of of her sitting on your toilet?” she teased.

“Yeah,” he managed, “thinking of Ani on my toilet too.”


“And you too.”

“Ooh, on your toilet you mean?”


“You like to see me there?”

Suddenly he stopped, pulled his hand away, used both elbows to prop himself up, and winced as though in pain. His penis throbbed as though it was angry. She watched this and thought, this is it, he’s gonna finish. But he didn’t.

“Doing okay?”

“Yes,” he said breathily. “You said to try and stop when I felt I was about to finish.”

“Oh! Is that what just happened?”


“Good for you,” she said in a low voice. “Good for you… It’s okay if you need to finish…”

He let his heartbeat and breathing calm down again. “Do you tell Dad to do all this too?” he asked, then as soon as he said that, he added: “Never mind, I don’t want to know.”

There was a lot of sweet smiling going on this afternoon, and here was more. For a few seconds she thought about how to answer.

“Well, your dad and I keep our marriage to ourselves. There’s no need to bother you and your sister with it, right?”

He shrugged, but his face said please go on.

“But he’s a considerate dad to you, right?”


“So when we’re together, he’s a considerate partner canlı bahis siteleri to me. Make sense?”

“I guess so,” he said, and left it there, though he wanted to ask her why they were separated, if all this was true.

For now that’s all she told him, as vague as possible, but a part of her really wanted to use this teachable moment and nurture this growing future husband by also telling Nikhil that as she and his dad grew together in the marriage, he became as patient and practiced at controlling his release, all through their lovemaking sessions, so that when he did finally need to finish, it was after a few stops and then only with her awareness, so they both enjoyed both the intensified pleasure of his release and the resulting volume of his fluid, whether he provided her his fluid deep inside her, or on her breasts. But now was not the time for that talk. Not least of all because she had a meeting to get to before traffic became difficult on 695.

She sensed he was getting farther along in his masturbation session, and there was one other lesson she wanted to fit in to this teachable moment. As he watched, she reached behind him for the drugstore’s plastic shopping bag and removed its last item, a small box.

“Condoms,” he said.

“Let’s make sure you’re doing it right. This is the best time to practice. If these run out then I keep some in a glass jar on my nightstand, and I think there’s a box on my toilet. I’ll understand if some are missing. I won’t ask.”

He wouldn’t think to ask her until much later why she would need condoms if she and his dad were separated.

She pulled one of the foil squares out of the box. “These are new. I just bought them. But always first check the date. See?”

She showed him the date stamp. He nodded.

“Then squeeze it gently to one side of the packet, like this.”

He nodded.

“Then carefully open it, like this. Don’t use your teeth, and watch that you don’t cut it with your fingernails.”

He watched her do this all as she narrated it.

With the tips of her thumb and index finger she carefully slid the neutral colored condom out of its wrapper. He didn’t comment about it but he did notice the expertise with which she did all this, like she had done many times before.

His mom looked at him. “Would you like to try? Or would you like me to show you?”

“You show me, please,” he said.

Still sitting upright with her legs crossed toward him, she leaned over him and took on a look of concentration on a task. “Just hold the penis still, and pull the skin back over the head… There, good. Just like that.”

With the same finger and thumb she pinched the air out of the tip and placed it gently like a crown, then held it there. With the fingers of her other hand she unrolled it, smoothly, all the way down to the thatch of young hair she told him not to bother removing. Then she sat up straight, looking pleased, her hands clasped together. He gazed in wonder at this.

“So after I leave,” she said, “go ahead and experiment with the lotions I got you.” She went on: “And sweetheart, after you finish, hold the base of the penis with one hand and pull it off slowly, from the base.” As she said this she mimed the action and speed. “And wrap it in toilet paper and put it in the plastic trash liner. Same deal: I empty your trash and I won’t mind.” And after a second she added one important thing: “And also never flush it. Or you’ll have to mow lawns this summer to pay for the plumbing bill.”

She looked at him and smiled. He smiled shyly back, in spite of his excited condition.

“Never worn a condom before,” he said. “I mean, why would I.” It was a statement, not a question. “How does it look?” he asked her.

“You look just fine. How do you think you look?” He looked down at himself for a few seconds.

“It looks a little silly,” he replied honestly.

“Silly, huh?” she said. “Maybe at first, but you will be glad you have it when you learn about the heartache you’ll avoid. To say nothing about the respect she will give you.” And now she leaned over and caressed his far hip with her fingertips. “You look like a considerate husband or partner,” she decided.

“Cool,” he said.

“The condom protects you and her, but it also helps keep you hard. It also helps you keep from finishing too soon,” she added. “Well that’s good,” he said, his voice a little tense, almost fearful. “I think I’m gonna need to finish soon…”

She leaned over him, closed her eyes and gave him a chaste lingering kiss on the lips. “Mmmm, good, just let it happen, sweet boy,” she said in the softer voice, her face hovering over his. “Practice taking it slow.” She checked her watch. “Okay, I need to get going.”

It was an afternoon of sweet smiles and smooth motions and in one of those smooth motions she gathered up all the trash, put it in the plastic shopping bag and took it with her. She walked into the main bathroom and he heard the water run as she washed her hands. She emerged, gave him one of those sweet smiles and reminded him to finish his studying before it got late.

She kept talking as she strode down the stairs. “Don’t spoil your appetite,” she called. “I’ll bring dinner on my way home. Your dad is back in town, you know. Maybe if you’re lucky he’ll introduce you to Mina,” he heard her say.

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The Corruption of Colt Jackson Ch. 05

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Colt doesn’t sleep well that night. After dinner and a few more drinks, Marc and he had watched more Netflix. Eventually they had kissed and Colt can’t say that he didn’t enjoy it. They wound up in his bed this time instead of on the couch. With everything unresolved, his body drowning in the aftereffects of whiskey and his thoughts and feelings still in flux, his mind never fully shuts off.

When he’s asleep he dreams about his childhood, the horrors of it; his mom’s constant crying and his dad’s ever present anger. How his mom could love anyone like his dad, Colt has no idea. He dreams of fists and hard objects slamming into his body. He dreams of all the lies he had to tell social workers and EMT’s out of fear of more retaliation from his father and how no one ever saw through them to the truth.

When he’s awake, he thinks about the man in his bed with him, holding him tightly even in his sleep as if he’s afraid Colt might slip away from him.

There’s a man in bed with him. No matter who it is, even that simple truth is something shocking to Colt. The couch had seemed innocent enough. Even if nothing has happened beyond kissing, the bed is different. It’s more personal. It’s more intimate.

He thinks about their conversation the night before.

Colt isn’t stupid. He gets the implication that whatever business Marc’s uncle is involved in isn’t on the up and up. He gets that Marc’s dad was involved in that business and that Marc has now taken his place. He gets that it’s dangerous. Colt wonders if he can convince Marc that being a mechanic with his dad is better than getting himself beat up or worse.

Three months. Marc had been watching him for two months before Colt had ever seen him, before they ever said a word to each other. That’s weird, isn’t it? It isn’t normal. Then again, none of this is normal for Colt. Maybe he’s reading too much into it.

There’s no denying that it felt good to be held on the couch, to have someone there to hang out with. There’s no denying that he likes kissing Marc or that it feels good and warm to be held while laying here. What happened at the library scared him. Anything more than that scares him.

Is he attracted to Marc? Marc is attractive. He’s charismatic with a confident swagger about him that’s hard to ignore. But is Colt attracted to him? He thinks about that crooked grin and he has to admit that yes, on some level Colt is attracted to Marc. It’s a strange feeling to acknowledge that, even in the privacy of his own mind. He has no idea what to do with that attraction.

With Marc comes an added edge of danger, unpredictability and pushiness, an intensity that diminishes Colt in some ways. Colt would be stupid to ignore all of that.

Marc’s arm shifts around his waist, pulling him even closer, holding him even tighter, as if Marc can read Colt’s thoughts and knows he’s thinking about him.

Colt lies very still, waiting to make sure that Marc will go back to sleep. However, after a full canlı bahis şirketaleri minute’s worth, Marc stirs even more.

“I can tell you’re awake, Vanilla.”

“I think I’m still drunk.” Colt glances at the clock on his bedside table. “And I have to get up to get ready for work in less than an hour.”

Marc yawns, speaking through the act. “I’ve always heard that the best solution for that is to get re-drunk.”

Colt smirks. “Re-drunk? Really?”


Colt feels Marc’s lips nuzzle at his neck and shoulder. It’s a warm, intimate touch and Colt’s skin prickles to life. It’s over too soon as Marc leaves the bed and the bedroom. When he returns, Colt can barely make out a bottle in his hand.

“You can’t be serious, Marc.”

“Serious as fuck. We’re gonna get you ready for work.”

Marc crawls back onto the bed, slips partially back beneath the bed sheets before straddling Colt.

Colt looks up at the dark shadow of the man on top of him. “I don’t think there’s science to back up this method of yours. Also, I don’t wanna be drunk at work.”

“You wanna be hungover at work?”

Colt thinks about that a moment before shaking his head. “No.”

“Trust me. It’s science.” Marc leans down over Colt and puts the opening of the bottle to his lips, slowly starting to tilt it at the right angle. “Drink, Vanilla.”

Colt’s lips part just in time to catch the amber liquid before it spills. He drinks until Marc quits pouring, just a half a shot’s worth. Then Marc tilts the bottle again and Colt quickly drinks again. This happens a few more times, Colt letting Marc feed him whiskey, until Colt puts a hand on Marc’s wrist to stop him. Marc takes a drink from the bottle and then sets the bottle on the nightstand.

