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A Face from My Past

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I have to confess that I was surprised when I heard the doorbell ring about mid-morning Sunday.

Who would come to visit me that early and especially on a Sunday? I thought that maybe, just maybe, it was my brother and his wife on their way back from church. We lived pretty close to each other, so if he needed to borrow a tool or something he might stop by.

I didn’t want to scandalize my sister-in-law (I smiled to myself at the thought — actually scandalizing my sister-in-law was always kind of amusing), so I threw on my sweat pants and a tee shirt before I came downstairs from the bedroom, just to be decent in case he had the wife with him.

I ran my hand through my hair — thinner and grayer than it had been in my youth, but still a scandalous and unruly mop — to try and force it to behave. Alas, a lost cause.

My real surprise of the morning was when I looked through one of the beveled glass panels on the front door. Standing there was a ghost from my past — my first true love from about 40 years earlier, Allison or Ali, as I used to call her.

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, Ali and I had been married for one year, two months and eleven days — but who’s counting?

Ali was a woman of Latin heritage whose hair had been such a dark brown as to look black. (She had confessed to me years before that she had gone completely gray by her mid-thirties, and had been dyeing it ever since.) Her skin was a café au lait color where it was exposed to the sun, although a much lighter shade in those areas that were normally covered. I suspect you will know where I mean.

When she and I were both in our early twenties, she looked like another ‘Ali’ — ‘Ali McGraw’, Steve McQueen’s wife and one time starlet in the movies ‘Love Story’ and ‘The Getaway.’ Not a raving beauty, understand that from the get-go, but she had a certain kind of charm.

In short, she was a skinny kid with big boobs. Well, to be more accurate, she had large breasts, a thin waist, and when you saw her naked, she actually had a butt that was on the larger size (not Kim Kardashian big, but getting there) and a set of thunder thighs in their early development phases.

Even then, while still a callow youth, I knew better than to point out those particular features to her. She lived with her mother at the time we met, so, aware of the mother/daughter nexus, I knew what to expect Ali to look like in the derriere/thighs department later in life. Like they sell you at Starbucks — a Grande… And looking at the woman outside my door my prognosis had been vindicated once again. Como madre, como hija!

Hey, I didn’t complain — I was never one to sweat the details.

Plus, she liked sex. When she orgasmed it was a bit like riding a bucking bronco. That was exciting. On the other hand, she was a pretty plain vanilla gal in her tastes.

Missionary position was the norm to the exclusion of anything else — riding cowboy was too much effort for her (really strange, since she did a lot of English style horseback riding with its up-and-down movement —’posting’) and doggy style was, well I honestly can’t remember her complaint about it, but she didn’t like that either.

Oral sex was great — when I performed it on her. It was too dirty for her to reciprocate. And anal? Well, another thing ‘too dirty’ to even consider. But to a 20-year-old, any sex with a hot woman is better than with your own hand.

As I opened the door, Ali more or less pushed herself in.

“Morning, Brad,” she said as she squeezed by me. At least she was smiling. That was a relief.

Oh yeah. I’m Brad. And it’s not short for ‘Bradley’, I was christened ‘Bradford’ by my parents — an old family name. If Ali had called me ‘Bradford’ as she came through I would have been really worried. The only time she called me Bradford was…well, let’s leave it at ‘it wasn’t pleasant.’

Another thing about her: she confused my politeness and civility with weakness. I wasn’t a 20-something-year old anymore and I was even less inclined now to put up with shit from a woman. But, as I said earlier, until really pressed I’m a pretty laid-back guy, so I didn’t point out to her that I hadn’t really invited her in.

No matter. She wasn’t going to be here for long.

I had a fairly good idea of why she was here. From the notorious, ubiquitous Book of the Face app, I was aware that she was no longer living with the man with whom she had been co-habituating for the past ten years or so. He was in the neighborhood of 15 years older than her for heaven’s sake, so I wasn’t terrible sure of exactly why she had been living with him in the first place.

I casually wondered why they had suddenly split, but hadn’t been interested enough to search out the reasons. Honestly, in light of my own long-past history with her, I figured it could go either way — he (or more likely, his kids) had tired of having her around sniffing around his estate, or alternately she may have decided that she didn’t want to spend her remaining active canlı bahis years as a nursemaid to a man who was increasingly feeble. Flip a coin.

So there she was, walking into my living room, ready to reappear in my life, with the hope that I had forgotten just how badly our own time together had concluded.

A shame, because my memories regarding her behavior were still quite sharp. Embedded, you might say. Like sharks teeth left in the flesh after an attack. They hadn’t hurt for over 37 years, but they were still there just under the skin like old shrapnel as a reminder.

“Ali,” I said as I followed her into the living room, “How are you doing? Can I get you a cup of coffee?”

I remembered Ali telling me how she would have coffee and sweet rolls for breakfast when she was in grade school! Her teachers, many of whom I’m sure started THEIR days with a similar breakfast, were horrified at the thought of a first grader sitting at the table in the morning quaffing a shot of thick, black, sweet Cuban coffee. I was fairly sure she was still one to enjoy a cup por la mañana.

“I’m doing great, Brad,” she replied almost sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs before she realized I was headed for the kitchen and not settling in the living room. “Some coffee would be wonderful,” she called after me, now also heading for the kitchen in my wake.

Thanks to my late wife, who presented me with a Keurig machine for Christmas — a couple of minutes and a cup of pretty decent coffee would magically appear. I selected one of the smaller sized cups for Ali than I normally drink myself. No point in using the coffee to make our upcoming conversation longer than need be.

But perhaps, I thought, I am being unfair. She may just be passing by and felt the urge of one old friend to see another. If she had stopped because she needed help of some kind, then she had selected well. Even if we had parted on a sour note I would still do what I could to get her out of a jamb, if it was within my reach to do so.

I know the word ‘sucker’ comes to mind, but for me it is a ‘bread on the waters’ sort of thing. You understand — a karma concept in which you do good deeds for people and some day when you need help someone will arrive like the cavalry at your doorstep.

She sat at one of the bar stools at the end of the large island that made up the middle section of the kitchen.

“So what’s up, young lady?”

A quick note to all of you older men: call the women in your life who are approaching or over 60-years old, ‘young.’ They know it’s not true, but they love you for it anyway.

“Well, we hadn’t seen each other face-to-face since that time when I came down and you, your wife and I went out to dinner together. So it was long past time. And I wanted to give you my sympathy in person for your wife’s passing. I only met her that one time, and she seemed like a really nice person.”

There was a tale in itself: she had only met my wife once because that was the one time I allowed them to meet.

I divorced Ali all of those years ago when she decided that she wanted to go forth and explore the world of men’s cocks whereas I felt that my cock should be the singular hotdog in her bun, the only sugar in her bowl (as the old blues singer, Bessie Smith, expressed it.)

It could have been worse, I guess. Ali was always brutally honest, and she told me at the time right up front that she hadn’t actually carried out her plan for enriching her sex life at my expense yet, but that she was moving forward with it ASAP.

Only married a little over a year and she wanted out. Good god! We married too young; we were in lust, not love, and that old standby, “I love you, but I’m not IN love with you anymore.” Was there a cliché that she couldn’t throw out in her effort to ‘let me down gently.’ Hell, we even had a half-decent goodbye fuck that night.

While at the time I was heartbroken, I didn’t adopt the attitude ‘I can never trust a woman again.’ I figured that even if I had rolled the dice badly the first time, one never knew — the next woman who I met might turn out to be my soul mate. And although my second wife was not precisely the next woman I dated, I met her within a year and had spent the next 37 years in bliss. She was indeed my soul mate and I had been blessed.

Oddly, it was the disaster that was ‘Alison’ that really confirmed in my mind how wonderful my new wife and marriage were. I’ve heard it said that you have to have a completely disastrous relationship before you can truly appreciate just how good a great relationship can be.

But my second wife, June, had been a very different woman than Ali. Where Ali was a ‘country girl,’ June was a Phi Beta Kappa honors grad from a top rated university. Ali wanted to raise cattle and horses; my wife was a high-powered executive running the finance department of a manufacturing company

Nevertheless, Ali was in fact bright and I really respected her for her fearless nature — nothing either emotional or physical seemed bahis siteleri to frighten her — but at the time that I met my wife-to-be, I was too embarrassed to have them meet. I expected June would have turned to me after talking with Ali for a couple of minutes and asked, “You were really married to this bimbo?”

That would never have actually happened because my wife was the kindest, gentlest and most understanding woman in the world. When she did finally meet Ali they got on well together and never a nasty word came from her lips about my former paramour. The same couldn’t be said for me. Sigh. My wife was a better person than I am, hands down.

You often read or hear about how after a break-up the man feels really stupid. In my case, although I felt as if I had been deceived and betrayed, I was convinced that based upon her actions that Ali must have been a lot less intelligent than I had believed. Talk about ego, I guess!

It was never my I.Q. I doubted, but hers. And since we had begun to communicate again about 10 years before this, Ali’s postings on FB had often led me to conclude that I had been right about that!

I brought her the coffee with the fixings and while she added her cream and sugar (substitute) I completed my own coffee.

“Ali, I appreciated your sympathy card. I can hardly describe to you how crushed I was to wake up one morning and discover that sometime during the night my wife had died.”

“Oh mi pobre querida, that must have been horrible. Did they ever find out why?”

“Eventually. It seems that she had a congenital problem with her heart that by any rights should have killed her in her twenties or thirties, but the Lord in his wisdom gave me almost forty years with her before he took her home. It was very comforting to know that she most likely didn’t feel any pain; she went to sleep one night and just never woke up again.”

Ali gave me a correctly serious and sad look as she put her hand over mine and patted it.

“That was almost two years ago, if I recall?” she queried. Ah! The serious sparring was about to begin. “Has it gotten any better for you?”

“Oh yes. Every morning I wake up only missing her intensely, desperately and feeling like my right arm is missing. But that is better than it was… In fact, I’ve been really starting to feel much better recently.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” she said, still oozing empathy and looking at me with an appraising glance to see if the time was right.

“You know,” she started, winding up for the pitch, “I think as we get older it isn’t the sex as much as it is the love and companionship that one needs in a relationship. And older people who have a significant ‘other’, as they say these days, supposedly stay healthier and live longer.”

I couldn’t help myself. I could feel that malicious demon residing in my soul taking charge of my words.

“I think you’re right about that — you know, the need for love and companionship. I’ve been considering getting myself a dog or a cat. Which do you think would be better?”

Ali was looking distinctly unhappy about that particular sally.

“Pets are great — and I should know, I’ve always had them. But they are no substitute for human companionship.”

I nodded sagaciously agreeing with her.

“I know of a couple of guys — widowers like me — who’ve moved in together for that exact reason. Nothing sexual, mind you, just friends who can keep an eye on each other, share expenses, that sort of thing. They’re great friends, always doing things together like fishing, playing golf, going out to bars…”

Ali was looking at me goggle eyed by then. She must have been exasperated thinking I was completely oblivious to the direction she wanted the conversation to go in. I could see her posture stiffening as she girded her loins and gathered her courage.

“I was really thinking about older couples — you know, men and a women. I would think that by now you would be emotionally ready to get back out into the dating world. You’re not too old to be in another relationship. You are still a vigorous man with needs. I mean after two years you must be pretty damn horny. And no one would think any less of you; after all you’ve waited and grieved for two years, if you were to find someone to help you get past your sorrows.

“In fact, you and I have been friends for such a long time. Isn’t it nice that we already ‘know’ each other so well,” at which point she winked at me, in case I had missed the double entendre, “that we can sit down with a cup of coffee and it’s almost as if we’d never been apart. Even after all of those years.” She giggled. I mean seriously, giggled like a teenager.

