Surprise Family Affair Ch. 03

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Situation and summary of the first two parts: Sam and Susan have two grown daughters. Betty is married to Bob and Barbara is going to be wedded to Bruce. This family shares sex with each other, including Sam having sex with his daughters. Also, Susan is pleased to have two sons-in-laws who go to bed with her.

Many guests were attending Bruce and Barbara’s wedding. Of course, Bruce’s parents, Jane and John, were present.

After the ceremony, Jane whispered to Susan, “Let’s go outside where we can have some privacy. I have a question.”

Susan and Jane walked to a corner of the yard away from other people.

Jane turned to Susan, “My son mentioned to his dad that your family has an unusual family arrangement. Bruce said that he was in bed with you. Is that true?”

Susan looked a little embarrassed, but knew she had to tell the truth, “Yes, your son is a very good lover, too.”

“Does Betty know that Bob is in bed with her mother?”

Susan decided to tell everything, including Sam having sex with his two daughters.

Jane could hardly believe what she heard, but then said, “That does sound interesting. My husband, John, got rather excited and told me it could be an interesting relationship. He was suggesting we might join your family. We didn’t know your daughters had sex with their dad.”

“Yes, they seem to love their dad so much, they really enjoy being in bed with him. I think it is a nice relationship since it is all in the family.”

Jane pondered a minute before asking, “Do you really like being in bed with your two sons-in-laws?”

“Yes, they both are good lovers. Sam isn’t too active in the bedroom anymore. These two younger men can get a much harder erection and are much more vigorous. I really love having orgasms with them.”

Susan continued, “Now that Bruce is married to our Barbara, you are a part of the family and I know you and John are welcome to join us. Bruce and Barbara are not going on their honeymoon right now, so both of our families can be together tomorrow evening. I’ll invite Bob and Betty over. I think you will find Bob is a very good sex partner. He is young and vigorous. I’ll suggest to Betty that she pair up with John. I think she will agree.”

Before going back to the party, Jane said, “I was a virgin when I married John. He is the only man I’ve ever been to bed with. John and I have recently discussed getting involved with another couple, so this will be a first time for me. I want to try it.”

Later when Susan had a chance to talk to Betty and Bob, they both agreed to pair up with Barbara’s parents.

Betty chuckled as she said, “If he hasn’t had sex outside of marriage, it will be fun to break him in. It’s sort of like finding a virgin.”

Both families gathered the next evening at Sam illegal bahis and Susan’s home. For at least an hour, drinks were being passed around until everyone was feeling fairly good. Then the subject of sex came up.

Susan announced, “The wedding of Bruce and Barbara merged both of our families together. Our family has been completely comfortable and happy to share love and sex. I feel that we now have an extended family. To initiate our new couple, John and Jane, into the family group, Betty and Bob have volunteered to pair with them. After they go to the bedrooms, the rest of us can continue to have another drink or do whatever comes naturally.”

Everyone laughed since Susan’s voice was affected by the drinks.

Bob and Betty got up, went to John and Jane and disappeared down the hall. Once Bob entered the room with Jane, he noticed she looked very nervous.

Bob said, “Don’t be nervous. I heard you have never been with another man except John.”

She seemed a little reluctant to talk and kept her distance from Bob

Bob suggested, “Let’s just sit down together on the bed. We’ll take it slow.”

Bob put his arm around her waist while sitting on the edge of the bed. He turned to kiss her cheek and neck. Then she turned her head for a kiss on the lips.

She said, “Go bring us another drink. I want to get drunk so I can loose my inhibitions.”

While Bob was walking through the living room to the kitchen, he noticed the only people left in the room were Sam and his daughter Barbara. Sam had his pants off and Barbara already had removed her blouse and bra. Her ample breasts looked very inviting.

Bob asked, “What are you two doing in here?”

Barbara responded, “The bedrooms are already filled up, so we volunteered to stay here.”

As Bob was walking toward the kitchen, he noticed Sam was kissing his daughter’s breasts.

Bob fixed two very strong drinks and returned to the living room again. He noticed Sam was completely naked now and Barbara was down on the floor in front of him with her dad’s cock in her mouth. Bob decided not to bother them and immediately went on down the hall to be with Jane. He passed the bedroom door where his wife of two months was in bed with John. Bob listened for noises but didn’t hear anything.

He entered the bedroom where Jane was waiting for him. She had already partially undressed and was sitting up in bed. Bob handed the drink to her. In a very short time, her drink was gone, but Bob took only a few sips. He wanted to stay sober and enjoy his time with Jane. He noticed she was getting very tipsy.

Bob asked, “How do you feel? Have you had enough to drink?”

Jane was slurring her words as she said, “I’m doing just fine big boy.”

Bob was a little surprised at her words.

Jane illegal bahis siteleri said in a rather demanding voice, “Come on to bed and fuck me. I’ve made up my mind that I’m going through with this. I haven’t been fucked by anyone but my husband up until now. I’m going to be real cool about this.”

Bob was still a little bewildered with her words. She seemed to be rather drunk and the drink sure loosened her words. Bob stripped off, then helped Jane get naked.

She laid on her back and spread her legs as if to say, “Come and get it. Fuck me!”

Bob crawled on top and started to enter her. She was very dry. Bob moved down to lick and juice up her pussy.

Jane held his head tight at her pussy and said, “That’s it, Big Boy, eat my pussy. Say something nasty to me.”

Bob had never said any dirty words to any girl in his life. Now this drunk lady wanted him to take dirty to her. He wasn’t sure what to say.

He got the courage to say, “Jane, you are a slut. You are a drunken slut.”

“That’s what I want to hear. I know I am drunk. Fuck me fast.”

Bob started fucking her faster. He then asked, “Does your husband talk dirty to you?”

“No he doesn’t, but I wish he would. I know I am a slut for cheating on him.”

Bob couldn’t let that statement go by. “You’re not cheating on him. He is in the other bedroom with my wife, Betty.”

Jane groaned in a drunken stupor to say, “I hope he is fucking her good. He always wanted us to swap with another couple. Now he is getting his wish, and I’m enjoying it, too.”

Bob was fucking her rather fast and she was vigorously pushing up to him every time his cock plunged deep in her pussy. Bob was wondering if she was too drunk to have an orgasm. However, it wasn’t very long before she groaned and yelled as she had an orgasm.

Bob had not cum as yet. He wondered if she would give him a blow job in her drunken state.

Bob decided to be firm about it. He said is a strong manly voice, “I’m going to pull out and then you are going to suck me off.”

She didn’t say anything but laid very still. Bob waited a few more seconds, then pulled out.

Bob said in demanding voice, “Sit up and take this in you mouth.”

She responded to his demand, sat up, leaned over but seemed a little too drunk to get it in her mouth.

Bob then decided to get her in a position so he could fuck her mouth. He helped her get out of bed, sit on the floor with her back up against the bed to keep her steady and not fall over backwards. He stood in front of her and aimed his cock at her open mouth. She took it and clumsily raised one hand to hold his cock and feel his balls.

Bob started back and forth movements. When she wasn’t caressing his balls, they were bouncing up against her chin. He canlı bahis siteleri was amazed that when he pushed forward that she could take his full cock in her mouth and throat. Bob kept looking down at her to see his cock going back and forth in her mouth. He felt he was about ready to cum.

Bob had difficulty keeping his knees from weakening as he started cumming in her mouth. He was groaning and grunting as his cock continued to spew. She held his cock and tried to push him away to keep from gaging. His cock came out of her mouth which allowed cum to spurt on her face and dribble on down to her chest. After she gulped his cum, he put his now flaccid cock back in her mouth. She held his balls while she sucked on his little member. Then she looked up to meet his eyes.

Bob backed away and sat down on the floor. They looked at each other and laughed.

Bob said, “You are a mess. I’ll help you clean up in the bathroom.”

She responded, “That’s what happens to a girl when she gets drunk. Help me stand up and take me to the bathroom.”

Bob was glad they were in the master bedroom with the private bath. He wanted to clean Jane up and get her dressed before appearing in front of the rest of the family. He wondered if his wife, Betty, had finished with John. He wanted to see her in the living room and whisper in her ear that he loved her.

Bob took a very wet wash rag and gently washed his cum off her face and her chest. Then he had her sit on the bed while he struggled to put on her panties. He noticed her pussy lips were slightly spread where his cock had been. He had given her a good orgasm and he got his by fucking her mouth.

Bob was tempted to quickly lick her pussy. He pushed her back on the bed, moved the small piece of panty cloth to one side of her pussy and buried his head between her legs.

She said, “That feels good, but we better get back in the living room.”

Bob knew that she was beginning to sober up. He finished helping her dress, then he dressed himself.

Bob told her, “I’m sorry if I offended you with my dirty talk or any thing else. You are a very nice lady.”

She responded by saying, “Next time I won’t drink so much. I hope I satisfied you and I’d like to do this again with you when I’m sober.”

Bob and Jane walked out of the bedroom and into the living room to see all the other family members had returned from their sex activities.

Susan greeted them, “It’s nice to see you two. You two are the last to finish for tonight.”

Bob saw his wife sitting on the floor with her sister, Barbara. She smiled and looked very radiant. He assumed she had a good orgasm with her older lover. Sam was smiling too. Evidently, he enjoyed the blow job his daughter, Barbara, gave him, or maybe he ended up fucking her. Everyone seemed to be pleased. The evening had been a pleasure for everyone.

Bob could hardly wait until he and Betty were alone. He would then learn if she sucked off the new member of the family or did he fuck her and fill her pussy with cum.

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Lessons Learned Ch. 02

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He sat at the teacher’s desk, his eyes closed as he leaned back in the comfortable office chair. His breath came and went evenly, his chest rising and falling in a steady rhythm. No sound filled the room except for his slow breathing and the sound of metrical sucking. The noise was a metronome in a silent symphony.

She had a talented mouth, and once she had gotten over her constant fear, she had become an expert on him. She used her lips and tongue in tandem, coaxing his shaft to grow longer and harder each time. It was a game they played. She would try to make him cum as quickly as possible, but he liked to see her on her knees, underneath her desk. He sat in her seat almost every afternoon, thinking about geometry or Shakespeare or baseball while she worked her magic. The longest he had lasted one afternoon was an hour and five minutes. She had been crying by the time he had exploded in her mouth. He’d left her that way, too.

He’d become increasingly smug over the last month, as he had cemented his control over her sexual addiction. She had been hesitant after their first encounter. He knew her concerns were not unwarranted, but he had worked carefully to convince her that everything would be all right. He knew he had a good thing, so he had no intention of telling anyone. On the upside, his grades in geometry had increased quite a bit, and it wasn’t due to her giving him extra credit because of their affair. She had told him that she wouldn’t. Since he now had a release for the sexual frustration that had plagued him during her class, he was able to better concentrate on his work. He also knew that if he was going to continue to lie about receiving tutoring, he would need proof that he was benefiting from the sessions.

The principal had come into the room one afternoon looking for her. Jon had pushed close to her desk, putting his hand in her hair to keep her from escaping. He had calmly told the principal that he was there for tutoring, and Miss Moyers had received a telephone call. The principal had lingered for a few moments, waiting on her, but when ten minutes had passed, he had given up. The potential of discovery and the element of danger had triggered her body. She had cum while her superior waited.

He glanced at his watch. The baseball game started in thirty minutes. He needed to go warm up. He allowed his body to relax, groaning softly. Her mouth quickened and he shot a long, thin stream into her throat. She swallowed, leaving no evidence of their encounter in the room. When he finished, she pulled off and he rolled the chair backwards, allowing her to stand. He could smell her wet desire but had no time to satisfy her. He reached beneath her short skirt, knowing that she had stopped wearing underwear altogether since their first few encounters. His finger shot straight into her hole, sliding easily. She spread her legs, leaning back against the desk as he pumped her slick pussy.

“Are you coming to my game?” he demanded.

“Yes,” she answered, barely able to form her thoughts into words. His thumb was massaging her clit in a firm circular motion as his finger slid in and out of her. Her hips were now flexing forward, meeting his light thrusts. “Please, Jon,” she moaned.

He pulled out of her, sucking his finger into his mouth and tasting her. She whimpered, her knees weakening. She placed her hands on her desk for support. He could see the outline of her hard nipples against the silk material of her shirt. “Please what?”

“God, Jon, please. Fuck me,” she begged.

He patted her wet pussy with an indulgent grin as he stood up. “After the game,” he promised. He adjusted himself and reached for the baseball cap lying on her desk. He had already changed into his uniform and his cleats clicked on the floor as he walked out of her classroom.

She collapsed into her warm chair, feeling her tight nipples and throbbing insides. She was quivering with need and anticipation, but would not do anything about it. After their first encounter, she had masturbated every night for two weeks while thinking about him. When he had told her to stop, she had not thought of disobeying. Even though he did not always satisfy her in return, she never considered reaching down and rubbing herself until she could walk without that funny hitch to her hips.

She finally gained control of herself enough to rise from her chair and gather her belongings. She locked her classroom behind her and bahis firmaları exited the building, her heels clicking across the parking lot for the baseball field. Her hips rolled easily from side-to-side as she entered the small stadium and found a seat directly across from third base. He would be able to see her during the game without it being obvious that he was looking. She crossed her legs and hoped for a good game. His mood afterward would depend on the success of the team.

They had made a sport of his games. For every out he made, she spent five minutes on her knees in front of him, with her lips wrapped around his hard cock. His rewards came for defense, and hers came for his offensive play. For every single he batted, he spent five minutes massaging her breasts. A second base hit meant his mouth would be at her breasts. She loved for him to get triples. He rarely returned her favor of oral sex, but triples meant his tongue would be inside her. For homeruns, he would slide his hard bat into her aching, empty pussy.

The team ran onto the field and she joined the home fans in standing and cheering. His eyes searched for her and found her as he warmed up with the rest of the infield. She smiled, wetting her lips as she leaned forward at the shoulders. Her blouse fell away, and though he was too far to see any details, she knew he could use his imagination well. She also uncrossed her legs, spreading them as far as her short skirt would allow. She would tease him with silent promises whenever she could, but she would never distract him during play.