“Give it a minute.” Marc says, remaining on top of Colt, his fingertip runs along the bridge of Colt’s nose. “It’s dark as fuck in here so I can’t see it, but I can imagine that stupid face you make after drinking whiskey. You’re so damn vanilla.”

Colt laughs a bit, a sleepy and still drunk sort of laugh. “I want you to say my name. You always call me Vanilla. Say my name, Marc.”

Marc shifts his hips once over Colt’s groin. The sudden movement and friction there makes Colt gasp in a breath of air. Marc leans down over him and kisses him. Colt kisses Marc back.

“Colt Jackson.” Marc says, rocking his hips again, this time pressing his cock against Colt’s, only the thin cotton layers of their clothes separating them.

Colt grips Marc’s arms. “Marc. Not yet… please. I’m not ready.”

Marc grinds against him again. “I already touched your cock, Colt.”

“I know.” Colt whispers, memories of the library incident suddenly vivid in his mind.

Again, there’s that press and grind and Colt’s body instinctively pushes up toward it.

“We’re not even touching now. No skin on skin.”

“I know.” Colt whispers again, the words more breathy this time.

Marc kisses him again and Colt’s canlı kaçak iddaa lips part to kiss the other man in return. He feels Marc grinding against him again, and again, and again. He hears himself make some kind of sound into Marc’s mouth as they kiss. He sounds wanting and needy even to himself. His entire body is screaming yes while his mind is still on the fence.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?”

Colt can’t say that it doesn’t feel good. It feels amazing. He’s so close to completion that he doesn’t want it to stop. He also wants it to stop. He isn’t ready.

Marc’s tongue slides up the side of his neck and Colt finds that that drives him wild. He emits another wanton sound as Marc whispers into his ear and continues to dry hump them together.

“Admit it, Colt. It feels good.”

“Yes.” He hears himself breathe the word out as the world thins to nothing but this space and this act and the man on top of him.

“Come on, Vanilla. Let go. Let yourself feel it.” Marc says softly.

Colt can feel Marc tense and shudder, can smell the scent of sex. Marc’s movements become momentarily stiff, but he never stops, never lets up, and eventually his hips move languidly again.

Colt lets go. His hands slip down to Marc’s waist as his hips press up against the other man, matching his movements until he reaches his own orgasm, spilling in his sweat pants.

Marc is kissing him again. Colt kisses him in return, surprised and slightly embarrassed about what just happened no matter how good it felt. Then he feels the bottle at his lips again and he doesn’t even think twice about drinking more as Marc slowly pours whiskey into his mouth. His nose still wrinkles afterward and Marc kisses the tip of his nose in the dark.

* * * * *

Colt is re-drunk at work. He has no idea if there’s really any science behind it, but what he does know is that he feels good, a lot better than he thought he would before Marc had poured more whiskey down his throat. He worries about whether his co-workers can tell that he’s drunk, but none of them have said anything yet and it’s almost lunch time.

All morning he’s been nursing water, trying to slowly sober up and hydrate himself. This is the smart move, he thinks.

Today is a half-day. He’s supposed to leave at lunch and go coach his little league team in the tournament. Colt isn’t sure he’s up to it. He loves coaching those kids. Today he’s… off his game. At least that’s how he feels.

Today all he can think about is Marc Fiarri.

He thinks about what they’d done this morning. It wasn’t bad. All clothes were on the entire time. He isn’t in so deep that he can’t get out if he really wants to… right? He can’t quit thinking about how it had felt to be with Marc like that. It makes him hard to think about it. He’s been hard all morning.

Colt chews on a pen cap and tries to focus on entering book returns into a computer.

He thinks about how after his shower and getting dressed, canlı kaçak bahis Marc had been waiting in the living room for him. He thinks about how Marc had kissed him and kissed him, fed him another shot of whiskey and kissed him again. He thinks about how Marc’s hand lingered at his back as they’d said goodbye. Colt had left Marc at his house. It’s the first time Marc has been there without him.

Colt checks his phone for messages. There are none. He tries to focus on work again, shifting the pen cap to the other side of his mouth.

He thinks about how rock hard Marc’s abs had felt through his shirt when Colt had let himself touch him this morning. Just how built is Marc? For all their messing around, they’ve never seen each other naked. They’ve never been naked together. Colt is surprised that he wants to know what Marc’s abs look like. He’d felt them. He wants to see them.

He drops the pen cap in the trash and takes another sip of water, briefly thinking he wished it was whiskey. Is it possible for him to stay drunk until he has time to sleep it off?

No, water is the responsible choice right now. Colt is responsible. Colt needs to be responsible.

He drinks more water and then gets back to work.

* * * * *

It’s nothing short of a miracle when Colt makes it through the game and the celebratory ice cream run after their win. He finds that it’s not that much different than putting on a personality during one of the Drunk Wizard’s shows. It gets him through it. No one seems to get that he’s faking it and Colt feels like he’s dodged a bullet.

The problem with running on a fake high for other people’s benefit is that the drop afterward is severe.

The blue sports car is nowhere in sight when he pulls onto his street. Marc isn’t here. He’s both relieved and disappointed at his absence.

Colt pulls into his drive and shuts off his bike and just sits there for awhile. There’s a few birds chirping. He can hear Emmitt barking in the back yard, the Dane having heard the motor of his bike. The sound of traffic not too far away is a constant hum.

Otherwise, Colt just lets himself sit there for a long time in the relative stillness and quiet.

When he finally makes his way inside he instantly notices a few differences. There are several bottles of alcohol on the kitchen counter. His shabby kitchen table has been replaced with a newer, sleeker table and chairs. His old TV has been updated to a newer and bigger television.


After feeding Emmitt and petting/playing with him for awhile, Colt goes to the kitchen and finds a new, bigger fridge. There’s a note on the fridge: dinner, 2nd shelf. Colt stares at it for a long moment before opening it and finding the entire top shelf taken up with various beers. The other shelves and drawers are full of fresh food.

Dinner turns out to be a steak that he has to reheat and some veggies. Colt doesn’t have the energy to overthink it. He reheats the food and sits on his couch to eat it.

Emmitt is laying on his pillowed bed gnawing at a fresh bacon chew bone. Tied around the chew bone is a bandanna that used to be red, faded to a strange orange pink color, covered in grease and oil stains, and Colt suspects, his own cum.

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Tap Out Pt. 03 – Sarah’s Story

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Big Tits

That one-night stand was the biggest mistake of Sarah Jennings’s life and the birth of her new one. She’d temped with the company for three months before the Christmas party and even up to the last week wasn’t sure she was invited. The women in the office were friendly and helpful but the men less so. Having to listen to the constant tales of their weekend conquests were tiresome and the running classification of each woman in the office by hotness grew very old.

While attractive Sarah knew she was not their type, a little chubby and maybe dowdy. Certainly not the perfect blonde gym bunnies they seem to admire, so she was left alone immune from their attention. They didn’t even bother to change the conversation if she sat near as they would for others, almost one of the boys.

The chief ringleader of the pack was Mike, now she had to admit he was attractive. Over six feet of pure gym made muscle, gleaming white teeth, and just enough annoying charm to get away with his behavior. His were the stories she heard the most, the rest of the guys circling him every Monday for the latest escapades. And tell a tale he did, gynecological descriptions of each naked body, mocking all minor imperfections and minutely detailing each salacious sexual performance.

The only plus to him was he did not attempt to sleep with any of the staff, as he beautifully put ‘i don’t shit on my own doorstep.’ A few of the girls had flirted with him but he stayed good to his work until they at least changed department, then they were firm game again.

That all changed that fateful night of the Christmas party. Sarah knew if he hadn’t been drunk it wouldn’t have happened, breaking his motto and lowering his standards for her. She had just been in the wrong place when his drunk eyes scanned for a conquest. Was he a good lover, she really couldn’t tell? As soon as came he was leaving, the only hope she had was he certainly wouldn’t boast about this in the office.

Unfortunately, they had been seen leaving together, and once grilled he threw her under the bus. By the time she got to work on Monday the whole office had heard every detail, from the noises she made to the color of her underwear. She knew immediately from the sudden hush and secretive glances towards her as she arrived.

She spent days crying alone in the toilets, not once did he apologize or explain his actions. It was as if it had never happened for him, his reputation unlike hers never changed.

Work was now a chore, any enjoyment had been ripped away. Her female colleagues tried to cajole her and help her through it but the smiling new girl was now a morose silent entity. Her friends tried their best to bring her out of the darkness, but even on a night out she more of an obstacle to their enjoyment. Leaving alone as they paired off with another lucky conquest.

It was yet another Friday with her sat alone at a bar, watching her friends dancing away. Not even a drunk tried to catch her eye, so she nodded to the barman for another. As she sipped, she felt a strange awareness of a person close to her, as she turned her eyes they met the bluest eyes she’d ever seen.

The beautiful Blonde girl moved her chair closer and continued her gaze, Sarah blushed puzzled by attention towards her. To be honest, if she ever contemplated dabbling in lesbianism this woman would be the first on the list. Why she was interested in her she couldn’t fathom. As she leaned in to whisper, Sarah got lost in her deep blue eyes, she snapped back to reality after hearing the name ‘Mike.’

“Sarah let’s go outside so we can hear ourselves speak,” the blonde girl rose and flicked her long blonde hair towards the door, Totally confident that Sarah would follow her.

Outside, the cool night air swept against her as she scanned for the mystery blonde, finally catching her leaning and waving across the road. “What’s all this about? if he’s your boyfriend, I want nothing to do with him.”

This comment brought a roaring cackle from the blonde, “Oh fuck no.” After composing herself she strode nearer, “I heard he treated you badly and I wanted to know if you’d be interested in getting some revenge.”