“I don’t know, Ali,” I started trying to interject some overdue realism into this conversation that was rapidly flying off into another dimension. “I’m very different than I was forty years ago. For example, I’m much more sexually demanding than I was then and I suspect that you aren’t…”

“Oh no!” she interrupted, “I’m very open to bahis şirketleri a broad range of sexual activities these days, and it’s fairly common for people to ‘taste the wine’ before you buy the barrel…”

Do you remember earlier when I mentioned spreading the bread on the waters? And the day when karma would send the cavalry to my rescue? At that very moment the cavalry arrived in the form of a beautiful woman in her late-forties who had been staying with me for the prior three weeks, by the name of Helen.

Helen entered (stage right) wearing one of my old tee shirts covered by a bathrobe, also obviously originating from my wardrobe. Her state of dishabille suggested that she was naked beneath the hastily assembled ensemble. You couldn’t quite see her shaved pussy, but I knew it was hiding under there somewhere.

“Ummmm… is that coffee I smell?” she said as she entered the kitchen. She walked over behind me and promptly staked out her claim by coming up behind me, kissing me (I turned my head to make sure that our lips were properly aligned) and wrapping her arms around me.

Completely focused on me, she practically purred as she spoke.

“I wondered what was keeping you from coming back to bed, lover.”

She seemed to finally notice Ali, now sitting in shock with her coffee frozen in place halfway up to her lips. I guess Ali was figuring out that I hadn’t been entirely celibate for the two years since my wife’s passing. Not that I was going to confess that Helen was the first.

“And who is our guest?” Helen queried. How could you not love a woman who with the single word ‘our’ completely vanquished her foe? “Sweetie, would you make me a cup of the chocolate latte?”

She turned back to Ali and extended her delicate hand.

“I’m Helen, by the way — I’m handsome’s fiancée. And I take it you are one of his ‘old’ girlfriends?” Ali cringed at the way Helen emphasized ‘old,’ but she wasn’t quite ready to abandon the battlefield. I grinned while facing the Keurig so as not to give away my amusement.

“No,” Ali croaked, “not an old girlfriend, I was his first wife!”

“Ah!” Helen said giving Ali the once over.

I was completely taken aback at Helen’s self-description as my fiancée to be honest. We’d only known each other for about three weeks, but I kept my poker face in place when I turned back towards the two women, since she was clearly running interference for me.

Helen was a story herself. She was the niece of a long time friend and we met at his funeral in L.A. Phil’s (my deceased friend) family all lived on the east coast in the New York City vicinity. When he died rather suddenly, they came out to clean up his condo and take care of his estate.

I had met his brother, George, and his wife on several occasions years earlier when Phil and I were on business trips that took us into the NYC area. So I was somewhat acquainted with the family — Phil had often spoken of his nieces and nephews, but this was the first time that I met any of them. One of his nieces called me up to invite me to his funeral service. George knew I was a friend and I was one of the few people whose number and address Phil kept in his personal phone book.

After the service, I helped the family gather up the drinks and snacks they had brought for the attendees and I asked them if they would allow me to take them to dinner, which they did. We talked about their brother/uncle and the conversation went on to other topics. I mentioned that I still lived in the house that my late wife and I had shared for the past 35 years.

I described us as being rather ‘sessile.’ One of the nieces admitted that she didn’t know the word, so I described it as being like an ‘oyster, immovable, stuck to a rock.’ Helen at that point turned to me, batted her eyelashes and added, “But only mature oysters.”

I nearly fell off my chair! She was, of course correct, and her other siblings informed me that they called her ‘Wiki Helen’ because she always seems to know obscure factoids about, well, almost anything! She blushed at their obvious pride in their knowledgeable sister and demurred. She put up her hand with the thumb and finger just far enough apart to see a gap.

“But my knowledge is only about this deep,” she said with an alluring smile on her face.

I fell in love with her at that very moment — what can I say; I’ve always been a sucker for smart women! That she was articulate, witty, charming, and very attractive looking were all mere side issues. Really. And when I was young I only bought Playboy for the articles.

Back to the issue at hand, I returned to the kitchen island and presented Helen with her coffee. Ali seemed to have suddenly remembered another place she had to be, so she finished up her coffee and gathered all of the paraphernalia that accompany women just in case they find themselves stranded in the wilds of the Hindu Kush.

“Ali, thanks so much for stopping by. It was really good to see you again.” I did give her a hug and a quick kiss on her forehead as she was leaving. She kissed me on the cheek (a quick move of my head kept her from making direct contact with my lips.) I managed not to recoil. My soul has been making progress lately.

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A Personal Touch

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I let my warm robe drop to the floor as the cool breeze from the window caressed my skin. I love this time of the year, the air always smells like rain and the temperature starts to cool down after the summer months.

I pull back the sheets and climb into bed, the soft material feels warm against my naked skin. The sheets are a deep purple and I loved the way they contrast against my pale skin in the dim light from outside my window. I close my eyes and get comfortable on the bed, moving to the middle so I have plenty of room. My nipples are already getting hard, a combination of the cool air and anticipation of what’s to come.

I let the bed sheets warm where my skin is against them; my eyes close as I enjoy each sensation. I run my fingers up my arms, my smooth skin grazes the skin as my hands brush against my throat and neck. I feel the dip at the base of my throat and let one hand slowly travel across my chest, careful to not to touch the mounds of my breasts, not yet.

I push at the skin on the sides of my breasts, pushing them together as my fingers travelling further down my stomach. I feel the curves of skin and grab at them, softly and rough at the same time, feeling myself. I lift my knees together illegal bahis as my hands run over the tops of my thighs over my knee caps and back up my legs. I lift my hands back up to my breasts, slowly tracing my finger around and around in circles and feel my nipples tightening with arousal. I reach my nipples and rub them softly with the tips of my fingers, then the palms of my hands, pinching and pulling at them. My breast mounds bounce with the weight of themselves as I play with my nipples.

I moan softly as I feel that familiar tingle in my vagina, my bare skin sensitive under the sheets. One hand grasps and pinches my nipple while the other cups my entire pussy mound. My eyes are closed now and as I rub my outer lips I imagine I am in a dark alley with a man, his rough hands all over me rubbing my wet pussy.

“Mmm, that feels good Mister. Rub my pussy” I say to myself as I slide a finger between my slit.

I imagine he is rough with and only here to use me. His hands are strong, grabbing at me and his voice dominant. I want him to talk dirty to me, to use and have his way with me. I finger my clit, using the wetness and spreading it up and down my slit.

“Mmmm finger fuck me Mister” I illegal bahis siteleri moan out loud as I slide a finger into my cunt hole, probing myself and opening up my own vagina.

I reach over and use my other hand to fish eagerly in my draw for my glass dildo. I pull it out and bring it up level with my face. It’s very thick and smoothly shaped like a penis. I push it into my mouth, forcing it in as I moan and gag around it, the stranger calling me a dirty slut in my head as I early suck the cock.

I slide another finger in my pussy, wanting the stranger to finger fuck me hard now as I suck his dick faster, hungry for it. I take the dildo out of my mouth and slide it along my lips, down past my hard nipples and wet slit as I slide my fingers out of myself.

“Oh fuck me Mister!” I beg him. “Please fuck me; I need that cock deep inside me”

As I talk I feel the cool head of the glass dildo rub my open cunt hole, threatening to pop inside me. I moan loudly as I slip the head of the dildo inside me. It spreads me open as it fills me up, making me push myself further down its shaft.

I leave it there, buried deep inside me as I cup my breasts, enjoying the full feeling deep in my womb. canlı bahis siteleri Slowly I thrust my pelvis up and down, feeling the dildo move inside me as it wedges itself against the bed. I bounce my ass on the bed slowly, building a rhythm as I imagine the stranger grasping my throat, holding me up against the wall as thrusts his cock inside me. He is so thick and hard inside me, as he forcefully uses my body just for his pleasure.

I thrust harder on the dildo, groping and pulling at my breast as my other hand eagerly rubs my clit. Loudly I moan “Ahhh fuck me Mister, fuck my cunt”.

I can feel the long shaft deep inside me as I fuck it harder, the stranger pounding me roughly against the wall. As I feel my pussy gripping the dildo I imagine he is about to cum, telling me he is going to force me to take his sperm. I grip the dildo using two hands to thrust it inside of me as I gasp and moan out loud. My cunt milks the strangers cock and as I cum, I imagine his sperm filling my fertile womb.

I slow down my thrusts with the dildo and as I come down from my orgasm I slide it out, laying it on the bed beside me. I close my legs and run my hands over my tender pussy mound, and belly. As I come to the end of my fantasy, the strange man leaves me there in the ally, used and filled with his sperm.

I feel so sleepy that I leave my glass dildo lying under the sheets with me. Maybe I’ll use it again before I get up I think as I gently fall asleep, content.

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Curious No More Ch. 02

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Your feedback was awesome and I really appreciated it – good or bad. I apologize to those I didn’t email back as there was a lot of emails almost all good! I ‘d really love to hear feedback from women if there are any out there reading the gay male section…Most importantly, ALWAYS USE A CONDOM! I was lucky…


Ch. 2

When Sean came out of the bathroom, I was lying on the bed, leaning up against the headrest. I was exhausted yet still very energized by all that had happened as it had been an incredible experience and I was looking forward to more. He lay down on the bed beside me, both of us naked. He was on his side and had one of his legs over mine. We talked for a while, discussing everything from politics to sports and eventually, tired from the intense experiences we had just gone through, we ended up falling asleep for about an hour.

When we awoke, so did our “hunger”. We lit up another joint and passed it back and forth. I would take a hit and blow the smoke into his mouth, which would always end up a very deep kiss and our tongues entwined. He did the same back to me and after we had smoked the whole joint, a very nice high fell on us. He started to play with my cock again as he asked me whether I wanted him to stay just for tonight or should he add another?

“I think my cock is telling you how I feel,” I responded with a smile on my face.

“You know how I like to hear you say it,” Sean said as he squeezed my cock very firmly. “Tell me what you want…”

“I want you to stay tomorrow night too.”

“Why?” Sean asked, “What do you want to do?”

“I want to have some more fun…”

“That’s not good enough.” Sean squeezed my cock again. “Tell me what you really want…”

Sean started to massage my balls, which caused me to start taking very deep breaths.

He gently squeezed them as I began to speak, “I want you to stay so we can fuck some more.”

“We? So we can fuck some more?” said Sean, putting the emphasis on the word “we” as he continued to massage my cock from head to balls. “Why don’t you really tell me why you want me to stay an extra night…”

He had me again. My cock was hard as steel and even though I had cum huge amounts already, I was starting to leak and Sean would squeeze it out and rub it on my cock head, making me gasp.

“I want you to stay so you can fuck my ass again…So I can suck your cock again…” It was easy to say it – it was true.

“Is that all? You can have anybody fuck your ass now. Why do you want me?” Sean kept upping the ante every chance he could. He was using every chat session we had ever had against me now and I loved it. He knew it too…My cock was getting harder and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could handle it. I had my hands running through Sean’s hair pulling him towards me so we could deep kiss between words.

“I want your cock. I want it deep illegal bahis in my ass because you own my ass.”

“Are you a cock slut?’

“Yes!” Just saying the words made me almost shoot another load. Sean was starting to play with my ass now and I was pushing my hips into him.

“Whose cock slut are you?” Sean asked as he grabbed one of my ass cheeks hard with one hand while fingering my hole with his other.

I was starting to lose it. I was almost yelling when I responded with, “I’m your cock slut! I fucking want your cock!”

We kissed deeply, out tongues wrestling deep inside each others mouth.

“Do you want my cock now? Do you want me in you again?” I was now lying on top of Sean, our cocks rubbing together. I started to slide up Sean and felt his cock pop up and rub between my cheeks.

“YES! I want you to fuck me!” I breathed and without even hesitating, I went for it all, “I want you to breed my ass…for real! Bareback!”

We both paused – we had chatted about bare backing and how great it would feel. I felt I knew Sean, but this was really taking things to a new level. We had always used protection with our other relationships, but we were both very curious about having a real bareback experience.

He pulled me down to his mouth and deep kissed me again very roughly before asking, “Are you sure?”

“I want your cock to breed my ass! I want to ride you and have you flood my guts!”