He scored a triple at his first at bat. He stopped at third, gave the third base coach a high five, and turned to grin at her smugly. She wet the tip of her finger and slipped it down the top of her blouse, circling her nipple. He raced to home plate as soon as the ball was in the air, his propelled body crashing into the fence directly in front of her. He dropped his eyes down intentionally and she followed his gaze, seeing his erection stretch the material of his pants and push against his protective cup. She grinned, making certain that he could see a flash of her areola and her protruding nipple.

She slipped away to the restroom as he returned to the dugout. The second inning had started when she emerged and he was back in position at third base. He seemed to be back to his normal self. He was in a crouched defensive position, rocking his weight slightly and keeping his eyes focused on the batter. She paused and watched as a low grounder went to third. He scooped it up and sent it sailing to first, who tagged the base before the runner could make it across the bag. Her breath caught, knowing that counted as an out for him.

A small line snaked away from the counter at the concession stand and she joined it, knowing a cold drink of water would cool her until the end of the ninth inning. She was thinking of the future when someone joined the line behind her. She felt warm breath on her neck and ear a moment after hips cradled her buttocks. She could feel something hard press against her and instinctively, she leaned back, pressing into it.

“Well, well, Miss Moyers, I believe you have become the baseball team’s biggest fan,” the voice whispered in her ear. She recognized it as the voice of the third base coach. He thrust his hips forward. “You should let me give you a proper thank you.”

“Perry!” she laughed, a nervous, high-pitched sound. She glanced around to make sure no one was paying attention.

“I saw you in the stands,” he continued. “I saw the invitation in your eyes.”

She stepped away quickly, blushing fiercely. “I’m sorry, Perry. I don’t know what you are talking about.” She stepped out of line and headed back toward the stands. “I want to get back to the game.”

She was breathing hard by the time she settled into her seat, her cheeks flushed and her eyes panicked. Jon took notice of her return, but didn’t seem to perceive her agitation until the first break in the game. He looked to her for some playful teasing, but she was chewing on her lip and staring into space. Her legs were together and she was sitting stiffly on the bleachers. She caught him looking and forced a smile, waving her fingers.

As soon as he got a chance, he slipped close enough to speak to her. “What’s wrong?” he demanded harshly.

“Never mind,” she returned without looking at him. He tapped his bat against the inside of his sneakers, trying kaçak iddaa to appear casual. “Coach Perry saw me,” she finally admitted.

“How do you know?” he questioned, swinging the bat several times.

“I saw the look in his eyes,” she lied. She couldn’t trust Jon not to react if he thought that Perry had hit on her. “We have to be more careful.”

He nodded without saying anything and went to bat. He scored a double, and she tried to get excited about the prospect. He had a talented tongue, and she had taught him how to use it in their sessions together. He hadn’t needed much tutoring and had been a quick learner.

When he hit a homerun in the ninth inning, driving in two other runs and sealing the victory for the team, she allowed herself to forget Perry. Jon smiled directly at her as he jogged down the third base line to step on home plate. His teammates were there to congratulate him.

Jon leaned back in the back seat of his car thirty minutes later, receiving his reward for seven outs. He marveled at her talented mouth and her endless willingness to go down on him. Her lips massaged and her tongue danced as her head moved in his lap. Her hands cupped his swollen balls, massaging them as her tongue swirled around his long, hard shaft. She worked quickly at first, her head bobbing as her lips stroked him with sliding ease and a teasing, swirling tongue. He hadn’t mentioned Coach Perry, but she knew that his superior was on his mind. It had taken her a few minutes to get him hard.

Usually after a game, she tried to bring him off quickly, and then work on him slowly to keep him interested. She now worked slowly, the tip of her tongue moving along the underside of his thick cock. The swollen head was in her throat. Each time she swallowed, it clenched the mushroom. His breath was shallow as he enjoyed her hot, wet mouth.

She pulled off a little, her tongue rubbing the head, tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum. His hips bucked upward, slipping himself deeper. He glided in and out, leveraging himself in order to piston quicker. He was starting to throb in her mouth. She slowed more, working with his jerking hips in an effort to keep as little of him as possible out of her mouth.

He reached down and dug his fingers through her hair, forcing her down hard. His balls hit her chin as he exploded deep in her throat. She closed her eyes, trying not to gag. Her eyes widened and started watering, but she finally swallowed and recovered. She sat back, leaning against the back of the driver’s seat as she caught her breath. He grinned at her, curling his hand around his shaft. He stroked it slowly, watching her as he kept himself hard.

Kneeling in the floorboard of his backseat, she reached up and released the few buttons on her shirt, peeling it back so that he could see her large breasts. Her pink nipples protruded toward him, hard in excitement and anticipation. She crawled onto the seat with him, straddling his hips and rubbing one of her hard nipples against his lips. He took the opening and sucked the bud into his mouth. His tongue brushed the areola and swirled around the tingling button. She pushed into his mouth, filling his cheeks with her soft flesh. He suckled, using his mouth and teeth and tongue on her full breast much the way she had used hers on his long penis. He treated first one and then the other to his ministrations, encouraged by her soft moans of pleasure.

She could feel his cock pressing against her stomach as she pushed into his mouth. She could feel herself flooding a little, her sweet juices preparing her body for his intrusion. His hands cupped her ass, pulling her upward as he slid further down in the back seat. The tip of his tongue danced along her moist slit, dipping deeper each time, scooping more of her moisture into his mouth with every stroke.

He flicked over her clit, and she shuddered, pushing her hips downward in excitement and pleasure. His fat tongue dragged along the swollen nub, sweeping it over and over as she groaned. She threw her head back as his tongue darted into her hole, curling and thrusting. She squirmed on his mouth in pleasure, her hips rocking forward and back. Her pussy tightened as they worked in unison and she began spasming after just a moment.

She groaned as the sweet tremors expanded from his tongue into the rest of her body. Her legs clenched around his head as her thighs quivered. She placed her hands on the window, bracing kaçak bahis herself as her body twitched. She sank heavily onto his face, unable to support herself as the wave of bliss washed over her body.

He easily lifted her and flipped her onto her back, positioning the throbbing, swollen head of his shaft at her slick, exhausted opening. He used his hand to rub her thrumming clit with the tip of his cock, teasing her to open for him. She raised one leg, letting it rest against the back of the seat. Her other dropped off of the seat, spreading her pussy lips enough for him to wedge himself between her thighs. He aimed at her tight hole and thrust hard and fast, driving his long sword to the hilt. His balls slapped her pussy and he grunted, feeling her muscles contract around him.

She tightened her vagina, squeezing him within her walls, sucking him with her body as well as her mouth had treated him. He braced himself on his arms over her, enjoying the still pleasure. He lowered himself to his elbows, feeling the arrows of her breasts against his chest. They burned small circles as he began moving, lightly rotating his hips, twirling his cock inside her tight tunnel.

He began flexing lightly, not pulling completely out, but only moving an inch at a time. His slow, steady, teasing movements served to drive her to mindless whimpering and moaning. She tried to lie still, allowing him to take control and keep the pace, but soon her body demanded to be in charge. Her hips snapped upward, slamming against his. Above her, he grinned, pulling away until he was completely outside of her. Her hips remained raised as her she pleaded with a soft moan for him to fill her.

He thrust forward again, hard and deep, again burying himself completely. This time, he did not linger, but pulled out and repeated the process. Over and over and over he drove himself into her, pushing himself deeper every time. He felt her stretching to accept him and raising herself to meet him. He started rocking forward in addition to his in and out strokes, making certain his long shaft rubbed her clit with every movement. She wrapped her legs around him, linking herself to his body as his movements became quicker and quicker.

As she came for the second time, her world spun in a dizzy circle. Her body clenched for a moment, and she couldn’t breathe, and then she exploded. Her whole body turned to jelly as wetness gushed from her body. She locked her ankles behind him, riding the spasms as he continued pumping. He was now a machine, his hips a mechanical piston locked in the age old programming of fucking.

He was grunting now, no longer focusing on her at all. Instead, he only cared about his own release. He forced himself in and out of her. His shaft stretched her wide as he pumped, his balls slapping against her as he slammed down each time. Every forward movement sent an arrow through her body, sliding her along the vinyl of the car. Somewhere, she had the thought that she would have marks on her back tomorrow, but before the thought could take root, she did what she though impossible. She came a third time. It didn’t build, but exploded immediately. The world again spiraled, and then went black.

He continued pumping for another few minutes into her lifeless body before he released a powerful cry and shot into her warm cavern. He unraveled long strings of semen into her deep recess until he was empty. His shaft shriveled and slipped from her. He sat up, leaving her in her unconscious state as he recovered. She began to rouse herself as he finished buttoning the fly of his pants.

She sat up, but the world spun, and she lay back down with a laugh. “Jon,” she began, but was unable to finish her thought. She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to regain her bearings, and then opened them again. She rose slowly to a sitting position, this time able to keep herself steady. She kissed his cheek. He turned to her, cupping her breast in a firm grip as he kissed her roughly on the mouth, thrusting his tongue between her lips. She moaned, sinking into him. He pinched and tugged her nipple, and then released her to get dressed.

When she emerged from his car, she stood there for a moment, letting her legs regain strength. She adjusted her skirt, tugging it downward to make certain all body parts were covered. As she walked toward her own car, she was aware that she walked with the swagger of someone who had been well-fucked. She grinned, knowing she had. She wondered briefly why it had taken her so long to take a student. Perhaps it was just Jon.

Across the parking lot, near the dark entrance to the stadium, Coach Perry watched.

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Leslie: A Special Education

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I have been seeing my current girlfriend off and on for almost four years now. We met on a popular on-line dating site But two summers ago we were on the outs. So I went back to that site.

Most people hate on-line dating. Not me. I love on-line dating.

Leslie was a special education teacher from a neighboring town. Her pictures didn’t really ‘wow’ me but there was something about her. I’m pretty sure she contacted me first. If you’re a guy and you’ve been on any dating site, you know that doesn’t happen very often.

Leslie was very direct, honest and open. I find those traits incredibly sexy.

I will never, ever forget meeting Leslie for the first time. It was at a Panera in her town. When she got out of her SUV “I just knew.” A broad smile came across my face. She looked at me quickly, blush-smiled and then looked at the ground. When she looked back up she had this great big smile on her face.

Now I’m no George Clooney. Women don’t swoon over me. But Leslie did.

I knew it 5 minutes into our date. In the booth at illegal bahis the restaurant she was sooo nervous. She was blushing, talking rapidly, looking down, giggling, playing with her napkin.

I just stared at her and smiled. I felt it too.

There was nothing about Leslie that screamed “knockout.” She looked kinda nerdy and Amish fully clothed. Her clothes were anything but flattering. Yet when I peeled Leslie’s clothes off for the first time I was in for the shock of my life. She had an amazing, toned, spectacular body. She had the nicest boobs I’d ever seen. She had a beautiful, aromatic pussy with brown fur on the muzzle.

And she was an amazing kisser. When we weren’t talking, we were kissing. Consequently, we spent a lot of time in bed.

I remember we went to this movie across town. The theater was deserted so we made out from the moment we sat down. We made out during the coming attractions and we made out during the beginning of the movie. Finally I said to her, “I want to take you home and peel you like a banana.”

[I illegal bahis siteleri can’t believe I just admitted that but it’s true. Who would lie about saying that?]

We left seven minutes into the movie. Now it takes me some time to build up trust and confidence with women I truly care about. It usually takes me a few dates before I can have ‘regular’ sex with them.

Although we did everything in the Foreplay Playbook, I was getting ‘stage fright’ when it came time for the Main Event. Not a problem for Leslie. The first time we messed around I found myself on my knees right next to Leslie’s face. I placed my cock in her mouth and the next thing I knew I was fucking her face.

“I love sucking cock.”

No woman had ever said that to me. Until Leslie. In my opinion, nothing a woman can say in the bedroom is sexier than those four words.

Ordinarily when I’m about ready to cum my first instinct is to pull out, slow down, etc. Not with Leslie. She gave me absolutely no indication that she wanted me to stop canlı bahis siteleri as I announced my imminent eruption. She moaned her approval and the next thing I knew I was pumping a huge load into her mouth.

She swallowed it completely. She didn’t pull away, spit it out or run to the bathroom.

She loved it.

I didn’t know what to do. I was stunned. And incredibly turned on.

I was 51 at the time but the experience was life-altering.

She was and is the greatest cocksucker of my lifetime. And I say that with all due respect.

I never was able to have ‘regular’ sex with Leslie. I regret that to this day. Our courtship lasted 8 days.

I ended up back with my current girlfriend. She sensed something was different with Leslie so she fought like hell for me.

But if I’m truly honest with myself, nothing has been the same since Leslie.

Leslie and I had amazing chemistry. I will never forget the two loads she happily took from me. She gave me new confidence. I felt sexy.

Leslie gave me oral just for oral’s sake and because she loved the taste of my cum. My current girlfriend is very sexy but she doesn’t let me cum in her mouth—never mind swallow.

So every time my cock is in my girlfriend’s mouth, I secretly, silently dream of Leslie.

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Lennie Ch. 01

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Lennie loved her job. She was a nursing auxiliary in a private hospital but it was more like working in a posh hotel than a medical establishment, with all the patients in private rooms and everywhere decorated to the highest standard. It was the sort of place she would like to come to if ever she got ill but she realised it was probably well beyond her means.

She had been working there for about 8 or 9 months when the incident occurred.

It had happened late one evening shortly before she went off duty and she was just looking in on the dozen or so patients in her section to make sure they were all bedded down. Her usual method was to quietly open the door and peek in to see if the occupant was asleep which some of them usually were. Others would be watching their televisions or reading but as long they were comfortable and those that were incapacitated to the extent that they couldn’t get out of bed didn’t require a bedpan or drink, she would wish them goodnight and perhaps tuck their sheets in if that was what was needed.

This particular night was no different, the first room was dark and the patient, an elderly chap recuperating from an operation was snoring softly. The second and third were watching television and the forth was on his mobile phone and waved her a cheery goodnight.