Every inch of her fiber screamed yes but she didn’t know this stranger and certainly didn’t trust her.”How did you hear about me and how do you know him.”

“We share the same gym and I’ve had to listen to the prick boasting of his conquests and your name came up.” The blonde came closer to Sarah’s face, “and I didn’t like the way he spoke about you.”

It certainly did sound like him and she could only shudder at the thought of what he might have said about that night, knowing he would describe every single act. “I’m interested but what do you plan to do?”

Her smile shone at the response, “My name’s Cassie and if you give me your number I’ll be in touch about what we do next.” She passed her phone over to add Sarah to her contacts.

Giving out her number what not something she did illegal bahis lightly but she felt a kinship with Cassie already, like their meeting was predestined. She’d never really met a woman who exuded such confidence and control.

“I’ll be in touch soon, in the meantime I’ll send you a little video I’m sure you’ll enjoy. A little taster of what the real Mike is like.” Her grin was now at bursting point and with a twirl, she disappeared into the night.

Sarah returned into the warmth of the club to find her friends had still not noticed she’d left, immersed in the drunken flirtations. Her heart was not in the night out anymore so she bade her farewells and made her escape.

As she slumped in the taxi seat, going home solo once again, she felt her phone buzz. When she saw the name Cassie, her excitement grew, hoping to solve her final cryptic remark. She clicked on the small video clip and frowned at what looked like a wrestling clip, a chanting crowd watching two people in a dimly lit ring. As she peered the image came more into focus before her, it was two people having sex in front of a crowd. She paused and placed in her EarPods to not attract the driver’s attention, why had Cassie sent her this?

As the camera zoomed in the question was answered and Sarah’s jaw dropped, there on the screen was Cassie in all her glory fucking a man. She looked magnificent, strong and muscular, totally in control of him. Sarah laughed as she caught the chant of fuck the bitch and then dropped the phone when she saw his face.

Fumbling under the seat she snatched it back up and paused, there was no doubt.

Frozen on her screen was the face of the man who had used her and then blanked her for months, but this face was in ecstasy. As she replayed it she could see close up his mouth groaning in euphoria from Cassie’s strap-on. So that’s the real Mike.


Over the next few weeks, Sarah texted Cassie daily, reporting every change in Mike’s attitude. And it had changed, he’d become quieter, less boastful, certainly not cocky anymore. Even his much-increased trips to the toilet she reported back to Cassie, who explained that he’s wanking himself silly. Sarah was never as confident that he would succumb as Cassie was, her assurance never wavered. When Cassie told her he had finally answered her text Sarah burst out laughing.

‘I’m doing it now, keep an eye out,’ as soon as she read the text Sarah rose and casually strode to the filing cabinet giving her a nice view of Mikes’s desk. She bit her lip in anticipation of the phone lighting up, then she saw it. ‘So you want my cock bitch,’ she had to turn her back to stifle her laughter. Oh Cassie you are a star. When she turned around Mike had already gone.

Back at her desk, Sarah tried to regain her composure till Cassie sent his last message, “I want your cock, Miss Cassie.’ This was too much for her and she had to bury her face in a cushion crying with laughter. She gleefully watched as Mike crept back to his seat after yet another wank, knowing exactly what drove him there.

The following day Cassie turned up at her flat, “It’s on.” She bounced with delight, “Be ready Friday, I’ll pick you up and you’ll be seated at a table with my friends,” Bursting into laughter, “Obviously with the winning ticket.”


Sarah was shocked at how full the event was, all the clientele was female and in their best finery. Table after table of boisterous loud ladies, drinking rather heavily. A stunningly beautiful red-haired woman kissed Cassie, tightly hugged Sarah, and delivered her to her table. When Cassie left to attend to her bitch, Sarah gawked at the occasion around her. She giggled as Cassie sent a text pic of Mike in his little pink panties, looking good enough to eat.

As enjoyable as the fights were and those women were ferocious, she tingled with excitement for the raffle. As the striking red-haired compare who had hugged her earlier grabbed the microphone she knew it was time. Out came the boys to mocking wolf whistles and catcalls, glistening and shiny in the spotlight. Gripping the winning ticket she waiting breathlessly for her acting role.

As the compare shouted ‘fuck this bitch’, the crown went berserk. It was impossible to hear what she was saying and Sarah worried she’d miss the call. There was no need to worry, as it got to the raffle the noise reduced as they eagerly awaited the number.

“Number 106,” she knew it was coming but she still couldn’t help squealing with delight. “Yes!” The faces around her changed from disappointment to congratulations within seconds, and they grew in loudness as she approached the ring.

When her eyes met Cassie’s they both burst into laughter and Sarah bounded into the ring, still waving her arms. The compare took her in her arms as the boys removed their masks, attractive boys but there was only going to be one winner. When finally she was in front of him she looked him straight in his arrogant illegal bahis siteleri face, “This one.”

As the noise went through the roof the compare steered her to choose her strap-on from various colors and sizes. She chose a thick black veined cock and attached it securely over her trousers. When she turned she saw his naked round backside, last time she saw that it was leaving her bed rapidly. This time it was going nowhere, till she was finished with it.

She poured lube over her cock and smoothed it all over, she slapped him on the arse.”Bend over bitch.” When he obediently bent forward Sarah knew this was not the man she knew, his body trembled with anticipation as she teased her cock on his hole.

With a push her whole world changed, he let out an ecstatic cry and the noise level went through the roof. The compare teased the crown into the chant ‘fuck the bitch’ and they joined in, to a deafening level. Never had she ever imagined fucking a man but the exhilaration and the power felt euphoric. Each justified hard thrust brought animalistic groans from him and rapturous adulation from the crown.

The noise and words got lost in the turmoil, the only words she remembered were ‘Sarah is the best’ shortly before he crumbled beneath her. She knew he had cum and angrily pounded some more into him for taking away her pleasure. Basking in the glory she bowed and milked the applause from her rapturous audience. She leaned into him, “Thank you mike.” She meant it, it was the best night of her life.

For the rest of the night, she took the hugs and handshakes from all who passed and had several bottles of champagne sent to her table by well-wishers. The compare hugged her strongly, “Marvellous performance.” This was the Miss Danvers Cassie had talked to her about and she could see the attraction, She slipped her a card, “Call me anytime.”

One of the most surprising aspects of her prize-winning role was a sudden rise up the working ladder. Miss Danvers ran a members-only club, mostly composed of powerful or rising businesswomen. Many of whom had witnessed the events of that night and were rather impressed. On Monday morning her desk was overflowing with bouquets of flowers from various heads of the company congratulating her on an impressive debut. Later as she collected the mail one of the heads of department stopped her and whispered, “jolly good show.”

This happened several times during that week, a wink here and a thumbs up there, all by powerfully positioned women in the company. So it wasn’t a total surprise when HR called her into their office to explain she was being taken on full time, no more temp agency. What was a surprise was the change of job and position, she had risen to a higher position than Mike. Second only to Miss Carlisle, the female head of department.

Miss Carlisle sat on the second floor of the building, slightly secluded from the rabble, fiercely protected by her PA Nicola. As she sat nervously in front of her she could understand her fearsome reputation, she barely lifted her head from her paperwork to acknowledge her arrival. When she did she peered at her over her black-rimmed glasses, her face as austere as her dress sense.

A slight smile broke the surface on her face, “You’re probably wondering how you got this position, I mean I’ve seen your work, and it’s ok but not groundbreaking.” She leaned back to take in the full vision of Sarah, “but it was your other work I was vastly impressed by. You see this is a mainly male populated company and some of them can be quite boisterous.” At this, she leaned forward, “some boys need to be taken in hand.” She stood tall, her hands resting on the desk. “a lot of women don’t have the stomach to do what’s needed but I’ve seen you in action and you very much do.”

Miss Carlisle came around the desk and perched herself on the edge, “Miss Danvers showed me how women like us should be in command of our destiny not prone to the will of men. If any of them are silly enough to get in our path they must be broken and yield to our ways.’ She leaned in smirking, “between you and me there are several men in the company now who learned that the hard way, but learn they did.”

“Come, follow me,” she clicked her fingers towards Sarah. “I’ll show you to your new office.” As they passed, heads disappeared behind PCs, hiding from Miss Carlisle’s redoubtable reputation. “He’s one,” she winked as a red-faced manager bowed his head towards her. “Here we are, all yours” as they entered a small wooden office. “First thing you must do is get a good PA, my girl Nicola is fabulous. Lost her boyfriend to the gays, threw herself into work.” Then like a whirlwind, she was gone and Sarah’s new career was beginning.

From Miss Danvers’s assertiveness courses and Cassie’s fitness training, this was a whole new Sarah, she felt reborn. Miss Carlisle also sent her on some courses to learn every detail of her job, to stay one step ahead of any naysayers. canlı bahis siteleri The team under her seemed fine, they worked hard and there were no disciplinary problems in their records. The only possible fly in the ointment would be the two team leaders, Oliver Proudfoot and Emily Jones. Both had interviewed for the position and their response to losing it was the question.

In honesty both had good reason to be angry, they had more experience and much better qualifications. It was Oliver who took it worse, he was furious when he was told he had failed, originally he thought to Emily. That was bad enough but to this outsider, who he’d found out had previously only been a temp. He did little to hide his disdain towards her, he was curt in conversations and sarcastic in meetings. For the first time, Sarah’s new position was being challenged and she could see the others losing confidence in her leadership.

She went to Miss Carlisle for guidance, fearful of blowing her chance already. But her mentor just smiled and set the team in motion.