We both moaned and he had his answer! I tried to let his dick push into my ass, but I couldn’t get it in. I sat up and straddled on his legs, both of our cocks standing straight up. I reached over and grabbed the lube, but before I applied it to his cock, I leaned down and sucked on that beautiful cock of his.

He started to talk to me again, “You are my cock slut. I’m going to make you give up pussy and just crave cock. I know you already want cock more and more, don’t you?”

I moaned around his cock. I lathered the lube all around his meat stick and crawled forward, leaning into kiss him again as I reached under me to guide his dick into my ass. I pushed and breathed out as he entered me, slowly working my ass down onto his cock. He had his hands on my ass and hips slowly pushing and pulling me on his cock. The feel of his cock entering into my ass was electric. My ass felt like it was dripping wet and as hot as it felt the first time he fucked me, fucking bareback was by far the most erotic thing I had ever done. It slipped into me much easier as my ass was now getting used to his cock and I had lots of lube still in me from the previous time and I made sure he had more than enough on his cock for me to ride him as long as I could.

His cock felt so much hotter than the first time and I could feel every bump, ridge and vein as I slowly dropped my ass down until I felt like he was all the way in. As I rested my ass on Sean, he slowly illegal bahis siteleri pushed up and I could feel him hit that magic spot again. I slowly lifted my ass up an inch and then down until I could feel him grinding my prostrate. I swear I could see stars shooting. He started to push up and down to match my slow rhythm and I again leaned down to let our tongues go as deep as they could reach.

I felt a sudden sense of “oh shit! What am I doing” but that quickly passed when Sean’s cock hit my magic button again and again. His cock felt like it was as hot as the sun and the rawness of what we were doing made me feel like a complete cock whore and Sean must have been tied into that feeling when he said, “I’m not even going to touch your cock, cause I know you’ll cum just by my cock. Right? I’m right, aren’t I you cock slut!”

“Yesss,” I moaned before I really started to ride his cock, going all the way up until his dick almost came out before slamming down and feeling my prostrate be hammered. The more I rode him, the more natural it felt and the hotter it became. His natural lube was helping things along and I would lie chest to chest on him, kissing him, throwing my ass down onto his cock, before rising my ass up and grinding down again, squeezing my ass even tighter around his cock.

We were both slack jawed and totally lost in the moment. My cock was leaking a puddle of precum onto his stomach and we were far from talking now.

It was just pure moaning and groaning as we lost ourselves to the lust of it all. My cock started to swell and I could feel Sean’s cock getting bigger. I was riding his cock, moving my ass as deep and fast as possible onto his cock, letting it massage my prostrate.

We were lost in the moment and I don’t know if we had been fucking for 5 minutes or 5 days when stars started to go off in my head and I could hear our moans getting louder and louder. Sean let me know he was about to unload deep in my ass, “I’m going to shoot…oh shit! I’m going to shoot it deep in your ass…I’m going to Breed you…Oh Fuck!” I already knew. I could feel his cock get even larger and it seemed we were so in sync, that I was also getting ready to unload as he was about to pop.

My hands were resting on his shoulders as pulled ground my ass deeper on to him, my cock flopping around as hard as it’s ever been, “FUCK…FUCK…OH FUCK!!!! I’M GOING TO CUM! OH FUCK!!!!!! OWN ME! BREED ME!”

“Take it…take my load!” he yelled when his first shot went deep into me, pushing his hips even more into me. It felt like his cum was going right through me – every shot he unloaded into me, I would then shoot out onto him. My first eruption came out as a huge spurt that exploded all over his chest and neck followed by 3 huge white ropes that coated his stomach.I was moaning incoherently, “Unnnnnnnhhhhh….unhhhhh…unhhhhhh,” and I couldn’t believe canlı bahis siteleri after all the sex we had so far, that I was still shooting such a huge load.

This was pure sex, nothing more to it. Skin to skin and all about rawness and pleasure. I kept bouncing on his cock and I kept cumming, although now it was just dribbling out of my cock. I hadn’t touched myself the whole time I had Sean in me.

We finally started to come down from the sexual high. Even after we had both finished cumming, I kept riding his cock, slowing down ever so slightly. I leaned down again to lick my cum off of his neck and chest and I kept my ass slowly riding that beautiful cock. My ass was so wet and I could feel his sperm leaking out of me. Every time I moved my ass up and down, I could feel a little bit more of his juice leak out. I sucked up as much of my load off of his chest and kissed him. He eagerly accepted.

Both our cocks were still very hard when he started to speak.”Oh…my…God. That was fucking unreal!” he said as he tried to refocus his vision. “I can feel our juices leaking down onto my balls! I fucking breed your ass…you loved it.”

I still had his cock in me and I could feel it start to go soft. I had my head resting on his shoulder before I leaned back and smiled at him. “You bet I did, I can barely see or talk,” I laughed. “That was crazy. Look at my cock, it’s still throbbing.”

My cock was now semi hard and lying on his stomach and it had a string of cum hanging from it while it throbbed on Sean’s shaved pubes. My legs were starting to get uncomfortable and so I lifted my ass up off of Sean. His cock slipped out of my ass as I pushed myself off and his cock was still semi hard and I could hear it flop on to his stomach. I felt even more empty than I did the first time but now I could feel his load leaking out of me – it was an incredibly sexy, slutty feeling.

We were both glowing, basking in a glow that you can have only once. I was seriously wondering if I would even want to be with a woman after this experience, so intense it was. We were now lying side by side on the bed, and still breathing heavier than normal.

“You Ok?” Sean asked.

“Oh god, yes,” I responded, “You?”

“Oh yeah.”

He started to roll over to get out of bed, “We better clean up?”

I agreed and we both went into the bathroom, turning on the shower and started to wash. We were both quiet, partly from exhaustion and partly from going further than I’m sure either one of us had planned. The hot water felt good, but we were both quiet so I was unsure whether we had gone to far. That feeling didn’t last long when Sean reached over and started to soap up my cock and ass. He stepped forward towards me as I had my back to him. I leaned back into him and reached back around to his ass to pull him tight to me.

“Cock slut,” he said into my ear.

I laughed, “Maybe we need to make sure some more later?” Neither of us was getting hard, but it still felt great.

Finally, just to make sure that there was no awkwardness, Sean asked “Would you want to ever do a threesum again?”

Stay tuned for Ch. 3!

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A New Client

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“Hi there. Welcome to The Gym. What are you looking to do today?”

The curvy blonde with the deceptively sweet smile looked to the tall man who had just entered and walked to the front counter she stood behind. From where she was he’d see the black sports bra packed full of firm round breasts. Mouthwatering really and he swallowed hard at the view.

The little nervous tremor of his voice brought that smile to a wicked grin. “Yes, hello, um… I was told this was an excellent facility for … a personal trainer.” The intonation of his voice and the glint in his eyes affirmed his underlying meaning.

The blonde eyed him. He was already well built, looks like he did work out already. He was eight or so inches taller than she was. The blonde rounded the counter and stood before him. He was already clad in basketball shorts and a tee shirt as if he was ready to work out right away. She gave him a nod.

He gave her wide lusty eyes for now he could see the slender waist, grab able hips and perfect ass clad only in a very small, very tight pair of black spandex shorts. There was no way she had panties on underneath, he was certain.

“The Gym offers different packages depending on what type of work out you want.” Yes the subtext was flowing freely between them now but was kept in place because not everyone knew the extra benefits that The Gym offers and there were others working out on the machines in the main room where they were.

She moved ahead of him and gestured for him to follow her. “We have state of the art treadmills, elliptical’s, stationary bikes and other machines.” Her eyes locked to his when she mentioned the “other machines” to impart to him that she meant machines not geared toward working out general muscles. She lead him through a doorway and into the weight training room.

“Weights, benches, barbells, ball bells, boxing bags… strength training, stamina training…” He followed keeping his eyes more on that luscious swaying ass more than the room’s equipment. Through another door and onto the pool area. It was large enough to contain several lap lanes which were in use constantly. She explained the rotation process of being on a list and such knowing full well he didn’t come here for that type of swim.

It was then she walked right into the men’s locker room without any sort of hesitation at all. Men were in various stages of dress or lack there of. Some were in the open wall of showers. No one seemed to care that a woman had just walked in on them. That was because it was this certain woman. They all knew Miss Z and knew it was perfectly normal for her to check in on her clients.

She paused the tour in the middle of the locker room to tell of it’s offerings and point to the sauna door, “The sauna is clothing optional. Make a move on a person in a sexual manner that is not welcomed and you’ll be arrested. Any questions about The Gym?”

The man looked around then back to her. His eyes dipped to her breasts just knowing those nipples were going to be easy to get hard and pebbly. “I want to sign on for a private trainer.” His mind was made up.

She nodded, “All right, that would be me. I’m Zoey or Miss Z to my clients. You’ll be expected to follow my instructions to the letter.” A raised brow to him for a reply to which he nodded and gave a “Yes M’am.” That suited her so she smiled.

“Go illegal bahis to the front desk and tell Tammy that you’ll be having a session with me right now. She’ll take your information and payment. It’s $150 and hour for your first session, two hour minimum. Take a shower and meet me in room 3. We will begin with some general calisthenics.” With that she stepped forward just a hint and her hand reached out. Palm cupped his cock over his shorts and gave a small massage. “Hmm… nice.” A wink to him as if he’d passed her test. With that the busty Miss Z turned and left the locker room.

He went to follow her directions, paid in cash and was in and out of the shower in record time. From her touch earlier he was already nice and hard. All ten inches tenting his shorts proudly. A small search lead him to room
. Pushing through the door he found what looked like any other gym classroom.

A large room with hard wood floors, one wall was completely mirrored, windows high along one wall let in natural light. His eyes didn’t linger long on inspecting the room because they fell on the tight curves of Miss Z as she stood on a mat stretching.

Her perfect round ass in those ultra tight spandex short shorts was up in the air as she bent from the waist with legs straight, her head pointed toward the floor. She knew he was there and so slowly spread her legs more while in that position. Now between her legs he’d see those large heavy rounds of breasts barely contained in that sports bra. In fact the bottom rounds of them were bared. His mouth watered.

She straightened and turned to him. Hands went to her hips, “Well, what are you waiting for?” A finger pointed for him to come to where she was on the mat. Then she made a face, “Off with the shorts, now.”

He looked at her with raised brows. She wanted him to work out in the nude? Well he had been told that sex was involved in her workouts so he guessed it made sense. Stepping out of his shorts she eyed his cock. This one was a very nice size. She’s going to enjoy this.

“Alright, follow my lead.” She sternly ordered while turning around in front of him and beginning some light stretches. From the wall of mirrors in front of her she could see him copying her motions… with his eyes on her ass. So her next stretch was to bend again. His bend put his face just an inch from her biteable ass.

When they had completed deeper stretches she turned to face him again. “Jumping jacks… 100.” That was clearly an order. The guy grinned but was a little worried. It wasn’t easy to do jumping jacks with a hard on.

“Now!” she barked and he began to do them. She counted them out as he did them while watching his already well defined muscles flex. Walking around his body she watched his ass clench. Her small hand reached out and gave one cheek a good smack. He faltered in his jumping jacks so she barked at him to keep going.

Back around to face his front she noticed that hard member bouncing painfully and reached out again. This time her hand cupped his member, or as much of it as her small hand could, and held while he completed his 100. For praise when he was done she gave his cock a little massage.

Stepping back she noticed he wasn’t sweating nearly enough so she made him do touch and runs, like the basketball maneuver where he had to run from one end of the room to the other, illegal bahis siteleri touch the floor and run back. By the time he was done doing 50 rounds he was breathing harder and sweating more. Still not enough to her liking though.

While she let him catch his breath she deftly pulled off her sports bra. Those juicy tits bounced out, their dark pink nipples pointing at him. She tossed the small shirt aside as if it were nothing. “Down on the mat. 50 Sit ups.”

