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Henry thought the party was just a barbeque. Unlike his wife Nan, he hadn’t read the invitation. It turned out to be a pool party that his boss was throwing for the new associates and everyone was expected to participate. Unfortunately Henry’s swim suit was at home. Henry was considering his options for explaining this dilemma to his unforgiving boss when Julie Rogers came to his rescue.

“Henry, I understand you have a rip in your swimming trunks,” Julie said winking her eye. “Why don’t you borrow Nick’s team suit? He’s about your size.”

Julie was the wife of his boss, Ben Rogers. She was a very attractive woman in her early forties with short blond hair, big blue eyes and an athlete’s body. She was wearing green bikini bottoms that clung to her shapely ass cheeks and a t-shirt that covered a pair of small tits.

“How did you know about my swim suit?” Henry asked Julie who was leading him up to Nick’s room. Nick was her son.

“Thank your wife,” Julie replied. She pushed open the door. “You can change in here.”

Julie handed him Nick’s red swim team Speedo. There wasn’t much to it but he really didn’t have a choice. Henry shed his clothes and wiggled into the tight outfit. He looked down and confirmed what he had feared. His sizeable “package” was much too obvious. He crept downstairs and peered out the front door hoping to reach the pool before anyone noticed.

“Ah, there you are Henry,” shouted Ben Rogers. “Come over and meet one of our most promising new associates, Veronica Blakely.”

Veronica was a gorgeous red-head right out of law school. She shamelessly wore a purple bikini that did little to hide her generously proportioned assets. Her shapely tits were showing more than a little cleavage. Henry could also see the swell of her camel-toe outlined against the tight bottoms.

“Pleased to meet you, Henry,” she purred in a sexy voice and extended her hand.

While he was shaking her hand Veronica quickly glanced at Henry’s package. Her eyes grew big. She quickly regained her composure and smiled at him with perfect white teeth and sparkling green eyes.

“I’m sure it will be a pleasure working with you.”

Henry quickly folded his hands in front of the bulge and listened to Ben Rogers espouse all of the academic achievements Veronica had garnered at the country’s most prestigious law school. Henry looked around the gathered audience and noticed Julie Rogers staring at his hands with her mouth agape. She looked up and met his eyes, then quickly looked away.

The interest in Henry’s package was not just a passing curiosity. His cock was abnormal by any standards. Fully erect it measured twelve inches with a circumference of over six inches. Little was left to the imagination with it stuffed into a tight red Speedo swim suit that was a size too small.

Henry managed to extricate himself and get into the pool before any further embarrassment. After several lively games of volleyball and water basketball he stayed in the pool waiting for the right moment to leave.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Julie asked swimming over to where Henry was standing. “You look really good in Nick’s suit. I hope it fits okay.”

Henry mumbled an affirmative. Julie moved closer. By now almost everyone else had left the pool to get something to eat. Henry stiffened and his eyes got big when he felt her fingers brush against his cock. He looked around to see if anyone was watching.

“Perhaps it is a little tight in places,” Julie teased giving him what felt like a gentle squeeze. “Why don’t you come up to the house so you can change into something more comfortable?”

Henry was speechless. Was that an accidental touch or had she actually squeezed him? Julie pulled herself out of the pool pausing to give Henry a bird’s eye view of her shapely ass through the wet bottoms of her bikini. He could actually see the outline of her pussy clinging to the wet material. She stood and turned to face him with her legs slightly spread to show off her very noticeable camel-toe.

“On your way perhaps you can help me with something in the kitchen,” Julie continued with a mischievous smile on her face. “It’ll just take a second.”

Henry waited a little longer to ensure that no one was looking. When the coast was clear he jumped out of the pool and ran to the back door. He entered the kitchen but didn’t see Julie.

“In here, Henry,” he heard her say from the pantry.

The pantry was narrow with barely enough room for one person. When Henry peeked inside he could see Julie waiting for him. He stepped into the pantry trying to figure out why she needed his help. Perhaps it was something on the top shelf. Julie was a petite 5’2″ and would not be able to reach that high.

“Close the door,” she ordered with a stern look on her face.

Henry hesitated for a second. Why did she want the door closed, he wondered? He saw her look up at the top shelf behind the door.

“Just do it,” she said with an air of exasperation in her voice.

Henry casino oyna closed the door. Julie stepped closer and put her hands on his chest. He could see her big blue eyes looking up at him. One of her hands slid down across his chest and stomach. Her fingers brushed across the bulge in his swim suit. He felt paralyzed as she grasped him through the thin material covering his cock. He could feel it growing hard under her touch. Her hand slipped into the Speedo and squeezed his throbbing flesh.

“Um… Julie. This is not a good idea,” Henry mumbled.

Julie didn’t bother to respond. She slid down his body and squatted in front of him. She untied the Speedo and pulled it down his thighs. His hard cock bounced free hitting her in the face. Henry knew he should stop her from going further, but he also knew he wasn’t going to even if she was the boss’ wife.

“Holy shit,” Julie exclaimed wrapping her fingers around his massive cock, “It’s even bigger than I had imagined.”

Her tongue shot out and swirled across the bulbous head. Her lips followed. His cock slid into her hot and wet mouth. She attacked him like a hungry dog slurping and sucking his hard meat until spit was drooling down his shaft and dripping from her chin. She had enough room to use both hands to jerk him off while she rapidly bobbed her head up and down over his knob and swirled her tongue around the sensitive flesh.

Henry could feel his head spinning and knew that at any moment he was going to fill her mouth with a huge load. Just before it happened Julie squeezed the base of his cock, licked the small dribble that oozed from the tip and stood. She turned around, pulled her bottoms down her thighs and bent over with her hands on a shelf.

“Put it in me,” she ordered tilting her ass in the air.

Henry mumbled something about this not being such a good idea. Julie reached back, grabbed his cock and guided it to the open folds of her cunt, rubbing the smooth skin of his knob along her juicy gash. His head was throbbing. Any willpower Henry had tried to muster was gone. He knew that he was going to fuck his boss’ wife in their pantry.

“Fuck me, Henry,” Julie demanded. “Do it. NOW.”

He grabbed her hips and pushed. Julie felt her pussy stretch to accommodate his huge size. She gasped as he slid deeper and deeper. Henry was amazed at how tight she was for a married woman with two kids. His cock plunged even deeper into her steamy hole until he bottomed out inside her with several inches still to go. He could feel her body trembling.

“Oh god… fuck me.”

Henry moved his cock in long steady strokes. He could feel her fingers brush against his throbbing flesh when she moved a hand to her clit. Her legs were together because her suit was around her thighs which made the pressure even more incredible for both of them. Henry looked down and watched his hard meat glide in and out between her shapely ass cheeks.

“Oooohhhh… ooohhhhh… uh… uh… uh…”

Henry pounded his cock into her faster and harder driving it deeper into her body. Julie’s gasps and moans were erratic. Juices flowed freely from her pussy and dribbled down her thighs. His cock made wet squishing sounds each time he thrust it into her dripping cunt.

Henry slid his hands under her top and crushed her soft tits. His fingers caressed the swollen nipples and pinched the sensitive tips. Julie’s fingers moved faster and faster across her clit. Her body stiffened and was suspended in time for a moment before she screamed. A huge explosion ripped through her pussy and shook her body.

Henry could feel his own release building rapidly in his balls. He pounded his cock into her again and again. Julie continued to scream and gasp. One orgasm after the next sent her spinning into another world. Pussy juice streamed down her thighs and dripped from his balls. Henry could no longer hold back. His hard meat swelled inside her tight pussy. He thrust hard and grunted.

An explosion rocketed from his cock. Stream after stream of hot cum filled her pussy until Henry could feel it leaking out the sides. Julie’s screams slowly faded but her body was still shaking with his cock buried deep inside her cum filled pussy. He felt it twitch around him in several post orgasmic spasms.

“Ohmygod,” Julie gasped between breaths, “I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked like that. You’ll have to come by again… and soon.”

Julie finally pulled away. A flood of cum gushed from her pussy and streamed down her legs. Julie grabbed some napkins to clean herself. Then she pulled her bottoms back in place, adjusted her top, kissed him on the cheek and left. Henry had to wait several minutes before his cock would fit back in the tiny swim suit.

Henry went upstairs to change into his clothes which were still in Nick’s room. He felt guilty for what he had done. After all, he loved his wife. Nan was beautiful by any measure. He felt lucky to have her. Cheating on her in the pantry where Nan could have easily slot oyna walked in on them, or his boss for that matter, had been reckless.

It’s not that Henry had always been faithful, but his affairs were discreet and away from home while on business. He justified it by telling himself that he had never asked Nan to be faithful to him and therefore assumed that she must be getting her needs met while he was away. This was the first time he had cheated on Nan near home. It was ot only with someone she knew, it was with the boss’ wife.

As these thought flashed through his mind, the door to the bedroom opened. Henry had just stepped out of the Speedo when he saw Veronica standing there dressed only in her skimpy purple bikini. She stared at his limp but still sizeable cock hanging between his legs.

“I thought I might find you up here,” Veronica said as she closed and locked the door.

The shameless vixen proceeded to remove her top and step out of her bottoms. Henry found himself staring at a goddess. Her full pear-shaped tits were perfect. Her tiny waist was flat. A small patch of red pubic hair was neatly trimmed above the gash of her swollen pussy. It was impossible to keep his cock from growing harder in the presence of this sex goddess.

“If we’re going to work together I thought we should get to know each other a little better,” purred Veronica in a sexy voice and stepping closer.

“Look, Veronica, this isn’t… I…”

Henry couldn’t finish his sentence. Veronica squatted in front of him and flicked her tongue across the knob of his cock causing it to twitch. She took him into her mouth with her green eyes locked onto his. After a few seconds she pulled him out and smacked her lips.

“Oh my… the taste of pussy is strong. Who did you just fuck? It wasn’t your wife because she was with me.”

Without waiting for an answer she took him back into her mouth. Henry was helpless to stop her. He could feel his cock pounding and doing all the thinking for him. Her lips made loud slurping sounds as she devoured him. Teeth raked across his knob. Her tongue explored the ridges and veins of his swollen member. She finally pulled him from her mouth.

“I saw Julie coming out of the house with a smile on her face. Did you fuck the boss’ wife? You did, didn’t you? Don’t worry, I won’t tell. Not as long as you do what I say.”

Veronica pushed him back and onto the bed. She climbed on top of him lowering her pussy to his face. He stared at her swollen treasure as it came closer. Beads of cunt juice clung to the pink folds that pushed out from the gash down the middle. He opened his mouth and clamped it around her juicy plum, then plunged his tongue into her steamy cunt.

Veronica leaned forward and sucked his throbbing member back into her mouth. She ground her pussy hard against his face smearing it with juices that oozed from her opening. Henry sucked and slurped her pussy like a desperate schoolboy eating a cream pie. He rubbed his nose through her gash. His tongue found her clit and then the tight nub of her pink asshole. She pulled up from his cock and rotated against his tongue.

“Ohmygod, you certainly know how to eat a girl. Put your fingers in me.”

Her lips slid back down his shaft. He heard her muffled moans when two fingers plunged into her pussy. He slammed them in and out of her juicy hole. His tongue continued its manipulations against her asshole. Veronica reached a hand between her legs and rubbed her clit. He felt her body stiffen. He pulled his fingers from her pussy and clamped his mouth over her swollen mound.

“Oh fuck… oh god… UUUUNNNGGGHHHHHH…”

A surge of sweet creamy elixir filled his mouth. His tongue shot up into her quivering cunt. She squealed and moaned as she rode his face. Her thighs shook. More cunt juice dribbled into his mouth. She finally dragged her pussy from his face and slid it down his body.

“You’re the first guy in ages that’s made me cum with his tongue. Usually I only get off like that from girls. Now let’s see what this monster can do.”

She continued moving down his body until she was on her knees straddling his cock. He could see her dripping pussy folded open between her creamy white ass cheeks. Veronica grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy. She had to push up on her knees before it would fit. She moved it back and forth along her gash until it slotted in the opening to her cunt.

Henry watched the knob of his cock slowly split her open and disappear into her pussy. Veronica stopped briefly to adjust to his size before pushing down again. Inch by inch his swollen shaft disappeared up her steamy cunt. She was very tight and had to occasionally lift up before pushing down again to take him deeper. He bottomed out with several inches left to go.

She fucked him with the same aggressiveness that she had sucked his cock. He had a perfect view of her ass moving up and down like a piston. She rode him hard by lifting up until the flange of his knob was canlı casino siteleri visible and then slamming down on his length and driving him deep into her cunt. Occasionally she would stop and hold him there while she rotated her pussy around his shaft.

Veronica’s fingers moved to her clit. She fucked him harder if that was possible. Cunt cream oozed from her pussy and clung to the sides of his shaft. Her breathing became erratic and her moans louder. Her toes curled under her feet. She slammed down hard on his cock and screamed. She held him deep as her whole body shook. She fell backwards onto his chest still shaking. He thrust deep into her cunt sending her into more convulsions.

After catching her breath she mounted him again, this time facing him. They kissed and fucked like two desperate lovers until another orgasm exploded from her pussy. As soon as she recovered she climbed off him and lowered her mouth to his cock.

It didn’t take long before cum was surging up the length of his shaft. Veronica pulled him from her mouth and aimed his cock squarely at her face. Stream after stream of hot cream splattered up her nose and over her cheeks and forehead with some of it landing in her hair. She took him back into her mouth and drained the last few drops.

“You have made me a shameless whore. I love it. I’ll see you at work on Monday.”

With cum still dripping from her chin, Veronica got out of bed, picked up her bikini and walked naked into the bathroom across the hall. Henry quickly dressed and ran downstairs to find Nan. She asked where he had been hiding. Before Henry could make up a lie Veronica walked out of the house in her purple bikini and waved at him. Nan quickly put two and two together.

“You fucked her, didn’t you? You sonofabitch.”

“No I…”

“I don’t believe you,” Nan practically shouted. She grabbed his arm and dragged him towards the house. “Let’s go into the bathroom. I want to see your cock.”

Henry was helpless to do anything. He was busted. Why hadn’t he cleaned himself afterwards? Okay, he thought, he would admit to doing Veronica but she didn’t have to know about Julie. He would tell Nan that Veronica attacked him without provocation, which was the truth, and that he couldn’t stop himself. After all, he was a man. Maybe she would understand.