“Do not worry, I will ask our ladies in IT to run a brisk check on his computer and I guarantee we will have some good news soon. One thing I know about these boys is they are no better than sewer rats. there will be filth.” She leaned back in her chair, “this might actually be the making of you both. “

Sarah left the office elated, her stuttering confidence rebuilt and fortified. Even passing the smirking face of Oliver failed to dent it, just waiting for the chance to wipe it off. The uppity little schoolboy might have just thrown his hat into the ring and given her the opportunity to prove her worth.

When IT delivered a full breakdown of the contents of his hard drive she nearly danced a jig, Miss Carlisle was correct as usual. For a supposedly intelligent boy, he had hidden nothing, video clips, obscene emails, and internet history to die for. Leaning back in satisfaction, she took a deep breath, stood, checked herself in the mirror, and strutted to the door. “Oliver, can I have a word?”

“Close the door,” her assertiveness made him jump. “Sit,” She clicked her fingers towards the chair and buried her head in the papers in front of her.

Oliver sat uncomfortably in the silence, as he attempted to speak she abruptly cut him off.

“Do you like working here?’ Her eyes burned straight into his, “I mean you do want to stay here don’t you?”

His cockiness was ebbing away as she barked the questions towards him, “of course yes I deserve to be here, I deserve to be there.” With his last ounce of anger, he pointed back to her chair.

One of the lessons she had learned from Miss Danvers was you don’t show your emotions, you take control of the situation. She kept her simmering anger under check, “really you think you should be in this position.” She pushed the list of findings on his pc under his nose, “I don’t think so and neither does HR.”

Oliver’s mouth dropped open as he read the first line and as his eyes scanned the list it got drier. The color drained from his face and his hands started to tremble, he knew instantly it was a sackable offense. Pathetically he craned his face back to her for any sign of charity.

“You do know the consequences of this, one call to HR, and you are gone and all this goes on your record.” She slammed her hand down to emphasize her point and managed to bite down on a smile as he trembled.

Oliver nodded helplessly, all his perceived privilege had shattered before him. It was taking all his strength to keep the tears from falling.

Sarah rose sternly leaning down at him, “Now I want you back in here at five and hopefully for you, I will have calmed down. If I have then I might give you a chance to salvage your career. If you’re lucky!” Her voice rose in anger as she moved nearer, “Now get out of my sight.”

As Oliver ran from the room, Sarah clapped her hands in glee. Her tutelage under Misses Carlisle and Danvers had come to the fore. And she spun in her chair like a child, counting down the hours till five.


At five she heard the nervous knock on her door, “Come in”. Sheeplishy Oliver crept into the room closing the door quietly behind him. Sarah ignored him, reading the report whilst he stood pacing. “I’ve decided to give you a chance boy but you must do everything you are asked without comment or argument. From this moment on you have no say in proceedings. Yes or no.”

Oliver leaped at the lifeboat without thinking of the details, “Yes Sarah, Thank you.”

Sarah thumped the table, “It’s Miss Jennings to you.” Before he could reply she strode towards him, “Now face that wall and strip,” pointing his direction.

As Oliver tried to splutter out a reply, a sharp smack across his face brought him back to his senses and he trudged towards the wall to undress. Stopping only at his boxer shorts.

“Everything boy, ” Sarah barked her orders with increasing enjoyment. She also took in the surprising joy of Oliver’s pert round bottom, how had she not noticed that.

For the next half hour, not a word was spoken as Sarah continued her work and ignored the naked boy. The silence was only broken from a visit from Miss Carlisle.

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Positive Energy Experience

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This story contains naughty peeing, desperation and girls pissing.

“Suzanne, what are you doing?” Natalie said when she saw her friend and roommate standing with her hand on the boys room door.

“I think the guys need some positive energy, they’re such stuck up pricks.” She pushed the door open a little and turned to face Natalie. “Wanna help?”

Natalie broke into a big grin. “Yes! What do I do?”

Suzanne pushed the door completely open and looked around. “It’s empty. Come on.” The men’s bathroom had 4 urinals, 4 stalls and 4 sinks. “Stop up all the sinks and we’ll fill them with our energy.” She looked at her girlfriend’s jeans. “It would be easier in a skirt with no panties.”

“No problem.” She replied as she skinned her pants and panties down, pulled them off and threw them on the floor. “I’ll just go bare ass. So what do we do?”

“First we’ll leave our energy in all the sinks.” She was barely tall enough to reach, but she lifted her skirt and started to pee in the basin, then stopped her stream and went to the next one. “You get the last two, I think my energy is getting depleted.”

Natalie hopped up on the next sink and pissed joyfully. “Don’t worry, I have plenty!” She filled the last two with her golden nectar and jumped down. She grabbed some paper and wiped her crotch, then threw the tissue in the sink. “A little something extra. So what do we do now?”

“Refill our bladders of course. There are so many places that need our positive energy.”

They weren’t canlı bahis şirketleri supposed to be in the school at all since it was spring break and the college was locked down with no entry for two weeks, but Suzanne talked her friend into staying in the teacher’s lounge which had comfortable couches, showers and toilets. They found a way to sneak in and out, so they brought food drinks and snacks and settled down for a fortnight’s stay all alone in the spooky old school.

“I’m ready.” Suzanne said. “Wanna spread some more positivity?”

“You know I do. You know who positively needs positivity to combat her constant negativity? Ms. Peabody.”

“You are so right! She needs it more than anyone. Let’s make sure her classroom has lots of energy.” She looked at Natalie who still was naked from the waist down. “Are you going to stay like that?”

Natalie nodded. “Until it gets cold, no pants.”

Suzanne stripped off her skirt. “Then I will, too! May I say that you have a beautiful pussy, with the hair shaped like that. Your slit is like a straight line. Mine looks like a hastily packed bag with stuff hanging out all over.”

“Ha ha! Yours is pretty, too. It looks delicious and I know it’s tasty.”

“Peabody’s class first.”

They strolled down the corridors half naked, arm in arm, to Ms. Peabody’s classroom and opened the door to a familiar sight, math class. The desks were all arranged in rows and Ms. Peabody’s desk was up front as usual. Suzanne pulled out all the drawers canlı kaçak iddaa in the desk and arranged herself on one side.

“You take the other, Nat. I really gotta release some energy.”

“Me too.” Natalie replied and a stream of hot yellow pee streamed out of her pussy right into Ms. Peabody’s top drawer, soaking all the supplies in there. They made sure to wet every drawer till their supply ran out and closed up the desk as they giggled, skipping, hand in hand, back down the corridor.

“That was so naughty!” Natalie said as they ate some snacks and drank soda.

“Yes, and we’ve got two weeks to pee anywhere.”

“What will they do when everyone returns?”

“They will experience our positive energy and rejoice that someone cared enough to leave them something.” She paused. “Then they’ll get the bleach out and try to find the dirty culprits who pissed all over the school!”

They really did enjoy their pissing spree, running down the corridors dripping urine all the way, drenching Ms. Peabody’s classroom and making sure the boys room was soaked in girl pee then making love all night after the exciting pee sessions. It was the last Friday, classes were to return on Monday and they decided to spend the rest of the time thoroughly wetting Ms. Peabody’s classroom. Suzanne was squatting on the desk, pants less, while Natalie was pissing on the chair when the door opened. It was Ms. Peabody! Caught in mid piss, unable to stop the flow, they continued peeing while the professor canlı kaçak bahis stared at them both, shocked. She looked different without her usual tight bun and severe clothes. Her hairdo was right out of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, her short shorts were tight enough to show camel toe and she sported more than a little cleavage. She was standing there, legs squeezed together, dancing uncomfortably and putting her hand between her legs.

“I can’t- I can’t hold it!” Her piss gushed out, soaking her shorts, running down her legs into her shoes. She struggled to get control and spread her legs to let the pee spray onto the floor.

“You dirty girls!” she said, flustered and embarassed. “You made me wet myself.”

The girls rushed over to her, hugged and comforted her.

“Don’t worry, it’s just pee, it washes off.”

“Yeah, we all have accidents.”

“I didn’t bring a change of clothes. And to tell the truth I always wanted to piss in my classroom but never had the nerve.” She slipped out of her shoes and pulled her wet shorts down and off. “Oh, fuck it.” she said and pulled her thoroughly soaked blue panties off, too, exposing her shaved pussy.

“So you like piss?” Both girls nodded. “Ever taste your piss?” Again, two nods. “Taste mine.” It was more of a command as she wrung her pissy panties into the girls mouth. “Now tell me what you were doing here?”

They explained how they had nowhere to go and stayed there during break and decided to leave their positive energy all over the school.

“Can I participate in you Positive Energy Experience? I’d love to piss all over the school just once!” The girls agreed enthusiastically, broad grins and hearty laughter echoed thru the room as Ms. Peabody said “On to the dean’s office!”

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Sex Island Ch. 04: The Bet

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Samuel’s days were now settling in a rhythm. He would wake up every day having slept naked with Mia. He was by now used to sleeping with his hands wrapped around Mia, clutching at her boobs. Quite often during the night, if he would feel an erection, he would safely wrap his dick inside Mia’s soft and warm tushy.

Then getting up, depending on his mood, he would either hit the weights or give Mia a passionate early morning fuck for exercise. Sweaty after the work out, he would go for a swim in the sea joined by the other guys. Coming back, he was sure to find breakfast ready and his clothes down to his underwear and socks neatly set out by Mia for him. Getting ready while counting the minutes left to get to work, Mia would then give him a blow-job as a send off, quite often while Sam groomed himself in front of the mirror or while having breakfast.