When she got to the next room the bedside light was on but the young middle-aged man who occupied the bed appeared to be asleep with his head turned to the wall resting on his arm while his other arm was under the bed sheet. Lennie knew quite a lot about him, his name was Doug and he’d received multiple fractures of both legs in a car accident. Consequently both legs were being supported in traction by a large frame at the end of the bed and only light bedding was allowed to cover him. Being completely immobilised he required a lot of attention and over the course of the few weeks he had been in there she had got to know him quite well.

She walked in quietly to turn the light off but halfway to the bed stopped dead as she realised small but regular movements were coming from under the sheet in the vicinity of his crotch. With a sudden rush of embarrassment she realised he was masturbating and tried desperately to think what to do next. Her embarrassment was not because of what he was doing, she had watched her boyfriend doing the same thing on several occasions before they fucked, and it was an activity she indulged in whenever she felt the urge. Her dilemma was what to do for the best.

If she tried to leave the room but he heard and saw her it would no doubt cause him embarrassment but she realised that if she stayed there he would see her eventually anyway. She was trapped.

For what seemed like an eternity but was in fact only a few seconds she stood there watching, undecided what to do. Any second now, she thought, he’s bound to hear my heart thumping, but at the same time she realised that what she was watching was having quite an effect on her. She could feel herself getting wet and suddenly she wanted to be a part of his enjoyment. She had often blanket bathed him and tended to his requirements for a bedpan or bottle so she knew what his penis looked like, but she now wanted to see it erect and squirting.

She continued quietly to the bed then softly called his name. His head whipped round and his eyes opened wide when he saw her then closed tightly, probably in the hope that she was an illusion and wasn’t really there. But of course she still was when he opened them.

‘Oh shit’ he muttered as he started to blush deeply.

‘Don’t worry Doug please.’ she said quietly.

He was too embarrassed to look at her directly so she sat on the edge of the bed facing him. He pulled his hand from under the sheet and she could see the outline of his rigid penis quite clearly and a little moist patch appeared on the sheet at its end.

‘I do mean it, don’t worry. It’s quite natural after you’ve been away from your wife for so long and you’d be surprised how many of the other patients do it as well. The number of wet handkerchiefs or soggy tissues I find hidden in lockers or wrapped into a tight ball and thrown under the bed. I know it’s not something you would normally like to advertise but it’s nothing you should be ashamed of’.

He still couldn’t bring himself to look at her so she carried on talking this time in a softer voice.

‘If you must know’ she said,’ it’s something I do myself quite a lot and not always at home. Sometimes if I’ve bathed one of the patients and they’ve got an erection I have to go off to the ladies loo and bring myself off – and I know I’m not the only one who does’.

She could see she had his attention now so she carried on.

‘Of course we’re not supposed to take any notice of that sort of thing if it happens but I can’t help the effect it has on me. I love sex and seeing a hard prick and not being able to do anything about it is very frustrating’.

He was looking straight at her now.

‘Don’t look so surprised, illegal bahis you men haven’t got a monopoly on it you know. If you knew what it’s done to me watching you and talking to you like this you’d be amazed’. She said ‘I think your wife is a very attractive woman and I’m sure you must miss her a lot.’

‘She is; and I do’ he said, ‘especially the physical side of things.’

‘A lot of the long term patients do and you’d be surprised what I’ve seen going on in some of these rooms during visiting hours sometimes. If only they realised that if they wanted privacy for a while all they have to do is close the blind on the door window and nobody would enter. Like this.’

She got up and went to the door and pulled down the blind covering the little window.

‘It’s supposed to be for bed baths and toiletry etc. but it is also generally accepted that if the staff see this down in visiting hours they don’t intrude. Of course nobody told me about this when I first joined; a sort of initiation joke I suppose, and on my first weekend I walked straight into a room where the patients girlfriend was in the process of sucking him off! She’d got her skirt up around her waist and had no knickers on and he had his hand between her legs pushing two fingers in and out of her while she was bending over him in bed with most of his prick down her throat! I got out as quickly and quietly as I could but I’m still not sure that they didn’t see me.’

‘You’re making it up.’ he said, ‘You’re just trying to make me feel better.’

‘No I’m not, honestly!’ She was sitting on the edge of the bed again. ‘That was the first time I masturbated in our toilets.’ she mused. ‘I got so aroused I had to go and do something about it.’

She noticed that his penis which appeared to have subsided was now making a small tent in the sheet again so she carried on.

‘Another time I went into a room and the chap, who had similar injuries to yourself and was in traction, had his wife naked sitting on his prick and going up and down very carefully! This time they did see me because they looked as I came in but they just carried on as if I wasn’t there and after a few seconds he orgasmed into her so I left as discretely as I could.’

The tent was getting quite pronounced now and she casually dropped her hand onto his thigh beside it.

‘Would you believe this is the first time I’ve done anything like this in here?’ he asked. ‘and trust me to get caught. It was just because she said to me tonight that she was missing me a lot and I said I’m sure she was. But she said no, she was missing me that way and kissed me deeply after she said it. She even pushed her hand under the sheet and fondled me for a few seconds while whispering things in my ear!’

‘What sort of things?’

‘I couldn’t tell you that; it was very rude and to the point. In fact she hasn’t said things like that to me for ages so she probably really is missing me.’

‘Go on; please, it won’t go any further I promise’. As she said this Lennie gently moved her hand to feel his prick through the sheet and found it hard with the sheet wet around his slit.

Doug groaned softly and closed his eyes and she could feel him start to make gentle thrusting movements with his crotch.

‘Don’t you move, just leave it to me. We don’t want you setting your recovery back now do we?’ She leaned forward and whispered in his ear. ‘Go on tell me what did she say?’ She was moving her fingers gently up and down his shaft teasing him with her nails at the wet end.

‘Ohh! That’s wonderful’ he breathed softly.

‘I know, now what did she say to you?’

‘She told me she was missing me inside her both my penis and my tongue and she was longing to suck me again. She said she has been masturbating at night but it wasn’t the same even using the vibrator we’d bought soon after we got married. She sat there and told me her panties were wet just being here with me!’

She’s not the only one thought Lennie as she felt more juice seep into hers. She began to encircle his prick with her fingers and could sense there was more.

‘What else?’

He turned his face to look at her searchingly for a few seconds then turned away again and whispered something she couldn’t hear.


‘I said; she said she missed our damp patch in the bed!’

She pulled back slightly and looked straight at him.

‘What do you mean?’ she asked. ‘Tell me.’ This time a little urgently.

He looked at her again and could see her excitement in her face.

‘When we’ve finished our love-making we go to sleep still joined, but then I go soft and come out and she gets a largish wet patch under her bottom.’

‘I know the problem.’ breathed Lennie softly.

‘I thought it would be rather uncomfortable for her but she loves it. She looks on it almost as a trophy and the stain is a reminder to her for the next day.’

She took her hand away from his prick which was twitching quite fiercely and pushing herself back illegal bahis siteleri put one hand either side of his head on the pillow. Her face was only a few inches away from his and she looked him straight in the eye.

‘When your wife comes to visit you next time would you like an hours total privacy?’

‘You’ve no idea how much ‘ he said.

‘When she gets here, explain what I’ve said and if she wants it as well call me to your room. I’ll make sure you’re not disturbed in any way by other visitors or the staff. Trust me.’

‘How will you do that?’

‘Never you mind, that’s my business. But I guarantee you won’t be disturbed. Now,’ she lowered her voice to a whisper, ‘would you like me to bring you off?’

He nodded slowly.

‘Give me two minutes and I’ll be back.’ she said going to the door. She opened it cautiously and looked down the corridor but there was nobody there so she went out.

Less than two minutes later she came back in again and checked the blind at the door window. Doug could see she was carrying a small towel and she sat on the edge of the bed again. She pulled the sheet back to reveal his penis quite large and fat laying on his belly. She put her hand to it and gave it a squeeze feeling him jerk gently as she did. She rubbed him a couple of times admiring the way his foreskin slipped easily back and forth over his very wet glans.

‘I love it when a man gets wet like you are’ she said. ‘I shouldn’t think you would need to use a lubricant do you.’

It was more a statement than a question. He shook his head.

‘We both get very wet’ he said.

She leant towards him again.

‘So do I: feel.’

She undid the last two buttons on her tunic and placed his hand on her thigh. He looked at her in astonishment as if questioning if it really was OK.

‘Go on, please. I need to cum as much as you do.’

While getting the towel she had slipped her tights and very damp panties off and stuffed them into her pocket. His astonishment turned to surprise when he discovered her nakedness and she had to bite her lip as he slid a finger straight into her warm cunt. She closed her eyes as he reamed it around inside her a few times then opened them as she felt him pull out. As she watched he put his finger into his mouth and sucked her juice off and licked round his knuckle. He did this a couple of times saying how much he loved her taste before asking if he could possible look at her.

She stood up and pulled her dress up to her waist and moved up towards his head. She lifted her foot onto the bed then pulled her lips apart with her fingers. She could feel his fingers exploring her again including one pushing under her hood to her clit. He obviously knew what he was doing and she felt the first indications that her climax would not be long in coming.

‘Can I suck you Lennie? Please,’ he pleaded, ‘I really want to taste you properly. Please!!’

‘OK, OK,’ she said, ‘Just a minute.’

She climbed carefully onto the bed and put her knees either side of his head on the pillow. Holding onto the headboard she adjusted her position and lowered herself down towards his face. Almost immediately she felt his tongue push into her and she arched her back as the pleasure hit her. She could hear and feel him working in and out of her and the sensations were having a dramatic effect. After a little while she felt it seek out her clit and she knew her cum was imminent.

‘God,’ she gasped, ‘I’m nearly there! Keep doing that please! Whatever………do…..don’t…..Aghhhh!!.’

As she came she pushed her cunt onto his mouth so all her juice went straight down his throat. She could feel the contractions in her belly and cunt and just gave herself over to the total sensation running through her. Her climaxes varied in their intensity depending on the state of her arousal but this was one of her best.

She hung there for a few seconds before climbing off to look down at Doug’s wet face. She felt pretty washed out but could see the pleading look in his eyes and the rigidity of his prick. A silvery strand of juice hung down from his slit and connected with a little glistening pool in his pubic hair and she started to rub his foreskin up and down his shaft.

She rubbed her fingers in the pool and smeared the viscous liquid down his shaft making it slippery and easy to slide her fingers over. She continued like this for a while watching his reactions and his efforts not to move too much in response. After a minute or two it began to dry up so she reached into her pocket and pulled out a tube of lubricant.

‘Have you ever used this on yourself before?’

He shook his head. She squeezed a large dollop onto her fingers and applied it to his prick. Her fingers now slid easily up and down without moving his skin and every so often she rubbed her thumb across his wet hole. She could see he was getting very high so she put her foot back up on the bed and with her free hand opened herself up to him. canlı bahis siteleri She knew her lips would be distended and wet and her hole still open so she urged him to look at her.

‘Look at me Doug, look at my cunt! It’s wide open and wet from you just like your wife’s will be next time she sees you. Imagine hers on your face and her taste and smell as she….’

A groan and jerking in his prick accompanied the streaks of greyish beige sperm as it spat up onto his chest and belly leaving long trails in its wake. He seemed to cum for ages before his prick twitched and jerked dryly and he lay still on the bed.

She had been holding him tightly during his orgasm but now let go and set about cleaning him up. At first he was too relaxed and tired to do or say anything but after a while she sensed that his embarrassment had returned. When she had finished she sat on the bed again.

‘Look Doug, what just happened is strictly between us both and nobody will ever hear about it from me. If this got out it could cost me my job and that’s the last thing I want. I enjoy it here and I enjoyed what we have just done. Don’t be embarrassed about it, it did me just as much good as it did you. You’ve no idea how many times I get turned on here but I never have the opportunity to do anything about it unless it’s a solo exercise in the toilet!’

‘What would your wife think if she got to hear about it?!’

‘If anything it would probably excite her but she wouldn’t be too pleased if she knew the whole story!’

‘Sound her out about your privacy when she next gets here but explain that I will have to have a word with her before anything happens. Tell her not to be embarrassed but there are certain things she will have to be careful about if she doesn’t want to extend your stay in here.’

She got up to go. She pulled her panties out of her pocket and held them up.

‘I suppose I ought to put these back on but they’ll only be cold and uncomfortable. I’ll take a chance driving home without them.’

She went to put them back in her pocket.

‘Er……would you be willing to forget you left them here until the morning?’

The question took her by surprise and she looked at his quickly reddening face. She smiled broadly at him.

‘Got a taste for me have you?’

He nodded blushing deeply.

‘No problem. Have you got enough tissues?’ she asked checking his locker.

‘Well if you’re going to do that you might as well have something to enjoy properly.’ and selecting the crotch, she lifted her skirt again and squatted down to the floor. Holding her lips open she wiped the damp material over her sex a couple of times before using her fingers to push it up inside her. When she puled it out it was visibly wet and sticky with translucent cunt cream liberally smeared all over it.

‘Have fun and I’ll collect them in the morning. Oh, and put the tissues under your pillow not in the bin or on the floor. I’ll take those as well. Good night.’ and bending over she kissed him quickly on the lips.


The next morning she breezed into his room as if nothing had happened and wished him a cheery good morning. After enquiring if he had slept well she set about washing him and tidying his bed and pushed her hand under his pillow.

There were two lots of tissues, one rather damp and the other larger but dry and soft. She put them both in her pocket.

‘Did you enjoy yourself last night?’ she asked

‘Very much so. And you?’

‘Oh yes of course I did, but I was thinking about it after I left.’

‘I went to sleep almost as soon as you left; but I woke up pretty early this morning!’ He grinned sheepishly.

She laughed then said

‘Come on let’s get you bathed’.

When she pulled the bedcovers back she could see his prick fat and red laying on his thigh. The end was wet and it was obvious he had not long finished masturbating.

‘You enjoyed yourself alright then?’

‘Very much so: and thanks.’

‘Don’t worry about it.’

‘No I mean it. You’ve done a lot for me in the last few hours and you’ve no idea how much better I feel.’