Nan locked the bathroom door and made Henry pull down his pants. Her eyes examined the huge cock that she had fallen in love with on their third date. She lifted the heavy slab of meat and flicked her tongue across the large knob. Her suspicions were immediately confirmed.

Nan wanted to be mad but her pussy was dripping with need. There was something erotic and forbidden about tasting another woman on her husband’s cock. Instead of confronting him she found herself sliding his cunt tasting cock into her mouth. She could feel it growing harder as she swirled her tongue around it.

Henry didn’t know what was happening. Maybe Nan hadn’t recognized the taste of another woman’s pussy although he doubted that. He really didn’t have time to think much about it. Nan knew how to suck a cock better than anyone and was doing things to him that had his head spinning.

Nan had been the only woman he had ever known who could actually swallow his entire cock. He looked down at her lips pressed against his pubes and felt her throat muscles massaging his hard meat. He noticed that she had a hand between her legs and was rubbing her pussy. She often got off just by sucking his cock and this was no exception. Nan’s body stiffened. Henry’s cock fell from her mouth. She trembled and felt her pussy gush into her panties.

Without saying a word Nan pushed Henry down on the toilet seat. She stepped out of her shorts and panties and sat down on his lap facing away. She couldn’t stand to look at him at the moment. She just wanted to get fucked. Nan guided his hard cock to her dripping pussy. She bit her lip to stifle a gasp when she felt it plunge deep into her body.

Henry’s hands pushed under her top and crushed her ample tits. Nan lifted up and slammed down on his length again and again driving him deep into her belly. She loved the feel of his cock so deep inside her. No man had ever come close to filling her like this.

“Ah… ah … ah… oh god… nnnnnggggghhh…”

An orgasm ripped through her body. She continued to ride him. Henry pinched her nipples hard and thrust up into his wife each time she plunged her pussy down on his cock. A second, third and fourth tremor rocked her entire being until she had lost complete control. Not able to stand any more pleasure Nan lifted off his cock and sprayed pussy juice across the floor when her final orgasm hit.

“That’s just to show you what you are going to be missing,” Nan told him after catching her breath. She stepped into her shorts and panties. “I want you out of the house by tonight.”

Henry couldn’t believe she had left him high and dry like that. His cock was about to explode and she wasn’t going to finish him. Rather than concentrate on what she had said about throwing him out of the house, Henry went in search of Julie to relieve the tension in his balls. After all, she had practically invited him to fuck her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

My Swiss Miss

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


My sister had children before me and from time to time I would visit them on their school holidays to spend some time with my niece and nephew. One summer they had arranged to rent a giant chalet in the Swiss Alps and offered to put me up for the week. Of course I jumped at the chance for some clear mountain air, good food, and good company. After a short and uneventful plane and train ride I arrived at the designated station for my pick-up. My sister had told me that their nanny, Mila, would pick me up. She was described as 18 and white blonde with blue eyes. Fortunately, the station was very small and she and I quickly saw each other and with a small wave she came over to help with my luggage. She was stunning: medium height, clear skin, long white blond hair over the shoulder, piecing blue eyes, and a slim athletic build with small breasts. It was lust at first site for me! But given the age difference, I was still a confirmed bachelor at 30, I didn’t think it likely or appropriate to make any moves on my sister’s nanny. Besides which, what a cliché really?

Mila told me of the fun she was having with the children, how much she loved hanging around with the family and teaching them the ins and outs of the local culture, food and other things to do. Unlike most Swiss Germans she was extremely outgoing and friendly. I warmed to her immediately. She seemed to know an awful lot about me but I chalked that up to a talkative sister who over-shared a lot. Besides it wasn’t as if I wasn’t fairly successful and not bad looking. A short drive later and we found ourselves at the chalet. My sister, her husband, and the two children were out hiking so for now I had the place pretty much to myself. Mila directed me to my room in the basement floor and left me in peace to shower, unpack and get myself situated.

It wasn’t before long that I heard the chirping of children and knew that everyone was back. There were many hugs and squeals when I came up the stairs. My niece and nephew took me on a tour of the chalet, showing me all the little souvenirs they had bought on the trip, and going on and on about how great Mila was. That night we sat down to a cheese fondue prepared local style by Mila complete with garlic and kirsch. What a treat. Of course I managed to lose a piece of bread in the pot and the children started chanting: “Uncle’s got to kiss Mila, Uncles got to kiss Mila.” I had no idea what this was about but it turns out there was a silly tradition that if you lost your bread you had to kiss the closest eligible member of the opposite sex – in this case that left only Mila. To assuage the children Mila got up and came around to my side of the table and gave a short peck on my lips. While the kiss was perfunctory I sensed something more in her willingness to get up and come around the table. Was I just imagining things?

The following days we spent traipsing around the nearby valleys visiting farms, taking boat tours of lakes, fishing in the river, visiting historic towns etc. etc. Mila was a godsend taking the little pesky ones away to leave us adults in peace for a few hours each day. It was a blessing simply to read a book on a deck chair and look out to the view from time to time. Finally, the kids decided they just had to go to an outdoor water park an hour away. By that point I wanted a day off and coincidentally it was Mila’s well deserved day of rest too. So, she offered to be my guide on a fairly strenuous hiking trip on a back route that in the old days was used by farmers to quickly reach their mountain pastures. I jumped at the chance to get away for a while and was imagining a fun time watching the firm bottom of Mila climbing the mountains! What I didn’t know was the Mila had developed a huge crush on me, and was thinking that it wouldn’t be a bad thing at all to get into a relationship with a handsome, wealthy and kind foreigner.

We drove the car to the trailhead and parked along casino oyna the side of the road. Mila had a sizable pack on her back filled with food, drinks and rain jackets for us both. At the start the path was a wide track and we could walk two abreast. Mila told me the story of her life to date: farmer’s daughter, educated at the village school, got good grades, considering going to college, but also going into the family business. As always she spoke with a twinkle in her eye and warmth in her voice. The path we were taking led up to the highest pastures that her family owned and their mountain chalet. She had many wonderful childhood memories of the place and still helped out when she wasn’t being a nanny. Since it was late in the season the cows had already headed down to the mid-mountain pastures and the chalet was closed for the year. As we climbed the wide path turned into a trail and then into a steep narrow path marked with the white and red flashes of a “bergweg” or mountain path. Finally, a little out of breath I saw our destination up ahead – a beautiful chalet with two staircases up to the second floor with a commanding view of the surrounding mountains. It was like something out of “The Sound of Music”. Mila had barely broken a sweat. We took a drink from the fountain nearby, climbed the staircase and sat down on a rough hewn bench. Mila took out our lunch and laid out the spread on a simple cloth. The food tasted better than usual – probably because I’d earned it climbing the mountain. The cold beer laid me out and before I knew it I’d fallen fast asleep. When I came too, I noticed a chill in the air and an increase in humidity. Mila told me a storm was approaching and we should go inside rather than try and race down the hill to outrun it. She poked around and found the spare key and let us in.

The ceilings were quite low, both to retain the heat and because the Swiss of yesteryear didn’t get that tall. Since there was no electricity, Mila lit a paraffin light, started the wood fire, and dug out a pack of cards from a drawer to while away the time. She taught me the local card game and I quickly got the hang of it – beating her in a few hands. Now she told me I was ready to go up against one of her brothers at the bar next week. The room had warmed considerably and I was loving the charming setting and the charming company. Mila seemed a little nervous but I couldn’t pin down why. Meanwhile the storm was beating down hard on the windows from the outside and it looked like we weren’t going to be leaving anytime soon. Mila told me that there was no going back down the mountain in this weather and we would have to stay the night. So I sent a quick text message to my sister to let her know we were safe and sound and up in the chalet for the night. Mila went back into the what appeared to be the master bedroom with a bed that looked like it could just about hold a couple. Tongue in cheek she said we’d have to sleep together in the bed just to stay warm through the night. I was beginning to get the signals that tonight I was going to get lucky.

In the typical no nonsense way of the Swiss, Mila pulled off her shirt and bra and her shorts and underwear and hopped into the bed to snuggle under the sheets. I of course did the same. It wasn’t long before she scooted over and pressed her body against mine. Wordlessly I kissed her and she kissed me. I was lost in her silky blonde hair, her beautiful blue eyes, and the soft skin and firm tone of her body. I told her I didn’t have any protection and she told me not to worry and with that she took hold of my cock and pointed it at her entrance which by this point was a soppy warm mess. I pushed gently in, not know how experienced Mila was, and the going was slow. She tensed up a bit but then I slipped deeper into her depths and any discomfort she’d felt up to that point disappeared. “You know” she told me “you’re my first”. I was floored I had just taken slot oyna her virginity. I told her I was honored and would make she had a good experience. By this point our bodies were warm with heat and I kicked off the sheets and started to purposefully stroke into her body making sure to grind at her clit. Mila just went wild with her first orgasm and it took me along with it as I emptied my sperm deep into her pussy.

We snuggled up some more while I gave her small love kisses on her face and body. She told me how she know immediately when we’d met that we’d become lovers and that it was only because she was shy that we hadn’t done something earlier. I told her I couldn’t think of a more beautiful place or person to have this experience with. We basked in our mutual admiration and post coital bliss. Eventually exhaustion took over and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning I woke to the smell of cheese and potatoes, and coffee – the chalet’s emergency food supply. We ate heartily and opened the window to survey the weather conditions. The thunderheads had cleared and blue sky was all around. It was safe to head back down where everyone was expecting us. I didn’t want to leave. But Mila told me she had a surprise for me and to get ready to leave. A quick brush of the teeth (again with supplies from the emergency stash) and we locked up and headed back down the hill. This time we headed another way into a steep ravine. At one point Mila headed off the trail and told me to follow. A few minutes on and there was a large oddly shaped stone sort of shaped like a set of stairs. “You know what this is?” she asked. Of course I had no idea. “It’s a breeding rock, we have a tradition in our family to take our girlfriends and boyfriend out to this place to have sex. This rock has probably been visited by 10 generations of my family. Do you think you are up to the task of keeping the tradition alive?”

Mila pulled off her shorts over her boots and lay forward with her legs splayed and pussy exposed. How could I resist that challenge? I pulled off my shorts as well and was instantly hard and guided my cock straight into her dripping pussy. The new position seemed to do wonders for Mila, or perhaps it was the location and the tradition. Whatever it was she was soon making an “uh, uh” noise every time I pushed deep up into her. Finally she cried out and her tight pussy grasped my cock milking the cum out of my balls until not even a drop was left. It was glorious elemental love making. Mila pulled up her underwear and shorts trying to make the best of the semen escaping from her pussy lips. I took tried to make myself look presentable. Within a couple of hours we were at the trailhead and driving back to my sister’s rented chalet. Each of us was lost in thought. I didn’t know if Mila’s infatuation was just a teenage crush and was starting to feel a bit guilty of perhaps taking advantage of her.

That evening when everyone had gone to bed, I heard a soft knock on my door and went to open it. There stood Mila wearing her flannel pajamas and looking every bit the cute 18 year old. I let her in and she climbed into the bed and patted the space beside her. “You’ve made a sex addict out of me. Come here and satisfy your woman.” she teased. Strangely this set my mind at easy, while young, Mila wasn’t some pampered city girl protected by her parents. No, she was a mature, hardworking farmer’s daughter, who had seen and heard a lot. It wasn’t more than a few minutes before we had mutually satisfied ourselves and cuddled up. Mila wanted to know about my life in London, what I did for work, for fun, who were my friends, what my goals and expectations were in life. I answered as honestly as I could – I wanted to make some money, have strong meaningful relationships, and start a family before too long. That seemed to satisfy her curiosity and we both drifted off to sleep. Fortunately for us, the chalet was a modern building canlı casino siteleri so the basement floor was built of concrete so none of our nocturnal lovemaking could be heard in the upper floors.

With only a few more days of vacation time left, I dreaded leaving but I knew I had to get back to my company and my life however wonderful my experience had been. I asked Mila if she would come and visit me in London in a couple of weeks when my sister had left and her nanny gig was over. I’d happily pay for the tickets. Would her family approve? Did she have to ask permission? No, she could travel freely and do as she pleased.

Our last night together was bittersweet. The sex had become almost mystical as we learned the ins and outs of each other’s bodies. Mila was a fast study and sucked my cock like her life depended on it. For my part I licked her pussy like I was a cat after the last morsels of a tuna fish dinner. We were bonding. She was definitely my woman now. I just had to figure out what to do about it. With a plan to meet three weeks out, I didn’t feel quite so gloomy. My sister had an inkling that something was up and pulled me aside the next morning to quiz me about what was going on. How could I? She was only 18? My nanny, of all things. Etc. Etc. But when I responded sincerely she realized there was more to it than a vacation fling.

Three weeks later I waited expectantly by the arrivals door of Heathrow airport Terminal 5. Mila arrived with a small carrying on and we hugged and kissed and held hands until we got in the car to drive to my flat. She didn’t seem phased by the travel or the new country – this wasn’t the first time she’d been out of Switzerland, quite the contrary she’d been to as many European countries as I’d ever been to despite being almost half my age! When we arrived it was already dark and Mila went straight to the bathroom for a quick shower. What I hadn’t expected was to find her in a sexy negligee that hugged her small curves and accentuated her beautiful body. Within minutes we were tearing off our clothing and fucking like starved bunnies.

The next day was Saturday and a chance for her to meet some of my friends for dinner at a local gastropub. I wasn’t quite sure how things would go, but Mila held her own regaling the group with stories, keeping up with conversations and even ribbing me for robbing the cradle which stole any mean-spirited thunder from any friend who was going to make a joke at my expense. So, a little drunk we staggered home and lay on the bed. She curled over and put her arms around me. I couldn’t help myself and for the first time ever utter the dreaded words that you can never come back from “I love you”. She teared up a little and I asked what was wrong. She told me she had something to say, that she loved me too, but wasn’t sure I would after what she had to tell had been told. This put the fear of god into me. Was she already married? Was she abused as a child? My mind went overtime thinking about what could be the problem.