Joining work and the other guys in his office, Sam would then spend the breaks in between swapping stories about the girls they had fucked with the other guys. Many a times during lunch the guys would opt to go back for a quickie, quite often swapping spots with each other.

Wrapping up work around 4, the guys would now move back to their villas to change over. Dave had a habit of going over to the beach at sunset with Rose for a sunset sex session while Vlad had Abie on a fixed schedule of fucking and sucking (the poor girl did have it tough). Martin could quite often be found drilling Angela out in the open near his pool, letting out loud whoops to wake the neighbourhood.

Samuel too had set up a rhythm. Coming back from work he would let Mia undress him in front of the large beach facing windows. Then with his mouth he would slowly pull-down Mia’s panties and feed on her pussy. When sufficiently wet he would then ram her from behind with her boobs pressed flat against the open windows for the entire beach to admire. The show as he called it would continue for a good few minutes as Samuel fucked Mia in different positions all the while framed against the windows for the passers-by to appreciate with a hoot or a whistle.

The guys would quite often spend evenings with each other watching football or playing poker. The girls would sometimes join in making it a game of strip poker. Such nights would generally end in wild drunk orgies that Samuel could never remember the next day. He had been told by the other guys that when drunk, he would fuck like a bunny, grabbing anything and everything in the vicinity and proceeding to drill it.

Once as a joke, Martin had guided a drunk Samuel to fuck a large teddy with a fleshlight inserted and had recorded the whole thing on his mobile. The video of Samuel wildly tearing at the teddy and drilling it had been joked about heavily for quite a few days. It had been shared around the island and Samuel would often see absolute strangers smirking at him as he passed by. Harry too had joked that it would be unsafe for them to have a guy only drinking session. You’d never know when Sam would get wildly drunk and then proceed to ram a guy’s backside!

When alone, Samuel and Mia would spend passionate nights together as Mia taught Samuel different Kamasutra positions. All in all, Samuel felt life could not have been better.

After a few months however things were starting to feel a bit humdrum and repetitive. The guys though a close-knit group were isolated from the larger mining community.

The employees güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on the island were classed into three tiers. At the bottom tier and the most numerous were the workers who would actually go down to the mine to operate the machines. The workers were a tough lot who would stay in military style barracks near the mine. Though taken care of with adequate lodging and food facilities, the workers were known to have a covetous eye on the extra privileges showered on their supervisors.

There had been an incident Martin told Sam a good twenty years back, where the workers had slipped during the night into the residence of one of the supervisors that they detested, and roughed him up and kidnapped his companion. Taking her back to their barracks, the rough lot had then proceeded to gang rape the poor girl.

The crime was only known the next morning as the guy had been missed at work and was found to be tied up in his home, bruised heavily and injured. The girl too had been found much later in the bushes outside the barracks. Naked, bruised and with deep bite marks on her body, the girl had been ravaged as though by animals. When she had been treated, the girl had narrated that she had been fucked brutally by more men that she could count. They had tied her up with ropes and suspended her from the roof for guys to fuck and brutalize as they please. The rough fucking had knocked her unconscious and she could not remember any other details.

The repercussions had been massive, Martin told Sam with the furious management sacking every last worker. No legal case could be filed under the local law existing at that time but there had been rumours of vigilante style murders of a few of the known culprits by the supervisors.

A comprehensive review had then been carried out by the company administration. It had been felt that the gap in the privileges was undesirable and the new workers were now setup with better facilities. The company knew then, that they had to supply the physical needs of the workers and was since then operating a brothel for them to visit, when needed, near their barracks.

Known to be a rough place, the brothel had constant supervision by bouncers and you couldn’t be shy while going there. Any worker desiring a session had to stand and wait in line for the pussy booths where one by one they could go and release their load in front of the bouncer and the other guys waiting in line.

The pussy booth was effectively a hole in a wooden wall with leather curtains. Only the legs and pussies were visible for each girl to prevent the rough lot from biting or scratching at the boobs or slapping or scratching the face. One could just grab and fondle the boobs through the curtain while fucking the exposed pussy or ass. The pussy would more often than not be a flaccid piece having served up to 100 guys a day and liberally dripping with cum. Only the oldest and toughest hookers would agree to take up the job of serving in the whorehouse whose very floor would be coated with cum.

As an added measure the supervisor residences had been shifted to their present spot near the beach on the island. The supervisors were the second level in the hierarchy. A tough lot used to dealing with the workers, the supervisors had a life of relative luxury in a set of apartment blocks on the cliff behind the beach. Each flat and the accompanying lady however were shared by güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri upto 3 guys.

The last and the top tier on the island hierarchy were the senior managers, administrators and technical staff like Samuel and his gang. Setup in beach side villas with exclusive companions, the managers led a life of luxury with only the barest need to step into the actual mine.

The privileges lavished on this class were something that Sam now knew in explicit detail. Even among this class the geophysicists were among the youngest and most pampered lot owing to their specialist skills. Their only rivals were the minos, a bunch of 10 mining specialists specializing in mining engineering.

The two groups known as geos and minos had a running rivalry that Martin was more than happy to explain to Sam. There was a running feud between the two sides not to allow their companions to sleep with the other side which both sides would constantly try to breach.

A bet had been made after a drunken brawl at an office party that the group to score the maximum shots over the other side within the next year would have unrestrained access to fuck the companions of the losing team as they wish. As the companions were bound with their master’s choice on who to sleep with and any violent attempt was a strict no no, the only available method was to fool your way into fucking a maid on the other side. Score was duly kept and so far after 11 months, the two sides were tied at one successful attempt each.

The geos had scored when Martin had come to know of a nude masked party being organized by the other side. Grabbing the opportunity, when the minos were sufficiently drunk, Martin had slipped inside wearing a mask. In the ensuring orgy Martin had successfully drilled each of the 10 companions of the minos. With some guys going for DP and some girls for lesbian action, the breach was only known when they lined up the pussies to have a group pic fucking a pussy each. Realizing then that there was a dick too many, masks had been yanked off to reveal the culprit. Enraged though they were, an ecstatic Martin had been awarded the first point on the scorecard.

The minos though soon had their revenge. Realizing that Dave was in the habit of fucking Rose on the beach in the middle of the night, one of minos who most closely resembled Dave had crept into his villa on a dark and cloudy night. Gesturing Rose in the dark, he had led the poor girl to the beach to a round of deep fucking. As Dave, now got up to satisfy his midnight cravings, he was surprised to find Rose missing. Sensing the noise coming from the beach he flashed a torch only to find Rose getting a royal creampie from one of the minos.

Only a month was left for the competition to get over but Martin had come up with a plan to win the bet. Over a work break he had outlined to the others how Kevin, one of the minos was into the habit of creeping up and surprising his maid from behind. As Samuel closely resembled Kevin in physique, this was a golden opportunity. The plan was hatched and Sam was dispatched to Kevin’s place during the lunch break to do the deed. Marin and the other guys had setup a fake alert to ensure that the minos would be at their desk for this lunch break.

Samuel in the meantime reaching Kevin’s place, had stepped in quietly into his villa looking for Tina, his companion. After quietly going through the drawing güvenilir bahis şirketleri room and the bedrooms, Sam spotted Tina chopping up vegetables in the kitchen. Dressed in the trademark French maid uniform and stockings, Tina had her back to him and had not noticed him.

As Sam stood in the kitchen doorway, admiring her beautiful ass as she bent down to chop stuff on the kitchen table, he was pleasantly surprised to notice that she was wearing no panties. Her pink pussy was glistening between her legs. Feeling a massive erection coming up, Samuel quietly unzipped his pants and released his organ. Spitting in his hand and lubricating his dick, he then stepped quietly towards Tina’s exposed ass.

Coming really close to her and waiting for the right moment, Samuel aimed his dick at the exposed pussy and then with one quick move drilled his dick in the luscious pink lips. Surprised Tina let out an ooh of pleasure and dropped her knife. Then grabbing at Tina with his hands, Samuel clutched at her massive boobs and started pumping her wildly from behind.

Samuel realized that Tina was under the impression that it was Kevin fucking her as she let out sensual cooing noises of, “Oh my baby, fuck me harder. Go champ, go baby, drill me.”

Not one to break the mystery, Samuel continued to bang her from behind, drilling her with an ever-increasing intensity. He now started spanking Tina’s butt cheeks with one hand while pressing at her boobs with the other. Tina would let out loud screams every time he spanked her.

“More, spank me once more,” she would say.

After a good 10 minutes of intense drilling, Samuel could now feel his cock throbbing and ready to burst. So, grabbing Tina tightly, he jacked up the intensity till his cock burst and sprayed cum all inside Tina’s pussy. Driving in a few extra shoves to squeeze out the last bits of cum, Samuel now let out a loud aah of relief. Surprised at hearing the different voice, Tina spun back shocked to see that it was Samuel fucking her and not Kevin. Samuel’s cum was now slowly dribbling down Tina’s legs as she faced him and then looking behind him said, “Oh I am sorry Kevin, I thought it was you.”

Glancing behind, Samuel could see an irate Kevin glowering at him with his face red. Sensing trouble, Sam quickly jumped out of the open window where Martin and Dave were waiting for him having recorded the act on their mobiles as proof of their score. The trio jumped into the waiting golf cart and sped off with an irate Kevin chasing behind.

“That was great, man,” Martin chuckled giving Sam a high five as he sped away from the crime scene. “You drilled her nice and deep. Let me just send this video over to our mino friends. I’ll even get the wallpaper changed on all the TV’s to a shot of you giving Tina a creampie to rub it in. The IT guy is an old chum. Look forward to a pussy parade now guys. Some of those mino girls are smoking hot, better than any pornstar.”