I wonder how you’d feel inside me, she thought making a mental note for the future.

‘Just be careful how you unwrap your panties,’ he said, ‘don’t put them straight in the washing machine without checking them first.’

She looked at him quizzically.

‘It’s nothing nasty…promise. That’s all in the other tissue!’

When she left the room she went straight to her locker and carefully unwrapped the soft package. There, in a tight ball inside her panties, was a twenty pound note with a piece of paper on which was written the words ‘Thank you!!!’

At first she was rather confused. Of course the money would be very useful, an auxiliaries pay is pretty poor, but at the same time she realised it moved from being a pleasurable activity to a business one – but one she still got a lot of enjoyment from. With a start she realised that if she took the money she would in fact have become a prostitute but somehow the thought didn’t seem to worry her. After mulling it over for a while she decided she could live with that and began to wonder if she could improve her income even more.

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Summer’s End Ch. 01

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As always, thank you Mused, for all of your help with this.


Brandon entered his sister’s room and frowned when he saw she was still packing. “Aren’t you ready yet? I want to leave soon.”

Emma turned and made a face at her older brother, then went back to her closet. “Damn tank top is in here somewhere.” She rummaged around, pushing aside turtlenecks and sweaters.

“Better watch it or that pretty face of yours will freeze that way, Em.”

“Yes, Mom, whatever you say,” Emma mumbled from the back of the closet.

“I’m outta here in ten, Em. With or without you. You’ll have to come with Mom and Dad on Saturday if you miss the bus.” Brandon pushed away from the wall and went back to his room to finish his own packing. He knew it would take her forever to pack everything if he didn’t toss an idle threat or two her way. Brandon was pretty sure Emma thought he was serious; though, he wouldn’t really have left her behind.

Brandon was anxious to get up to the cottage. Each year since he had turned eighteen, he’d been allowed to go up a day or two ahead of his parents and open up the place, provided he took his baby sister with him. That was the only drawback, but it was worth it to have those few extra days. The cottage was an amazing place; tiny and cozy, it was a familiar comfort that Brandon and Emma reveled in. They’d been going up ahead of their parents for the last four summers.

It sat high up on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, near the Silver Lake sand dunes, and it had been in the family for three generations. At the bottom of the ancient wooden stairs that led to the water, there was a decent little beach, the result of five years of low water. Before the low water, Brandon and Emma had made do with jumping into the lake from the cement sea wall. Having the sandy beach was great. It was like their private little cove.

Emma laughed to herself as Brandon walked away, and rolled her eyes. Brandon and his threats, he tried to sound so convincing, threatening to leave without her; he said the same thing every year. Her brother was too sweet to do anything like leave her behind. But she humored him anyway and quickly finished packing.

Brandon stuck his head in her room as he walked past. “Ready Em?”

“Yep. You got the money Mom left this morning?”

Brandon patted the back pocket of his jeans. “Yeah. Holy crap, Em, she left us two hundred.”

Emma snorted. “Why? They’ll be up in three days.”

“Who cares? She left a note that said to go shopping and stock up.”

“That doesn’t mean beer and pizza, Ace.” Emma grabbed her suitcase and hauled it off of her bed with a grunt and a groan. Jeez, didn’t think I packed that much.

“Here, I’ll get that. Go find Scooter before he realizes what’s up and hides in the rafters again.”

Emma laughed out loud, as she remembered the scene from a year ago, when she and Brandon had tried rounding up Scooter for the drive north. After one glance at his cat carrier, Scooter had retreated to the basement, hiding himself in the protective cover of the ceiling rafters. Brandon and Emma had spent the better part of the morning coaxing him down. “Did you put the carrier in the car already?” Emma asked her brother.

“Yeah. Bring him out and we’ll put him in.”

“Why don’t you just let me hold him for the ride? You know how he is, Bran; he hates the carrier.”

“It’s up to you, Em. He’s your baby,” Brandon said with a shrug. He hefted her suitcase. “Christ, what’d you pack?”

Chewing on her lower lip, Emma ignored her brother and thought about the Scooter dilemma. She went to the linen closet and grabbed a huge bath towel, then went in search of the over-sized grey tabby. She found Scooter curled up in a furry ball on her parents’ bed. “Hey Scoots. Come here, baby,” she crooned. Emma hoped that by wrapping him in the towel she could avoid being scratched to pieces.

Scooter raised his head and blinked his pretty green eyes at Emma. Why are you holding that towel, Emmie?

“Hey sweetie, how’s my little Scooter?”

I was great ’til you interrupted my nap. What’re you going to do with that towel?

“Time to go, baby. Brandon has the car ready, so I’m just going to wrap you in this towel and carry you out, okay?”

Like hell you are! Scooter jumped up and made a beeline for the bedroom door.

“Scooooterrrr! Get back here!” Emma gave chase down the hall. He was heading for the basement. “Brandon! Shut the basement door!” Damn it, why hadn’t she thought of that beforehand! Emma cursed herself.

Unfortunately for Scooter, Brandon was just coming in through the back door when he heard Emma shout. He slammed the basement door shut, seconds before Scooter came tearing around the corner. “Hah! Caught you!” Brandon bent down and swept the cat up in his arms.

Emma rushed over and wrapped Scooter in the towel. “You little stinker,” Emma scolded him playfully, as he struggled to free himself from her grasp. Wrapped snuggly in the towel, illegal bahis escape was a useless effort for the tabby.

“I can think of a few other names that would be more fitting than stinker.” Brandon grumbled as he walked away. “C’mon, Em. Everything’s ready.”

Fifteen minutes later, they were on the highway, heading north.

Emma unleashed a barrage of worries about what they may have forgotten back at home.

“Mom and Dad will be home in like,” Brandon glanced at the clock, “six hours. Relax. If we left a light on, or if the house is unlocked, which it isn’t, everything will be fine. Okay? Relax.”

“Did you get the keys to the cottage?” Emma asked, the panic rising in her voice.

Brandon reached down and jangled the key chain hanging from the ignition. “Got ’em.” He reached over and squeezed his sister’s hand, the one that wasn’t busy stroking Scooter’s head. “Take it easy. Look how beautiful it is today. It’s summer, we’re out of school, and we’re heading to the cottage for eight weeks. I’m leaving at the end of summer, Em, so I plan to enjoy this last one. I hope you do the same.” He glanced down at Scooter. “He looks like he’s starting to enjoy himself.”

Oh great, the fucking cottage. Why the fuck can’t they just leave me home? Scooter shook his grey head and hissed at Brandon for touching his Emma. Brandon jerked his hand away and settled it back on the steering wheel. Emma had always been Scooter’s human, from the time she had found him in the field behind the house. He had been a skinny, halfway frozen stray kitten when she’d rescued him from the cold three-and-a-half years ago.

Brandon and Emma made it to the cottage in just under two hours. Their mutual excitement grew as they turned onto the little dirt lane. Passing some of the fourteen other cottages in the group, Brandon turned into their drive and guided the car up the steep incline. He threw the gearshift into park and sighed. Damn, it’s good to be back. He looked at Emma and smiled. She was trying to juggle a sleeping Scooter and open the door at the same time. “Hang on, I’ll get it.” Brandon jumped out and went around to the passenger side to help Emma out.

Scooter woke up as soon as his Emma began to move. He took one look around and jumped out of her arms. He knew where he was, and he wasn’t too pleased to be there. With a yawn and a stretch, he began to sniff around.

“Let’s unlock the joint and take a look around,” Brandon suggested.

Emma nodded and followed her brother to the front door on the north side of the cottage. Brandon opened the outer wooden screen door, unlocked the inner one, and entered. Emma was right behind him. They loved opening up the cottage for their parents. It was something that never grew old for them, the first look. And the first smell, that musty cottage smell was like nothing else. Those initial steps into the cottage were always like stepping back in time.

Emma immediately went around and threw open every window in the cottage, letting in the fresh lake breeze. Not only did the breeze help to air the place out, it also carried the sound of the waves crashing on the beach below. The two windows on either side of the fireplace were always first; they looked west, out over the lake.

Brandon went around and tested the lights. He flipped them all on, then flipped them back off. It was a bright, sunny June day and they really weren’t needed. He began to peel off and fold the sheets that covered the comfortable old rag-tag couch and mismatched chairs. Slowly, the cottage came back to life, after lying silent and still during the long Michigan winter.

“C’mon Emma. Let’s go down and see if the beach is still there,” Brandon said eagerly. He knew there was still a lot to be done inside, but he was dying to see if their little spit of sand was still there.

At the cottage, Brandon and Emma could be kids again. For this, their final summer together, they could forget school, jobs, and life in general. The cottage was far removed from their lives back at home, and reality could be suspended, at least for a little while.

Emma laughed at her brother’s enthusiasm. Sometimes he was just like a big kid, and she loved that about him. “Help me open up the sleeping porch, first, Brandon.” The sleeping porch was located on the south side of the cottage. It was where Brandon always slept. A half-wall, shutters, and a louvered door closed it off from the rest of the cottage.

They cranked open every window and pulled the sheets and blankets off the bed. Brandon unlocked the porch’s screen door and stepped outside; Emma followed right behind. The view was absolutely stunning. Side by side they stood, gazing out at the vast expanse of water. They had never grown tired of watching the lake. Twenty feet in front of them was a crooked split-rail fence, and five feet beyond that was the bluff that dropped nearly straight down to the piled concrete seawall. Their dad, grandfather, and a neighbor had put the seawall down there years ago illegal bahis siteleri in an effort to prevent further erosion. Beyond the edge of the bluff was Lake Michigan. Blue-green near the shore, it blended into a dazzling sapphire further out.

The day was fairly calm. A light breeze blew from the southwest. Brandon judged the waves as being one to two feet, at most. “Let’s go, Em.” As he turned and headed for the stairs, Emma playfully ran ahead of him and took off down the steps. Brandon started to panic. “No, Em! Wait! I need to check the steps for rot! Fucking hell!” He took off at a dead run.

Brandon pulled up short when he got to the steps, expecting to see his little sister sprawled down there on the jagged concrete seawall. But there she was, down on the little sandy beach, laughing up at him. She waved.

A third of the way down Brandon found a rotten board. His anger grew as he yanked the board out, nails and all. How she managed to miss it, he didn’t know. When his foot went completely through another board halfway down, he exploded. “Emma!” he roared. He flew down the remaining steps, paying no heed to his own safety.

Emma pranced over to Brandon. “What? What’s the matter?” Without waiting for an answer, she danced away. “Look, Bran, the beach is still here.” She turned in circles, her arms spread wide.

A little of the anger left Brandon, but only a little. He tossed the rotten boards near Emma’s bare feet. “That’s what’s the matter, Emma. You could have fallen down the steps if you’d landed on one of those just right. You’re damn lucky you missed them,” he snapped. His pounding heart was just beginning to return to normal.

Emma heard the anger in Brandon’s voice. She hated it when he was mad at her, though she knew why. “But, I was careful, Brandon.” She knew it was a lie, and knew her brother did, too. She hadn’t been careful at all.

“No, you weren’t, Emma,” he responded harshly. “You’re fortunate you’re not lying on the seawall with a fucking broken neck.”

Emma saw his jaw muscle working and knew just how angry her brother was. She’d been so anxious to get down to the beach she’d forgotten to let Brandon go first and check for loose and rotted boards. Some years the steps were fine, other years he’d find one or two that needed replacing. She whispered, “I’m sorry, Bran,” then looked down at the sand separating their feet. Her long, dark hair fell forward, shielding her from his scorching gaze.

Brandon looked out over Lake Michigan, trying to will himself to be calm. He looked back at Emma. She didn’t know, couldn’t have known, why he was so upset with her. “Be more careful, Emma, please,” he implored.

Emma nodded. “I will, I promise. I should have waited, but I forgot. Honestly, I did forget.” She was relieved when Brandon began to smile; he was scary when he was angry. She gave his waist a big squeeze.

“Okay, okay, no need to get mushy,” Brandon grumbled, his anger rapidly dissipating.

Emma laughed at him and pulled away. “Now, look at our beach, would you?” she demanded and laughed again.

The beach was not where Brandon wanted to look, but he pulled his eyes off the small, eager girl standing in front of him and pretended to inspect the beach for her. He still wasn’t over his fright, but he covered it up as best he could. “I think it’s a bit wider than last year. Looks like the water’s gone down further. That’ll play hell with the freighters,” Brandon predicted. “There’s a few large pieces of driftwood that we need to take care of, but otherwise, it looks good.”

“Oooh, look at this one!” Emma bent down and picked up a small piece of the wood. She held it up. “It looks like a bird. I’m keeping it.” They walked around a few minutes longer, then Emma continued, “We better get back up there. We still have to go shopping, strip and remake the beds, bring in wood for the fireplace.” June mornings at the cottage tended to be chilly, and there was no furnace.

“The western windows are a mess, too,” Brandon added. They were every year, as they received the brunt of the harsh winter weather and brutal spring rains. There was so much to do before their parents got there, but the hard work was worth it to Brandon and Emma.

They retreated back up the stairs; Emma was more cautious on her return trip. Brandon made a mental note to try and convince their dad to replace the entire stairway. In the meantime, he would fix the two bad boards he’d found.

They unloaded Brandon’s car first, so they’d have room in the trunk for groceries. Emma hated grocery shopping, so they got that out of the way immediately. Unfortunately, they hadn’t eaten anything prior to hitting the store.

“What does Mom always say about going shopping on an empty stomach?” Brandon asked his sister, as things flew off the shelves and into their cart.

“To not to.” Which was exactly what they were doing.

“I want hot dogs for the fire tonight. We’re doing hot dogs, right?”

“Of course, it’s a tradition canlı bahis siteleri on our first night. C’mon, let’s go get the buns.” Emma turned with the cart and began to walk away.

Brandon couldn’t help but look down and admire her little buns. They were perfect and round; he longed to give one a squeeze. He reluctantly tore his eyes away and felt guilty as hell for checking out his sister’s ass.

They were in the checkout line when a familiar voice from behind spoke up, “Hey, guys. When did you get here?”