Looking into my eyes with hers she spilled out her words, how she had heard about me from my sister, and conjured up a dashing foreigner, how she had met me and fallen hard, how she wanted to lose her virginity with me and had planned out the night in the Chalet since she knew the weather was going to turn nasty, and how she had taken me to the breeding rock because she wanted to get pregnant with my child. Then she looked at me intensely and said “I did” For a moment I was dumfounded, here I was thinking that I had been the seducer but in fact Mila had me wrapped around her little finger all along. And that she had wanted to get pregnant and I’d gone right along not questioning about condoms, the pill, or anything. But it wasn’t long before I responded because I knew that whatever happened next I had to reassure this beautiful creature in my arms desperate for my love and approval and pregnant with my child in her womb. “Well I was thinking we’d take a while to get to know each other and get married in a year, but you’ve gone ahead and moved the schedule up on me. Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


My name is Martin and I am married to my wife Christina. I had been married before when I got a girl pregnant, I was only 19. We did what everyone expected of us and got married. It was a recipe for disaster. I came home one day to find her old boyfriend sharing our bed with her, What I saw made it look like she welcomed him back with open legs. Due to her continuing infidelity I got custody of our son Tim. I later married Christina 8 years my junior. I am 37 she is 29, we are close and she acts like a good mom to her step-son Tim. He is still very much my son and anything I say he does not argue with.

Tim attends college, Christina works as a medication assistant in a pharmacy and I work as a supervisor on nightshift for a surveillance company. I do ten hour shifts which gives me three days every week with my family.

It was during my long weekend off that I noticed Christina had changed her routine, normally she showered before bed. Lately it was around 9pm whether I was here or going to work. I mentioned in passing that I had noticed the change. Christina was very quiet ( not like her at all ) Tim was round at his friends so I asked her what was wrong. She said she would prefer not to in case it got Timmy into trouble. Now my curiosity was really fired. I told her I would not get angry but I could see it troubled her.

She told me that for a few weeks now he has been spying on her in the bathroom. She said she wasn’t sure how long it had been going on but the other week she was shaving her pussy of any regrowth. She had her leg up on the stool when she saw his shadow under the door. She told me he must have got a real eyeful. On other nights she was now aware he was watching.

“What do you want me to do about it I asked ” She was alarmed and said to me that he is unaware she knows and wants to keep it that way. She said she wouldn’t be able to face him if he was confronted about it. “I have changed my routine and that has stopped him, so please don’t mention anything”. I told her that was ok with me and that he was probably doing what every 18 year old horny male does. She still was having some concerns so I persisted with her to tell me everything.

” Since I now shower earlier, he has stopped spying, he watches television with me instead, Anytime I say I am tired he offers to give my legs a massage.” I asked her if she had let him and she said no because she was worried I would get angry with her. I said to her ” Why would I get angry?” She said that she is on her feet all day and some evenings it is tempting to take him up on it.

I have no problems with that, if you feel he is going too far just let me know and I will discretely put an end to it. He has never disobeyed me and I think that won’t change in the near future either. I asked her where he asks her to massage her legs and she says in the living room

“Good” I said ” That is a nice safe area, never agree to any of the bedrooms”

I suggested the next time I am working tell him yes and see what happens. I also told her she can give me a daily commentary if it made her feel more secure

Christina took a big breath and said she had not given any thought to Tim asking to use the bedroom and would I think she would suggest it. I calmed her down by telling her a neutral area would be better for her to be in control that was all and I trusted her so it would be ok. I suggested the next time I am working tell him yes and see what happens. I also told her she can give me a daily commentary if it made her feel more secure. She looked unsure but I said it would be okay

I was working the following night and spend the day doing odd jobs around the house. While setting up the cabinet below the television set, ( which had locked glass doors to keep my limited edition flutes and glasses.) I repaired the locking mechanism, however I started to think about what Christina told me. I was worried if Tim would go too far and would casino oyna she still protect him. I went out to my work shed ( I sometimes take work home to see how well they work ) and I decided I would place a digital camera in there locking the door afterwards. It had a timing mechanism that would switch itself on at 10pm and off again at 2 am.

At 9pm Christina went and had her nightly shower before giving me my sandwiches for the night. I kissed her goodnight and told her not to worry about anything.

I arrived home in the morning meeting Christina as she left for work. I gave her a kiss and said to her ” Any problems ” She told me no and I was correct about Tim. She got into her car and drove off. Tim was inside in his usual mode of trying to get out on time which is a rare occurrence. After Tim left and was picked up by the college bus I unlocked the cabinet door and took out the camera.

I connected it to the television and it opened with Christina sitting on the sofa watching a television program. After about 15 minutes of this Tim arrived home. After some soft drinks and a handful of sandwiches he eventually asked Christina if she had a busy day. She answered that she had and was very weary. “Why don’t I give you shoulders a rub or your calves”? Tim asked, but the sound of his voice was that he expected to be turned down. Christina delayed answering for a while then said she could really do with her legs massaged.

This took Tim by surprise and he hadn’t thought this through. He began to rub her calf and Christina asked him if he had any massage oil. Tim said no however any despondency was allayed when she said there was some in the bathroom. He came back into the living room with a two small towels and the massage oil. Christina lay back on the sofa while Tim sat on the edge. The angle allowed me a 45 degree view of her legs and nightdress. Christina’s face blocked by Tim sitting where he was

He spent a good ten minutes on her foot and ankle the bent her knee to do her calf . Christina’s legs were still close together so nothing was visible. When he massaged the other foot then placed her left leg on his knee to give him better access to the right leg. He took his time again however when he bent her knee to do her other calf her panties came into view. They were a modest pair that gave nothing away but she was unaware he had an open view of the gusset. I then noticed that although they were an unglamorous pair of panties they did show off her camel toe. Tim had a very good view of this. When he began to massage her knees she brought an end to it.

In the evening I asked her how it went she thought it was indeed an innocent event. The next morning’s viewing was very similar with no untoward comments from Christina at night. She must have begun to trust him more as the third day’s viewing I could see she allowed him to go mid thigh

I left for work the fourth night thinking I will dismantle the camera on my days off as nothing was too much out of the ordinary. Again I met her in the morning with a peck on the cheek and told her I would prepare the evening meal for her coming home after I catch up some sleep. Tim caught his bus as usual

I played the footage on the television. Tim came through with the massage oil and proceeded like he had done the previous evening. He did up as far as her knee on both legs however this time she did not close her legs. Her knees remained bent and apart. He got some more oil and started to massage her thighs. The higher he went the more her nightdress gathered just short of her waist. It was then I noticed she was wearing sheer panties with her slit and clitoris clearly visible. He massaged up to her panties on both thighs brushing her panties

He then asked if she would like he shoulders rubbed and she said yes please. He left her legs uncovered with her semi-covered pussy on view while he went up to her shoulders. He was gentle with her and when slot oyna it came to doing her upper chest he slipped the straps of her nightdress down her arms. He rubbed the oil into her chest, the top of her nightdress being slowly pushed down. At one point I could see her areolas come into view but not her nipples. His hands wend down the side of her breasts when she said they should stop. I found myself really hard watching this footage and decided I want to see more.

That night Christina mentioned nothing about the massage however our lovemaking that night was as hot as I ever had she was really on heat with me. I thought this is good I get to watch her enjoying herself and get great sex afterwards too. She was getting turned on by it too.

My nights off went by too quickly and I headed off to the first of my four nights. Next morning wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. When the house emptied I replayed the footage of the previous night. This time he started with her shoulders and took his time rubbing all the tension out. Again he pushed her straps down her arms and began to massage her chest, This time her nipples came into view and I thought why did she allow that. I took a closer look and it appeared she had fallen asleep. He massaged both of her breasts, her nipples were pointing up she may have been asleep but she was also horny.

He went down to her legs and gradually massaged up her calves to her knees and her thighs. She was still asleep. I saw him open the ribbons to her nightdress at the front, exposing her to his view , except for the sheer panties ( which might as well not have been there ). When he reached her panties he rubbed over her mound. Her hips began to move with this. He pulled her panties to the side, now her pussy was on view. She was wet and Tim managed to easily get a finger into her. Then a second while he played with her clitoris. I could see her start to climax. Tim got startled and removed his finger replacing her panties. As she woke Tim quickly left the room, he had no chance to close her nightdress. I could see the look of embarrassment as she looked at her exposed body. She called out to Tim but he did not answer. I then saw her put her hand inside her panties and make herself cum again. I was so hard It was going to be difficult to sleep today.

At night I asked her how things went. She told me she accidentally fell asleep I thought she might tell me how she found herself exposed but she didn’t. I began to think she is getting off on this as much as I am.

I went to work that night looking forward to the next morning’s viewing.

Morning came with the usual routine and soon I was alone in the house with my footage was awaiting. The scene was the same as most night. He massaged her shoulder and chest, again he uncovered her breasts. Her eyes were closed but somehow I didn’t think she was asleep this time, however if Tim did then things would become interesting.

He began to massage her legs this time leaving the apart. As he went higher it was apparent she was not wearing any panties. Tim just stared at it. He opened her nightdress fully exposing every inch of that gorgeous body He touched her pussy playing with her clitoris and then insert two then three fingers into her. He separated her legs and put his face into her pussy,

I could hear him licking her. Christina’s breathing was getting heavier and her hips meeting his licking tongue. She climaxed with such force. Tim covered her and again left the room.

She sat up her face full of sexual satisfaction. I was so hard watching this .I wondered what the next night would bring. I didn’t ask her how it went in case she gave the game away

The next morning both appeared a little tired. Christina said it was a hard week and she would be grateful when Friday came. Tim left for college as usual running for the bus…

I switched on the screen for twenty minutes nothing happened. Then Christine canlı casino siteleri said. I enjoy your massages but would you be embarrassed if I asked you to give me a full massage. Tim asked her what she meant. If I wrap a towel around me and lie on the other towel will you massage me all over. Tim nodded before he uttered “Oh Yes I could”

Christina stood up and went to the laundry cupboard for two large towels. She lay one on the sofa Then asked Tim to go and get the massaging oils while she changed. Tim left the room Christina removed her nightdress and lay naked on the sofa face down. She covered herself with the other towel

Tim started on her neck and shoulders, I could hear Christina almost purr slowly as he worked his way down her back moving the towel southward at the same time. When he got to her lower back she told him if the towel was in the way then take it away. Tim didn’t need to be told twice. My young wife now lay naked on her tummy in front of her step-son. He massaged her buttocks and let some oil run down the crack to her anus. His hands glided over the top of her anus and she gave a jump. Now she opened her legs. He did the same again and she pushed back at him.. He poured a little more oil into the crack of her cheeks but this time he left his finger on her anus. She pushed back against him his finger going inside her. She got up on her knees and sat back on him rocking against his finger. She then lay down on her tummy . I was so hard watching this but I was also amazed because she would never let me touch her there.

Tim now went to her legs I still had the view up her lovely shaped legs and saw the pink of her pussy glisten with her juices. He massaged her legs up to her thighs. She asked him if he would be embarrassed if she turned over. He said she could do that if she wants. She turned over her breast sporting very stiff nipples and her legs apart exposing the pink inner labia and her protruding clitoris. He massaged her breasts as Christina groaned with pleasure. He delicately massaged up her legs until he came in contact with her pussy. He drew her knees up. Christina’s pussy almost grotesque in its magnificence. Then he began to lick her pussy, slowly at first and then building her up to her climax. Her body rocked with pleasure. Tim disappeared from view as Christina lay there in the afterglow of her climax. When Tim returned he was naked sporting a huge erection.

He began kissing her nipples and Christina’s eyes remained closed. Her nipples were hard as he rolled them between his fingers. As he did this he was playing wither clitoris with his other hand, then he moved between her legs. Christina’s eyes opened when she felt the head of his cock touch her hot moist entrance. She tried to push him off and told Tim that we can’t do this, its going to far. She no longer was in control of the situation and Tim was intent on his own mission, he pushed his whole length all the way inside her. He began to pump into her and Christine’s resistance very quickly melted.

Her body responded to his thrusts and she wrapped her legs around him. He was big and she was accommodating all of him. She let out a scream as she came again, her nails tore large streaks on Tim’s back. Tim began to pump harder as Christina came for a third time just as he erupted into her.

As they lay there in a post coital cuddle. Christina asked him never to tell anyone. She said she didn’t mean it to go this far but it was that with two guys in the house she has never felt so horny.

The rest of the recording showed them asleep but nearing the end of the recording Christina is seen rubbing his cock until he is hard again, then sits astride of him and impales herself on him. She rides him until they both cum almost simultaneously, then the recording ends.

That evening nothing is mentioned by any party and I leave things as is until my days off. There was no lovemaking the next night ( probably too tired ), however on my nights off she was like a wanton rabbit with me, She was right, she is very very horny. I could stop my son any time or show Christina the recording but I choose to have the best of both worlds.

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Horny for the Professor

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ashley Ryder was 22 when she started attending classes at her local community college. A mere 5’2 and 120 lbs she was just your average girl. It was her first day in her English class that she signed up to take with a friend from work. She was pretty nervous; although she enjoyed writing she was never very good at it. She sat anxiously in the back waiting for the professor to arrive. At first when he walked in Ashley didn’t think too much about it. He was just your average looking guy. It wasn’t until he started talking that something about him made Ashley very attracted to him. Great just what she needed! A crush on her college professor!

Time went on and as the semester grew more in depth she started focusing a lot on her studies instead of why she was so fond of Professor Williams. He was just a few inches taller than Ashley, which made him kind of short for a man. He has brown eyes like Ashley with reddish brown hair and a full bread (which didn’t help distract her any). There were instances here in there when she would stay after class to ask a question, and she couldn’t help but get the feeling that he was somewhat attracted to her as well. I mean what are you supposed to think when a simple “How do you cite this?” turns into a 45 minute conversation about something entirely different. He also had no problem getting pretty close to her either.

Her friend had also made comments about him liking Ashley, but Ashley thought she was being ridiculous. The only reason he didn’t like her was for the simple fact that she was always playing on her phone. The semester was coming to an end and Ashley wished she had the courage to make a pass just to see what he would do, but she didn’t. So once the grades were posted she had no reason to stay in touch. However, she could take him for 102 next semester! And that’s exactly what she did.

During the break she thought of different ways to come on to him, or make it easy for him to come on to her but her fear of being rejected and embarrassed pushed the ideas away. It wasn’t until the first day of class did her feelings of lust and excitement return as he walked into the room. As soon as he said hello and smiled at her, she knew that this semester she had to know for sure if he wanted her just as bad as she wanted him.

Ashley made frequent excuses to stay after class and make trips to his office. He never seem put off, in fact it was easy to tell he enjoyed talking to Ashley. So the more they talked the more Ashley wanted to fuck him, but first she wanted to know how he felt. She was never the one to wear low cut shirts or short skirts but she figured a nice pair of tight jeans might do the trick. Just as class was letting out Ashley walked up to Professor Williams and asked if he would mind skimming a paper she wrote for another class.