He got on his back, bent knees, feet to the floor and put his hands behind his head. She then moved to him and straddled his waist with her feet. He had a nice view of those mounds and the one between her legs barely hidden by that spandex.

Lowering herself down she sat on his chest. “Begin.” she instructed. When he raised up she brushed her breast against his face. “Lick it.”

So now each time he came up in the sit up his tongue lapped at a nipple. He could alternate breasts but only one lick each was allowed. When he tried to nip or suckle she pushed him back down.

When he had done 50 sit ups she scooted down until her clothed pussy rubbed along his naked shaft. He let out a groan of pleasure and frustration. For a few moments she just grinded herself against him watching him sweat and gulp for a breath.

Then without warning she got up abandoning his throbbing cock. She stood just past his feet and hooked her thumbs in those tiny shorts. Down they went until she kicked them off her feet. His eyes went wide to see her perfectly naked pussy. Not a speck of hair, just smooth tanned lips with pinkness peeking out.

“Time for push ups!” She got down on the floor in a sitting position with her feet flat on the floor, knees bent and spread wide apart. This opened up her pussy for his view. A view he obviously liked since she could see clear drops of pre-cum oozing from his cock head. “Full push ups, face in my pussy, lick it on each down.” She instructed.

He was more than eager to get into position and begin. She hadn’t given him a number of push ups to do, that was for a reason. He began and she rolled her hips to angle her pussy just right so each lick could be given along the length of her sex.

“Lick it!” she ordered him sternly to imply he better use that tongue well each time. He was in heaven. It was painful to keep doing the push ups after all of the other exertions but there was no way he was going to stop. Sweat dripped from his face and chest, it pooled at his back but he’d not pause in those push ups as he tasted her sweet pussy.

Miss Z scooted closer so that his licks now included his face rubbing along those lips and slit. His slurping sounds echoed with his grunts as he kept on doing the push ups. When he had licked her enough to get her good and wet both from his mouth and from her honey she let him stop. “Enough. On your back!”

He tried to lower down and bury his face in her pussy but she pushed him away with a foot to his shoulder until he rolled over and obeyed. Again she straddled his waist but kept her pussy just over his cock, not yet touching.

“Masturbate. Do it!” With an incredibly hot woman straddling naked over him he wasn’t about to argue. His hand wrapped around his cock and began to wank off along its length. Miss Z put her hands to her breasts and began to knead them. She pushed them high then mashed canlı bahis siteleri them together. Fingers took nipples and twisted them until they were hard and red.

“I can’t… I’m gonna…” he warned.

“Stop!” she ordered and pulled his hand away from his cock. By now he was so hard and aching that he moaned in near pain. She could look down and see his cock throbbing with need.

“On your knees.” A simple order. She got off of him and moved to face the mirror wall, her back to him. When he struggled to his knees she got down on her’s in front of him. Then she bent over and was on all fours.

“Fuck me. Do it as hard as you can.” That was all it took for what had been calming down to jump back to full hardness. She braced herself, spread her knees and felt him take hold of her ass. She was still wet enough that with a couple of hard pushes he got his thick cock head into her tight pussy.

“OH gods, you are so tight!” That wasn’t what he expected from someone who he had been told did people like this.

“Kegel exorcizes… keeps my pussy tight.” She flexed those inner muscles around him just to prove what command she had over those particular muscles. He gasped a moan in appreciation.

“C’mon! Slam in it. Fuck that pussy!” she ordered like a drill sergeant. He watched in the mirror as he was behind her. It was hot how her breasts hung down but were still so round and firm. He gave another good thrust and in went the rest of his length. She was so tight he wondered if he’d be able to pull out and slam in easily.

No way to know but to try so he gripped her hips and pulled out until his head caught at her opening. Without hesitation this time he slammed back in until skin smacked together. He felt he could have cum just at the sight of her breasts bouncing and jiggling.

With more incentive than he could ever need he began to slam thrusts into her pussy. Soon he had a rough hard rhythm going. She lowered until her shoulders were on the mat, those lovely breasts squished out all around.

He pounded her with all his strength, the sounds of grunts and skin slapping filled the air. Because of her teasing, touching and the aroused erotic workouts he found he was able to last much longer before feeling that rise of cum and the need to explode.

“Cum! Fill me up!” she ordered breathlessly as his cock felt as if it would ram out of her throat when he went so deep so hard. This was one of the reasons she did this. Sex, hot raw sex.

He slammed into her a few more times then dig his fingers into her ass and hips as he pulled her closer and held deep inside of that amazingly tight pussy. He shot his load with a growling moan because at the same time her ultra tight pussy was contracting madningly hard all around his swollen cock.

She squirted cum past their tight joining, a thing he thought was incredibly hot. When both had orgasmed and could breathe again she moved forward and pulled off of him. Sitting on the mat she leaned in and gave his cock a few good sucks to clean him off some.

“Hit the showers.” She said then licked her lips. “Make an appointment for next week so we can work out even harder.” A wink to him as he looked rather shocked and impressed that she’d want more.

He eyed her pussy, “Want me to clean that for ya?” he offered with a grin.

Miss Z shook her head, “No need, I have another appointment in a few minutes… she’ll do it.”

Yes, Miss Z had clients of both sexes and she knew well what each client liked to do. Her next client was a kinky little minx so Miss Z knew just what … exorcize to do first.

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The Tabitha Files Pt. 03

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After Sarah departed, I wandered back into the house and contemplated my good fortune, but also my worries. How would Tabitha react to me fucking Sarah? Ordinarily, she shouldn’t feel anything as we had broken up because of her cheating. Yes, we were friends, and yes, Tabitha, Sarah and I enjoyed each other’s bodies a few days ago, but Tabitha and I enjoyed a sort of connection that was hard to explain. At the final reckoning, I couldn’t afford and didn’t want, to lose her friendship. Would me fucking Sarah affect it? Hard to tell in such a close-knit, small, isolated community.

My week continued with work; opening bank accounts, resolving customer enquiries, chatting up tourists/customers and drinking beer. Tabitha was rarely absent from my thoughts especially when I worked alongside her mother but rather than be proactive and seek her out; I played a more extended game.

My patience was rewarded for on Friday afternoon, not long before the bank closed, I watched Tabitha whirl into the bank. She flashed me a wide grin and a wave but went over to her mother who was on the teller counter. The bank was devoid of customers, but I couldn’t quite make out the conversation between mother and daughter. Within a minute, however, Tabitha appeared and sat down at my cubicle.

“Hey, how’s it going?” she asked in typical, laid-back Western Australian fashion.

“I’m very well and thank you for asking.”

Tabitha was wearing a grey, woollen crop top, that exposed her toned mid-riff and slender arms but also perfectly contoured her magnificent breasts. Also, she wore brown, hemp jeans that sculptured her tight arse and clung to her slim legs. She sported her mousey, brown hair back in a ponytail and looked radiant. My cock stirred.

“What’ve you been up to? She asked enthusiastically, eyes sparkling and smile beaming.

“Nothing really. Working, eating and drinking” I responded, slightly on guard.

“Andrew and Shane back yet?” Referring to my farm hand housemates.

“No, not yet. Not sure when they are due back, but it’s got to be soon.” The time in my life was the late nineties where personal communications had advanced to the stage of chucking in fifty cents to a public phone box and talking for one minute.

“Oh,” she said with a hint of disappointment. The lads being back meant fun house parties at our place again with much raucous drinking, “what are you doing tonight?”

“When the bank closes, I’ll have a few beers here before heading to Earl of Spencer,” I replied.

I really should stop going to that tavern, I said to myself. When I was dating the older and wiser Jean – the hawk, the oracle, etc. – last summer, we would go there together for drinks and dinner regularly. I felt oh so grown up and sophisticated in such classy surroundings with someone I thought I deeply loved. I was unaware that, rather than being her partner, I was something that has since become known as a fuck buddy for she was in a real relationship with someone closer to her age in Perth, over 400 km away. What I also didn’t know was that Jean was preparing to leave Albany where I was and relocate to Perth to be with her partner. The break up happened in that tavern, and I was devastated. In the days and weeks after she left, my life in Albany, where I had no roots of any kind, except the embryo of a career, became meaningless. I felt I was trapped there and what made it worse was that the winter was one of the worst in living memory. The subsequent spring brought Tabitha into my life, but she was younger than me, had no life experience, represented everything I hated about being trapped in a small, parochial town, and while she was a beauty and had potential, I just couldn’t stop the unfavourable, and unfair, comparisons between her and Jean. When Tabitha cheated on me, it was a relief because all I could think about was Jean and replacing her with a clone. I needed Jean’s level of maturity in a female partner. The Earl of Spencer tavern was on my way home, and so I would pop in on an all too frequent basis hoping to find Jean 2.0. It never happened.

“Can I come around a bit later then?” Tabitha asked. She would have dinner with her parents first.

“Sure. I’ll give you a call when I get in.” I replied, and with that, she took off. When I said call, I referred to a landline call that cost fifty cents in a call box to her parents’ house. What a time to be alive!

As soon as after work drinks finished, instead of going to the Earl of Spencer where I would sit by myself, scan the room for Jean 2.0 who, if she walked in, I would be too scared to make a move, I decided to go to the White Star Hotel. At least there, I knew a few folks who I could play games of pool with, despite the level of conversation being just above Cro-Magnon level. A girly bar it was not, but at least it would distract me from Jean 2.0.

A couple of hours later, I inevitably dropped fifty cents into the phone box outside illegal bahis the hotel and dialled Tabitha’s home number. Ringing, ringing, ringing. The mother picked up.

“Hi Sue, it’s Jason. Is Tabitha there?”

“Hang on.”

“Hello?” Came a crisp voice.

“Hey, how’s it going?”

“Good and you?”

“Not bad. I’m heading home so if you fancy popping over then feel free.”

“Can you get me some vodka?” She asked.

It never ceased to amaze me that an eighteen-year-old, female could guzzle neat vodka. I couldn’t do it, and in fact, I hated the stuff. The only palatable spirit for me was Jim Beam with a healthy dose of ice and cola. Stick to beer my father told me when I was sixteen and beginning my young drinking career. Vodka gave Tabitha the confidence to get me in the sack on our first date.

“No problem. Seventeen dollars.” And with that, my minute of public telephony ended.

I popped back into the pub and purchased the bottle of distilled ethanol and ascended the hill to my house. As I walked, I noticed that the evening air seemed warmer than of days past as late spring was giving way to early summer and I contemplated my life as well as the fruitlessness of finding Jean 2.0. For a week or two now, I had been considering my career. The bank had been very generous to me during the year I spent there (despite some howling – and costly – mistakes), and my boss had begun encouraging me to think about my next step. As a result, I fired off a couple of applications for internal transfers at the bank that would take me away from Albany to Perth as like as not but, potentially, even further afield. I discovered in myself a sense of new found optimism as if I just made an unconscious decision, and a subtle air of confidence settled on me. Jean and ghost of Jean would be exorcised (although not without an unexpected final encounter as recalled in The Fling). And, while I didn’t know it, the seeds of my escape from Albany were taking root.

But back to tonight and the possibilities it offered.

Upon arriving home, I opened the doors to the back deck and let some air into the stuffy house. It was a beautiful night to be outside drinking and contemplating one’s future. With the view of the town and the country-side that this house boasted, it would be a shame to be indoors, so I set up two chairs on the deck, placed my cassette of The Tea Party’s Edges of Twilight album in the stereo. I cracked a beer and waited for my ex-girlfriend who happened to be my closest friend at a time. No Facebook, no emails, no iPhones and few worries.

As I sat on the balcony taking in the balmy evening air and bopping to the eastern influences that define The Tea Party’s unique musical appeal, I noticed I was drinking rather too freely and suddenly felt the urge to take a piss. Since I was the only one home, I dispensed with civilised etiquette, and the toilet, and just whipped out my cock from my work trousers, pointed it over the balcony rail towards the lawn below. Seconds later, I released a stream of recycled beer that arced up and covered an impressive distance. I let out a satisfied moan of approval as the tension in my bladder had its just release. Before I finished, and to my surprise, I heard a familiar chuckle. Tabitha, instead of knocking on the front door to announce her arrival, had come in through the side gate because she wouldn’t have been heard over the hi-def analogue tones blazing away on the stereo. She had reached the base of the balcony at the same time as exhaled my vocal relief of bladder pressure. The sudden disturbance triggered the automatic reflex to stem the flow of piss into the garden, but mercifully I was almost finished.