Emma turned around and nearly gasped. She recovered quickly, though, and hastily stuffed the tabloid she’d been browsing into the slot beside the counter. Adam Gerhardt, from three cottages down, stood two feet from her. Though he was Brandon’s friend, Emma had crushed on him for years.

Brandon stuck out his hand and gripped Adam’s. “Hey Adam, we just got here this morning. What’s going on? When did you get here?”

“This morning, too. I’m just here for a long weekend. Have to head back to work on Monday.” Adam turned and looked at Emma with a smile. “How’s Emmie?”

Emma tried not to blush, but she figured she probably did it anyway. “Good. I’m good.”

Adam’s smile widened at her awkwardness. She was such a sweet little thing, he’d wanted to fuck her for years, but he knew Brandon would’ve killed him if he tried. He turned back to his friend. “Your last e-mail said that you’re heading to law school in August. That still happening?”

“Oh yeah, definitely,” Brandon nodded. “I still can’t believe University of Chicago Law accepted me.”

“Why? You had the highest GPA of your entire graduating class,” Emma reminded him.

“No shit!” Adam laughed. He knew Brandon was pretty smart, but he didn’t know he was that smart. “Congratulations!” Adam pounded him on the back.

“Thanks,” Brandon muttered, embarrassed. He changed the subject. “We’re doing a fire out in the pit tonight, so come on down, if you want.”

“Your parents up yet?”

“Nope. Just Em and me. They’ll be here on Saturday.”

“Great. See you tonight, then. Gotta run and get some stuff for my mom.” He winked at Emma. “Bye Em.”

With a smile, Emma nodded and turned towards Brandon. She wanted to hide behind her brother; she was so shy around Adam.

“He’s got the hots for you, and I don’t like it,” Brandon grumbled as he tossed food onto the conveyor. He was already regretting the invite.

“What!” Emma squeaked. “Brandon! He does not.”

The hotdogs were slammed to the belt. “Like hell. Didn’t you see him looking at you?”

“N-no, I didn’t. He talked to you the whole time.”

Brandon forced a laugh. “He might have been talking to me, but he couldn’t take his eyes off you.”

Emma’s eyes widened. “Really?” She began to smile.

Brandon didn’t like the look on her face. “Stay away from him, Em. He’ll eat you up and spit you out without a thought.”

“I thought you were friends.” Emma’s smile turned to a frown.

Brandon fished a hundred out of his wallet and handed it over to the checkout girl. Generous to a fault, their mom always gave them way too much money. He glared at Emma. “Just stay away from him, okay? He’ll cause you nothing but grief. I’ve seen him do it before.” Frustrated, Brandon took the change and stuffed it in his pocket. “C’mon. Just forget Adam for now. We can talk about it later.”

The rest of the afternoon flew by. Emma and Brandon had the cottage pretty well put together by dinnertime. Brandon even found the time to replace the rotted steps. During the process, he found a third step that was just beginning to decay, so he ripped that one out and replaced it, too.

“I’m going to start the fire, Emma,” Brandon called, as he went out through the sleeping porch. He’d just made his bed with fresh linens and he couldn’t wait to crawl in between the sheets. The first night was always the best. Laying there listening to the waves never failed to lull him into peaceful dreams. He never slept better than when he was up at the cottage.

When he went out to light the fire, Brandon found Scooter napping in the fading June sunlight. He was in his favorite spot, the corner of the double swing. Brandon had washed it down earlier and put the cushions in place.

Brandon had the fire going in no time. He sat next to Scooter in the swing. “Hey buddy.” He reached out and scratched the cat between his ears. Brandon smiled when he heard Scooter start to purr. Scooter was only nice to him as long as Emma wasn’t around. Brandon thought that was kind of odd, but Scooter was an odd cat. Possessive of Emma, Scooter hissed and growled at anyone that went near her.

Emma joined Brandon a few minutes later. She carried a tray loaded with the roasting forks, hotdogs, buns, chopped onion, ketchup, and mustard. Setting the tray on the picnic table, she smiled over at her brother. “Help yourself.”

Several of Brandon and Emma’s friends showed up that first night. Adam, who was the first to arrive and the last to leave, stayed by Emma’s side nearly the entire evening. That was something that didn’t go unnoticed by Brandon. While he chatted with his friends, he kept on eye on the two, but, to his relief, he didn’t see Adam try anything with Emma.

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Leaving Town

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It’s amazing the way time marches onward. You wake up in one reality, looking outside a window and wish for green grass you see on the other side, moist with the dew of a new morning. Before the end of the day, you find yourself walking out the door, looking back at that window into your former world, with the brown grass tickling your ankles, and the thunderheads forming. Indeed, time marched in regular time. I found myself grimy to the heels, stacking boxes of records into the back of a U-Haul truck. It was thanksgiving eve, and my turkey was waiting for me in the promised land. A place, known to most, as the “city beautiful”.

I don’t know what sparks the urge of wanderlust in me. I had been fighting those urges for the greater part of the past 2 years. I was young, green, and square. I had been around the world and back already, and still didn’t know too much about it. Even still, you couldn’t tell me that. I’m the great daydreamer, chasing those fancy thoughts until the day I stumble in my run and end up in the cold dead earth. For me, the beginning of everything wonderful was in that Orlando toy box, with the large buildings looking like the playthings of some wayward giant’s toddler.

I was still dreaming about the great times ahead when a small grey Hyundai pulled up in the driveway. I saw the car door open, and the skinny legs that disappeared into a short skirt swiveled out to meet the pavement. She was obviously trying to maintain her composure, now wanting to appear too rattled by the sight she saw, but yet wanting to sprint to me and demand I undo the labor of the past 4 hours and load everything back into the house. I never claim to be psychic; I cant read minds, be it a bitch or a billionaire. My thoughts, however, are always crystal clear, and the coin was tossed in my head at that very moment: heads and someone was getting smacked down, tails and someone was getting a chewing out on top of a cold pimp’s hand.

She got to me before the coin hit the marble tiles in the palace of my mind. “Sekay, what are you doing? You’re not really going through with this are you? Why are you leaving everything here, everything you and Mike and everybody had worked so hard to build?”

What exactly had we built? We were like common street ballers with hoop dreams for the NBA. We were no different then any other group of friends in any other small town across the world, dreaming of something bigger then themselves. Unfortunately, the NBA doesn’t have a team in Pensacola. Was I the only person who saw that? I couldn’t be the only joker in this town to realize that, If you’re going work a track, then you’ve got to go where the greyhounds play?

The open hatch of the U-Haul truck faced the eastern bushes on the edge of the Oaktree’s grounds. You couldn’t see into the cargo area from either the street or the house. Mike was away at mama duke’s; Otto was inside, probably shirtless and rubbing the hairs on his oversized gut while watching Seinfeld reruns from that cursed la-z-boy that didn’t match a damn thing in the rest of the house décor.

I wasn’t mad at her; I wasn’t really mad at anything, not even Otto, who had directly had an influence on the way I had increased the rate of my departure. I couldn’t match words to my voice to answer any of her questions. I didn’t even want to look into her eyes. I stood there and stared at that flake of lipstick on her front tooth. By this time I was wondering If that flake was permanent. She climbed into the back of the truck, never missing a beat as she pleaded with me over subjects illegal bahis that seemed to be a part of that room I was standing in only yesterday, with my eyes on the grass. She confessed that she believed that she had made a terrible mistake. She believed that Oats wasn’t proactive enough in his approach on life to match her outlook. She felt that she had lost me by her own hand, and that fact was ripping her to shreds.

I didn’t realize it at first, when my hands went out to her arms and grabbed her roughly. I was looking out of that window again, at myself as I pulled her close to me and began to kiss her. She didn’t put up any kind of fight; maybe this unfolding event was the point of her entire visit here. She hadn’t called, came out to party, or even visited the Oaktree in the past 2 months. I figured that her and oatmeal were probably happily married, maybe with a little crème pie baby on the way. Honestly, who cares? The kiss was the same as I remembered in the bathroom that one day, only this time I didn’t want to kill her. I didn’t really want to kiss her either; perhaps this was my way of getting revenge.

She gyrated her body on mine and started to gasp a little bit as my hands, which had still been holding her arms, started to wander over her pale back and small bottom. Her shirt was a size too big; the spaghetti straps fell down around her upper arms, where I could still see the pale impressions that my fingers had left in her skin. She wasn’t wearing any sort of support to think of. Her small breasts were starting to make their way out of her shirt as well. I still didn’t know if I was dreaming. To take it a step further, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue dreaming if it was the case.

“Sekay, you don’t have to leave, do you? Why don’t you stay here with all of us. I can be a part of your future”

The words were empty. At this point the base male being in me just took over, and the events that followed were more a part of natural male instinct then actual premeditated consent. The saying goes that you cannot rape the willing. My body had betrayed me. I played with the elastic around my waistband and started giving her eyes. When she pulled away from our kiss, I reached into my pants and grabbed the other head. It looked like I was just adjusting. I thought I was just adjusting. She grabbed my hand as I was pulling away from my pants. She slowly made her way to her knees and pulled my pants down to about mid thigh, kissing my semi erect cock and then sucking on it. There’s no such thing as bad head; I figured, why the hell not.

Worse things had happened before in that past life. I had done things with the girlfriends of my homeboys before. I had even been caught once, behind some buildings across the street from the club we all used to go to hang out at. In those young and wild days, I just charged it to the game. You get hurt some, and you hurt some in return. There’s no two ways about it, maybe that was just life in Pensacola. I don’t pretend to be noble, however those final days found me dreaming and wondering if life would be different in a different world. Regardless, it’s hard to dream about the future when you have a girl servicing your cock with some major deep throat in the present.

Major it was. She was on me like a freckle. I’ve always been a fan of the mega suction, suck-me-inside-out blowjob, and maybe she picked that vibe up off me. I was two small clicks shy of pain, and I couldn’t have been in more pleasure for the moment. All caution was thrown to the wind, as she wantonly illegal bahis siteleri lusted over my manhood in a position where, anyone passing the side of the truck could look in and grab a dirty eyeful. She started to play around with my nuts, and that’s about the point I realized that this situation was about to go all the way.

Gasping, I pulled my cock out of her mouth. I got a little mean spirited and smacked her in the face with it. “You see what you’ve been missing? You could have had great sex all these months, instead you decided to chase the weed. How high do you feel now?” The only reply she could make was a muffled apology as she went for another mouthful of Dominican sausage. I wasn’t having any of that anymore. Maybe it was destiny to grind her right there in the truck. My dresser was right next to us. I opened the top drawer and pulled out a condom.

She saw the Trojan in my hand and her eyes took a faraway look in them. She removed her panties from under her skirt and moved back in the truck to sit back on a long tray of vinyl LPs. The look in her eyes said fuck me as she left her legs open just enough for me to see her shaved pussy up her skirt. I did the hobble walk over to her as graciously as I could, lewdly stabbing the air with my member as I cracked open the foil wrapper with my teeth. She giggled and called me stupid. Maybe I was. I rolled the jimmy down all the way, grabbed a leg in each hand and pulled them skyward. With her back in my futon, her legs at her eye level had her pretty much doubled over. She reached around and guided my dick towards the spot. In one full thrust I was balls deep in her pussy, and I knew I was in definitely.

She grunted a little bit at the way I pretty much just broke her open without so much as a tease. I’m not cut from her cloth; I don’t tease anybody. I pulled my dick out to the head and slammed it back in again. That one threw her head back and I saw the look of lust on her face. She was going to that place girls go to when they’re about to get fucked and are submitting themselves fully to the experience. She opened her eyes and looked deep into mine, daring me with the furrow in her eyebrows.

That was that. I went to town, starting at first with long hard strokes and then slowly picked up the pace. She kept her hands down and close to each other rubbing on my stomach, the straps of her dress had ridden low enough that she was pretty much halfway out of her little top. Her nipples were fully out in the open and looked hard enough to chip glass with. About 2 minutes into this fucking I knew I was thoroughly beating up her box as the moans started to come from her. They were something of a series of sighs blended up with a handful of whimpers to make a nice thick lust smoothie. I wanted nothing less then a bruised cervix for all the pain she had caused me and I had tried to dismiss on the outside. The slapping sound was amplified by the walls of the box truck as I crushed guts for all I was worth. I felt her start to tighten up, and then her pussy started spasms all around me. All of a sudden it was even easier to lay the pipe; It was like any resistance she had prior has just disappeared in the milky white froth that was collecting at the base of my dick. I didn’t give a flying fuck if mike pulled into the driveway. If he looked out of his driver side window he would have seen some live-action porn and probably would have crashed into the garage. Hey, that’s life too.

When my legs started to cramp up I pulled all the way out, making her pussy go pop as I grabbed canlı bahis siteleri her hips and spun her around on that record bin. Another long stroke and I was back into her from behind. I didn’t let up any as I went back to fucking her pussy like a certified porn star. She asked me to let up a little because her face kept mashing into that futon mattress in front of her. Ask me if I cared, and be ready to laugh. All I did was try to fuck her even harder. Another few seconds of dick-down and she gave it up, turning her head to the side and basically trying to thrust back on me to shorten the distance I was going to make my balls slap. With that extra motion on her part it wasn’t long before she came again.

“Do you love this?”


“Do you love this?”

“Oh god, yes…”


“Yes Sekay, please fuck me more!”

You know how the dirty talk does it. I slapped her ass as hard as I could and she yelped at the sudden pain. I looked down, saw a spreading redness around a palm print, and was very happy with myself. I took my thumb and started to circle her puckered anus that kept winking at me. At first she tried to deny me, but ended up giving that up too as the thumb disappeared down to the second knuckle. She obviously wasn’t a stranger to anal sex; I had hardly given it pressure. I asked her if she was a dirty slut that loved to take it in the ass. She claimed she wasn’t at first. After another minute of fish-hooking her bum, she sang a different tune when her third orgasm hit her. Anal sex wasn’t on the menu as my balls tightened up and I busted a fat nut right into the condom. I pulled out and yanked the condom off. The last few ropes stringed across her back in glazed ribbons.