“Of course not! I don’t have another class for a while” he said.

“Great! Thanks so much. I know I have to bother you so much with all my problems,” Ashley giggled.

“No you don’t. I don’t mind helping out someone eager to learn. Where’s the paper?”

“In my bag just a sec.”

This was it! She just had to make it look perfectly innocent. Ashley turned around and walked back to her desk. She carefully bended over and threw her hair glanced around to see if he was looking. He was! She quickly retrieved her paper and walked back to his desk trying not to blush.

“Here you go,” Ashley handed him the paper with slightly trembling hands.

“Everything okay? You seem a little nervous.” He asked her.

“Yeah I’m great.”

He skimmed over the paper, writing a little in the margins here and there. As he was done he handed the paper back and said, “It’s not bad at all, in fact you’ve come along a great deal since you were in my 101 class.”

“Thanks, I know I have some grammar issues but I do think I am getting better.”

“Well I’m a grammar nazi, but I can’t waste my time correcting everyone’s little mistakes. If it means that much to you though, maybe you can stop by my office and I can show you a few tips and tricks,” He winked at her.

Was that a hint? Ashley made no hesitation on when to meet him again. And while a rush of excitement creped through every ounce of her body, she walked on to her next class.

Their meeting wasn’t for another two weeks, and Ashley would have four more classes with him before then, so she had to find another way to control herself. Her roommate was always out with her boyfriend so that night during a hot bubble bath Ashley let herself loose. She imagined how it would feel being bent over his desk and rubbed her clit furiously, moaning his name till she came just a few minutes later.

For the next two weeks, Ashley resorted to fucking herself, for she couldn’t control how horny he made her in class. In a way she thought he knew what she was doing, the way he looked at her and the couple of times she caught him staring at her, she couldn’t help but to think otherwise. Normally she didn’t mind coming to school in sweats and baggy casino oyna jeans, she did come straight after work every day so she didn’t mind what she wore, till now. She wanted to make sure he knew what a nice ass she had, and give a good shot at her cleavage. With spring approaching she could finally toss her winter coat and wear tight shorts and jeans.

It was finally Friday, the day Ashley would make her move, and hopefully fulfill her every desire to sleep with her Professor. She already planned what she would wear; picking out a pair of blue jean Bermuda shorts and a tight tank top low enough to see down when she bent over. His office was only a ten minute walk from her dorm room, and with the weather finally warm enough, she started walking.

She arrived just a minute after their scheduled time, and not wanting to seem too hasty Ashley went to the bathroom to check her hair and makeup. She touched up her lip gloss and eyeliner and walked down to Professor Williams’s office. The door was opened but he wasn’t in there. She decided to sit down and wait. About five minutes had passed and Ashley had her English book out skimming it when he walked in. He stopped at the door not wanting to startle her and admired how innocent and beautiful she was. He wasn’t exactly sure what he liked about her, perhaps her eagerness to learn or how clear it was the she lacked the confidence to be amazing. All he knew was, she drove him crazy, but he couldn’t let her into his world. Not only was he her Professor, and as much as he wanted to touch every inch of her body, she wouldn’t be able to give him the obedience he yearned.

“Hello Ashley, sorry to keep you waiting, I was having issues with the copier.” He said as he walked in and sat down.

“No problem, Professor Williams, I was just going over some of the grammar lessons in the book.” She scooted up closer to his desk and leaned forward with her book.

“Alright let’s have a look,” he responded as he also leaned forward and took a quick peek down her shirt. “hmm nice B rack,” he thought to himself.

His quick peek didn’t go unnoticed however, Ashley used it to her advantage and gave a great sigh watching his as he watched her chest rise and fall.

The next hour seemed to fly by as they discussed grammar. All the while, Ashley twisting and turning in her seat trying to control her lust for her teacher. He too was having a problem controlling his boner, every time she moved a flash of her cleavage winked at him, and every time she spoke her sweet scent aroused him even more.

“I’m going to get a soda, would you like one?” Ashley offered him.

“Yes please, I’ll take a water though, and so should you, much healthier.”

“Well okay then. I’ll be right back.”

“Well okay then “? Maybe turning her into his submissive wouldn’t be so hard. No! He told himself, she is my student!

Ashley actually just wanted to get away for a minute, if she didn’t leave his presence soon, she would of just attacked him! She walked into the bathroom and let herself go right there! She couldn’t help it, she had never been so horny in her life. She didn’t wash her hands she wanted him to know what she just did, maybe it would jumpstart their sexual relationship.

She returned about 20 minutes late with two bottles of water, she handed him his with the same hand that made her cum all over herself just 15 minutes ago. Ashley sat down and stared at him. He drank the water and thought to himself that something was up. Her hand seemed a little damp and she seems a lot more calm and relaxed. “Did she just go fuck herself?” He thought. “She must of, and she wants me to know, but why? Surely she’s not into me.” Then it hit him, all the signs, staying after for his help the sudden change in wardrobe, using a Friday night to “study”. Ashley watched his face as he put the clues together, and she saw a hint of a smile. She smiled back and took another sip of water, this time licking her lips.

“Ashley is there something you want to tell me?”

“What do you mean” she responded with a smile.

“Is she playing games with me? No, I’m supposed to do that. If she wants a game I’ll give her a fucking game,” he thought tom himself.

“Nothing, let’s get back to work, unless you need to go.”

“Well fuck, I thought he was finally onto me, maybe I should step it up.” She thought.

“No, I’m fine to stay but I need to leave by 5, I have a date tonight.” There let’s see what he makes of that.

A date? If she wants to fuck me, she won’t be seeing anyone else. “Okay, you’ll be gone by then.”

It was only 330 so Ashley, needed to make it clear how bad she wanted him soon. “Mind if we sit next to each other, turning my head like this is hurting my neck.”

After I’m through with you that’s not all that’ll be hurting. “Sure I’ll come over there.”

He slid into the sit next to her and watched as she secretly tried to scoot closer to him. He watched her chest as she did so, her nice tits bouncing in perfect unison. This slot oyna time they both leaned forward on the desk and went to work again, only now the closeness of each other, was making it very difficult for the two of them to concentrate. Ashley kept moving in her seat and Professor Williams kept crossing his legs, trying to hide his massive boner. Their arms kept brushing against each other, and her foot kept touching his leg, and every time she moved her boobs would bounce and all he wanted was to rip her clothes off and tie her to his desk.

“I’ll be right back.” He quickly sat up and rushed out of the room.

He walked as quickly as he could to the men’s room and tried to control himself. He couldn’t he couldn’t get her out of his head. He had to fuck her, and fuck her soon.

He walked back in the room and caught Ashley rubbing her pussy. Her clothes were on and it was clear she was trying to hide it, in case he came back, but nevertheless he knew what she was doing. Her eyes were closed and she kept rubbing, so he knew she didn’t know he was back. He quietly walked up behind her and watched just for a second, till she mumbled his name and opened her eyes.

You would of thought she would be embarrassed or try to justify what she was doing, but she didn’t. Ashley sat up bent forward, “I know you want me, so take me.”

Professor Williams, walked forward placed his dick right between her legs and he could feel how wet she was through her clothes. He leaned forward and whispered “You’re my student.”

“I don’t care and I won’t tell, please I need you.”

“Are you begging me Ashley?”

“Yes, do I need to get on my hands and knees? I’ll do anything if I can just feel you inside me.”

“You’re going to do everything I tell you, and you’re going to like it.”

His authority sent more juices into her already soaked panties, and she rubbed her ass on his hard dick.

“If you want this, you will do everything I tell you.”

“Yes, Professor Williams”

“MMM god how I love it when you call me that. Take your pants off.”

Ashley did as she was told and removed her pants. She started to take her panties off he stopped her.

“I didn’t say to take those off. Bend over and spread your legs, put your hands on the desk and don’t move.”

He sat down as he watched her follow his directions. Nothing turned him on more than a girl obeying him. His dick grew harder, but that would have to wait.

“Is that wet spot from me?”

“Yes, Professor Williams”

“And before when you went to get water, did you fuck yourself?”

“Yes, Professor Williams”

“How long have you wanted to fuck me?”

“Since the first day of class in 101.”

“That’s a very long time to control your urges, have you touched yourself to thought of me before?”

“Almost every night”

“Are you seeing anyone?”

“No Professor Williams”

“What about your date?”

“I lied, I just wanted to see what your reaction would be.”

“Naughty little girl. I’m going to spank you now. One for lying to me and three for the three times your answered me without saying my name.”

He walked up to her and rubbed her ass. Oh how nice it was to finally touch. He gave it a little squeeze and smacked it. Not at all hard like he normally does to his submissives, but hard enough for her to feel what he liked. She didn’t moan, scream or even move. So he smacked harder, and nothing. The third smack came harder and he finally got a loud moan out of her.

“Do you know what kind of man I am Ashley?”

“What do you mean Professor Williams?”

“I mean, do you know what I want out of you.”

“I think so. It seems you want a submissive Professor Williams.”

“Have you done this before?”

“No, but I can learn.”

He smacked her ass just as hard as before. “You didn’t say my name, and that’s rule number one.”

“Sorry Professor Williams.”

He rubbed the bright red spot on her ass from his hand and took off her black thong.

“Turn around and put your hands behind your back”

Ashley did just as she was told, still wearing her top and shoes. Professor Williams sat down and stared at her. “Oh the things I want to do to you,” he said.

“You can do anything you’d like, Professor Williams,” she smiled at him.

“Take off the rest of your clothes.”

Ashley started with her top, slowly rising it up to reveal her flat stomach and black bra. Instead of removing her bra, she turned around and bent forward to remove her shoes and socks. Before leaning all the way back up, Ashley stopped midway and peeked over her shoulder to see if he was staring at her ass. “Go on and smack it, if you want to. Professor Williams,” she teased.

“That is not how this works, spanking isn’t for your enjoyment, it’s a punishment. You will learn. But as you just told me what to do, when you are not allowed to, I will spank you.” And so he did, harder than all the others, and Ashley gave out a loud moan.

“It’s a good canlı casino siteleri thing no one else is here, or you would get another spanking for being so loud.”

Ashley finally stood up and removed her bra. He stared at her and rubbed his dick, admiring her body. You’d never tell what a nice pair of tits she had through those big shirts. “Lay down on the desk”

Ashley laid back down where she was but this time on her back. Professor Williams pushed two chairs up, one for each of her feet. “Place each foot on the back of the chair and give me your hands.” Ashley put her hands up towards him without getting up, she didn’t think he would want her to. She watched as he took his tie off and tied her wrists together. “Raise your arms above your head and relax.”

Finally! She was going to get what she came for. He stood over her and watched for a minute, then he started tracing her body with one finger. First her jaw line, down to her neck, then down her chest to her naval. Ashley writhed in anticipation, if only he would fuck her. “You will cum Ashley, trust me, but first you must wait.”

He stood and admired her beautiful body, and how she looked tied together on his desk. He bent down and kissed her left nipple, then licked it furiously while his hand played with her right nipple. Her small pink nipples were as hard as his dick and he stood up and rubbed his dick one her soaking wet pussy. Ashley moaned and begged him to fuck her. “Are you going to cum?”

“Yes Professor Williams, I’m going to cum all over your dick.”

He stopped and let go of her tits. “No, you’re going to wait.” Ashley moaned, she had never been so sexually frustrated.

“You need to control yourself, if you want to continue this. You must have stamina.”

“Yes, Professor Williams.”

While she calmed down, he took of her shirt and undershirt. Then knelt own between her legs. He slowly licked all her juices off and kissed her inner thighs. He took his hands and rubbed them up and down her legs. Every time he got close to her pussy Ashley cried out in anticipation, but he never gave in. Instead he skipped it and went to her stomach. Rising up he licked her belly button to her left nipple over to her right nipple. He reached up and grabbed her hair with both hands, still going in between booth nipples till they were both as hard as him again. She tried to lean up and kiss him and he quickly backed away. “This is not love making, we are fucking, if you are to be my submissive, you will not touch me in any way, unless you’re sucking my dick.”

“Yes Professor Williams. Will you fuck me now?”

“Turn around. I’ve told you not to tell me what to do.”

Ashley did as he said and revealed her perky as to him once more.

He smacked it has hard as he could, and enjoyed the scream that followed.

“Crawl to me and sit up on your knees.” He sat down in a chair and watched as tried her best to crawl while her hands were still tied together. She eventually made it and he reached down and untied the restraints. “You’re going to suck my dick Ashley, and if you’re not good at it, the longer you will suck it.”

“That’s okay Professor Williams, I like sucking dick.”

“Oh do you? As much as I enjoy a dirty mouth, please refrain from speaking about previous sexual encounters. It makes you sound like a whore.”

“Yes Professor Williams.”

He stood up and removed his pants boxers and shoes, and sat back down.

Ashley licked her lips as she quietly approved of his 8 inch fat cock. One hand started to move up and down his shaft the other hand rubbed his leg. She leaned forward and spit on the head of his dick, and went to town. It was true what she said, Ashley did enjoy a nice dick in her mouth every once in a while. Her hand and mouth moved rhythmically up and down his hard dick, slow at first then a bit faster. She enjoyed listening to him moan and loved the way it felt when he grabbed her hair. She let his dick fall out of her mouth and stroked with her hand instead, while her mouth moved down to his balls. She was glad he was shaven, she wouldn’t dare put a pair of balls in her mouth, if they hadn’t been. At first she licked them, slowly teasing each one, then she took a turn sucking each one. Her hand continued to jack him off, when she was done sucking his balls she took the tip of her tongue and slid it up his dick to the tip, where she licked it slow then fast. She tasted the salty pre-cum in her mouth and swallowed. The hand on his dick moved down to massage his balls, as Ashley put his whole 8 incher in her mouth. He grabbed her hair harder and moaned even louder, as Ashley sucked and felt the head in her throat. Slowly she came back up using her tongue to massage his shaft all the way up and back down again. She continued to do this and rub his balls till he came in her mouth. She didn’t let a drop spill out and swallowed every ounce. Ashley sat back up on her knees as she waited for her next instructions.

“Very nice Ashley, that definitely deserves one orgasm for you.”

Ashley started to get wet just thinking about it. “Finally,” she thought to herself.

“And because your skills were so good, I’ll let you pick how you want to come. With my dick or with my tongue Ashley?”

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Nadia Fakri of Morocco

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As Salaam Alaikum, dear traveler. I am Nadia Fakri, proud Muslim sister originally from the City of Marrakesh, Morocco. When most people first meet me, they often say that I’m not what they expect. I stand five foot nine inches tall, a bit curvy but fit, with golden brown skin, long black hair and light brown eyes. A perfect example of Berber womanhood.