“Hey. Sorry about that.” I said, embarrassed, as I stuffed my pissy cock back into my pants before shaking the snake and thereby experiencing the inevitable wet penny in the pocket as Roger’s Profanisaurus describes my predicament. Actually, I wasn’t all that embarrassed at all.

“Busted!” Tabitha replied, erupting in full-blown laughter.

“Yep, and you didn’t let me finish!” I countered with mock annoyance.

“Be my guest.” She said and cast her hand around the lawn expansively.

“No, I’m ok.” Impressed with her brazenness.

“Do it. Watching it was kind of hot!”

“Really? I don’t think I can now.”


“You got me there.” I surrendered, weakly, literally with no better comeback than that.

Tabitha climbed up the steps to the balcony, and we hugged. I noticed that her grip of me had a touch of urgency that indicated more than a usual friendship hug. On this night, Tabitha smelled of body wash with a strong hint of coconut. We walked inside to the kitchen and where we exchanged the ethanol for beer tokens. With that transaction complete, we headed back outside and took our seats. From the balcony at the rear of my house, we could see the lower portion of the town as York Street illegal bahis siteleri – the central thoroughfare – descended towards Princess Royal Harbour that had numerous watercraft buzzing around. The street lights and car headlights sparkled in the haze, but the sounds of activity emanating from the town didn’t penetrate this far up the hill. The only sound came from the stereo that had become background music, other than that all was peaceful. As to be expected, Tabitha took, what seemed to me, a massive swig of vodka from the bottle that I had purchased earlier, swallowed it with some difficulty and then shuddered from the burn as the fuel descended to her gut. Thank the maker for beer; I thought in silence as I watched her agony.

We chatted benignly about work for a pointless few minutes. It was clear that we both wanted to talk about something else, but we were angling for an appropriate opening. As this uncoordinated verbal tango proceeded, I looked over to Tabitha as she spoke utterly uninteresting sentences while gazing, unfocused towards the town below. She wore a white, soft stringed vest that delineated her large, firm breasts and flat stomach; a denim skirt topped off with a pair of sassy red sandals. She wore her mousy, brown hair in a ponytail and sported a couple of small, crystal earrings that flickered in the light. As she spoke white noise to me, I couldn’t help but admire that perfect aquiline nose whose curve was exquisitely sculpted and would not have looked out of place amongst the Athenian deities of antiquity. In my befuddling state, I was starting to feel the lust and love I once (perhaps still) had for her. Rather than succumb, I reluctantly forced myself to remember the vow I made to myself in the early evening to rid myself of this town, of its bad memories – of Jean – and to forge ahead and create my destiny. Tabitha, for all her sweetness and potential, would slow me down (she wasn’t experienced enough for me to take her on my – speculative – journey, even if she’d wanted to come).

“Have you seen Sarah?” An outer body me suddenly asked.

There was an agonising pause.

“Yes. We’ve caught up.” She answered, automatically.

“And?” I asked with some trepidation.

“And what?”

“How is she about last week?” I asked, lying because I already knew. Isolated town politics, of the sexual kind, can quickly get out of control.

“She’s fine with it,” She laughed, “as am I.”

“In what way?” I nervously asked.

“Well…” she began, “That was amazing” she responded, referencing the threesome.

“All of it?” I asked, seeking affirmation about the anal sex.

“Every bit of it!” Came the sincere reply.

“What did you like the best?” My turn to seek a compliment or two.

Tabitha turned to me with the knowing look in her eyes, “What you did to me.”

“And what was that?” I enquired, poorly feigning innocence but becoming aware of a growing bulge in my piss stained boxers.

“Hmm, I’d like to say that it was your amazing tongue between my legs, but that didn’t happen!”

“Well no, you had an urgent need for something else.”

“True and that was what I needed, but that wasn’t the best thing about the night.”

“So, something else then?”

Tabitha sighed and then giggled, “You stuck your dick up my bum, without asking, and, while naughty, it felt fantastic. I’ve never felt anything like it before.” No, that’s because you experienced your first butt fucking.

“It was amazing. I really loved it.” I responded, “In fact, watching you lick Sarah while I arse fucked you was too much for me. Hope you didn’t mind me cumming inside your arse?”

“That was also a first for me, but it felt great.”

“Yeah? In what way?” I was curious as to how Tabitha would describe her first anal sex experience.

“Well,” She began, trying to translate her experience into words, “it was different.”

“Different from what?” I asked, teasing it out.

“You know, from normal.” Normal being vaginal sex, “It was much more intense, and it lasted longer.”

“How was it different from normal?”

“It was an orgasm but in a whole new way.”


“I felt so full inside, and there was this pressure on me that I’ve never experienced before.” She said, as a hand pressed against her abdomen. “I could feel it shooting out, down my legs to the tips of my toes and then it engulfed the rest of my body.”

“Doesn’t a normal orgasm feel that way?”

“No!” Came a firm response, “This one left me shivering all over and left my extremes so tingly. That lasted a lot longer than normal ones do.”

“Well, it looked different from a normal one.” I laughed and took a swig of beer.

“Oh,” asked Tabitha, turning towards me, “how so?”

“You were writhing on the floor, moaning, pinching your nipples and speaking words, that weren’t words.” I replied, before adding, canlı bahis siteleri “Well, words that I couldn’t understand.”

Tabitha laughed, “Was I really doing that?”

I nodded.

“I don’t remember it.” She laughed.

“What, not even touching your nipples?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

She took a moment to remember, “Not really but I remember that the feeling was most intense in my breasts and toes.”

Two of the most sensitive erogenous zones on a woman.

Tabitha’s reaction to her first anal orgasm or referred to as an “assgasm” in American grumble flicks, surprised Sarah and me when we discussed our threesome earlier in the week. This led to the revelation of, and then her disgust about, anal sex.

“Did it hurt?” I asked since it didn’t look like it hurt in porno films.

“Did what hurt, the orgasm?”

“No, my cock up your arse?”

She thought about it for a second before replying, “There was a bit of pressure at first as you pushed in, but it didn’t hurt at all.”

“You weren’t disgusted by it?”

“Of course not.” Came her breezy and confident response. “Remember we talked about it a few months ago?” I sure did, “And you showed me that magazine, so I was curious to try it.”

That magazine she was referring was a porno mag, that I – err – found somewhere, and led to some intense but vanilla sex after we looked through it together.

“I was extremely turned on by what was going on between us that I think I was too relaxed to object.” She said, laughing but that sentiment applied to equally to Sarah and me as well. “Anything goes” and went on that night.

“Was it any different for you?” She asked, a second after controlling the fiery reflux of swallowed vodka.

“Yes, anal is a very different sensation from normal sex.” I began, “For one thing, the arse is so much tighter than the vagina and penetration has a different feel about it but for me, and I guess for most men, it’s the sheer naughtiness, the engagement in a taboo sex act, the submission that gives us an additional thrill.”

“Taboo? What do you mean?” asked a slightly bemused Tabitha.

I was thinking over my then limited interactions with the fairer sex, only four, including Tabitha, submitted to anal sex. Three of them were older than me and had previous experience with it. All my other sexual partners up to that point in time were steadfast against experimenting with anal sex. They all mirrored Sarah’s response, that anal sex was disgusting. One, a Catholic, cited her religion as a moral objection to the practice.

“Oh,” she said in surprise, “I’ve never really thought about it like that. I thought that it might hurt, but it didn’t.”

Tabitha was a little more open-minded than I gave her credit for and was quite the contrast to Sarah. All this talk of anal sex and Tabitha’s enthusiasm in describing how it felt had made me hard. I wondered what effect our lively chat was having on her pussy.

“Would you do it again?” I asked, on behalf of a friend.

Tabitha shot me a knowing glance and smiled in a way that indicated she saw right through my simple ruse.

“Maybe. Depends on who asked.”

We looked away from each other, smiling, down the hill towards the twinkling lights of the town. A slight breeze had picked up and was reducing the balminess. Soon, it’d be too chilly to remain outdoors. Thinking to myself, it’d be so easy for me to surrender myself to these surroundings and Tabitha, lapsing into a sense of comfort but ultimate unfulfillment that would cause more long-term damage than the short-term happiness would compensate. At that moment in time, however, I’d convinced myself that I loved her but my rational self – the “system two” of the brain – reminded me of my inebriation that was affecting my emotions. My resolve to plot a course out of my present circumstances reasserted control, and I held my tongue. This act of mental gymnastics had the bonus of cooling my ardour, and I considered raising my plans with Tabitha to seek her counsel. On the one hand, potential sexcapades would be over, but on the other, I would receive counsel I could trust. Hmm, maybe I’d raise my escape plan for another day?

“The nasty, filthy things you were doing with Sarah were hot!” I blurted out, not entirely in control of my faculties.

Without looking at me, Tabitha quietly laughed.

“Well, we’ve experimented before.” she replied, confirming Sarah’s revelation, “But that was something I wanted to try since you first did it to me.”

Looking back on this experience, I’m amazed at the simplicity of language we all used. The mid-1990s was pre-internet for the bulk of the populace and access to porn was both restrictive and expensive. Tabitha hadn’t seen any porno films before and had only fucked with other blokes; foreplay hadn’t been brought to her world until I burst on the scene. I was just as naïve. When Jennifer – the girl who took my anal virginity a few years earlier – said she wanted to give me “head”, I had no idea what she proposed until her actions subsequently enlightened me.

“Was I the first that ever licked you down there?”


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A Night Outside Ch. 03

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Anal Fucking

*** Author’s note: This is the third part of a story that introduced Derek and Samantha in the first two parts. Although it is not necessary to have read those parts, you will be missing context of the night’s events. Thank you to my editor who helped me refine my writing in this chapter. ***



A phone started to blare in the dark of the basement bedroom. Derek shook his head a little as he stirred to consciousness, testing the level of headache he still had from one too many beers the night before. There was a slight pang of pain, but nothing that would allow him to shirk his morning run. His arm reached out for the phone before the noise added to his headache, or awakened his roommates. He pulled the comforter off himself, sat up, and twisted to the side of his bed. Curtains thrown open wide, the light let him take stock for the day. He tested each of his limbs to see how sore they were from the gym the night before, nothing too stiff.

Well except for… He looked down at his fully erect penis, sticking up proudly out of his perfectly shorn crotch, spotlighted by the daylight streaming in the window. He slept nude every night during the last week and found it to actually enhance his sleep. As an avid runner he had to make a choice of keeping it completely shaved or letting the hair grow, and during the in between stages all the sweat and friction would cause irritation. After last weekend, he made the choice to stay hairless. He gave his cock a couple of lazy strokes, no goal in mind, but it was nice to know it was there.

It was 7:00 am, very early to be awake after a night out drinking with his roommates and their girlfriends. They tried to hook him up with some of their girlfriends’ friends, but he was still a little raw from a bad breakup a few months ago. It was more than time to get back out there, but last night was not the night.

Besides, a project at work was stressing him out. His project was close to getting a production-ready 5g solution ready for the market. If his company could complete the project, they could take advantage of the national security concerns of the only solutions on the market. . This was his opportunity to get a project manager position at his firm, meaning a big promotion. He could finally afford both his car payment and a mortgage. Not that his roommates were bad, but he felt it was time to get out on his own. Then he wouldn’t have to worry about walking naked around his own house.