One more month passed as the guys kept a close watch on their companions to foil any attempt by the other side. Attempts had been made to impersonate but the girls were already on alert and they had been foiled. And so, at the anniversary of the bet a party was duly held, where the minos accepted defeat and agreed to offer up their girls freely for the next one year.

Gracious in defeat, the geos too decided to only call up any girl when convenient for the respective mino to spare her. And all girls would together be only called in case the geos were planning an orgy. Acknowledging the gesture, the minos too declared that the geos would have a free pass to join in on any of their orgy nights. After all what’s a cock too many! And so, the bet ended on a happy note for both the parties.

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Gloryhole Adventure

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My job puts me under a lot of stress and I only seem to be able to deal with it is through sexual release. Being single I have to look for women to hook up with. Lately I have been striking out on that front. I’m not beyond going to the gloryhole to get sucked off by whomever is there.

So, sitting around my apartment one night I decided that I needed relief past my own hand so I headed to the gloryhole. The place was pretty busy with a big group of guys just milling about so I slipped into the only booth without a light and put my money into the video machine.

I didn’t take long before there was a beckoning hand in the hole asking for my cock. I pulled my cock out and put it through the hole and was rewarded by a nice warm mouth as he immediately took me all the way down his throat. I was so horny I blasted my load after only a few strokes.

After he finished cleaning me off and I was putting my cock back in my pants he put his cock through the hole. Even though I have been to the gloryhole many times, I have never touched another guy. I leaned over and told him “sorry, not going to happen pal.”

As I turn around and move towards the door I catch movement on the other wall. Another cock has been presented. I realize that in my haste to get sucked I didn’t think when I got in the booth. I had entered one of the middle booths which are used by the guys who will take on all cummers.

I figured I better make a hasty exit.

But before I did, I looked at the cock that had been pushed through the hole and it was absolute perfection. This guy could have been the model for the mold for dildos. It was long, straight, reasonably thick with a perfect head. I froze, just staring at it. I was fighting to tear myself away and run out of there, but I was mesmerized by this cock.

I bent down and got a closer look. illegal bahis I was close enough to smell it. He must have just showered as it smelled of soap and a slight trace of cologne. I instinctively reached out and took it in my hand to feel the heft of it. I could feel his pulse throbbing. I started to slowly stroke it. I drooled on it to offer some lubrication.

Soon I could feel his cock getting even harder and then he moaned and started to pump out huge jets of cum all over my hand. He pulled back and I quickly wiped my hands with the paper towels in the booth and got ready to get out.

There was another cock poking through the other hole. It was the guy I had turned down the first time.

It was decision time. Leave or service another cock. I knew that if I didn’t get out right away there would be a line of guys waiting their turns and I would never be able to leave. After all, many a time it was me on the other side of the wall waiting to get my turn, so I knew that once Mr. perfect cock got out of his booth word would quickly spread and I would be stuck.

I heard the door close as he left the booth and I knew I had less that minute to decide. I was frozen. When I heard the door from the empty booth close I knew there was a new guy there and the time to choose was on me. Service the first guy or run. I chose.

I grabbed the cock in the hole and started to stroke it. When I got down on my knees and got closer I was not surprised that this cock didn’t smell as nice as the first one, but there was no stopping me now.

I leaned in and gave the head a lick. When I opened my mouth and put the head to my lips, he pushed as far as he could to try to get me to take it deeper. Lucky for me he wasn’t too big or too long so I was able to take it all the way to the base. I slowly started to bob my head back and illegal bahis siteleri forth taking him as deep as I could with each down-stroke.

It wasn’t long before I heard that familiar knock. My mind raced with the instantaneous decision to back off or keep my mouth on his soon to spurt cock. I kept it in my mouth as he unleashed a spurt so strong that cum squirted out around the sides of my mouth. As he kept pumping I got into a rhythm and began to swallow as he filled my mouth. It was an amazingly powerful feeling to feel him pulse and to have him filling my mouth with his cum. As he slowed I backed off a little and took the last few spurts and held it in my mouth. I swirled it around like I was at a wine tasting. Only thing was, I didn’t spit it out.

When he pulled his cock out of the hole I just sat back on my knees and realized what I had just done. I just became a cocksucker. And I loved it! I was hooked and now I started going from cock to cock as they were presented through the wall and guy after guy took turns with my mouth.

One guy stuck his limp dick in the hole and I just took it completely in my mouth and began to suckle like a baby with a pacifier. I had the whole thing in my mouth and when he started to get hard it was the most amazing feeling as his cock grew and grew. I just held my head still as his cock reached full rigidity. I could feel his pulse on my tongue. Before I even started to move he knocked and I had to back off so I wouldn’t choke as his first spurt went straight down my throat. It took him longer to finish cumming than it did for him to get stiff in my mouth. I had to swallow twice before he was done.

I must have sucked off seven or eight when the guy I jerked off (Mr. Perfect cock) came back. I decided that I would try to deep throat him. I bobbed back and forth taking canlı bahis siteleri him a little deeper each time. When it hit the back of my throat I paused and tried to concentrate not to gag. I had heard about a trick so I tried it. As his cock was pressed at the opening of my throat I swallowed and pushed down further. It slid all the way in until my nose was pushed up against his pubes. I did it!

He didn’t move as I held it there with my lips wrapped around the very base of his magnificent dick. After a few beats I pulled back about half way and then pushed all the way back down. I really got the hang of it after three or four strokes and was able to now take it to the root with ease.

I pushed all the way down and held my mouth there until he got the message and started to pump his hips back and forth and began to fuck my face with slow, deep, powerful thrusts. As he got close, he began to use my mouth like a pussy and was fucking my mouth faster and faster. When he knocked I backed off a little as I wanted to taste what I missed when I jerked him off the first time.

As I hoped, his cum was as perfect as his cock. It was thick, creamy, a little sweet but with a hint of bitterness. I was able to get it all in my mouth as I kept sucking until he was finished and started to go soft and pulled out. I wanted to hold it in my mouth for as long as I could, but another cock appeared in the other hole and I had to get back to work.

I spent the next few hours sucking off every cock that came through the walls. There were more than I could keep track of. There were big cock, small cocks, white, black, cut and uncut. A couple I recognized had come back for seconds or thirds.

I swallowed every load that I worked hard to get. There was every variety of taste and texture. There were a couple that I had a hard time with because they tasted so bad, but generally I enjoyed the tastes.

By the time I was done my knees were sore, my jaw ached, my lips were numb and I kept belching up the taste of cum

I’ll be back tomorrow. In the middle booth.

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First Time Slut

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I remember my first time pursuing a gay encounter. I was in my mid 20’s, having experienced a number of anonymous and forgettable heterosexual trysts. While they were okay, none stood out as mind bending. I had never had any gay sex and somehow I was considering putting myself out but how? I did not want to “come out” since I really was not sure yet of who I was. I finally decided to visit an adult video store located not far from my home. I parked my vehicle close by and entered. I should add that it was mid August and the humidity was high. I was dressed very casually in a pair of gym shorts, tee shirt, and sneakers with no socks. The outfit was completed with a pair of dark sunglasses. I must admit that I really looked good! As I entered, I was pleasantly surprised that it was cool inside. The place was air conditioned. It wasn’t as sleazy as I had anticipated.

The main room consisted of a counter where a man was sitting. On my left was a smaller room with porn magazines on shelves. The main room consisted of shelves of magazines and videos. I entered the smaller room which, by the way was an open doorway. There was one other man in the room. As I perused the shelves, I felt the presence of the other man right behind me. Before I had a chance to move away, he reached over and held me close to him while his arms caressed my crotch area. I should have been insulted but I was only concerned that someone would discover us together. I pushed him away and left the room with a hard on.

Behind the main room counter was a door. I headed for the back room which contained video booths, but before I entered the manager stopped me. He was an older rough looking guy.

“This must be your first time here boy. You need to purchase at least $5.00 in tokens.” I fumbled for my money as the manager smiled. He seemed to be looking at my body but I paid no attention and quickly entered the dark room. The room was shaped horizontally with booths on either side and a back wall at each end. Several men, mostly older, gathered in small groups either entering via a door to the booth or exiting. Also some men gravitated at the wall. I turned left and headed for one of the booths.

Upon entering, I noticed a hole in the wall that was adjacent to the next booth. Even I figured out that this was a genuine glory hole. I sat down on the chair facing the screen and began to add tokens so that the movie was displayed. It so happened that it was a gay movie. I didn’t care since I was horny as hell. As I was watching the video, I observed a cock enter the hole. I should have been shocked but in fact I was excited. I reached over and held the cock in my hand. It felt good and so I took the plunge, got on my knees, and began to suck the anonymous cock. It felt so good. I licked it and sucked it until cum flowed into my throat. I swallowed as much as possible but some cum leaked from my mouth onto my chin. Fortunately there was a box of tissues on the floor which I used to clean his cock and my face. The cock pulled out of the hole and I think I heard a voice say thanks. So this was the first cock that I sucked but rather than enjoy the moment, I quickly fixed myself and opened the door to the booth. As I stepped out, I casually walked to the far wall and stood next to a rough looking man.

“Did you enjoy that cock boy? I tried to act surprised.

“Not sure what you mean sir.” As I said this, he reached over and place my hand on his crotch. I tried to pull away but his grip bahis firmaları was firm.