You might see me walking about in the Back Bay area of Boston, or Copley Mall, or Boston’s Theater District, my old stomping grounds, and make certain assumptions about me. I wear the Hijab, and have a fondness for traditional Islamic dress. I am proud of the culture in which I was born. I do my own thing, though. Make no assumptions, please. If you do, you will end up looking like a fool.

A lot of people think that one cannot be a Muslim and a woman who loves women. I don’t like the term lesbian. It’s too politically charged for my liking. Tell people that you’re a lesbian and it conjures up within their minds the image of a short-haired, masculine female who despises males and yet copies all of their stereotypical behaviors while pursuing typically traditionally feminine ladies. Um, that’s totally not me.

I, Nadia Fakri, love women, but I have no hatred in my heart for the male of the human species. I love men. I simply don’t have sex with them. I am quite close to my father Ismail Fakri and my younger brother Ali Fakri. My family is wholly supportive and accepting of my way of life. Does that surprise you? Again, it shouldn’t. Remember, I warned you against making assumptions…

I don’t attend LGBT events anymore, though I used to visit them. I discovered, much to my horror, that a lot of Gay White males and White Lesbians are just as bigoted as their Heterosexual counterparts. Conventional wisdom would have us believe that such people are progressive and tolerant across the board. Nothing could be further from the truth…

Imagine my shock when I see a flamboyant, effeminate Queer Caucasian male shout his hatred for racial minorities to the frigging mountaintops. The dude is spewing racial hatred while holding the Rainbow flag, casino oyna supposedly the flag of tolerance. I don’t want to be part of any group that tolerates such a person. The LGBT community can miss me with that shit.

To most of my fellow Muslims, I am doing something Haram by being who and what I am, a woman who loves women. To the LGBT community, I will forever be the other because my skin is brown, my hair is dark, my eyes are dark, and I wear the Hijab and speak Arabic. What’s a gal to do? I simply choose to go my own way.

I was born of the Desert, and one day, when the time comes, I will be buried beneath its sands, like my ancestors before me. I lived in my native Marrakesh until the nineteenth summer of my life. That’s when my parents, Ismail Fakri and Noor Fakri decided to send me to study at a certain college in the United States. They wanted me to have a bright future. The idea of studying in the United States of America appealed to me.

Before we go any further, I want to inform you that I’m a naughty gal by nature. America didn’t change me, it merely brought out what had always been inside of me. Being raised in a strict Muslim household did nothing to curb my rebellious nature. I’ve always been a sensualist, and I find beauty in the female form. I have a life to live, and I firmly believe in having new experiences. I was ripe for a life of wildness and adventure long before I left Marrakesh.

I discovered the world of BDSM while attending Bay State College, a quaint private school located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. There was a munch for BDSM afficionados taking place at this restaurant called the Club Cafe in the Back Bay area, and I went there out of curiosity. From that day forward, life would never be the same…

Is there a rule which states that a Hijab-wearing Muslim woman can’t be interested in the world of BDSM? I think not. During that munch at the Club Cafe, I met my future mentor, a six-foot-tall, alluring Arab-American woman named Mariam Aoun. This raven-haired, bronze-skinned beauty is originally from Lebanon, and has been dabbling into BDSM slot oyna for over a decade.

“Nadia, my sister, welcome to a brand new world,” Mariam said to me, as she satisified my curiosity by telling me all the things I wanted to know about BDSM. I think it’s a stroke of luck that I met Mariam Aoun there, since there are so few of us Middle-Easterners in the BDSM lifestyle. I felt shy at that munch, with twelve men and nine women, all of whom were white. I was the only newbie at the table, and would have left out of nervousness if it hadn’t been for Mariam…

“I’ve been curious about BDSM for a long time,” I admitted, and Mariam smiled reassuringly at me. I was mesmerized by Mariam, this Lebanese Muslim woman who was so comfortable with her sexuality and oozed a kind of power that I never thought I would possess. Mariam was very much her own woman, while I was still bound by the traditions and ways of my Moroccan heritage.

“No worries, my sister, I’ll show you,” Mariam said, smiling at me. I returned Mariam’s smile, and saw something in her eyes which gave me pause. In my hometown of Marrakesh, I would look at the beautiful young women I saw at school, at the marketplace and at the mosque. Brown women, Black women, and every shade in between. I would admire their lovely bodies and look into their eyes, always looking for something…

“Show me,” I replied softly, and Mariam grinned, her eyes sparkling. We go for a walk together, around the City of Boston, surely one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Mariam Aoun moved to Boston from her hometown of Nabatieh, Lebanon, a long time ago. I learned that she studied civil engineering at Northeastern University. Brains and beauty, eh? Nice. Real nice.

“I’m glad I met you, Nadia,” Mariam says to me as we part ways, three hours later. I’m standing in front of South Station and Mariam is about to leave. She’s taking the train back to Randolph, Massachusetts, where she lives. We hug, and I feel her lips against my cheek. I smile and hug her fiercely. We part ways, and I watch her walk away. Nice butt, I think to myself, admiring Mariam’s canlı casino siteleri firm backside.

The next time we meet, Mariam Aoun and I grab lunch at a nearby restaurant, Au Bon Pain, and then go catch a movie. Afterwards, we walk around the City of Boston, and I impulsively grab her hand. Mariam smiles and brings my hand to her lips. I gush, and she winks at me. It’s my first date. Ever. Of course, I don’t tell Mariam that. People stare at us as we walk by. I don’t care. I feel like I can fly.

When Mariam finally brings me home, we don’t do a lot of talking. That will come after. We kiss, and tumble into bed together. She rolls on top of me, and takes my face into her hands. I caress her curvy yet strong body, my hands firmly grasping her fine ass. Mariam smiles, and then kisses me once more.

“Make love to me,” I say in Arabic, and Mariam smiles and we undress one another. Off comes my Hijab, and my lover caresses my curly dark hair even as she slides her tongue down my throat. My hands reach for Mariam’s breasts, they’re small and feel wonderful in my hands. I feel her hand slide between my legs, and gasp as her fingers enter my already wet womanhood.

“Open up for me, Habibiti ( beloved ),” Mariam whispers in my ear, and I smile and do just that. Mariam kisses my lips, my throat and my breasts. I feel her warm mouth on my nipples, even as she works two digits into my vagina, rubbing my clitoris between her thumb and index fingers. I cry out in sheer pleasure as Mariam works me over. She’s got magic hands, this woman…

“Oh fuck,” I shriek as Mariam brings her lovely face between my legs. I feel her tongue on my clit, even as her fingers slide in and out of my pussy. I shudder violently as Mariam works her magic on me. Orgasmic, I moan and writhe on the bed, and Mariam tastes me as I ooze with hot girly cum. My first time with another woman, and it’s absolutely amazing.

“Welcome to a brand new world,” Mariam says softly, gathering me in her arms. Later, Mariam will show me new things, like how delightful it feels to let her tie me up and fuck me. For now, though, she’s all tenderness and affection and I hug her and kiss her. I can’t get enough of her. Whatever happens between us, Mariam is my first lover, the one I will never forget. With a smile on my face, I fall asleep in her arms.

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Mysterious Neighbor Ch. 01

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After an argument with her mother, Sherri Darnell accepts an offer from her Aunt Lilly of a place to stay where she can complete her art projects. It seemed to be the perfect solution, but a new neighbor presents a whole new challenge.

Prelude: For those readers that are familiar with my work, it will come as no surprise that chapter one contains a limited amount of sexual activity, but is essential in setting up my characters and my story. Without it, the story would not make a lot of sense.

It’s been a long time coming and I hope you enjoy it and can’t wait for the next chapter. You won’t be sorry.


Part 1

Mom and I had been at odds with each other before, but nothing like this. I wanted more control over my life, but to her way of thinking, since I lived at home, I was still seventeen.

This last one was a beaut. I walked out in disgust and anger and did it so well I wasn’t sure if she’d let me back in.

I’m no teenager. I’m a third year art major with a minor in elementary education. I’d been getting enough commercial work to pay the bills, but lately, the jobs weren’t large enough to pay all that well Mom was pushing hard for me to spend the summer working for Elliot Tarkington, otherwise known to every woman in Pine Springs as the letch. He has a large gallery and he hires young artists during the summer months but his gig is that he tells them how good they are and how he would be willing to hang some of their art, and if they run a little short on money, he is willing to help in exchange for…yeah, you’ve got it. Mom says that I am strong enough to resist his threats and I say I don’t want to give him the chance. I won’t make as much elsewhere, but I don’t have to worry about my reputation.

I was sitting in the coffee shop, trying to decide what to do, when in walked my cousin, Jillian. She’s older than I by a little over a year, and usually travels for a major information technology company, so. I was shocked to see her in this little coffee shop.

I asked her why she was in town and how she knew where I’d be. She told me she came in to see her mother, my Aunt Lilly, and attend a conference that started on Monday. Evidently Mom had called Lily and dumped on her and of course, she would know where I’d be. It had been our favorite place for a long time. .

So, I poured my guts out to her and she totally agreed with me. “You need to talk to Mom,” she said. “She’s not afraid of her sister and she will most definitely agree with you.”

Well, to make a long story shorter, I did talk to Aunt Lilly. Then she and Mom got into a long drawn out bitch fight and mom declared that I’m not welcome there unless I come on hands and knees and beg, and THEN go to work for Elliot. It ain’t gonna happen.

We left the coffee shop to go to O’doule’s Irish pub where we met Lily. Jillian had a pint and Lily and I had some white wine. Once we’re settled down, Lily started asking me questions about my plans.

“I have my heart set on teaching at a particular art school but in order to do that, I’m going to have to be able to demonstrate that I’m comfortable with all media. How can you teach what you can’t do? So, I’ve been working on a portfolio that will do that, but I’ve got a lot to do on it and in the meantime, I’ve got a shot at the new Magnunson Corporate logo thanks to Professor Whitlow. It would pay enough to carry me for while even without any other work. Almost anything would be better than working for Elliot and spending half my time naked and on my back.”

“So basically, you need a place to live and work until you get your portfolio and this commercial stuff done?”

“Yeah, but when I was home, I had the whole attic as my studio and since nobody goes up there, I could focus completely.”

“I see, and what more do you have to do on the portfolio?”

“I’ve got pieces ready in most of the genre, but I need to do a sculpture of some kind. I’ve done some work with clay so that’s what I’ll use for that. For the painting part, I have three pieces that have to be completed. I have to do two figure studies in my choice of two media, and one of what Professor Whitlow calls his version of Interpretive studies, which are basically swirls of color that can be about anything, although I’m doing mine based on one of the figure studies. They don’t have to look like anything exactly, but through the use of flowing color patterns, I have to reveal enough of the figure to suggest what it is without it being obvious. I pretty well know what I’m going to do, I just have to do it.”

“Then you don’t have a problem,” Lilly said.

“How do you figure that?” I asked.

“Lake Wanderlee,” she said.

“I don’t follow you.”

‘You can have the cottage at Lake Wanderlee to work in. There is no one even close to you and the place is perfect for a studio. Great Lighting, and lots of space. Jillian and I are going on a one month cruise and no one else in the family is going to use it this year. Everyone’s going to Jason’s new place up on Lake Michigan.”

“Are poker oyna you sure?” I asked.

“Absolutely. It’s yours.”

“That would be so great,” I said. “I remember going up there. It sure is isolated if you want it to be, and It’s really quiet, especially now, because the tourists won’t be there for another two weeks or so.”

They went with me to get my clothes and art supplies. Jillian about had a cow when she grabbed the box of clay for my sculpture. I tried to tell her it was heavy but she insisted so what the hell. Lily and Mom fought like cats and dogs, but that kept Mom too busy to mess with my head. With Jillian helping me, we had the car loaded in short order, signaled Lilly and we got out of there. The car was literally jammed and poor Jillian got stuffed into the back seat.

“There’s one important thing you need to know,” Lilly said. “We have a neighbor now, but she doesn’t bother anyone and she does not want or appreciate visitors. I can’t tell you who she is, but she’s quite famous in her own right, but very, very private when she’s at the cottage, and she doesn’t use her real name up. When she goes out, she wears colored contacts and a wig. Don’t bother her, and she won’t bother you, “

I almost wished she hadn’t told me because now I knew I’d do whatever I could to see who she was without getting caught. It’s just the curious nature in me.

In no time at all, I was on my way north. It was a long drive to Lake Wanderlee so I stopped at a small motel right along the highway and had no trouble falling into a deep sleep. I grabbed some breakfast before I left and when I got to Pendleton, I stopped for groceries and supplies. I had my digital camera with me and at the last minute, I’d grabbed the digital video recorder. It was half mine, and she had no idea how to use it anyway.

I didn’t get to the lake until after sunset so I only unloaded what I needed and the things that had to be frozen or refrigerated. By the time I had everything put away, I was ready to call it a day.

The couch was long and wide, so I threw a blanket over me, dropped a pillow on the couch and fell asleep almost as soon as I lay down. I woke to the sound of a million birds singing in the trees around the cottage. It was so calming that I forgot all about my problems with Mom.

By noon, the car was unloaded, the kitchen was stocked, my bed was made, and I was ready for some sun. I put on my yellow bikini and headed for the pier for some serious tan time. It was so quiet around the lake that for a while, I thought I might be the only one there, so I slipped out of my bikini to get an all over tan. I hadn’t seen her coming, but I suddenly noticed that the secretive neighbor had appeared on her pier. I was reminded that I was naked when she dropped her robe to tan nude. I couldn’t see her very well, but well enough to know she had a seriously fantastic body. She stretched a few times and lay down to tan. It was enough to make me determined to see more.

In the afternoon, I pulled out my supplies and set up a makeshift studio. Lilly was right It was absolutely perfect with a lot of natural light and when I opened some of the windows, I got a nice, cool breeze blowing through the room.

I studied my required projects and then I made a discovery I should have made before I even left. I had to do at least two figure studies and I had no model. A thought flashed through my mind about my neighbor, but I remembered what Lilly had said and tried to think of something else. I had some figures study books, but that doesn’t give you dimension. For a good figure study, you need a live model who can adjust a pose to suit your style.