Derek stood up, full bladder preventing his dick from receeding back to normal. He didn’t even bother to look as he strode out of his room to the bathroom across the hall. After he relieved himself, he had to stand over the toilet for a little while to let any dribbles hit the floor or carpet as he walked back to his room. He shook his cock to will the last of the urine to push out of him. Anxious to get started for the day, clothes needed to be put on before he could go out for a run. The forecast was for triple-digit heat, if he did not get started soon it would be too warm to run. Running shoes were tied tightly on his feet. He collected a ball cap from behind the door, putting it on backwards when he went to run, to reduce wind resistance and cover his bed head.

He walked back to his dresser only to remember that he had left his running shorts and running boxer briefs in the dryer last night before they went out. A mischievous smile crept on to his face. His roommates would likely not be up for several more hours. He would just walk up to the laundry room and grab his running wear, nearly completely nude.

It would be the first real naked risk he taken since he came three times on an outdoor adventure last week. When his roommates were out of town, he spent the weekend nude. On last Saturday night, he spent a couple of hours in the backyard, naked and masturbating. After walking around the entire yard, he went for a skinny dip. Derek came the first time while sitting on the pool stairs, before immediately standing and cumming again. The pool was then closed, but he continued to enjoy the night air for another half hour or so. On his way back inside, he was nearly caught by a man walking down the sidewalk behind him. He tripped running up the stairs to his deck, and scrambled inside as the man’s dog barked. Once inside, the excitement of almost being seen, made his cock fully erect again. He ejaculated one more time on the tile floor in his kitchen.


Samantha stirred to awake and starred at the alarm across the room. It was only 7:00 am. Why am I awake already? She had slept restlessly last night mind churning on-the-job offer she had received yesterday from her internship. They had a member of their mid-level management suddenly decide to retire, and they offered her the position. The offer included allowing her to work reduced hours next semester to finish her MBA. It was a great offer, but it would mean moving away from her old firm and back to this city. It would illegal bahis be a nice change, plus Alison and Sara had moved back a year ago, so she wouldn’t be without friends. Still, it would be a huge step up of responsibility, and she wasn’t sure she was ready for it quite yet.

She sat up and stretched, letting the sheets fall away from her naked body. A busy week at work meant the tidiness of the house suffered. She did need to clean the house a little before her Aunt’s family’s return. Samantha needed to go for a run. Since she was at her Aunt’s she didn’t have her treadmill, so she was going to have to get dressed. It didn’t help that Alison and Sara had signed her up for a 10k before the end of the month. She stretched lazily and rubbed her eyes.

When she finally willed herself to stand up and get moving, she walked over and opened the blackout curtains in the bedroom. Since the events of last weekend, she was trying to be slightly more adventurous with her nudity. Seeing the stranger outside and carefree gave her a tinge of jealously, wanting to be as free with her body as he had been with his own. The sunbeam, however, was to be avoided, it would make her too easy to see.

Last weekend, after getting home from the bar, Samantha went out to her aunt’s hot tub and got intimate with one of the tub’s jets. When she got out to open a window and let a little of the steam out of the enclosed porch, she watched as her neighbor walked out into his backyard naked. She watched, fascinated, as he walked around his yard and stroked his cock. He appeared to be almost fearless and free as he made a circuit of the yard. The view and strong fantasizing brought her three more orgasms that night.

Samantha walked over to the bathroom and then starred into the mirror. Evaluating the restless night’s affect her appearance. Not too bad. She didn’t much care for the pressure marks on her face from the pillow, but that would clear up in little time. She threw the mass of messy, straight, strawberry-blonde hair over in front of her as she looked down and ran her fingers through it, untangling it slightly. Satisfied that it was as good as it was going to get without showering and going through her whole routine, she stretched back as she pulled her hair back and corralled it in a ponytail. She looked at the rest of her body as she stretched. She was really proud of her hard work, perky breasts, toned muscles and a flat tummy. The pronounced tan-lines from her bikini showing all the time she spent outdoors this summer. . Her eyes followed that tummy down to her smooth, hairless vagina. Hair taken care of, she ran a hand down her flat belly and lightly brushed across her labia, feeling the smoothness for herself.

Samantha walked back to the guest bedroom and extracted a pair of white athletic socks, a bright orange sports bra, panties, and a bright pink pair of booty shorts from her neatly packed suitcase. She put her headphones on, started her exercise playlist and put on the arm band. A survey of the room failed to find her bright pink running shoes. It took her sleep deprived brain a minute to remember that she went to yoga after work last night, and she realized that she must have left her gym bag in the car. There was a large window on the entry level between the front door and the door to the garage. Glancing out into the hallway she could see light spilling up from where the stairs met the living room. She was pretty certain she had not closed the blinds on the window last night.

Sure she could quickly don her clothing and walk down to the garage no problem, but she wanted to be more adventurous. She held the clothing in her hands to either side of her body as she walked down the hall. Her heartbeat quickened a little as she approached what was probably an open window. She placed her clothing in a neat stack over the banister and peeked down the stairs. The large floor-to-ceiling window blinds were indeed wide open. She took a deep breath and walked down the stairs, blood pounding in her ears over the pulsing music. She looked at the short hallway between her and sunlight must have been reflecting off someone’s car in the street as her hallway was filled with a sunbeam. Her naked body would be brightly illuminated as she walked to the garage. You can do this.

Samantha looked at her fitness band and saw that her heartbeat was almost elevated into the cardio range. She tried to steady it a little as walked calmly through the shaft of bright light. Her attention turned to look out the window, seeing if anyone in the neighborhood was awake. As soon as she stepped into the luminous zone, she looked like she was glowing, Anyone passing by would have seen every detail as she walked across. She quietly opened the door to the garage, stepped in, and turned on the light. As the door clicked shut behind her, she breathed a sigh of relief, of course she had no way of getting back to her clothes without repeating the dangerous act. As she surveyed her car illegal bahis siteleri for where she left her gym bag she could not help noticing her vagina getting a little wet, excited by what she was doing.


Derek stopped walking as he reached the end of the basement hallway. The basement family room was ahead of him, and a pair of couches and a recliner faced the large flat screen TV. This separated that area from the wet bar and his computer desk in the far left corner. To his right was the staircase leading to the split-level entry way. Light spilled out around the blinds of the entry window as well as the massive window in the middle of the entry door. He scanned the couches to make sure that no one had fallen asleep on them last night — a rare occurrence, but more likely after a night out at the bar. Convinced no one was there, he continued. A few firm strokes up and down his shaft started a bead of precum forming on the head of his penis. if he was going to do this, he was going to do it fully erect.

Cautious footfalls were almost silent as Derek slowly climbed the stairs. It was very unlikely Steve, Diego, Melissa, or Emily was going to be awake. However, sometimes nature called. Steve and Emily had their own bathroom off the master suite. Only Diego and Melissa should be an issue. He turned to walk up the second flight of stairs, careful of the spot where the floorboards creaked. The morning light spilled through the window like a searchlight. He crouched a little as he mounted the stairs, looking into the upstairs living room to the right in case anyone was sleeping on the two couches there. As long as they were asleep, he might risk it.

Marching up the stairs and into the front room, he paused before he hit the hallway. In front of him was the kitchen, and to his front left was the dining room and the sliding door to the back yard. His dick twitched a little as his eyes fell on the site of his last ejaculation of the night a week ago. He hadn’t cum since then, stress from work meant he hadn’t really been that horny all week.

Derek grasped his cock and began to silently move the skin up and down his hard shaft. His mind vividly replaying the events of a week ago — the strange mixture of fear and arousal as he slowly brought himself to orgasm outside his house, in easy view of any neighbor. His brain replayed the absolute terror of thinking he had been caught nude outside, and the weird wave of excitement that brought him to the final orgasm of the night.

If he wasn’t careful he would have spilt his load all over the tile right now. He hadn’t brought anything with him to catch his ejaculate and didn’t think his left hand would be able to hold it all, without making a mess. If he came, he didn’t know if it would be more mortifying to leave his specimen for someone else to find, go get dressed then clean up. Or get caught naked and scrubbing himself off the floor. He brought himself to the very edge of ejaculation, releasing his twitching cock one stroke short of orgasm. Almost angrily, his penis bobbed and spasmed, straining to release its load, but the last stimuli required was denied to it. His left hand extended out in front to catch the glob of precum he knew was going to fall.

Derek clinched his fists and waited until the feeling of impending ejaculation subside, before advancing down the hall.. The door on the left was Diego’s. Though as often as Melissa was here, she probably qualified for half ownership of the room. The door was tightly closed, which was a relief as he did not hear stirring on their part. The first door on the right was the upstairs bathroom, really Diego and Melissa’s but the one most used by guests as well. At the end of the hallway to the right was the master suite. Beyond that, straight ahead was the laundry room. Each of his roommates’ rooms would have to be passed to get to his goal. He could close the door to the room, but no matter what, the dryer would emit a loud click when he opened the door. He would have to sift through his laundry for what he wanted and put on both his underwear and his shorts on before anyone else would investigate.

He walked down the hallway, left hand shining his dick with his pre-ejaculate. Quietly, he stepped passed the first door. Derek froze when one foot found a creaky spot, hoping the noise was only super-loud in his head. At the second door he looked at himself in the mirror over the sink. Looking good today, keep it up His dick looked like it was ready to explode. As he opened the door to the laundry room, air pressure caused a bathroom door to rattle slightly. Upon darting into the room, he closed the door as quietly as he could. He opened the door to the dryer, a third loud noise echoing out into the morning silence. There was audible stirring and commotion from down the hall. Shit it seemingly took forever for him to find his underwear in the dryer. He could hear a door open and footsteps in his direction. He put on his boxer briefs canlı bahis siteleri as quickly as he could, his erection still very obvious in the spandex material. Reaching in, he grabbed his black basketball shorts hoping that they were baggy enough to conceal his excitement.

The door opened as he was stepping into the second leg of his shorts. Derek quickly pulled them up as Diego turned his direction carrying a small metal baseball bat. “Oh it just you. What the fuck are you doing up so early, Derek?” He said groggily, wearing only a pair of red, low-rise briefs, morning wood trying to sneak out the waistband. Diego appeared to give no fucks toward his own modesty. Diego was about two inches shorter than Derek, but had about fifty more pounds of mass, mostly muscle. His third generation Mexican descent was evident in his tanned skin.

“Sorry. left my running gear in the dryer last night.” He hoped Diego wouldn’t wonder why he already had his shoes and ball cap on as he was pulling on his shorts. Diego wasn’t the least bit embarrassed by his own state of dress.

“Fuck man, sorry. Thought we might have a squirrel problem again. We gotta get you laid, you are getting way too into this exercise shit.” Diego eyed him somewhat suspiciously, like he was trying to figure out what else was out of place.

“Work’s got me stressed. Running is how I cope with it.”

“You still think you can solve that power flow thing?”

“I think I am close. Might have something for you to have the guys in the lab mock up on Monday.” Derek couldn’t decide whether to keep his hands in front of his crotch to hide his erection or keep them up to draw attention away from his groin. Instead, his arms were awkwardly out in front of him.

“Really? That would be huge! Goddamn man, you would be set for life if you could get that done.”

“Well, at least until the cell providers decide whatever the fuck 6g is and obsolete all our hard work.”

“Yeah, they will always do that shit.” He looked around and dots in his half-awake brain connected. “What did you wear when you came upstairs man?”

Derek debated whether to tell the truth, glancing one of his towels out of the side of his vision. “I… well…” He paused a briefly trying to decide if he wanted to lie or not. He looked down a little ashamed. “I walked up here naked, didn’t think anyone else would be awake.”

“Wearing your hat and shoes?”


“That’s weird man. Gotta get you some pussy. You’re getting all backed up. I don’t need Melissa to see your little white dick.”

“Afraid you might not measure up?” Derek said, playfully trying to lighten the mood.

Diego put the bat in front of his crotch, out like a phallus. “Whatever man, you ain’t got nothing on this.”

“Keep telling yourself that.” He chuckled in return. Derek half debated pulling out his genitals for humorous response. It wouldn’t be the first time. Might not be the appropriate time after he admitted to walking around the house nude.

“Go for your run. Think I am heading with Steve and the girls up to the casino. You are always welcome to go with us.” It was always nice to get the offer, but Derek rarely went along. Gambling wasn’t his thing.