She looked back at me and smiled. I was tired and I wanted a nap. I wanted some food too. I’m just a typical male. Things weren’t that awkward as we collected ourselves. I grabbed the thong and put it in my pocket in front of her face. At first she wanted to know what I thought I was doing. A quick kiss shushed her and made her blush some more. If you’ve ever seen a blush on flushed skin then you know what I mean.

“Does this mean that you’re going to stay now, Sekay?” she asked me as she fixed up her shirt and pulled it down to keep the straps dug into her shoulders. I replied “Honestly, it has made me reconsider. I’ll think about it for a few more days. How about I give you a call in the morning, maybe we can grab some lunch.” She cooed and agreed to that. I watched her drive off. As she turned the corner, Mike’s Cherokee came into view. I saw him flash an evil eye at her as she sped off.

“What was she doing here?” Mike asked me as he climbed out of his truck with handfuls of plastic bags. I walked over to help him, and shrugged him off as I grabbed more bags. “Oh nothing, she just came by to pick up some earrings” I lied as we walked into the house.

I left town at 2AM that morning. Somewhere around Tallahassee, near the time-zone line the sun started to come up. The warmth was welcome on my face after 4 hours of solitude and a silent cabin. I reached across the bench seat to grab my CD book and my smokes, and I felt the lace against my hand. I grabbed those panties, still with a slight moistness to them after the events that had transpired 12 hours ago. With my hand up on the dash I stared at them for a few seconds, and contemplated my life. Where was I going? What was I doing on this open road? Everything I own was in the back of this truck; the rest of my life was still ahead, an open book filled with empty pages. At that moment I didn’t think I would so much as see her ever again. Good riddance. She could never hurt me again.

As I crossed the line into the Eastern Standard, I rolled down the window and threw them out.

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How Had I Ended Up Here Ch. 04

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John woke the next morning with Emma lying beside him.

He looked at his phone. It was 10:04, still early.

John realised he had nothing urgent, so he slid his left hand under the sheets.

He ran his fingers gently down Emma’s naked body. He had his fingers just above her shaved pussy.

Emma hadn’t woken. John eased his fingers between her lips and started stroking her clit.

She shifted, but still seemed asleep. He gently increased the speed and she became wetter.

He removed his hand and peeled back the sheets, revealing her toned body. He manoeuvred himself until he was level with her mound.

He carefully lifted her legs onto his shoulders, elevating her wet, hot pussy. He placed his lips on hers and started eating her out.

Emma was having a steamy dream, she could feel fingers in her cunt, pleasuring her adeptly.

After a few moments, she no longer felt the fingers, her legs were lifted slightly and then she felt a tongue inside her.

She sighed in appreciation. ankara escort She knew that he wasn’t Gavin, her boyfriend.

She was surprised at this revelation. The fact it wasn’t her boyfriend turned her on. She had never cheated before and she was surprised to realise a few things.

One. She didn’t feel bad, in fact she felt amazingly turned on, because of how wrong it was.

Two. She knew that she wouldn’t break up with him.

Three. She was going to do this again, because she enjoyed it.

Four. She’d have to be smart, so he didn’t find out about her new taste for different partners.

She opened her eyes to see John between her legs eating her out, bliss.

“Well, you certainly know how to wake a guest up.” Emma complimented him.

John stopped and looked up at her. “Will I continue?” he asked.

Emma glanced at the clock and thought for a moment. “I’m meeting my boyfriend in half an hour. So, you better get to the main act.” she said.

John rose, escort ankara lifting her legs up, giving unrestricted access to her cunt. He lined up his cock with her cunt and thrust inside.

He reached half-length before her tightness halted him. She gasped, John with each thrust burrowed deeper into her cunt.

He fucked her and she sighed with each thrust.

“I used to be good.” Emma purred as her fucked her. “But now, I think I’m pretty bad.”

“You are still good.” John assured her.

“You’re only bad with me.” he said, leaning over to kiss her and she wrapped her long legs around him, pulling him closer.

“You’re right. I better call my boyfriend and say I’ll be late.” Emma said, dialling his number.

John had thrust up to the hilt inside her and was using his full length now.

“Hey, I’m running a bit late. I’m sorry.” she said breathlessly.

“Are you ok?” Gavin asked, Emma bit her lip as John teased her with his member.

“Yeah, I’m just nearly finished ankara escort bayan up here, I just need to fill up before I can leave.” she winked at John, then stifled a moan.

“Look, I’d better go. I’ll get there as soon as I can.” Emma said, feeling her climax coming.

“Sure, I’ll see you soon. Love you.” Gavin said over the phone.

Emma looked up at John. He was fucking her deeper than she ever had been.

His rings were cold on her hip as he held her in place, to best take her.

“Love you too.” Emma breathed, feeling her orgasm about to wash over her. She hung up and came.

She cried out and her pussy flooded with cum. John thrust inside her and grunted.

She felt her cunt flood with his seed. She knew she’d keep fucking him, the fact he was married made it intoxicating to her.

He rolled off her and lay panting.

“I better go” Emma said, and got up. John lay there looking up and down her tight figure.

She dressed into her outfit from last night and walked over to him.

“Message me when you want to do this again” she said and kissed him.

She walked out of the room and John lay back.

‘Now I have two different women to keep from Clare. Things have gotten interesting…’

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Houston II Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

Tied Up, and Surrogate School

Franck couldn’t believe how excited he was at the thought of tying Felicia up and fucking her. His cock was leaking like a faucet. His slacks bore a large wet stain, and so the first thing he did on entering her apartment was to remove them, go to the sink and wash the pre-cum from the inner side of the material, and drape the slacks close to the air-conditioner that blew in cool air from its place in the living room window.

Felicia was naked first, and waited patiently for him to finish, then said, “How do you want to do this?”

He took a second to think about it, not having done it before. That alone had brought about his current state of excitement. “Spread-eagled, I guess. Is that all right?”

“Perfect,” she replied, and hopped backward onto the bed, forming her body in the classic “X”.

Felicia told him where to find the velvet ties, and he quickly placed them on her wrists and ankles, securing them to the four corners of her bed. He loved the way she looked tied up, helpless and completely open to him, her hipbones prominent and breasts flatter and rounder because of her raised, out-stretched arms. Glancing down at her black thatch of pubic hair, he noted it was wet from their earlier secretions.

He sat next to her, leaned down to kiss her, and tongued her deeply. He moved to her belly and kissed her there as well; then continued lower to her pubic triangle. Moving his hand over her body to cup her vulva, he rocked her with his hand.

“Let’s see how turned on you are,” he said, feeling her wetness even on the longer pubic hair as he tugged at it.

“YES!” Felicia moaned, “YES!”

Using a skill that caught Felicia by surprise, he parted her inner lips with two fingers, sliding his middle finger far inside her, feeling her wetness and the ever changing texture of her cunt.

“Oh,” he said, “very nice!”

A second finger moved into her, moving in and out with harder and faster thrusts until she moaned and began to strain against the binding. Suddenly he took both fingers from her and began working the area just above her clitoris with gentle, rhythmic caresses that made her scream in pleasure. Moving down to cover its length and circle the small knob of hard flesh, he moved his middle finger higher up to grasp its hood. Then he opened her inner folds with a separating sweep of his second and fourth fingers, holding them apart as he slid his middle finger firmly over her clit, a gesture he quickly learned she adored because she moaned all the louder. He worked the middle finger faster, back and forth over her tender clit, rubbing it ever so slightly harder in time to her increasing pelvic movement against his hand. With his other hand, John thrust two, then three, fingers all the way up inside her, faster and faster until her body tensed into immobility, lifting her into a high-pitched moan of an orgasm that rippled through her, rising and falling for the longest time.

He quickly centered himself above her; entered her with one stroke while her orgasm went on in wave after wave. His slow fucking sent his prick glancing from one side of her vagina to the other in a leisurely fashion that seemed to press all the right buttons as far as Felicia was concerned.

He slowly began to increase the rhythm, knowing it would bring her back to another pitch of pleasure. Her cunt opened even further to this type of fucking and she raised her hips to meet his thrusting cock; burning with such exquisite feeling Felicia thought she was going to faint away.

“Oh, God. Oh, God,” she moaned, “it’s so fuckin’ good.”

John leaned over her, kissing and biting her breasts. He sucked hard on one, and then the other. He slammed his cock high and hard into her, licked her neck as he withdrew to the very entrance of her cunt; then plunged deeply into her while she screamed with pleasure, tightening her vaginal muscles to grip him when he was deepest inside her; making him gasp, squeeze his eyes shut, and whisper, “Oh, God, it’s unbelievably good.”

He stopped for a moment, and untied her legs, so she would move more. He reached for some pillows to slide under her hips, and she compliantly raised her legs and wrapped them tightly around his neck. This served to guiding him back into her.

As he resumed his fucking, Felicia found that each thrust brought a different pleasure, and after a while she lost the ability to know which one of them initiated from a given stroke, ankara escort or set of strokes. Sometimes it felt to her that the strokes were fast, fast, fast. Then it was long and slow, reaching so deeply into her that she was compelled to cry out. Then too, there were moments that seemed to her that it was sheer anger in the force of his fucking. She didn’t care if it would ultimately kill her. All she wanted was his cock; pulsating, driving and ramming into her.

They fucked for a long time, until he pulled out of her in order to move to her mouth. “I love being inside all of you,” he gasped while straddling her, bringing his cock very near her mouth. Opening to him with a sucking kiss, Felicia tasted the mixture of their secretions; licking and moving her mouth over him, taking him all the way in, then pulling back on him.

Just as she fell into the rhythm of wrapping her mouth around him as he rocked back and forth; he pulled out of her mouth and told her, “It’s getting very sensitive.”

He began to kiss her mouth, running his hands over her body, pausing to slide his fingers into her vulva, again seeking her inner labia and as she moaned louder and louder, her clit.

He opened her slowly; separating the inner lips carefully with his fingers, and pulling the hood firmly back until her clit lay exposed to his tongue. He knelt over her, his formidable erection resting against her belly. He started licking her, using long, loud gulps, wrapping his mouth around her. Her entire body shuddered with pleasure. Then he held her lips apart with the fingers of one hand as he slowly worked the tip of his tongue back and forth over the length of her engorged clit, returning to the spot just above its most sensitive area for a more intense tonguing.

With each motion of his mouth upon her, she moved to meet his tongue and lips, breathing herself into his mouth, pushing her pelvis against him when she wanted him to suck harder, and moving ever so slightly up or down in the bed to guide his tongue to her most rapturous part of the moment.

He fingered her with his other hand, thrusting hard, then slipping out of her, then thrusting into her again with gathering force while his tongue worked her clit steadily.

Her continued moaning ended abruptly only to be replaced by an orgasmic cry that went on for several minutes. Her arms strained hard against the binding holding her in place. When she went silent, he entered her, pushing himself all the way into her, thrusting this way, then that way, discovering and rediscovering sensations Felicia had all but forgotten. They moaned in unison, their sweat mixing as he nuzzled his face to her neck.

They smelled of sex.

When he finally came inside her, she felt, not an orgasm, but a series of tiny but pleasurable ripples in her cunt reverberating from the cessation of frictional motion. She quickly discovered she could intensify them by contracting her muscles against his still ejaculating prick.

Then they slept for two hours.


The following day, after John left for work, Argie dressed carefully, wanting to make a good appearance with the Doctor. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror, and turned to gaze at her profile. Still looking at herself, she reached down and opened a bureau drawer containing her blouses. She took out a sheer white silk and held it up against her. It was almost, but not quite translucent. She nodded, and put the blouse down on the top of the bureau; a moment later, she unhooked her bra and took it off.

Argie put the blouse on and settled herself in the silky garment by shaking her shoulders. She looked at herself critically in the mirror, cocked her head to the left, then the right and shrugged to see whether her nipples showed. Her aureoles were almost totally visible to a discerning glance. With a wry smile, she rubbed the silken material against them to gauge whether she would find the friction comfortable during a full hot day. Finally, Argie decided that she would, and removed the blouse, put the bra back on. Then she tried the white blouse on again, and studied herself in the mirror. She smiled at her image and reached for a short skirt, which she knew showed her legs to their best advantage.

Argie was at Doctor Gladstone’s office fifteen minutes early, revealing her anxiety. As she entered the outer office a chime announced her entry. There was no one else in the room and the receptionist’s desk was empty. A minute or escort ankara two after her arrival, the inside door opened and Doctor Gladstone peered through the door.

“Hi,” it’s Argie, right?”

“Yes,” Argie, Argie Franck. Oh, but you know that already,” she said, and felt stupid for blundering about.

“I’m glad you’re early. I like that. Please come in and let’s talk,” the doctor said with a broad smile.

Argie got up and followed Doctor Gladstone into her office. When they were seated, Doctor Gladstone began by saying, “So tell me Argie, I hope you don’t mind my calling you that and please call me Rachel . . . now, what caused you to call and inquire about becoming a sexual surrogate?”

“Well, you are treating John . . .”

“Yes, I am, but other than the conversation we’ve already had, I really can’t go into any more detail about his treatment. I hope you understand.”

“Oh, I do,” Argie said, “This is about me. I mean, you can work with me as well as John, there’s not any conflict is there?”

“Not so far, no, please continue.”

“Well, it sort of goes like this: John’s been fooling around . . . forever, I guess,” she paused eyeballing the doctor’s reaction thus far. She crossed her legs and went on.

“You know I just found out. I mean, like I thought I was happily married . . . hell, I was happily married; only John wasn’t.” Argie halted her diatribe for a moment, and collected her thoughts. “Gee, I thought I had my thoughts together. I mean, I did, but right now I’m kinda confused.”

Doctor Gladstone smiled and said, “Take your time, Argie; I know this is difficult for you.”

“Yeah, thanks. Well, okay, I learned of his many infidelities and I went and got myself laid good and proper. A guy named Milo. He’s a nice guy and great in bed.”

Doctor Gladstone arched an eyebrow, caught herself and her face quickly returned to one of stone-like compassion.

“Anyway, John and I had a fight. I guess that was inevitable, given the circumstances and all. He didn’t like it that I had been with another guy. Not one bit, but hey, what’s good for one should be good for the other, right?”