When I heard a splash, I knew that my neighbor was taking a swim, and a thought came over me. I ran up to my room and grabbed the binoculars I’d found in one of the closets. It took me a few minutes of running from window to window, before I found a point where I could get a good look at her. She was even more amazing than I’d first thought. She stood on the dock, water dripping from her nipples and ass. Putting her hands behind her head, she did a few twists and bent down almost to the dock. Her movements were so smooth and fluid, I wondered if she were a dancer or a gymnast. Her breasts stood firm and proud with blackberry shaped nipples and her ass was absolutely stunning. When she walked toward the cottage, I noticed that her breasts didn’t show a lot of movement. Talk about firm. When she was gone, I stood there, my body quite shaky and I couldn’t understand it at all. True, she was beautiful, but she was a she, for god’s sake.

I’m no prude, and I’ve been tempted by women in the past, but I always chickened out. Now, it was all I could do to get control of my emotions. With the memory of her body still fresh in my mind, I quickly sketched her. The depth of detail in my memory was quite amazing and when I was done, I had eleven sketches that were just great. Taking the two best ones to my studio, I set up my easel and did charcoal drawings, using the sketches canlı poker oyna as a basis. It was by no means the same as a live model, but I’d seen the live model and the memories were clear enough to let me give the piece some depth. When I was done, I stepped back and critiqued the work. It wasn’t bad, but it’s hard to get what I was looking for in charcoal. I had to turn that piece into a watercolor, but I needed to study her some more.

Then I remembered the cameras that I’d brought with me. They were both digital and very high resolution, and it the still camera came with three lenses. I put a memory stick in the camera and spent the afternoon taking shots to get familiar with the camera again. It was an easy camera to use and I played with the various lenses to get a feel of what they were capable of. While I was walking around, I checked out some places where I might take some photos without her seeing me. When I went back into the cottage, I had three places where I was sure I could conceal myself while I took photos of her. I next went to the window I now knew of as my observation deck. I fired off several shots of the pier, a boat on the lake, and the path back to her cottage. I wanted a picture of her walking back to the cottage and I really, really wanted a picture of her walking toward the dock. The memory of her activities made me almost quiver with excitement. Thinking ahead, I made sure the flash was turned off so she wouldn’t be alerted to what I was doing.

I set up my laptop and transferred the pictures I’d just taken to the screen so I could get a good look at them. I now appreciated the photo program I’d paid through the nose for. It was amazing and I knew that I would never learn to use off of the features it included. Amazingly, I accidentally discovered that when I was viewing a shot, I could use my wheeled mouse to zoom in on the subject. Unfortunately, when you do that, you lose a great deal of the resolution so her face wasn’t clear enough to help me figure out who she was.

I slept fitfully that night, eager to try out my little scheme. As long as I didn’t show her face in detail, I didn’t need to get her permission to use the pieces in my presentation. Oh my god, I couldn’t wait to see the expression on professor Whitlow’s face when he saw her body.

I took a quick shower in the morning and carried my breakfast up to the observation deck to watch for her. A flash of white alerted me when she started down the walk. DAMN! She was wearing a white robe. Still, I studied her walk in the led display, with my finger on the remote lens release. Today was just a learning experience, so I fired off several shots as I followed her to the pier. She stood quietly, looking out at the lake for a while, then she turned and looked directly at me. I jumped back, even though I was sure she couldn’t have known I was there. When I regained my self control, I fired off several fast shots as she dropped the robe. I heard a soft moan and realized it came from me. I shook it off and kept shooting. I zoomed in, zoomed out, took a few shots with the narrowest field of view I could find, and then I spent several minutes trying to get her to look toward me. I wanted to figure out who she was and she seemed to know that as she turned her face several times to maximize her sun tan.

God, she was so beautiful. I put on the telephoto with the highest magnification and zoomed in on her. She turned and looked toward the house, and the lens did its job. I got ready to shoot and she looked toward my window. The lens seemed to exaggerate her eyes and I melted. Deep, deep blue-green eyes that seemed to glow with an aura of sensuality. When she pulled off the sun hat she’d been wearing, long, auburn locks tumbled down around her shoulders. She pulled them into a pony tail and looked right at me. What an amazing shot that was.

After a quick sandwich, I got my bikini out, intending to enjoy the cool waters and a quick tanning session. At the last minute, I threw the bikini on the bed, determined to tan in the nude. If she could do it, why couldn’t I? I wasn’t quite ready for the walk to the pier in the nude, so I grabbed a robe out of my closet and slipped it on. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I believe that I wanted her to see me naked. For safety sake, I put my bikini in my beach bag, right on top of my cameras.

Once I was on the pier, I made no attempt to conceal my nudity. In fact, I took measures to make sure that if she was looking, she would get her eyes full. I was no match for her beauty, but hey, I’m no dog. I’m 5’6″, reddish blonde hair, brown eyes that change color during passion or under stress. Just before I come, I get yellow cat eyes that get real big. I look like a cat about to pounce on a mouse. My body is nothing to laugh at. 36B, almost a C, tight abs, but no six pack, and what I’ve been told is a lover’s ass, whatever that means.

That night, I studied her face in every shot, trying to remember where I’d seen her Damn it, why couldn’t I remember who she was? It was going to drive internet casino me insane.

The next day, she didn’t wear a robe so I got some wonderful shots of that hot ass as she walked down the pier. Oh, what a beautiful sway. Her ass was so smooth and so tight that her crack didn’t close in like mine did. If she’d walked just right, I swear I could have seen her pussy. As quickly as I could, I grabbed the cameras and the beach bag and headed for the pier. It was time to check out my new observation areas. For a time, the view was so much better that I thought I’d just stay right there, but then I learned something. When she lay down, I couldn’t see a thing, because the pier was higher than my viewpoint. Disappointed, I moved back inside and returned to my window.

She was lying at a different angle, so I fired off several shots. I was so into what I was doing, that I almost missed the fact that her nipples were being fondled and twisted. As I watched, her body began to move in a very sensual dance that verified her state of arousal. I could feel my body begin to respond and without a thought, my top fell to the floor so I could mimic her actions. In my current state of mind, it took no time at all for my fingers to find my nipples. They took an awful beating, I fear and I was sure she heard me when I shot over the top.

I almost forgot my reason for being there, but I regained my focus somewhat, and fired off several more shots.

I heard someone say, “Oh fuck,” when she began to stroke over her pussy and realized that it was coming from me. I have no idea when my shorts and panties fell off, but they did, and I continued to join her, at least in spirit, in a session of passionate masturbation. When she cried out, I was close enough to hear it quite clearly. The effect was instantaneous. I fell apart. I battered my pussy with two fingers ramming myself into a hard orgasm that almost knocked me down, I set the camera on rapid timed sequence and dropped to the ground to finish the job with two more hard orgasms that left my body quivering for what seemed to be forever. My clit was so sensitive that a simple touch of her tongue would have sent me flying.

I slumped back into the chair in surprise at what I’d done. Oh my god, I was masturbating to the sight of another woman doing it and those orgasms were some of the best ever. What the hell was happening to me? Still, the vision of her tongue against my clit was so vivid that it made me shake inside, and I didn’t want it to go away.”

. As I watched, she started to get up. She stretched her arms to the sky and I quickly fired off several shots. That was going to be one of my figure studies. Of that, I had no doubt. It was absolutely perfect. Her breasts were drawn upward and her ass was pulled in tight. On her tiptoes, she held that position for at least fifteen seconds, giving me ample time to get the shots I wanted.

When she turned to walk to the cottage, I took a deep breath and dropped onto the chair again. I was incredibly weak and tired. For the longest time, I sat there, with eyes closed, while I literally soaked the chair seat with an incredible amount of cum,

I was somewhat surprised at the intensity of the scent of my orgasms, highly sensual, to be sure, but almost overpowering. I’d never had enough cum to cause such a mess. I finally struggled to my feet and headed for the cottage. If she was going to do this to me, I had to make some adjustments. When I got to the cottage, I went to my studio for a few minutes but couldn’t focus. I went to my observation window and stared at the portion of her sun deck that I could see. All I could see were her legs stretched out on a chaise. I finally gave up, but before I went into the living room, I draped two towels over the back of the chair in preparation for further activities…just in case.

I couldn’t get her body out of my mind and I knew that this was just the beginning. After dinner that evening, I sat across from the laptop to watch a slide show of that day’s photos. It was more than I could take. I turned off the lights and sat with my legs spread wide as image after image displayed her charms. Fortunately, I was ready with towels, wet cloths, room deodorizer, and I needed them all. When I finally regained my senses, I came to the realization that while I didn’t believe I was turning gay, I couldn’t deny what she was doing to me and we hadn’t even met. It would be hard to deny it anyway, because my pussy refused to stop throbbing.

The next day was cloudy, with frequent thunder showers so I decided to take a trip into Crawford, a larger town, several hours away. I was going to try to find some toys, since I’d left mine at home. I smiled when I thought of the shock Mom would get when she found them. They would be destroyed or at the very least, thrown into the trash, for sure.

I found the toy store right near the highway. In short order, I had a selection of toys in the car. I saw a camera store as I was leaving town, so I turned around and went back to purchase high powered telephoto lenses for both cameras. I was coming dangerously close to wiping out my bank account so my next stop was at a bank, where I transferred some money from my savings account and withdrew some cash.

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How I Became a Slut-Girlfriend Ch. 01

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College Uniform

When I got divorced from my husband of ten years, I was pretty naive and inexperienced when it came to sex. Well, I had had a lot of sex, but I had no idea what sex could truly be like. Over the next ten years or so, I experienced some crazy, awesome sex and some crazy, boring sex. I had men with large cocks but barely knew how to use it, and I had men who weren’t all that big but knew how to use it. I’ve had men who could do things with their tongues and their fingers and various toys and props, and it was clear their priority was to get me off…a lot!

Often, I’d start out feeling a little nervous, slightly restrictive even, but it wouldn’t take long for me to lose all inhibitions and completely let go and give in. About five years ago I started living with a man, I’ll call him Joe. We always had great sex (or so I thought). It was sometimes passionate, sometimes hot and heavy, sometimes we’d make love and for the first time in my life, I would have major orgasms by simply sucking his cock.

At first he’d talk a little dirty, telling me how hot I looked with my lips wrapped around him, and then his dirty talk and single proclamations turned into him describing his fantasies. The fantasy (or what I thought was just a fantasy, but I would soon learn it was more), that really got me off was him telling me how hot he thought it would be to watch me suck another guy. He’d tell me how he’d love to sit behind me and watch my pussy drip as the other guy fed his cock into my throat. Each time we had sex his stories got a little longer, filled with a few more details.

He soon moved onto how he’d like to feel my mouth on his cock as another guy fucked me, he said it would be hot to hear my moans from another’s large cock fucking me hard and shoving my mouth further onto his cock. He began to ask me if I was turned on by the idea of a threesome, and before I knew it, he had me talking dirty poker oyna and telling mine own stories of him being cuckold and/or me getting gang-banged by two or three guys.

He eventually introduced porn into our sex activities, and often times he chose MFM or MMFM, sometimes cuckold, sometimes the husband was sharing with another guy or two. I don’t know why, probably because I had become so into Joe’s stories, I now need a story or a plot that tells me why the people in the video are fucking…I can’t just have three people start fucking and enjoy it. Well, Joe knew this and he would always pick just the right movies. And if the video didn’t come with its own plot, Joe would narrate. He would break out my toys and have me masturbate while watching porn and listening to his stories.

We really got into mutual masturbation, and depending on the night, we could do it for hours. We’d switch it up and he’d fuck me with a dildo or I’d suck his cock for a while and then one day he busted out a camera. He started filming me playing with myself using my various toys. He always picked out sexy lingerie and high heels for me to wear and he’d direct me on what to do for the camera.

Do you remember earlier in this story I said I thought these were just his fantasies? Well, I soon learned that he was well experienced in the lifestyle. Since he was a teenager Joe shared his girlfriends with other guys, and it was the details of these stories that really turned me on.

Oh, he had so many, you’d think it would turn me off to hear about his sex life before me, but it had the opposite effect. He told me how one friend, I’ll call him Brad (he’s in a lot of Joe’s stories) would come over and instantly Joe’s gf would drop to her knees and suck Brad off while Joe watched. Sometimes the GF would do things she wouldn’t normally do or allow but because Joe would be so turned on watching certain things happen canlı poker oyna to her, she gave in. Joe told me stories of how this same friend, Brad would go out with Joe and his gf to a bar or club, and Joe would tell me how Brad would “handle” Joe’s gf. He would grab her ass, play with her tits, follow her to the bathroom or outside to smoke and bend her over and fuck her. It didn’t matter if other people saw him, in fact, Brad and Joe got off on making Joe’s GF a slut, they both loved knowing other guys wanted her and that she would do whatever and whomever they told her to.

Joe told me how he looked forward to Brad fucking her because Joe liked sloppy seconds, thirds, or fourths. He would interlace his stories of the past with his fantasies for me and how he really got into it when Brad took complete control. His favorite stories were of Brad and another guy sharing Joe’s GF, he said it was like porn and live porn is awesome. He then began to tell me how Brad and a friend or two would come over in the middle of the night while Joe was sleeping, and he’d wake up to find two or three guys fucking his GF. He said he’d try to stop them and every time he ended up being tied to a chair so he couldn’t stop them. They’d place the chair real close to where they were fucking her so he couldn’t help but watch as multiple men stuck their cocks in every hole she had. Here’s the part of the story that gets me wet every time I hear it, and I’ll tell you why in just a little bit…when Brad and his friends were done fucking Joe’s GF, they would just get dressed and leave.

Now, even though this a slut story, and Brad is in control when the three of them are together, there were rules that had to be followed. Brad wasn’t into pain, nor did he want to degrade or hurt anyone, all sexual interactions had to be safe, pain-free and hot; and although both Brad and Joe liked her sloppy, only Brad was allowed to internet casino come in her, everyone else had to come on her. I’m not big on most bodily fluids, and I don’t like to swallow, but the idea of my man watching me get fucked hard by a couple of strangers is beyond orgasm. But that’s not the end of that scenario, and I’ll tell you later how my boyfriend and I really got into it, but for now Joe would tell me how he fantasizes that the guys finish by tying me up so I can’t move, or shower or get dressed. They leave me with my legs spread open, my pussy right in front of Joe, so he could see Brads come dripping out of my used pussy…did I mention they would not untie Joe before they left? They just leave him there, me just out of reach, forcing him to look at my face and tits covered in jizz from guys we don’t know. They would leave him his cell which allowed him to call for help.