“Nah, gotta get some work done today. Let me know if you head up there for sure, so I can just plan to work all day.”

“Or you can walk around naked some more.”

“Can’t it be both?” Derek joked.

Diego looked at him, trying to tell if he was really kidding or not. “Whatever, I’ll text you.” Diego turned around and headed back towards his room.

Derek followed him in that direction. . “Drive safe if you guys go.” He said, looking in Diego’s direction, when he saw Melissa still asleep on her back and totally nude over his shoulder, legs spread wide to either side of the queen sized mattress. He quickly averted his vision, but not before mind recorded a vision of the sleeping beauty. Melissa was a short thin Latina, with large perky breasts with dark brown areolae, and apparently a small landing strip of dark pubic hair over her darker-colored sex.

Diego looked a little flustered as he saw his mate in full view on the bed. He closed the door to just the sliver he was occupying. “Will do, but no more walking around naked while the girls are here.”

It was Derek’s turn to look embarrassed. “I’ll try to be more considerate.” He walked off and turned to head downstairs, trying to keep his friend’s girlfriend’s image from showing in his brain.


Samantha opened the cardoor and sat in the driver’s seat. The leather was a little thrilling on her ass, reminding her of the last time she got fucked on a country road by her ex. The passenger seat where she usually threw her gym bag was empty. She hit the button to release the trunk. The garage door opener in the console silently dared her to open the door, further risking exposure. She paused a second to letting her fingers explore her excited wet vagina. She got up worried that her wetness might discolor the dark leather… again. Of course, last time there were other fluids intermingling with her own that sullied the leather, though it was probably only noticeable to one of the two participants.

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Good Sistahs

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Sista Sallie returned to her house flustered and flushed…the heat rising to her face—from heaven knows where (heaven probably did know, but good Sista Sallie would never admit it—at least not yet)…she immediately reached for the church fan—she had ‘accidentally’ lifted soooo many Sundays ago—her attempt be next to the lord—and to that fine young Pastor Delo—and began to fan…and fan…and fan….

Simultaneously, she reached for the phone—what she had experienced at her next door neighbors’ was just too scandalous—(read ‘too good’!)not to be talked about!….

The line chirped and another syrupy voice—deep and almost growly—answered….For the life of her, Sista Sallie could not determine why Sista Nast’s voice always gave her shivers—starting way down deep—made her think she ought to pray every time Sista Nast uttered a word….

Now, whenever she was nervous or excited, Sista Sallie stuttered, almost uncontrollably…. ‘Sssss-sista Naaaa-st…Ssssss-sistaaa Naaaa-st!’ she began…her stammering made Sista Nast’s name come out as ‘Naaa-sti’!…

‘Chile…get a hold of yourself…get a hold…. What on earth has gotten into you?’ the deep contralto crooned….

Sista Sallie felt the need to sit down and cross her legs before she could begin…even then, she had to rock as she talked…. ‘You…you…you…will neb-ba…nebbb-ba…never!’….fighting to control her speech…. ‘bbbbbb-be-live wh-wh-what I jjjjust saw an’ he-heard!’…

‘Calm down, Sallie…calm down….’ Sista Nast knew she was in for a good one if she could make sense of it…in fact she had a tale or two to tell herself…

Sista Sallie’s eyes bugged ever so slightly as she searched the kitchen cabinets—where in the hell was it (‘O casino siteleri Father! Forgive me!’ she immediately prayed)…under the sink, the bottle of Jack Black winked….

While Sista Nast’s words calmed, JB began to ‘console’…and soon enough she was able to tell the entire sordid episode of her most recent ordeal….

‘Through his sweatpants, Huni….big and shameless….Tied up, but writhin’ like a hussy…. Yessss, Ma’am…just as brazen as you please…askin’ for it—beggin’ for it! Said—Heaven forgive me—’I want your big dick, Daddi….Cum fuck me, NOW!’…as heaven is my witness…Sista Nast… I just had to leave there and come tell you….’

Sista Nast’s breathing was just a tad bit labored at the other end of the line…though Sallie was hardly in any condition to note, given her own agitated state…and her bottle of consolation….

As Sista Sallie had been recounting the afternoon’s event, Sista Nast had begun to do what she normally did during Sallie’s vivid and often graphic narratives….with her cordless she retreated to her third floor guest room—the one hardly anyone knew of—there, in front of the mirrored closet doors, she shed her clothes, her worries…and her inhibitions—as Sista Sallie’s discoveries of the parishioners’ scandals titillated her….

For Sista Nast, shedding a housedress was hardly the act of liberation some might suppose—her body, imagination and libido demanded more…. In moments like these, she would allow her hands to glide over ample but firm flesh, pinching and twisting here, kneading and probing there, before she opened the big chiffarobe….then there they were….all of her ‘naughty niceties’ as she put it…things from a youth and a past that she couldn’t put behind slot oyna her….things that made her feel young again…made her loins ache…set her pussy on fire….made her fantasize about what she would have done if she had seen what Sista Sallie had…what she might do if Sista Sallie were half as excited by all this as she was….

While Sallie talked about her young neighbor’s big cock, and his pretty, hot-assed wife tied to the bed begging for it…Sista ‘Nasti’ cradled the phone between shoulder and cheek as she hooked the black corset and cinched it tight, taking all the air from her lungs…crushing her waist to a narrowness her church sisters would never recognize….

Then she stepped into four-inch spiked mules, looked in the mirror as she spread her legs slightly and waited for the thick little man in her boat to signal….He did….and she stroked his bald head…. ***

‘Hmmmmm, Sallie,’ she said…after there was a pause in Sista Sallie’s story followed by ragged breathing on her end…. ‘Didcha hear about Reverend Delo…?’

‘Reverend Delo? The new assistant pastor? The one with that wife…?

‘Uh huh…’ ‘Nasti’ breathed…settled back on the day-bed in front of the mirrored closet….

‘Seems that one of the Black girls was home for a bit….’

‘The Black girls?…’

‘You know the ones…the twins…used to be a boy and a girl till the boy changed….can hardly tell ’em apart for real now….’ ‘Nasti’ chuckled, her middle finger on her slickness….

She could ‘feel’ Sista Sallie’s ear meld with the phone… ‘Really???!!!…’

‘Really…. Anyway, one of ’em was in town—don’t know which—came to church…. I saw her…. Appears she and Pastor Delo’s wife hit it off quite well….invited canlı casino siteleri her over after church….

‘You know they got that big house over on Magnolia…one with all that yard….but I hear tell that Sunday brunch will never be the same….’ Sista ‘Nasti’ reaching up under the day-bed pillow….

‘Really…?’ Sista Sallie rocking again…the combination of Sista Nast’s voice and the content of her gossip making her realize that she had wet her panties… again…and they were slick and wedging up in her ‘v’…making her wish for Sista Nast’s fingers though she could never have admitted it….

‘Now that would have been a real interesting invite…’ turning on her vibrator…. ‘if it was the twin who used to be….’ Sista Nast says laughing—a kind of throaty purr….

‘Why’s that?’ says Sista Sallie….

‘Well I used to sit for the two of them when they was little ones…and he…she… had a bi-ig cock—beg pardon!—then….come to hear…from some of these little strumpets out there today, that it’s a whole lot bigger now….’ On the word ‘bigger’ was a slur that coincided with the thick vibrator parting the folds of her pussy….

‘Yesssss’ Nast sighed… ‘they say she’s a big girl….’ And both she and Sallie snickered….

‘No telling what the church is coming to….’ Sista Sallie said wistfully….

While on the other end of the line Sista Nast was wishing that the young pastor, his wife and/or those Black girls, would cum to her…. ***

Door bells ring simultaneously….Sista Sallie hides her bottle of consolation and reaches for the mints….Sista Nast hastily clutches her robe as she makes it to the door….

‘Good afternoon, Sista….My mama asked me to drop this by…. I just happened to be in town….’

‘Afternoon, Sista….just out making my pastoral rounds…thought I’d check in on you….’

Simultaneously, the good church sistas reflect on what a little prayer will do….

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Autumn’s Summer of Desire

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Autumn and Summer are just more than ordinary seasons of the year, they are also lovers. For those of you who may be scratching your head and wondering “What the hell,” let me clarify this opening sentence for you. Simply put, Autumn and Summer are two hot sensual 21 year old girls who are lesbian lovers and not only that, they have a special sisterhood that dates back to when they were children and share a literal June-October relationship.

To explain the June-October relationship, Summer was born on June 29 and Autumn was born three months later on October 31. Autumn and Summer share more than just a friendship and are more than just mere lesbian lovers, they are soulmates and have been together since childhood. What makes this relationship even stranger is that you could consider them Kissing Cousins in every since of the word.

Let us turn back the clock to when this relationship first began. If you guessed Summer got her name because she was born in June and Autumn because she was born in October, then you would be correct. Autumn and Summer’s mothers were sisters and close and even shared the same wedding date.

Since they shared they same wedding date you would probably figure that Summer and Autumn would have been born on the same day or at least a day or two apart but not so. Fate ordained their births to be as they were, but for what reason, no one really knows. You could just probably say it was in the cards to be that way.

Anyhow, Summer and Autumn were more than mere cousins they were best friends growing up together what the young people today would refer to as BFF’s. They shared a unique bond that went beyond a friendship or sisterhood, it was almost psychic and spiritual, it was so deep.

You would figure also that since Summer was the older one she would be the protector. Not so, it was Autumn. Also as most children get when they were young Summer and Autumn had nicknames as children. Summer’s was “June Bug” for obvious reasons that she was born in June and Autumn’s was “Spooky” and that was because she was born on Halloween.

Growing up, Autumn would be the precocious one, the one that was outgoing and the one you would even consider a pistol, but Autumn never really got into trouble. If true politicians were born, then Autumn would have been a natural in that she had a way about her that she could spin something and make it come out in her favor.

Autumn and Summer’s families would be extremely close for the first seven years until tragedy would strike. Summer’s parents would be killed by a drunk driver and Autumn’s parents adopted Summer and raised her as their own. This affected Summer in that she became somewhat withdrawn, but not totally because Autumn would be one of the only ones she would confide in and their bond would only become that much more stronger and intimate.

Through junior high and high school, Autumn and Summer would have boys chasing them like crazy. Autumn and Summer were very attractive and could have any boy they wanted but they weren’t interested, at least not in the boys around them. To them, the boys in Junior high were too goofy and in high school the guys either stuck on themselves or only wanted one thing, sex.

By the end of their senior year Summer and Autumn had fully matured. Autumn would stand about 5’6″ tall with naturally curly(wavy) shoulder length chestnut brown hair, green eyes, full pouty ruby red lips and bronze tanned skin from tanning. She had a curvaceous body, not skinny but not fat either. She had well toned dancers legs weighed about 125 pounds and measured 34D-24-34.

Summer was just as stunning but slightly slimmer(weighed about 110 pounds) and an inch or so taller. She measured 34B-23-33, with long slender legs. Her hair was golden honey blonde that naturally curled and came down to her shoulders. She also had crystal ice blue eyes that if you stared into them would captivate your soul and hold it hostage, and Autumn would be one of the ones she captivated but Autumn was a willing prisoner.

There was also a rumor going around school that Autumn and Summer were lesbians and hot for each other. Autumn and Summer did nothing to dispel the rumor and when simply confronted with it, Autumn would just put her arm around Summers waist from behind, seductively lick her lips and say lustfully “Wouldn’t you just love to know.”

If either one of them would be the first to turn, it would have been Summer and it was just a natural outcropping of their close relationship. However Summer wasn’t the type that would have acted on it or taken the initiative, but after both of them had turned 18 the relationship grew more intimate and seeds of carnal lusts and desire that had been planted in early years would be beginning to manifest their fruit.

As kids, Summer and Autumn slept in the same room, however they never slept together. They had bunk beds and like most kids do they tried various arrangements. Sometimes Autumn would sleep on the top bunk and other times Summer would. casino siteleri When they were 16 they decided they liked twin beds and shortly after they were both 18, the twin beds were pushed together to make one big bed.