“Don’t fight it faggot. I want you to join me in the booth on my right. It’s a little tight but room enough for you to get on your knees and start sucking.” He held my hand tight and pulled me into the vacant booth. It really was a tight squeeze but like he said, room enough for me to get on my knees. What was I thinking? Did I really want to get down and dirty with this man? The answer of course was a resounding yes. He sat down after pulling his pants and drawers down. I took the hint and got on my knees and got ready to suck his cock. But before I could act, he held my chin and slapped me several times.

“Before you suck my cock boy, I want to make sure that you are a committed cocksucker. Well are you?”

“Yes sir, I am ready to suck your cock.”

“Well get to work and make sure you do a good job.”

At that moment in time, I realized that I was born to be a faggot. I leaned in and took his cock in my mouth. There wasn’t much room to move around but that didn’t stop me from bobbing my head up and down. He placed his hands on the back of my head for support as I continued to suckle his cock. I didn’t have long to wait when he held my head on his cock and came in buckets deep in my throat.

“Take it you cocksucker! Make sure you swallow it all.” And I did as requested. When he finished cumming, he pulled my hair and pushed my head away while he got up, dressed, and left the booth. But before he exited, he told me to remain on my knees until he left. After a few minutes, I stood, cleaned myself as best as I could, and left the booth. Once again it felt as if all eyes were upon me. I casually sauntered back to the wall. The man I sucked had left but it seemed that everyone in the room knew what I had done. At that moment the manager entered the room and announced that the store was closing. As I was preparing to leave, he held up his hand and motioned for me to stay where I was. For an instant I thought that I was in trouble but then he just put his finger to his lips as a motion to be quiet. I waited while the store emptied of customers and then only the manager and myself were left.

The manager made sure everyone had left and then he put out the closed sign and locked the door. He returned and held out his hand for me to hold. I held his hand and he led me to the front of the store. He opened the door behind the counter and led me to a small room with a bed and a chair. He motioned for me to stay still while he took off his clothes.

“Okay little buddy, now get naked and on your knees.” It wasn’t a suggestion but rather an order. I did as requested and waited on my knees for his next command. He sat on the chair.

“Worship my cock faggot and make sure you do a good job.”

“Yes sir!” As my lips met his cock I began to lovingly suck.

“Suction boy, suction! I guess I am going to have to teach you to be a good cocksucker.”

I did my best to do what he wanted. After a few minutes, he seemed to be satisfied. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock using my tongue to bathe his cock.

“Very good boy now work on my balls. Use your tongue to coat my balls.” I did not need any encouragement as my tongue moved from cock to balls. Then he stood up and moved to the bed where he got on all fours.

“Listen up boy. Now I want you to eat my ass. Work that tongue deep into my asshole.” I was a bit hesitant but what the hell. I already kaçak iddaa degraded myself so this was the final act of submission. I separated his ass cheeks using both hands and proceeded to use my tongue to dive deep into his ass. The aroma was intoxicating which caused me to almost go wild on eating his ass. When he was satisfied with the ass eating, he got up and ordered me lay on the bed with my head hanging over the side.

“Open wide because I am going to face fuck you.” The sensation of being my mouth being used as a pussy was intoxicating. He pushed in and out of my mouth and soon began to shoot his love juice into my willing mouth. Finally, after he was spent, he pulled out but then he turned around and lay his ass directly onto my face. I swallowed as much cum as possible but now I was subjected to breathing in his ass. My tongue automatically delved into his ass and my nose also plowed the depth of his ass. I wiggled my face left and right in order to gain better access. He pulled away just as I was getting comfortable. Was I becoming a bonafide slut? This man, the manager, was becoming my master. He was not handsome or young. In fact he was rough around the edges but I found myself drawn to him.

“You belong to me now faggot so get used to it. You will stay here with me tonight and beginning tomorrow, you will be the in house slut. The thing is though, I will have to train you to become the perfect cum slut so get some rest now. You won’t be needing your old clothes while you are here.. I’ll pick out a nice frilly outfit for you to wear while you’re here. So get some rest and I will take care of the rest, okay faggot? And by the way, you will address me a Daddy or Sir and I will address you as my faggot or other similar endearing titles.”

I finally felt that I belonged. Right now I need to rest up because I assumed a new life awaited me beginning tomorrow. I slept soundly and woke up the next morning to the sound of a door being unlocked and opened. My daddy smiled down at me as my eyes opened.

“Hope you slept well cocksucker because we have a full day planned. There is a small bathroom to your left. Wash up and meet me back here. Your new clothes are ready.” How exciting was this. I quickly found the bathroom, washed up as best as I could, and returned to see a package on the bed.

“Before you open the package, I will need to breed your ass. Once done, you will truly belong to me so get your ass on the bed, stomach down and ass high in the air.” I hesitated for a moment which was a mistake. Daddy slapped me hard and threw me onto the bed. Rather than complain, I did as I was told and lay with my stomach down and ass in the air. Daddy stripped naked and proceeded to mount my ass. This was the first time being fucked in the ass so I was a bit frightened.

“Relax faggot! By the time we’re finished, you will be begging me to fuck you again.”

I tried to relax as his cock slowly entered my man pussy. First, pain as his cock entered inch by inch but soon the pain changed to sweet pleasure as I succumbed. He held my waist and pulled me close to his body so that his body seemed to melt into mine. I was being bred by a master! He picked up speed as his cock moved in and out of my ass. I was at the point where I literally begged him to continue to fuck me hard. Finally, he exploded in my ass and I knew that I belonged to him. He owned my ass!

He pulled out, slapped my ass, and ordered me to clean his cum coated body with my kaçak bahis tongue which I did willingly. He then told me to open the package laying on the bed. I was thrilled that he had purchased an outfit especially for me.

“Before you do, shave your body, and I mean every part. You need to look like a fem boy.” And so I did using the equipment that was in the bathroom. Daddy thought of everything.

“Now let’s see how you look in your new outfit faggot.” This was exciting. My daddy had taken care of making sure that I was dressed properly. The outfit was more suited for a hooker. It consisted of a pink hot pants that literally showed off my ass, and a tight white transparent top. The shoes could be a “problem since they were high heeled hooker shoes. But I figured I could get used to the shoes. Pink panties and white stockings completed the outfit. Looking in the mirror, I looked fine. Daddy came behind me and pulled me close to him. He kissed my neck.

“The store is officially opened so why don’t you mingle with the men in the back and cater to their every desire. Business should be booming so get to work. If you do good, I’ll treat you to a good meal.” How exciting! As I entered the dark video room, all eyes were upon me and they knew what I was there for. And so my work day began. I sauntered to the far wall and stepped in between two tall, hunky older men. I smiled at both men and they responded by pushing me to my knees.

“We’re in for a treat men. This faggot girly boy is going to suck our cocks, right cocksucker?’

“Yes sir I’m here to suck your cocks.” And with that, I became surrounded by all the men in the room. As I sucked one cock, I felt another man pull down my pants and panties and then I felt a cock at the entrance to my man pussy. I was being manhandled by a group of older men and I submitted my body to all of them.

“Well men, the manager was right about this faggot. She is worth the money we paid. So listen up faggot. Stay on your knees and keep sucking and when we say lift up your ass, you will be fucked royally.”

“Yes sir. I want your cocks to use all my holes.” And use my holes they did. It developed into a gang bang as man after man used my body every which way. At one point I was bent over to allow easy access to my ass while I had a cock in my mouth. In essence, I was spit roasted. In a space of 24 hours, I was initiated in the many aspects of gay sex and I loved it all. I couldn’t get enough cocks. This went on for several hours until my daddy stepped into the room and stopped the action.

“Enough boys! Come back tomorrow if you want to play with the cum slut whore. And of course bring your cash.” With that statement, the action stopped and I was finally left alone with cum leaking from my holes. Daddy lifted me up and brought me to the back room where he sent me to the bathroom to wash up. He had already retrieved my clothes from the dark room and was waiting for me to clean up. I was exhausted but sexually satisfied.

“You did well faggot and I promised you a good meal so get dressed and we’ll head out.” Although I felt a bit embarrassed to be dressed as a fem boy, I had no choice and so after dressing and applying makeup, we left. Daddy was nicely dressed and held my hand as we entered the restaurant. I was proud to be escorted by daddy. I received approving and jealous looks from the men in the restaurant while the women seemed to be envious.

My story concluded on a positive note. For now I belonged to daddy. He was masterful and taught me many aspects of my new life as a cum slut whore. Eventually, I was used, abused, and thrown out after my daddy tired of me. But that’s okay since I was ready to move on.

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Love , Prostitution Ch. 20

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As part of her plan for all of Emily’s hotels, the Delhi Mughal Hotel has been upgraded to become the Best Erotic Marigold Hotel of Delhi. A new General Manager has been appointed, Mrs Karima Chettri. She is an experienced manager with excellent references in the luxury hotel business having an outgoing and caring personality and a love of the Kama Sutra images around the hotel. She was most enthusiastic about developing an up-market centre for seminars and courses, with the first two being: (1) how to please your partner and (2) how to refresh your marriage. Both were a great success that enhanced Public Relations and positively advertised The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel of Delhi.

A fourth black Mercedes V Class car has been purchased for Sushila. Sanwar has been appointed as her PSO, an assistant PSO has also been appointed so that, like the others she has 2 PSOs that can share the driving on longer trips. Like the other PSOs, they are each armed with a pistol and an automatic assault weapon. They are experts with both weapons. As with the other cars, it carries a rocket-propelled grenade launcher in the trunk.

The 4 ladies embark on a tour to visit each of the 29 state capital cities and 6 of the union territory capital cities. Delhi, the National capital city, is her 36th hotel, which they have made their permanent home. In each city Emily and her complete retinue make the penthouse of her 5 star hotel their base for their stay of approximately a week, Emily and Sushila, the company lawyer, hold meetings with the General Manager and Departmental Heads to promote active interest and a smooth transition into becoming the Best Erotic Marigold Hotel of [city name].