Joe would go on to tell me how he would call one other guy for help and how once the guy arrives he sees me too, not just Joe. He’d go onto tell me how he’d tell the other guy to fuck me as payment for coming to help, he’d say things like “do you like my girlfriends pussy? And, “she’s a slut, she just fucked five guys in front of me, do you like sluts?” He’d continue talking smut and telling the guy how to fuck me until I was wiggling all over the bed, begging for the new stranger to stick his cock in me. The guys cock would get so hard, and I’d beg for him to first put it in my mouth. I love sucking off another guy while Joe watches because it makes Joe so hot, he always tells me how pretty my mouth looks wrapped around a hard cock, and even though I was fantasizing about the story as If it was me, and my pussy was throbbing from the intense story, I became incredibly wet again, and I told Joe that I would totally be begging the guy to fuck me, and before I knew it, I was telling the story. I’d tell Joe how hot it would be if we had a friend like Brad to fuck me or who would make me fuck strangers while Joe watched. I really started getting into these fantasies and Joe knew it, so we began to look for a regular fuck buddy.

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My Second Penis

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I actually held onto my virginity past Christmas my freshman year in college, which is more than I can say about most of my roommates. That thing with Robby I spoke about in my last story was fun, but he was a friend, nothing more, and he remains a friend to this day. He is married, like me, and has two children, like me, and never told his spouse I was the first to give him a hand job, like me.

We still see each other, but again, platonically.

My first real sexual relationship—let me be frank, blow job—came under an entirely different set of circumstances. Penis

, if you’re looking for a succession of events, belonged neither to Robby, a high school football star, or even a first love at college.

It belonged, rather, to my college roommate’s father, a man thirty years older than me. I was 19. He was—50?

My dear friend Kathy. We are still friends to this day, much like me and Robby. I love Kathy. I loved her then. She was the sister I never had, and I was the sister she never had. It’s just the way it was between us. We became close very quickly, and told each other secrets. We still do to this day. We were best friends almost immediately.

She has long chestnut hair and lives an hour from me with her husband Tom. She lost her mom many years ago, and when I was first invited to her house that cold wintry Christmas vacation, it was just me, Kathy and her dad. For purposes of this story, I’ll call him Stan. And when I met Stan, he was widowed, since the young age of 45. Kath and I were to spend the holidays between my house and hers, and we chose her house first. Her dad was lonely, after the loss of his wife. Never picked himself up again, and was having a rough time.

Stan, old enough to be my own father, was remarkably handsome. He was in shape with wisps of gray I found simply intoxicating. In one way, he was so much like dad. And in another, he was a very handsome and sexy man. Older, yes, but with that came many charms, like kindness, maturity, and self confidence—so many virtues I find missing in younger men. I admit, I was only 19, but casino siteleri was smitten almost immediately.

My chance encounter with him happened night two of my three day stay there. Now, I do admit, as a petite little blonde, it probably wasn’t the best thing that I find myself at two in the morning in a teddy in front of their living room, reading a magazine in front of the fire. Yes, that was a mistake. The teddy was pink, and my legs were curled up on the couch, with just my little painted toe nails sticking out. True: I really was having trouble sleeping.

So when I heard the “Oh, excuse me!” behind me, I wasn’t sure who startled who more. Kathy—well, she was sound asleep. And Stan mosied downstairs in his less than forgiving pajamas.

“I thought I left the light on,” he said.

I looked up and smiled. “I’m sorry. Just reading a bit. Had trouble sleeping.”

The fire crackled and sparks went up the chimney. It was so cozy warm, and it took the chill out of the room. Stan stood there in those stupid pj’s, not moving, frozen in time. I knew he wanted to talk, but was embarrassed.

“You can sit down and join me,” I said, tapping the couch next to me. I closed my magazine and put down my glasses, so he wouldn’t think he was being a bother.


“Absolutely,” I said.

And he stepped around the couch and sat next to me, and kicked his legs up.

We made small talk about college and Kathy and how we feel like we’ve known each other forever. I’m not that stupid. I now he was looking at my exposed leg tucked under me. And then his arm just slid around me, and he froze.

“I’m so sorry, Sierra” he said.

The light flickered. “It’s okay,” I said.

“It really was an accident—”

“It’s okay,” I repeated, and I did something I never thought I’d do—I leaned over and kissed him, right on the lips. He kissed me back! I picked his hand up, and placed in on my breast, and he turned to let his other hand rub my thigh. I was still a virgin, but somehow this all felt so natural.

Then, I saw it—by accident or not, a slot oyna large, brown-skinned erection poking through the hole in his pajamas. I leaned over and grabbed it. It felt so strong.

“Sierra-I never–.”

“Shhhh”, I said, looking at the stairs, to make sure Kathy wasn’t waltzing down.

And I went down on my knees and knew what I wanted to do. What I really, really wanted to do.

I peeled his pajama bottoms off, while he adjusted himself and leaned back. His cock was pointing in the air, straight up, like a tower in the night. His balls were beautiful. They were so perfectly shaped. His scrotum was a brown with wisps of light gray hair, such a contrast to my thin hand holding it.

I wanted this man more than anything. I wanted to feel him in my mouth, to make him come, to take a part of him in me. In a very odd way—maybe you understand this, maybe you don’t—I equated his penis with my best friend, the sister I never had. She came from this penis. It gave her life. And without these balls, she wouldn’t be. And it was with this in mind, I bent over and began to suckle the smooth tip into my mouth.

At first, I didn’t know what to do. His cock hardened in my mouth, and the large tube on the bottom flexed. My nose was almost planted in his stomach hair, my elbows propped on his muscular thighs. It was a little hard to breath and took awhile to get used to. Out of awkwardness, I began to use my hand, jerking him off in my mouth, until I remember that stupid Cosmo article—”Bob your head, you fool!”

I slid down father, suddenly aware of me and him and a lit fireplace, and I pulled my head up, then down again.

Stan moaned, so I figured I was doing something right. Keep those teeth hidden.

But Stan was a man of control, and most older men are. They know what they want and how to get it, and he took control. This was a welcome change for me. He gently stroked my hair and my cheeks, and I just held still. He would pump a few times, then back off. Then slide it in a little to the left and a little to the right, and then back off again. He cupped canlı casino siteleri my chin, and gave slow rotations in my mouth. In hindsight, I’m not sure if he was being slightly dominant or just enjoying himself. This, I suppose, was a nice, slow mouth fuck.

Stan was working up to his orgasm. And not just any orgasm. He wanted to give it to me good.

I grabbed his balls, and massaged them gently. They were tight and cool to the touch. Stan touched my temples and stroked my hair, and said, “I’m going to come soon. You can pull away.”

But that was not on my agenda. I wanted him bad. As he gently stroked my cheeks with the palm of his hand, I went down as far as I could, smelling his scent, when I felt the head of his penis swell—yes, it really swells! And this penis that was so pliable moments ago got stiff, his balls tightened, and he started to ejaculate in my mouth while stroking my cheeks. Now I know what he was working up to.

He was gently sobbing as he squirted. The roof of my mouth got plastered pretty good, and then it pooled on my tongue. I swallowed and my mouth filled up again. Then I swallowed a second time. Then a third. He continued romantically stroking my face as he fed me. I held his penis in my mouth and let it finish the job. I wanted him to relax, to remember me, to remember this orgasm of his. There was so much stress in his life, I wanted to drain him of it, to take his offering completely. For me, this was almost spiritual.

I suckled on his cock until he started to soften. And when I looked up, Stan was sobbing quietly. My mouth was sticky and dry from the semen. I figured he wouldn’t dare kiss me. But I also didn’t insult him by asking for a glass of water. Besides, it tasted pretty good.

But I had a belly of his sperm, and he was sobbing. A nice sob. A muffled sob.

I took his penis out of my mouth, and it lay soft in the light of the fire over his large brown scrotum. I gave the head one last kiss for the evening.

He sobbed because he had sadness in his life.

He sobbed because that was one of the biggest orgasms he’s had in years.

He sobbed because I swallowed him, his sperm, and wanted to.

He sobbed because I made him feel young again.

With one last kiss on his thigh, I snuck back upstairs.

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My Waiting Fantasies

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I walked up the steps, glad to be out of the train station. A hot, humid train mixed with a large crowd is not exactly “the perfect atmosphere”. I hate the subway. Men and even women took the opportunity to ogle you and even get a passing touch as they passed you to exit the train car. But back to my story, it was a hot day so I was glad to be in my blue jean skirt, grey t-shirt and silver sandals. I looked fairly cute that day.

See, I won’t say that I’m the prettiest girl in the world but I like to think that I’m sexy. My light skin is smooth and clear, covering my athletic 5’2 frame. I have brown eyes that change to light brown at times. My hair is brown with natural dark blonde highlights. It’s layered and stops beneath my chin. So all in all, I’m a fairly good-looking package. The people seemed to agree with me as men and even some women took a few lingering glances at me as I walked down the street but I paid it no mind because I was focusing on other things. Like trying to find out how to get to the movie theatre to meet a friend of mine. We’ve been planning to see each other for quite some time but never got the chance because of our busy schedules. Now that the day was here I didn’t want to be late.

I pulled out my cell phone and pulled up the email that my friend sent to me. In it were directions to the theatre. A long bus ride and a few cheesey pick up lines later, I was finally walking to the theatre. It was a big building with crowds of people stretching outside. I looked for my friend and when I didn’t find her I stepped inside to look.

Cool air and the smell of popcorn and candy greeted me at the door. I looked around and when my eyes landed on the concession stand, my mouth watered. Not because of the food but because of the girl standing at the counter. She was chatting with someone at the register and eating some popcorn that they were sharing. Though the food looked good, it was she who sparked my hunger. I stood back and watched her. I started at her dark cornrows that stopped at her shoulders in a zig zag design. Her black t-shirt hugged her chest tightly, showing off small, pert breasts. Her loose baggy jeans hung low on her hips and crumpled past her black sneakers. The diamond stud in her ear added an edge to her. She was light-skinned like me. My tongue shot out and I licked my lips as the image of me tasting every inch of her flew into my mind.

She was sexy as hell and a shot of pleasure flew throughout my body straight to my pussy. I felt myself getting wet and I had to bite back a moan when she turned and spotted me. Everything around me disappeared as her kissable lips turned up into a sexy lopsided smirk that I had to answer with a shy smile. I didn’t know what to do with myself so I stood still as she walked toward me, her brown eyes holding mine the whole time. When she got close enough, I smelled the cologne she wore and it was intoxicating. I instantly stepped closer and she did the same until she was so close that I could feel the heat from her body. She leaned in and kissed my cheek softly. Then she wrapped her arms around my waist, pulling me close and I gasped silently when our bodies touched. Breast to breast, thigh to thigh. I put my arms around her neck and pulled her closer still. Her nose was in the crook of my neck, right at a sensitive casino siteleri spot and I felt her inhale deeply. She spoke softly in my ear and my breath caught.

“Damn, you smell good.”

“Thanks.”, I answered breathily.

“What’s it called?”

I hesistated before answering. “Pleasure.”

She moaned softly in my ear, squeezed me tightly before letting me go. She looked me over slowly and bit her lip. I got wetter from the sight and I itched to clench my legs together just to apply some kind of pressure to my clit. But by doing that, I’d give away my arousal and I didn’t want that.

She grabbed my hand and started walking. I followed close behind like some kind of lackey until I finally came out of her spell. Everything going on around us rushed back into my head and I welcomed the distraction because this girl was going to be the death of me.

“Our movie isn’t scheduled to play until 2:30”, she said, her husky voice waking me out of my reverie.

I checked my watch and noticed that it was only 1:50pm so we had quite some time before the movie started. I suggested that we go play around in the arcade and she agreed. 30 minutes later we were still there, laughing just like all the other little kids around us. She cracked jokes with me and the atmosphere was care free. I mean hey, who says that 18 year olds couldn’t have fun in a kiddy arcade. Anyway, it was time to leave and we went back to the concession stand to buy popcorn and soda before proceeding to our proper theatre. We sat high up in the empty back rows (that’s where every teen sits) and the lights went dark. I instantly became aware of our closeness but I ignored it, reminding myself that we were in public and we were just friends.

Even knowing that fact, I still wanted her. I’ve wanted her for some time now, ever since we met online a few months ago. None of us know how she got my screen name but after she messaged me one day asking me who I was, we instantly hit it off. I found out that her name is Lena. And although she lives in the bronx and I live in brooklyn, we’re close. We talked practically everyday, all day. When I finally saw a picture of her, I was definitely hooked. My sexual interest was sparked as was hers when she saw a picture of me. We spoke of our fantasies from time to time and she vowed to fulfill each and every one of them when the time was right. My body was hoping that the time was now.

I shifted in my chair and a tingle shot to my clit. I sighed softly and pressed my thighs together. I kept clenching and unclenching my thigh, sending bolts of pleasure to my pussy. The light from the big screen was the only thing that illuminated the room so I felt secure knowing that she possibly didn’t know what I was doing. The movie began and I was wrapped up in it. It was an action flick, something about assassins. A lot of gun and fighting scenes, my kind of movie.

Some time during the movie, my head ended up on her shoulder and her hand landed on my bare thigh, absently tracing little designs on my sensitive skin. A jolt of electricity shot through me. The sexual tension between us was high and she squeezed my thigh, letting me know that she felt it too. As the movie progressed, her hand continued tracing little patterns higher and higher up my thigh until she stopped slot oyna at the seam of my skirt. My hands itched to grab hers and press them into the wet crotch of my panties but I held back.

My throat suddenly went dry under her ministrations so I lifted my head to drink from my soda, then placed it back in the holder. It provided an instant coolness to my overheated body. Lena did the same and then put her soda down. So wrapped up in the movie, I didn’t notice her leaning toward me until she placed her lips on my neck. I jumped slightly but she placed a firm hand on my thigh to calm me. Her touch was cold and I gasped as I realized that she had a small piece of ice on her tongue. It slowly melted as she pressed it into me. Small droplets rolled down my neck, the cold sensation sending a chill down my spine before she licked them up. Her raspy tongue caused me to moan and shift in my chair. My nipples hardened beneath shirt, pressing into the silky material of my bra. My eyes closed and I forgot all about the movie. I could only focus on her tongue on my neck and her hand that continued to trace patterns on my thigh. She bit into me softly and when I didn’t reject her she did it harder. I arched my back and moaned, gripping the arms of the chair. Though she was just touching my neck, it was still pleasurable as my neck was always sensitive.