Doctor Gladstone nodded and Argie continued.

“So, we ended the arguing and talked, really talked. For the first time in ages, we had a conversation with both sides listening to the other. I told him flat out that I didn’t believe him when he insisted he’d put an end to his whoring. I told him that I was going to find other lovers beside Milo. He didn’t like it at all. Finally, he agreed to join Sex Addicts Anonymous.”

“Yes,” Doctor Gladstone said, and crossed her legs. Argie did the same, switching and placing her right leg over her left. “I gave him the address. Do you know if he went to today’s meeting?”

“No, I haven’t seen him since this morning when he left for work. But I can tell you we made up yesterday; we even had some really terrific sex.”

Doctor Gladstone felt a tingle in her loins and asked, “That’s wonderful, and I hope it marked the beginning of a new chapter in your marriage together. But . . . you’re here asking about becoming a surrogate, why?”

“I realize John’s not about to give up his women. We sort of came to terms on that. So I’m going to have lovers too. There’s no way he’s going looking and I’m staying home. So I was thinking if I’m going to take on a series of lovers, perhaps I can do some good, too.”

“Could you clarify what you mean by ‘good’?” Doctor Gladstone asked.

“Sure, first the selfish part: I think that working through a doctor’s office, my clients would be safe from having STD’s. Am I right?”

“That’s a good assumption. But remember even if a patient has a clean bill of health today, they can come down with AIDS tomorrow and you’ll never know it. In the surrogate business it’s always advisable for one or both partners to use protection.”

Obviously this hadn’t occurred to Argie and she worried her lower lip as the doctor’s words sank in.

“Even so, they would be relatively safer than picking someone up in a bar, right?”

“I expect so. But the reason is probably different than what you’re thinking.”

“Really, how so?”

“The reason they’re in need of a sexual surrogate is because they need to measure . . . some form of assistance in performing the act of sex.”

“Oh,” Argie said and began drumming the fingers of her left hand on her right knee.

“Look, Argie. Think of it this way. The concerns motivating someone ankara escort bayan to seek out a surrogate partner range from general anxieties to specific dysfunctions. With males it involves dissatisfaction with their orgasm, ejaculation, or erection difficulties. A female’s sexual issues might involve difficulties with orgasmic release or with penetration. Please understand that clients of either gender may seek therapy to address problems relating to: A. lack of experience. B. A fear of intimacy.

C. Some form of shame or anxiety regarding sex.”

The doctor paused for a moment, and then went on, “And, D. They might have a low-level of arousal, or a lack of sexual desire.”

“It’s not an easy thing becoming a surrogate partner,” Doctor Gladstone said, warming up to the subject. She had not had this type conversation with anyone since interning years earlier. “Argie, a surrogate has to cultivate a bond, or trust with the client. You’re asking them to reveal their innermost thoughts and fears. They’re being asked to be honest and intimate with you and in return hope to gain meaningful benefits from the association.”

“So,” Argie said, tentatively, “it’s not just a matter of hopping into bed with them.”

“No! Actually it’s quite the contrary. Your job would be to bring them to a point from which they learn how to develop trust, how to create a satisfying relationship, and are able to see that the same potential exists for future relationships. Eventually they reach a point where they feel ready to explore similar kinds of interactions with partners of their own choosing.”

“It sounds kind of overwhelming to me,” Argie said, her eyes downcast.

Doctor Gladstone picked up on Argie’s disillusionment and said kindly, “Argie, it is hard work. The success ratio isn’t all that high. Many people cannot reach the point at which they put themselves in your hands. But when they do, the reward is one that is not easily matched in any profession.”

“Um, I guess I should ask how the process actually works,” Argie said, less doubtful than a minute earlier.

“Good point. There are two primary formats for this therapy. The first is Open-ended Therapy. Here the client typically sees the surrogate once a week, in 1-2 hour sessions, until the 3-way team consisting of the patient, you and me, decide that the therapy is completed. An average length of therapy appears to encompass 30 to 48 hours with the surrogate partner. The other way is through Intensive Therapy. This is structured to accommodate clients who do not have a local therapist and surrogate team, the client sees the therapist and surrogate on a daily basis for a predetermined length of time usually 10-14 days. In both instances, the decision to end therapy is made mutually between client, therapist and surrogate partner when the revised goals of therapy are met. The process of closure celebrates the uniqueness of each relationship, honors everyone’s feelings, and directs attention to the client’s future. From what I’ve heard about this process, each client will remain indelibly in your memory for years to come.”

“Oh, wow!” Argie gushed, “That’s awesome.”

“Now for the bad news,” the doctor said.

“Bad news?” Argie said, and went pale.

“Well, not actually, I’m sorry, I should have phrased that better. What I meant was . . .

If you proceed with being a surrogate, you won’t be working with me; I don’t do that form of therapy. However, I would be happy to give you a referral to a colleague of mine, who does a good deal of therapy in this field. His name is Dr. Everett Coughlin, and his office is just around the corner. Would you like me to call him and set up an appointment for you?”

Argie thought for a minute before giving her answer. She did want to do this, it sounded difficult, but the thought of working with men who really needed loving care remained foremost in her mind and she found herself nodding at first, then found her voice and said, “Yes, yes of course, please do that doctor. I appreciate it. I appreciate everything you’ve taken the time to tell me about the subject.’

Doctor Gladstone made the call and an appointment was made to see Dr. Coughlin in two hours.

“Would you be free for lunch, by any chance, Doctor? My treat, I really would like to spend some more time with you,” Argie said.

Doctor Gladstone stood up and offered her hand to Argie, saying, “I’d love to, but I have a patient in fifteen minutes, and need to go over some notes beforehand; but, some other time perhaps.”

Argie shook hands with the doctors and with the disappointment evident on her face left the doctor’s office and had lunch nearby, killing time until her appointment with Doctor Coughlin.

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Samantha’s Game

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Samantha slammed shut the wrap of her sunflower yellow sundress faster than a barn door closes in a tornado, hugging her arms around her belly. “Did they see me?” She reached between her pool tanned thighs and rubbed her fingers in the golden mess of damp, trimmed hair. She shuddered and then didn’t care, she got what she wanted. Now she wanted more.

Old enough to understand her behavior but too young to fully appreciate its implications, Sam publicly explored her sexuality with unabashed fervor. She loved watching men of all ages fall into her hazel eyes, the color of rich Peruvian coffee beans floating in water taken from a green sea. Sometimes she toyed with men as young as her older brother, their faces flushed with only her glance; sometimes she toyed with men older than her father, who she could tell, from the lust in their eyes, they had a lesson or two to teach her.

She had read about the sirens of yore and their legend within Greek mythology and she believed no reason that prevented myths from being real. Now, she stood on the westbound side of I70 near the I75 exchange, an area known as the Crossroads of America. Around her, the smell of hot asphalt, diesel fumes, and gasoline–but most of all, more pungent than the rest, she smelled herself.

The sun, fallen deep in the sky, burned a parfait of warm colors into the horizon; effectively blinding drivers on the straight-as-an-arrow highway heading due-west; Sam’s favorite time of the day to play her game. Where she stood, in the shadow of a road sign, she could have been a ghost. A driver never really knew whether what they saw—her exposed body—had been real or a figment of their imagination–hot, young and willing.

The day’s heat remained, leaving her with a delicious glaze of salty sweat–each drop as perfectly rounded pendik escort as the underside of her breasts.

A car approached. Sam unfastened the ties of her dress then waited until she saw the driver’s eyes, then she opened her dress until it fell to the ground as she stepped out of the shadows and into the light. Sunbeams glistened off her skin like a summer’s dew at dawn.

The car blew past. The driver’s eyes did not. Sam, now buffeting in its wake, danced and tickled, teased and pulled on her clit. She was just about to come when she saw brake lights glow red. She knew, the driver saw her. Her breath hitched. She doubled over. Then she came.

The brake lights now black, the driver continued on their journey; Sam wondered whether the driver would come later, too, and whether they’d think of her.

Now, the sun behind the earth, time for headlights to switch on and for Sam to say goodnight. Otherwise, she had concluded, it would be too dark to see a driver’s eyes, becoming more like a star, center stage, in the spotlight. But something inside of her wasn’t ready to quit.

Last time she pushed her luck after dark, after she had opened her dress and stood in the approaching headlights, the car had passed her at a blinding speed. As she buffeted in its wake her orgasm hit.

But, as her fingers smashed against the sloppy pink flesh rich with nerve endings deep inside herself, the car’s brake lights glowed. And, as her body quaked and jerked from the megajoules of current firing under her skin, the car pulled to the side of the road. Then, only in the white of its reverse lights, as her chest heaved and struggled to hold in enough air, did Sam find her awareness and realize her risk.

With her dress pooled at her feet, her feet tangled in flip flops and fabric, Sam didn’t escort pendik have time to clothe herself, so she did the first thing that came to mind—she hopped out of it all and scampered down the embankment, across the closely cropped grass and into the high cover of the corn fields.

Once safe from being caught, she stopped her flight to catch her breath. That’s when the adrenaline made itself known–a star’s light had become brighter; the soil, black and rich, smelled more fertile; and with each step, as another corn husk–thick, ribbed and fibrous–coarse like burlap–rubbed against her nipples–her knees quivered and her body shook.

Curious, Sam returned to see what happened, standing far enough inside the cornfield to remain out of sight. She saw a tan Ford sedan, stopped on the side of the road with the passenger door open; the interior dome light glowed yellow-white.

Sam crouched low, like a catcher in a baseball game, then she scanned the scene until she found both driver and passenger in the shadow of the tail lights. They were both teenage boys; they stood facing each other.

Without awareness, she brushed her fingers through her fleshy folds, bringing a groan and shudder. She saw an erection grow in his pants, or maybe she imagined it. She reached down again, but this time she first tickled around her hole before dancing on her clit. She swooned, nearly falling over. A third time, she scooped her fingers then briefly plunged them inside her hole. It squished; she grunted. A tiny puddle formed in her palm, a drip fell on her foot. Then another. A summer breeze passed from behind her, through the stalks toward the road, the smell of her sweat mixed with arousal caused her to swoon.

The boys turned, now both facing her direction. One picked up her dress and brought pendik escort bayan it to his face. She knew he could smell her spicy pungence. There weren’t many teenagers in her town; she wondered if she knew them, so she inched closer then she squinched her eyes into focus. The boy lowered the dress, which is the first time Sam saw his face. She swallowed with a gulp.

“Samantha!” the boy called then ran toward the cornfield. The second boy followed behind. A fear boiled in her chest, Sam panicked and took off through the field, streaking toward her car, parked hidden on a farm access road. She ran without thought or feeling–the dry and brown stalks slapped and poked at her body like a Dom whips and teases their submissive with a length of jute rope–scratching the tips of her breasts, under her arms, the soft of her thighs, and the folds of her cunt.

Back to her car, Sam breathed. Her skin burned and glowed red like the brake lights. She held her arms away from her body otherwise it would stick to itself. Then a breeze kicked up and the evening’s cool air enveloped her sweaty skin causing a chill that magnified her pleasure. She giggled and laughed from her new found sensitivities. Then she had an idea.

She gathered spit in her mouth then dropped it on the tip of her finger. Then, after its stringy tendrils broke, she placed its cool-hot wetness on her throbbing bud, and while she swirled it around her body jerked and arched. She thought about her brother, Bobby, and wondered how he knew it was her on the roadside–and what he had said to the driver, his friend Tim. Sam had never come so hard as she did in that moment on that day.

Now, still standing by the side of the road under her favorite road sign, Sam returned from her memory of that night with her face flushed, nipples tingling and pussy aching. Her mind made up, she unwrapped her dress and dropped it to the ground with disregard then she looked toward the dark sky and offered a quiet prayer, hoping Bobby and Tim out joyriding again that night.

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Sam and Jake Pt. 02

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Sam spent Monday morning at work getting back up to speed. A week off of work meant a lot of emails to read and respond to, and it was noon by the time she was done. Slipping out for lunch, she stopped by a pharmacy to get the morning after pill. It was the only thing that made sense but she still felt a twinge of regret upon taking it. The path not taken.

Now with her head freed from work and worry, she turned her attention to memories of last night. She felt a twinge whenever she sat down as a physical reminder of it. His size, his enthusiasm.

In the light of day her mind was a mix of regret and joy. It should never have happened, and who knew how it would affect her relationship with her son, but it had been so very good. Never before had any other lover clicked with her needs so completely. There was usually some awkwardness and some feeling out as her lovers got accustomed to what she liked and how she liked it. Last night it was very smooth and natural.

Sam pushed down those thoughts. That way lay madness. She was determined that her and Jake put the last 24 hours behind themselves. All they had to do was return to the world as it was last week.


Jake spent the day at school with his head in the clouds. He did nothing but replay the memories of last night over and over in his head. It was incredible to him, what he and his Mom had done. He knew it was wrong but he didn’t care. It had been his first time having sex and it had lived up to every one of his dreams. All he could think about was doing it again of course, but they had both agreed it couldn’t happen again. Well. His mother had agreed. He had gone along because it made sense but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t jump at the chance if it came up again.

Jake got home at 3 and noticed a plain brown box on the step as he walked up to the door. Grabbing it he saw it was addressed to his Mom, so he left it on the kitchen counter.

He finished some homework and went for a swim but his heart wasn’t into it. He wanted his Mom to get home. He knew nothing would happen, he just wanted to spend time with her.

At 4pm he wandered into the kitchen and looked at the box. It had to be the gardening equipment she had ordered. Thinking he could get it set up or put away, Jake opened the box. Inside was a colourful box with the words ‘Peter Pounder’ on it, with a picture of a very lifelike, though large, penis. He half-laughed and picked up the box to get a closer look. His Mom bought a dildo! He glanced down at his crotch in his shorts and wondered, it seemed like it could be close to his size.

He thought about his Mom using it on herself and couldn’t see it. It didn’t seem like her type of thing. Besides, she didn’t need this type of thing if she had a real life alternative.

He left the opened shipping box on the counter for his Mom to find. He figured there wasn’t any point in hiding the fact that he found it. They might even laugh about it.