Sushila makes a presentation detailing the change of name and the urgent requirement for a whole floor of the hotel to be dedicated to become an up-market centre for seminars and courses. The stated aim being to turn the hotel into one of the State’s leading adult development centres in the ancient and modern arts of intimate personal relationships. She distributes financial analyses showing the impressive bottom line contribution to the accounts of The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel of Delhi.

Emily such as Bangkok Girl being an excellent medium for the recruitment, training and development in the brothel of new girls and the opportunity for committee members to enjoy a cruise with ‘registered ladies’ on the upper decks. A bonus is that the readiness and suitability of recruits in the brothel can be sampled and chosen to join their own branch at a suitable price to cover their recruitment, training, etc. It is carefully stressed that in no way are the ladies for sale or under any compulsion or influence other than the attraction of the remuneration package being offered to them by the club branch concerned.

Every single executive committee is enthused by the project and gives permission for the ladies to attend an extraordinary meeting of the branch. The meeting to start with a presentation to their ‘registered ladies’ to create interest. On arrival for the extraordinary meeting, they are led inside to a changing room where they undress to be completely naked ready to be prepared for the evening ahead. The doctor’s examination follows and becomes an almost pleasant prelude to the meeting as the doctor enjoys the perks of his job while testing their arousal and sexual responses.

It bahis firmaları is always a good for the ladies to hear that they are not pregnant, are in good health even though they know it is all about ensuring they present no threat to the health of club members. The final part of preparation being in the beauty salon, where they are waxed, manicured, and made-up. They emerge, as always, looking very much like each other. Finally, they put on a pair of black strappy shoes with 4 inch stiletto heels and a black satin choker with a velcro closure.

They are always shown into a room to join with all the club members and ‘registered ladies’ of the branch. Emily makes her introduction and then Amy shows the film of their 4 day cruise out of Bangkok. As the film progresses Amy highlights points for both the males and females of the audience. Just as with the executive committee all are taken with the idea of high class company being provided by ‘registered ladies’ from any branch in the lounges and bedrooms of the upper deck.

Suitably on a lower deck, was the brothel, where the club members can enjoy a different experience provided by highly skilled ladies. Everyone loves the idea of the Bangkok Girl brothel acting as both a training centre for high class prostitutes and a place where potential ‘registered ladies’ for branches may be sampled and selected. Sushila ends the presentation by outlining the $25,000 cost per night of the sex cruise for club members and the $5,000 payment per night to be made to ‘registered ladies’ for their services.

As with the members of the executive committee, everyone present, male and female, is enthused by the project and by the prospect of a luxury sex cruise. While the ‘registered ladies’ of the branch are engaged in the activities of a normal monthly meeting, Emily, Amy, Sushila and Sansa are engaged by club members wanting to ask a myriad of questions. All questions from the club members are answered honestly and almost all say that they look forward to enjoying cruises on Bangkok Girl. The ‘registered ladies’ are then permitted to visit the ladies and have their questions answered as well.

None of the men say the nightly fee of $25,000 per night is too high for them. A few of the ‘registered ladies’ ask about the possibility of working their passage, i.e. mixing work on board with the pleasure of taking a luxury cruise. They are informed that they would have mornings to enjoy the cruise but afternoons and nights would have to be worked if the enterprise is to succeed. As the trip around the major cities progresses, it becames very clear that the Bangkok Girl project would be a success.

The follow-up meetings with each Hotel’s Management Team in each city goes very well. What none of them knew was that Mrs Karima Chettri, the General Manager at The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel of Delhi had previous insights of the trip and all of the calls from the managers in the 35 hotels in the major cities of India were not only expected, but the answers were prepared. She ‘accidentally leaked’ the information that the hotel group’s owner, Ms Emily Berkshire had summarily dismissed the previous General Manager. Mrs Chettri’s answers plus Emily’s closing statement stressing the importance of the major project and how each manager’s career and curriculum vitae would be enhanced by their successful participation, with the unspoken kaçak iddaa threat should the project fail, had the desired effect of removing all negativity towards the project for every hotel.

An extra benefit of their trip was that the General Manager of all the other luxury hotels owned by Emily contacted Mrs Karima Chettri, for details of the Project, expressing great interest and a hope that they might be permitted to undertake the same project. Mrs Chettri took the details of each enquiry and promised to discuss the matter with the owner. Emily was always delighted to receive the news and even more so when informed of a week when the Centre for Seminars and Courses (CSC) would be available for booking and coincidentally, there would be sufficient bedroom suites suitable for each General Manager.

Both women are very pleased and Mrs Chettri says she will get to work and organise a proposed conference programme for Emily’s perusal. Emily smiles and suggests that her Management Team meet with Amy, Sushila, Sansa and herself, thus bringing together all the available experience and expertise on the project. Mrs Chettri says that she will be very pleased to arrange the meeting. They compare diaries and agree on a working lunch the day after next.

Sansa helps Emily to undress and caresses her lovely smooth mons which has been waxed every week of their trip. They kiss and get into bed covered by only a sheet. Emily loves how she takes the lead in their relationship, she is so beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. They only need a lingering kiss to become aroused with passion for each other. As she lies on her back she feels Sansa’s hand gently exploring her body as if they had only just met. Emily turns her head and kisses Sansa’s breast softly, as she kisses around her areola her lips brushing across her nipple as if by accident, but they both know better!

Emily gently sucks Sansa’s nipple which has responded to the touch of her lips. Sansa slips her finger between Emily’s moist lips and whispers that she is a naughty girl and must pay the price. They both giggle for a moment and Sansa slides her finger slowly up and down between her lips while Emily sucks on her nipple in gentle pulses. When her finger reaches the top of her lips, this time she gently touches her button and very soon they both emit a soft moans of pleasure. Emily caresses Sansa’s mons, its sensitivity enhanced by the weekly waxings and returns the compliment between her moist lips up to her button. Their heartbeat and breathing rate increase as their arousal rises further. Sansa moves them into their favourite 69 position.

Both just lie there for a moment enjoying each other’s fragrance, but is only a moment before they succumb to the urge to add the sense of taste to the experience and lick each other. Emily licks along her perineum and gently circles her anus before licking her way back again. There’s something that feels so forbidden and yet so exciting about such intimacy. Having licked every available drop from between Sansa’s lips she probes her entrance like a hummingbird seeking the nectar from a flower. Inhaling her fragrant pheromones excites her and she wraps her lips around her sensitive button and suckles on it in pulses like a baby at her mother’s breast. All this while Sansa is doing the same to Emily and the heat is definitely rising.

Wanting kaçak bahis to give her lover more than just a clitoral orgasm, while still suckling on her nipple, Emily inserts two fingers and curves them to search for her holy grail to give Sansa the pleasure of a whole body orgasm. Needless to say Sansa is doing the same to Emily. Their moans of pleasure increase in volume and in frequency only excites them further and spurs them to increase the pace and intensity of their attentions. Their most sensitive parts send waves of pleasure tingling through them until they each reach the body shaking, mind blowing peaks of a whole body orgasm. They position their mouths just right to receive and enjoy their partners nectar and hold their mouths against each other’s vulva until the orgasm subsides. They lick each other and then lie face to face French kissing to mix their juices in a cocktail of love and devotion. They lie together, smiling and kissing, wondering how the world outside thinks lesbian love is so wrong when it feels so right. They fall asleep with Emily snuggled into Sansa’s spooning embrace.

In the morning they wake up slowly, smiling to find themselves in the same embrace as before they fell asleep. They get up and shower together, always a recipe for intimacy, and then pat each other dry with warm fluffy towels. As they prepare to dress, they do each other’s hair and make-up. They dress each other in a bra and g-string. Emily asks her to wait a moment and returns with two large boxes tied up with satin ribbons, one box is labelled Sansa and the other Emily. Inside the boxes are identical designs of a Gagra Choli ensemble.

Sansa’s is based on an emerald green silk Lehenga skirt and Emily’s is the same in royal blue. Rising from the hemline positioned on each fold of the skirt is an embroidered floral design in gold with thin branches and leaves that get progressively smaller as they rise to a peak undulating alternately between just above and and just below the hips. They put on the skirts which fit along the line of the belly button curving out to the hips and then down toward the hem in a slim A line. The hemlines are on the floor but just high enough with shoes to avoid becoming soiled by dragging on the ground outside. The skirts are lined to avoid the need for a petticoat and to help stiffen the fabric so the waves of the skirt keep their shape.

The next part of the ensemble is the matching colour silk Lehenga blouse with boat neckline. The short sleeves, neckline and hemline feature the same gold embroidered pattern of the skirt. They help each other into the blouses and can’t resist admiring themselves in the long mirror. They love how much skin from just below the bust to the belly button will be exposed to the cooling affect of the air. They giggle when they realise they are getting all hot and bothered by just looking at themselves in the mirror … All cooling will be welcomed!

The next part of the emsemble is the Dupatta, an embroidered net shawl that can be worn over the shoulders as a shawl, over the hair or arranged in a loop over the chest and thrown back over the shoulders. Both ladies have the same style of silk net dupatta with the embroidered flowers from the skirt around the borders. The base colour of net in Sansa’s is a light sea green and in Emily’s is a light sky blue. The final part of the emsemble are the shoes, the same for both, gold strappy sandals with 3 inch heels. They put on the shoes and try the dupatta in different ways. They love the whole emsemble which looks traditional, like a sari, but has a stylish and distinctive look.

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