Her hand travelled higher up my thigh, under my skirt until she was tracing the outline of my pussy lips through my silk panties. I spread my legs and bit my lip to hold back any sounds that I knew I would make. I thrust my hips against her hand, letting her know what I wanted but she ignored it and continued tracing my pussy through my panties. She pressed her finger into my slit, pushing the material into my clit. I moaned her name softly and pressed my pussy into her hand. She felt the wet heat travel over her finger and she bit me harder. A small whimper escaped from between my lips and she brought her other hand up to cover my mouth. Her finger retreated and I whimpered in desperation.

She gathered the material of my panties and pushed them to the side. The cool air in the theatre caressed my hot lips sweetly. Soon her finger was back on me, dipping into my wetness. She traced a long line up my slit a few times, always stopping before my clit, never touching it.

The sweet torture of her mouth on my neck, and finger on my pussy was becoming too much for me and I trembled before moaning, “Please.”

Her hand was on my mouth so my word was muffled but she chuckled softly knowing what I wanted. Finally she obliged, she pushed a finger up into me, dipping in and out before spreading the juices around my hardening clit. I gasped and moaned under her hand. Her finger was relentless, flicking my clit then circling it before flicking it again. This pattern continued until finally she thrusted two fingers hard into me. She fucked me slowly and as deeply as possible, my hips thrusting against her. Her hand hid the soft screams I was making.

Her mouth moved from my neck and she licked my earlobe before whispering, “Open your eyes, baby.”

When I did, they immediately focused on the screen and I gasped at what I saw. The two main characters were naked, kissing each other, the man laying on top of the woman in a large bed. The woman canlı casino siteleri gasped as the man entered her roughly and they began to fuck at a fevered pace. (Obviously this wasn’t a kids movie). I started to close my eyes but Lena told me to keep them open and so I did. The scene playing out before me was so potent and so erotic that I slid my hand up my leg and brushed it against Lena’s hand as she pumped in and out of me. I continued going up until I found my clit. I flicked it slowly, then rubbed it before flicking again.

Lena raised my skirt so that both my hand and hers was exposed. I continued manuevering my clit while she watched, her brown eyes clouded over with passion. She looked into my eyes and when I saw the raw hunger there, I flicked my clit faster and harder, occassionally pinching it for added stimulation. I began to feel a tingling start low in my tummy. I shivered and Lena must have felt it because she began finger-fucking me in time to the man’s hard thrusts on the screen. My head fell back and her mouth found my neck again. She bit me and sucked my skin hard between her teeth. Trembles racked my body and slowly built. I bucked beneath her hand and lifted my hips, her fingers sank deeper as she thrust in, brushing against my g-spot. A warm feeling wrapped around me and I closed my eyes. She sucked and fucked me harder, roughly banging her palm against my pussy lips. The mix of pleasure and pain felt so good that I eventually exploded in a shocking orgasm. I moaned hard and she quickly removed her hand from my mouth and replaced it with her lips. I turned my head to give her better access and she thrust her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it as my pussy sucked her fingers deeper into me. She continued to fuck me, dragging my orgasm out. Even after it was over, soft trembles shook through my body.

I kissed her deeply as she removed her hand from between my legs. She straightened out my panties and skirt, then, breaking the kiss, she looked me in my eyes and brought her fingers to her mouth, licking off my cum with a soft moan. I watched her with a growing passion then, I took her hand and brought it to my mouth and licked and sucked on her fingers, tasting myself there. She gasped and I sucked harder, cleaning off every drop of my pussy juice before letting her fingers go and kissing her hard again. Our tongues intermingled in a heated dance of passion and lust. Breathlessly, I pulled away, smiling against her lips. She smiled back and we settled in to watch the rest of the movie.

Before I knew it the movie was over and the lights came back on. I blushed under the realization that now I was exposed. When the lights were off, it felt magical but with them on Lena could see everything. I hastily grabbed my soda and hers too, giving myself a reason not to look her in the eyes because of the look I knew would be there. My cup was almost emty but hers was practically full.

When I asked her about it she shrugged and said, “I didn’t want to wash away the taste of you just yet.”

I blushed and walked away with her close behind. We threw our garbage in the trash bins and she grabbed my hand. Pulling me close she kissed me softly on the lips. Everyone around us saw, but I didn’t care and I know she didn’t either.

Whispering against my mouth she said, “I think it’s time for me to take you home and fulfill your fantasies.”

And with that she wrapped her arm around my waist and exited the building, directing us towards her home and my waiting fantasies.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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The windshield wipers beat a steady staccato as they labored to clear the glass in the driving rain. It was dusk and she gripped the wheel tight as she drove along the slick empty highway, the dim light of dusk, and the long day of driving having taken their toll on her senses.

As she rounded a curve she saw the solitary figure in the distance, standing alone, back pack propped against the steel no post that guarded the narrow shoulder of the road. His arm rose as he saw her approach, thumb out, soliciting a ride and some shelter from the cold and wet.

Her first thought was to speed up, pass him by and get on with her journey. Instead her foot lifted from the accelerator and the car slowed, allowing her to get a good look at him as she passed.

She noted the khaki jacket, blue jeans, the lean body and long hair, but most of all she was drawn to the dark piercing eyes that locked on hers as she passed.

Her heart skipped and her body tensed as she felt the nearness of danger, yet she continued to slow and her grey blue eyes moved to the rear view mirror.

She saw him turn his head, his eyes following her. Her foot moved across, hovering uncertain for a moment, before pressing down on the brake pedal. She saw the red glow of the brake lights illuminate his form, she saw him turn and snatch up the pack sack from the roadside and begin jogging toward her car. The car was still moving, she still had time to change her mind, but her actions seemed to be out of her control.

“What am I doing?” she thought, her mind racing, aware of the dangers of stopping for this young stranger. The car was stopped now and her heart was pounding, her mind racing. “This is crazy,” she thought, “I’m in my forties, probably old enough to be his mother, yet I’m excited about having him with me!”

She knew she should press the automatic locks and put the car in gear and flee, but instead she turned to smile at him as he opened the door. His heavy pack seemed light in his hands as he tossed it over the seat into the back of the car and then slid his tall frame into the plush leather of the front seat beside her.

For a moment she averted her eyes, her body shuddering as she felt the blast of cold damp air enter the car.

“Thank you” she heard him say in a deep yet almost gentle voice, “I’ve been out there for quite awhile.”

She turned then to look at him, and her eyes widened as she saw his smile and the sparkle in his dark eyes. His long wet hair clung this neck, and trickles of water dripped down onto the tattered khaki jacket. She smiled back as she put the car in gear and started down the road again. He couldn’t be more than nineteen or twenty she thought, her initial fear subsiding.

“How far are you going” he asked.

“To the coast” she replied again turning to smile at him.

As she did, she caught his eyes traveling over her body and immediately felt the redness come to her skin. She was an attractive woman, everyone told her that, yet she was always self conscious about her body. She was still dressed as she had been when she left the meeting at her office just before noon, white blouse, and a dark skirt that clung casino siteleri tightly to the curve of her hips. She knew her skirt had hiked up from being too long in the driver’s seat, exposing the dark upper hem of her stockings. She felt a warmth in her body as he continued to look her up and down, seemingly unafraid of being scolded for being so bold.

“You’re a beautiful woman,” she heard him say in that soft sexy voice.

She stammered something, but was unsure what, as she tried to concentrate on the driving and the road ahead. The gloomy light of dusk had turned to darkness as they sped along, remaining silent for several miles.

She was conscious of his eyes on her, flattered by the obvious attention of this young man, yet apprehensive about him being in the car and perhaps afraid of her own dark thoughts. She was startled when she heard the sound of his seat belt being undone and turned to see him pulling off his wet coat, tossing it into the back with his pack. Even in the dim light, she could see his muscular upper body encased in one very tight t shirt.

My god, he’s gorgeous, she thought, hoping that he wouldn’t catch her checking him out as she drove.

He settled back into the seat, stretching his lean body, then turning slightly so that his knee touched hers. It was as if an electric shock had jolted through her and she gripped the wheel tightly trying not to glance in his direction.

“I usually don’t pick up strangers” she blurted, not knowing why she had said it.

“We don’t have to remain strangers” he replied as he boldly reached out and trailed his fingertips along her leg from the hem of her skirt down to her knee.

She shivered at the touch, knowing she should put an end to this right that instant. She should have lifted his hand away; this was the time to stop him. Instead, all she could think about was his beautiful features and that lean muscular body as she stammered, “What’s your name?”

“David” was the soft reply as his fingertips now caressed her inner leg, just above the knee.

“I’m, I’m Kathy” she said, feeling flushed and wondering where this was going.

Her eyes scanned the road ahead; they had not passed any cars for miles on this dark mountain road. She saw a turnoff on the right and not knowing why just slowed and maneuvered the car off the highway into the tree lined narrow road. She drove for about a mile, until she found a pull off under by a creek, coming to a stop and turning off the engine and lights.

The stillness was deafening, she could almost hear the blood pumping through the veins in her temple. She felt his hand slide higher, caressing the bare flesh of her inner thigh above her stocking top. She heard the sounds of the seat belts being unclasped and felt the pressure of the shoulder strap lift from between her full breasts. She wanted to pinch herself to make sure this wasn’t just a dream, another of her fantasies, yet it was real, and she wanted him so badly.

Then she felt his body against hers, leaning across the seat, his soft lips brushing hers, his fingertips touching the crotch of her silky panties. She felt the heat rise on her face again, knowing slot oyna that his fingertips would have found wetness there, leaving him little doubt of her need.

She leaned back as she felt his tongue gently probing her already yielding mouth. Her fingers slid down the side of the seat, to the electronic seat controls, and she felt its movement as it slid back allowing them more room behind the steering wheel.

There was no fear in her now, only sexual desire flowed through her body as she responded to the touches and caresses of this beautiful young man.

Her lips responded to his, and she sensually drew his tongue into her mouth. Her own hands now caressed him, her fingertips running over the muscles of his shoulders and arms. She moved to his touches, lifting and adjusting her body as he began to remove her clothing. A strong hand cupped one full breast, squeezing it and making her moan with desire.

Her blouse was completely open now, and his lips slid down to caress the top of her breasts above the sheer bra. She felt his fingers unclasp it, then his hand lifting her as he slid the blouse and bra from her body. His lips were on her again, devouring her full bosom, caressing the thick taut nipples. Her fingers found his hair, fingertips stroking it, guiding him from one sensitive nipple to the other. She moaned in pleasure as his teeth lightly nipped the hard tip and then drew it into his mouth.

Her body was on fire now, an inferno of smoldering need. She slipped her hand down over his hip, felt him lift slightly as she moved it between them, finding the hardness of him, squeezing it, gasping slightly as she felt its length and girth. Not only was this man child beautiful, but he was equipped like no one she had been with in her life.

As he continued to suckle her she moaned, “I want your cock!”

He lifted up then, his eyes locking on hers as he deftly undid her skirt and slipped it and her panties down her legs, leaving her naked save for her dark frilly topped stockings. He said nothing, just smiled and let his eyes move up and down her flesh in the dim light, the sound of the rain beating against the car the only noise to invade the beautiful stillness of this moment of anticipation.

He rolled back then, quickly stripping off his t shirt, baring that magnificent muscular upper body. She saw his hands move, heard the sound of his zipper and saw him raise his hips to slide off his jeans. He did not move back to her, but leaned back invitingly and she did not hesitate.

She slid towards him, her fingers finding his swollen manhood, her lips finding his chest and showering it with soft kisses. She caressed each nipple with her lips, feeling him quiver as she did so. She was taking control now, she thought, yet was she really or was he controlling her by his subtle and sensual movements. She did not care, she knew what she wanted.

She kissed slowly downward as her fingers circled the thick shaft, kissing his belly, tracing her tongue into the soft silky pubic hair above his cock. And then she found him with her lips, her mouth opening wide to cover the fat spongy head. She teased it with the tip of her tongue, finding canlı casino siteleri an ooze of stick precum and savoring the sweet taste of it. His cock was so big and so beautiful.

She feathered her lips slowly up and down the hard shaft, wanting to explore every bit of the succulent flesh. Her fingers found his heavy sac, gently rolling the glands as her mouth engulfed him and she slid her lips as far down the shaft as she could. She felt his fingertips stroking her hair as she sucked him, never before having felt the need to please as she did that instant. Her mouth drooled and soft sucking sounds filled the air as she teased this young hard cock with her lips.

She felt his strong hands move down her body, circling her waist and lifting her up. They adjusted their positions as he moved her and then lowered her down, her sopping wet cunt replacing her lips over his shaft. His hips lifted as she sank down on him, the full length of his enormous shaft filling her, making her groan with as twinge of pain that mixed with the extreme pleasure of the moment.

She began to move, riding him, feeling his cock press against her cervix with each beautiful thrust. Her big breasts bounced and jiggled as she fucked him, his strong hands moving to them, capturing them so he could feast upon them with his lips. Never before had she felt so aroused, every nerve ending in her body tingling with each movement. She rode him hard and fast, clenching her muscles around him, then slowing, moving slowly up and down and savoring every inch of his beautiful cock as she did.

They fucked and fucked, her body quivering as waves of pleasure broke over her and she cried out with exclamations of delight.

She felt his urgency then, his face nuzzling her bosom, his strong hands at her waist controlling the rhythm, until she felt him tense and felt his ejaculation flood her as loud grunt of pleasure came from deep in his throat. He moved her slowly, letting her clench him with her cunt, and milk the spurts of thick creamy cum from his loins.

Finally, both of them spent, she collapsed on him, her head on his broad shoulder, holding him and enjoying the sensations, until his cock softened and slipped from her. They lay there for awhile, and he lightly stroked her with his gently touch.

Then, without any words being spoken, she moved from him, finding her clothes and dressing as he did the same. She started the car and maneuvered around, returning to the highway and continuing her journey.

They drove in silence for almost two hours, for nothing needed to be said. They drove until the lights of the small coastal town came into view. It was almost midnight and the rain had stopped when she heard his voice.

“You can drop me here” he said in almost a whisper.

She pulled the car to the curb, turning to look at him, but not knowing what to say. He leaned across and brushed her lips with his and then he was out of the car, opening the back door, extracting his jacket and back pack and then disappearing into the quiet of the night.

She put the car in gear, slowly driving away, a smile on her lips and a single tear of joy rolling down her cheek. Her thoughts turned to her destination and the man who awaited her. Her body was alive as it hadn’t been in years, and the beautiful stranger had awakened her sexual being with this unexpected encounter.

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