Sam got home, tired and ready to sit down for a while before dinner. She dropped her stuff at the door and spotted the opened box on the counter. There it was, sitting proudly perched upright inside, the dildo she’d ordered a couple days ago. She giggled nervously as she realized Jake must have opened it. What did he think? As she looked at it in the flesh, so to speak, it was pretty close to the one her son was packing in his underwear. His balls were bigger, she noted, critically.

Jake came downstairs after he heard her moving around. He smiled.

“Looks like you really know what you like,” he said. “Is this to replace the real thing?”

Sam stiffened. “That’s not how a son talks to his mother. Remember that we’re moving on from yesterday, right?” Her words were more severe than her tone.

Jake nodded. “Sorry, it slipped. I’ll be better.”

He walked up and gave her a hug. She returned it with a squeeze. “How are you?” she said into his shoulder.

“Do you mean: ‘Am I scarred for life?'” he asked.

She nodded.

“I am just fine. I had a great day, though I didn’t hear much of my classes. Last night was the best day of my life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“I’m glad you’re not scarred.” She hesitated and then said, “I enjoyed it very much too. I wouldn’t say it was the best decision I have ever made, but I also wouldn’t take it back. But that is in the past.”

They stood there in silence for another 30 seconds, enjoying the hug. Sam was surprised that she didn’t feel anything growing below but she was also proud of her son. He was doing his best to follow her wishes.

Jake fought harder to not get an erection during that hug than he ever had. All of his old tricks while also blocking out the feel of his Mom’s tits pushed against his chest. It was difficult, but it was what his Mom would want. No temptation, just a mother and son hug.

They parted, and Sam went to grab a drink and sit down for a bit. “TV later?” she asked.

He grinned and nodded. “Love to.”

They continued pendik escort in this routine for the next two days. Neither of them speaking of their adventures on Sunday, but both aware of the other in a way they’d never had before. They got back into a rhythm of companionship that was comfortable without being intimate.


Wednesday arrived, the day Bill was to return home.

Sam got a text as she was driving home from her husband. He was in a taxi on the way to the house. She smiled and then panicked a bit. Had they cleaned everything up? Was there any evidence of Sunday they’d missed? She started driving faster to get home before him, but then forced herself to slow down. They hadn’t missed anything. She had gone over the place with a special eye for anything out of place. She’d even put the dildo away in her dresser.

She had missed her husband and would show him how much tonight in bed.

Just as she pulled into their driveway Bill’s taxi pulled away. Sam parked and hopped out of her car, quickly joining Bill at the door. She could feel her smile practically splitting her face in two. She wrapped him up in a big hug, but was disappointed to only feel a limp arm around her back. Bill gave her a quick kiss but it wasn’t a passionate kiss of a person missing their lover. It was the kiss of a husband and wife who’ve been together for 20 years. She buried her feeling of dissatisfaction though when she looked at his face and saw the fatigue drawn in his features.

“Long flight?” she asked.

He nodded wearily. “Very. I got rerouted through Chicago. I should have been home hours ago. Are you good? I’m going to lie down for a while.”

Sam was glad to have him back, but recognized she’d have to wait for a more energetic greeting. “I’m good, you go lie down,” she said. “Do you want me to call you for dinner? I was going to make some chicken.”

“Yes please. I haven’t eaten anything normal in days it feels like.”

He entered the house while Sam returned to her car for her things. She tried to shake off the lack of enthusiasm he normally would show on a return from a trip. It was nothing.


Jake popped his head into the house through the patio door.

“Hey Dad, welcome home,” he said, as evenly as he could. Would he be able to tell what he and Mom had done?

“Hey Son, thanks. It’s good to be home. I’m just going to take a nap; I’ll talk more at dinner okay?”

“Sure thing, have a good sleep.”

Bill turned and headed up the stairs, head down, feet dragging like he was asleep already. Jake shook his head, that trip seemed to have really taken the life out of his Dad.

His Mom walked in a minute after his Dad. She stopped to look up the stairs after him.

“Do you think he noticed anything?” he whispered to his Mom. She turned and glared at him, walking to him quickly.

“I thought we discussed this. No word about Sunday at all,” she whispered to him from close up. “I mean it. Everything is normal; no talk, no looks, no touching. Just normal family behaviour, right?”

Jake nodded. He understood, he was just very nervous, and told her that.

She nodded. “I get it. I do, I feel the same way. But the only way we can be normal again is to act normal. Think back to your routine before last week.”

“I’ll try, but I have to be honest Mom, I’m having a hard time forgetting about Sunday. Like, a really hard time. It was so good. I – “

His Mom interrupted him with a gentle hand on his shoulder. “I know. It was good for me too, I told you that. I want my memories of that day to be happy ones. But they’re just that: memories.” She glanced up the stairs. “Let’s give it more time, ok? Give your Dad a couple days to recover, and for us to be a normal family. The more we act as a normal family, the more it’ll be true,” she said.

Jake smiled. “Ok Mom, I’ll try.”

“That’s all I ask,” she responded, and she gave his arm a squeeze.

They went to their respective normality, to mask the fact that anything abnormal had occurred, ever.


The next few days were uneventful. Bill stayed home for a mini-vacation to rest up after his trip, and Sam and Jake went about their regular lives. There was no blowup. Their lives didn’t disintegrate around them. In fact, by Friday Sam was feeling comfortable enough to hug her son at home again. Completely platonically of course, but it was nice to not feel like she had to be wary around him.

That weekend, however, was eventful.

Sam woke up and looked over to Bill’s side of the bed. He had fallen asleep early every night since he got home and she was hoping that he’d be interested in some Saturday morning nooky, but he wasn’t even there. Bill hadn’t been as affectionate as he normally was when returning from a long trip. It had her worried. Sure, he was tired but that didn’t normally stop him from jumping all over her.

She got dressed and headed downstairs to look for him. A quick survey of the living room and kitchen found nothing. She headed escort pendik to the patio and found him. He was wandering the yard checking out the lawn, dressed in light shorts and a tank top. He must be feeling better.

Relieved, she put on some coffee to brew and went to get dressed. She climbed the stairs, wearing nothing but a black camisole and silk boxers, she didn’t hear Jake coming down the hallway from his room. At the top they collided and she started to teeter, her arms going up to stop the fall. Jake recovered quicker and lurched forward to catch her but he could only grab her top, between her breasts. The material stretched out as far as it could and then started to rip, but it was enough to slow her fall. She grabbed onto his arm and pulled herself back to safety.

They stood there, chest to chest, her neckline ripped and stretched so much it lay beneath her breasts, exposing them completely. He only had eyes for her nipples, it seemed, and watched as the areolas contracted and her nipples grew to hard points. She only had eyes for his face, ultra-aware of his warm presence so close to her.

Her heart was beating from the near fall and his proximity. She lifted her hand and gently rubbed his arm, not willing to do more. He lifted his own hand and she could see it shaking as he slowly cupped her breast, thumb contacting her nipple, and giving it the lightest of lifts to feel its weight. She moaned as his rough thumb rubbed her nipple and the pleasure ran through her body to her pussy. She looked down and could see the lump in her son’s shorts grow, the pipe shape lengthening as it reached to his waistband. Her pussy grew warm in response.

As Jake wrapped his other arm around her and leaned his face to hers, they both froze; the patio door had just opened below. They quickly split and walked to their rooms. Her heart was hammering for more than one reason.

Sam fumed as she stripped the torn top off and threw it on her bed. That had been too close. Why, after being so good for almost a week, had they come so close to being caught?

The thing is, she had not stopped him from touching her breast. She had stood there for him, allowing him to touch her. She would have allowed him to do more if they’d not been interrupted. She had wanted it as much as he had, clearly. For all her talk of moving on there was still something inside her that remembered their passion and wanted more of it.

How were they going to fight this? She put on the first shirt she could find from her dresser and left to go see what Bill was up to.


Jake retreated to his room, his hardon pushing on his shorts. It had risen fast and now was pulsing against his belly. He gave it a push and the pressure radiated into the rest of his groin pleasurably. It felt like a pulsing heat. He kept giving the occasional push, conflicted between leaving it to go away naturally and stripping down to stroke it. He’d learned after years of masturbating that the longer between cumming he went the better it was. It was hard to stick to sometimes, but he hadn’t touched himself since being with his Mom. Jerking off wasn’t nearly as good as what they had done on Sunday, but maybe if he just gave in now it would help take his mind off his Mom.

He shoved his shorts off and fell on his bed, dick waving at the ceiling. It would be better this way. He wanted to start slow but really after almost a week and after being so close to his Mom a few minutes ago he didn’t think he’d last long. The pleasure at the first touch was enough to make him groan out loud.


Bill was down in the kitchen making a smoothie.

“Hi Honey, how was your sleep?” Sam asked, padding over in her bare feet to give him a hug.

“Excellent! I think I’ve recovered from my trip. I’m going to do some lawn work. Is Jake up? He didn’t quite finish the list I gave him before I left.”

“I think I heard him wandering around. Do you want me to check?” she asked.

“Sure, I’m just going to head to the garage, get him to meet me there.”

“Okay,” she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“By the way, I like that top. Maybe you should find something else to wear before talking to Jake?” He pointedly looked down at her chest.

She looked down and blushed. The shirt she had grabbed was a skimpy tank that hung over her breasts down to her navel. Thankfully her nipples had softened after her brush with Jake.

“Yes, good idea.”

She headed to the stairs and trotted up. She decided against changing her shirt. It didn’t matter if Jake saw her in this shirt, he’d seen more very recently. Heading to his room, she popped open the door and poked her head in.

Her vision immediately narrowed to one thing: The Man Cock thrusting to the ceiling from her son’s middle, his hand wrapped around it. She watched as he fisted up and down it in a steady but urgent rhythm.

“My God Jake, don’t you ever lock this door?” she asked.

He yelped and threw his blanket over himself before seeing it was her. pendik escort bayan “Ha, you scared me. Don’t you ever knock?” he retorted.

“Your Dad is looking to do some lawn chores this morning and wants you to meet him to finish your list. You better not go down with that, though.” She nodded to his cock.

“Ha-ha, very funny. I wouldn’t have this if it weren’t for you.” He tossed the blanket away. “And it’s not going anywhere with you in that top either,” he finished. He looked at her chest and wrapped his hand around his cock again.

Sam sighed and felt her nipples contract again. “This is not as easy as I thought it was going to be,” she muttered.

He evidently heard because he pushed at the base of his cock to make it stand up proud. “It’s pretty hard alright.”

Sam stared at her son’s cock for a few seconds and then looked down the hall to the stairs. No sound. She stood there, teetering between walking away and moving to get a closer look. All of her carefully reasoned logic telling her to walk away flew out of her mind. She entered Jake’s room and walked to his bed.

As she looked down at his cock memories started to flood forth from last Sunday, reminding her of the pleasure it gave her. The sheer virility that radiated from his cock sent mating signals to her brain…and other places.

“I think you need some help with that,” she said, and got down on her knees. Her mouth filled with saliva in preparation. He took his hand away from his cock, letting it slap down to his belly.

She brought her hand up and started at his balls. Picking them up gently, cradling them, pushing his sack up to the base of his cock. They were warm and soft, full and heavy. She moved on to his baby maker, gripping it tightly so it stood up proud, and leaned over it. She admired the texture of his head as she opened her mouth in a lover’s kiss and covered the end of it. Sucking lightly brought the bead of precum there onto her tongue. She took a moment to savour it, swirling it around.

Now slowly opening her lips further, she slipped her mouth down until she had his entire head fully in her mouth. Licking around the head, she took even more of his cock in until he hit her palate, and then sucked hard.

He groaned and put a hand on her shoulder, as if to encourage her.

She used her tongue to massage under his head while sucking, giving it a pulsing pressure. Her hand gripping the base of his cock started to massage up and down. Did his cock just get even harder?

He moaned. The hand on her shoulder moved down and slipped under her shirt, finding and then fondling her nipple.

She continued the up and down of her hand and mouth and before long was pleased to feel his head swell in her mouth. Quickly moving her mouth back to his tip, she was ready for him to deliver a massive gobbet of cum directly into her waiting throat. She swallowed quickly, in time for the next two shots. Swallowing again, she continued to stroke his cock with her hand, feeling it throb as it fired load after load.

The taste of him brought back all of the memories from last week in one go. They overwhelmed her. His flavour brought her right back to the same mental insanity that resulted in her fucking him last week. She couldn’t get enough of it.

She continued to milk and suck his cock, trying to get as much as she could. Eventually he started to soften. She looked up at his face and almost laughed, seeing the tears in his eyes. She gave his head a thorough bath with her tongue and then with a slurp let his cock languidly slip from her mouth.

She sighed and remembered her husband. She had delayed Jake too long as it was. No time for him to help her own pleasure; she’d just have to take care of herself in the bedroom. She couldn’t resist digging into her shorts and sliding a finger through the center of her pussy. The sensation caused her to give a full body quiver.

Jake saw and lurched up, reaching for her, but she smiled and darted to the door. As she left she said, “Don’t forget your father’s waiting for you.”


Jake hurriedly put on some underwear and older pants good for gardening. His dick was now only half hard and deflating fast. He didn’t even need to wipe it, his Mom had done such a good job of cleaning up. Pausing for a second in reflection he realized he had to stay away from that train of thought, or he’d be hard again before he got to the garage.

What had that all been about? His Mom was going on and on about being normal and then that? If she thought he was going to just ignore a blowjob in his room, she was very mistaken.

He grabbed an apple from the kitchen and wandered out to see his Dad, eating as he went. He found him oiling up the lawn mower.

“I see you messed up the back 40,” his Dad said.

Jake knew it wouldn’t be missed. “Sorry Dad, I stumbled and almost fell in the pool. The mower kind of kicked a bit.”

“Okay, but try not to do it again. The grass needs to grow in the same direction to keep the uniformity.”

Jake nodded. He’d heard it before. He’d hear it again. Didn’t grass just grow where it wanted? He continued to munch on his apple and then tossed it in the pile of grass compost. “What should I work on?”

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