Shortly after Autumn and Summer were 18 they would begin sleeping together. It started off innocently at first but as their bond grew deeper so did their lack of modesty. As is in every family, sisters are bound to see each other naked but after they both were 18 Autumn and Summer would not hide their bodies from each other.

When they slept together they would first sleep in pajamas then it progressed to nite shirt and panties then to being topless with panties until finally they would begin sleeping together naked.

This new level of intimacy would last a little over a year but Autumn’s parents never said a word. I guess their minds didn’t run in that direction or they either were just were blind to the fact or didn’t want to admit it if they knew it.

Autumn would also sense Summer’s desires for her and was flattered because she had feelings for Summer too but neither of them really acted on them in the beginning. Summer was timid and Autumn didn’t want Summer to think she was pushing her into anything so Autumn just let nature take its course.

After they begin sleeping together, nature began taking its course but they never completely crossed the line. For the most part they enjoyed just cuddling together holding each other as they fell asleep. However, sometimes, even though they did not cross the line and completely engaged in full lesbian sex, they would enjoy flirting with that line, going up to the precipice as close as they could without completely going over.

Case in point; One night after Summer had turned 19(mid September to be exact) she had awoke around 2:30 in the morning and Autumn was facing her. Autumn had kicked out from under the covers part way and the sheet was bunched up and laid gently across her hip, exposing her torso and one leg.

Summer saw Autumn’s naked body glistening in the dim light the street lights outside and it looked so warm so inviting. She could see Autumn’s supple breast in the soft light and they seemed to be beckoning her to caress them. Also Summer would notice a glimpse of Autumn’s nicely trimmed pussy at it peeked out from the covers.

Summer looked long at Autumn and the desire to reach out and touch her grew and finally she mustered up the courage to do it. She timidly put her hand out and lightly touched Autumn’s chest just above her tits. She gently rubbed it then pulled away. She waited another minute or so until she had mustered up the courage again and gently touched Autumn on the breasts. A sudden rush of exhilaration flooded Summer and she felt flushed. She was afraid and yet at the same time the feeling felt good. Summer didn’t want it to stop, so she continued.

Summer would gently and lightly run her fingers across Autumn’s breasts and Autumn would stir and moan and Summer stopped. About 15 minutes later, after Summer thought she was certain Autumn was asleep, she continued, but Autumn really wasn’t asleep. Autumn was just feigning sleep and actually felt it. She enjoyed the attention and she also didn’t want to make Summer feel ashamed or embarrassed, so she pretended to be asleep.

Summer would continue to caress Autumn’s breasts for about five minutes then she would softly and slowly run her hand down Autumn’s torso until she reached where the sheet was.

Becoming a little bolder, Summer took the chance and managed to very carefully lift the sheet and pull it off of Autumn, exposing her sweet naked form. Summer would run her hand over Autumn’s thigh and move into the inside until she reached the edge of Autumn’s pussy.

Summer’s adrenaline was pumping, coursing through her body like a raging river. Her heart also now racing a million miles a minute. The feelings Summer felt were so intense, she could not begin to describe them or even understand them. Any case, they felt to good not to continue.

Summer was at a crossroads. What should she do? Should she take the chance on touching Autumn’s beckoning pussy and risk being caught or should she stop? She took the risk and lightly touched it.

Autumn’s sweet pussy felt so soft, so warm, and so wet. Summer would gently stroke it as soft as she could. Her heart raced even faster and Summer thought it was going to jump right out of her chest. Her breaths quickened and her stomach lurched as the butterflies came.

Summer was now trembling, fighting to keep her hand steady as she made just one more pass over Autumn’s moist wet cunt.

Just then, an unexpected feeling came over Summer. Her pussy quivered then she felt flushed as her juices began to flow and she felt them trickle down the inside of her thigh.

” My God, what had just happened,” Summer thought to herself and then it dawned on her what she had learned in health class. She had experienced her first orgasm and it felt so-o-o-o-o-o slot oyna un-fucking-believable.

Something in Summer’s mind, a soft voice maybe, whispered “Taste it.”

Summer thought a minute, debating what to do and she took the chance. Summer slowly put her trembling index finger between her legs and wiped up some of her juices.

Summer trembled even more as she fought against every fear she had to bring that finger to her lips then to place it in her mouth. She could not believe she was actually doing it but she did and as she did, she savored her own sweet nectar. It was like an opiate. Summer was an addict and her sweet cum juices were her drug. She couldn’t help herself and she began to finger herself again.

Summer would do that for about three minutes or so and was lying flat on her back. As the feelings of intense orgasmic pleasures began to build in her body, it was all she could do not to cry out.

Little did Summer know that Autumn was now watching. Autumn’s head was slightly turned towards Summer and her eyes were open just enough to catch a glimpse of what was going on but she could still fake being asleep if it came down to it. Autumn just smiled knowing her sweet cousin had fully awaken sexually.

Summer would climax flooding her fingers and some of the sheets with her sweet sticky cream and then licked it off her fingers. Still trembling but completely satisfied, Summer fall back asleep, her finger still in her mouth.

The next day Autumn never let on she knew. The two of them would not have another encounter like this until the a week after Autumn’s 19th birthday, the morning of Nov 7th again in the wee hours of the morning.

Summer had awoken and like before she reached out to touch Autumn, but this time Autumn opened her eyes. Summer froze and was horrified but Autumn just smiled and took Summer’s hand in hers, interlocked her fingers with Summer’s. Autumn gently rubbed the back of Summer’s hand and quietly whispered “It’s okay baby.”

Summer smiled back but was still unsure. Autumn removed the covers from her body and completely exposed her sweet naked body. Autumn then would place Summer’s hand between her breasts and Summer could tell it was okay and that Autumn was giving her the permission to explore.

Summer gently and lovingly caressed Autumn’s breasts. When Summer stopped, Autumn lovingly smiled and whispered “It’s okay hon, touch what ever you like.”

Summer would glance down at Autumn’s pussy and then back at Autumn. Autumn knew what Summer wanted and she smiled and nodded her approval

Summer would spend about two minutes just stroking Autumn’s pussy and then she put her hand back in Autumn’s Autumn could tell Summer wanted to do more but was too scared to ask. Autumn didn’t pressure Summer but just smiled.

Autumn lovingly smiled and then would scoot closer so she and Summer were almost touching. Summer didn’t protest and their foreheads touched. Autumn gently put her hand on the side of Summer’s face and lovingly caressed it.

Autumn could tell Summer wanted to be held and lovingly coaxed her into her arms . Summer softly embraced Autumn and they just cuddled together their warm naked bodies now pressing together.

Autumn and Summer would just cuddle and hold each other like this for ten minutes or so. Their cunts were touching and Autumn’s soft breasts felt good against Summer’s

As they moved back apart afterwards, Summer’s and Autumn’s bodies and faces were just an inch or so apart if that much Autumn smiled at Summer who smiled back. Their faces would slowly came back together and their lips touched but their was no actual kiss.

Summer would take the chance and initiate a soft gentle kiss where her lips just barely touched Autumn’s and Autumn smiled.

Autumn’s kiss was highly intoxicating to Summer and she wanted more so she initiated another kiss. This time the kiss was longer deeper and more intense eventually evolving into a deep passionate tongue probing French kiss.

Autumn and Summer would spend the next five minutes or so kissing as they laid side by side, their bodies pressed together, their limbs intertwined and they moved together as one.

They broke the kiss and Summer smiled at Autumn and softly said “Thanks Sissy,” a pet name she had given to Autumn since they were kids.

Autumn just smiled and replied “You’re welcome Buttercup,” Autumn’s pet name for Summer.

That would be as far as they went that night but the seeds of lust and desire were sewn and would eventually bear fruit.

The night would come when they would cross that line that they could not return from. It would happen the following Valentine’s . Valentine’s day fell on a Thursday that year and Autumn’s parents had gone on a second honey moon, a week long cruise to put the spark back in their relationship.

Anyhow, Autumn and Summer had ordered pizza that night and after supper were up in their room sitting on their bed smoking, drinking shots talking and listening canlı casino siteleri to music.

Summer was dressed an open white see through waist length lace robe, a pair of white cotton panties and white ankle socks and Autumn was wearing a white midriff shirt with the word Hottie written in red letters and a pair of white cotton panties as well.

Autumn had altered the shirt by cutting the neck line so that her breasts were practically spilling out of the shirt.

Somehow the topic got on romance and sex and Autumn jokingly said “I wonder if Mom and Dad are having a good time and getting it on, if your know what I mean?”

“Eeeeewwww,” Summer replied when she heard that. “That’s gross!!!”

“Well how do you think you and I got here silly,” Autumn said teasingly.

“Yeah I know,” was Summer’s response “but I try not to think about it.”

“Well it’s perfectly natural,” Autumn said with a grin and a wink.

“I know,” Summer, replied. “I realize my mom and dad loved each other and that’s how I got here, but I don’t know. It’s just the thought of having a guy touch me, it makes my skin crawl!!!”

“What if it wasn’t a guy but another girl,” Autumn said seductively but lovingly, putting her hand gently on top of Summer’s. “You know like what we did that one night. How did that make you feel?”

“Alive,” Summer said softly and fondly, remembering the great sensual pleasure it gave her. “But I don’t know if that’s natural. You know what society says. The whole incest thing and all that” Summer added with some uncertainty.

“What would you say if you weren’t the only one who has ever felt that way,” Autumn said reassuringly, “and screw society’s rules and morals I feel that if two people love each other, than what does it matter.”

” Come on, I have something I would like to show you,” Autumn said as she got up off the bed and went to her closet. “I found this while rummaging around the attic and It may just surprise you because it sure did me.”

Summer’s interests were piqued and she sat up on the bed as Autumn came back with a shoe box.

“What’s in it,” Summer said like a child who couldn’t wait then her eyes got wide as Autumn pulled out the contents.

Autumn pulled out a nine inch white torpedo shaped battery operated dildo that was about an inch wide. She also pulled out a pink 9 inch dildo, a white 9 inch cock shaped strap on dildo and a flexible 16 inch pink double ended dildo.

“Oh my God,” Summer exclaimed, who’s are those?

“Would you believe mom’s” Autumn said grinning.

“Aunt Sara’s,” Summer asked in disbelief.

“Yep,” Autumn said smiling, “and that’s not all, there’s more.”

Autumn would pull out some old VCR tapes of lesbian porn and a diary of her intimate confessions.

“OH-MY-GOD,” Summer said slowly and deliberately, accenting each word. “I never knew Aunt Sara swung that way. So I am not the only one with these feelings.”

“No you’re not sweetie,” Autumn said lovingly. “They are perfectly natural and should be embraced and cherished.” Autumn knew Summer was ready and just needed coaxing so she would gently usher her into the wonderful joys of lesbian love.

“You know this is Valentine’s Day,” Autumn said smiling, “and what better day than to show the one you love how you feel about them.”

“What if I don’t know how,” Summer said sheepishly. “I’m just not sure what to do.”

“You did fine that one night,” Autumn said with a smile and Summer blushed. “Don’t be embarrassed hun,” Autumn said lovingly “You were wonderful.”

“Well I wanted more but was just to scared,” Summer said softly. “I’m just not sure what to do.”

” I know sweetie,” Autumn said smiling lovingly, “That’s only natural. Try not to think about it sweetie,” Autumn said softly. “Just give in to the feelings and let them lead you. You will be surprised and soon it will be as natural as breathing.”

Autumn could tell Summer was ready but still unsure so she added “Would it help if I led you through these feelings and guided you into the glorious carnal desires that await you?”

Summer just smiled and said nothing.

“I tell you what,” Autumn said “I will take the initiative and if I cross the line where you don’t want to go or if you get scared, just pull away and I will understand. I don’t want to pressure you or do anything you don’t feel comfortable with but I think we both know you are ready to explore the wonderful world of lesbian love and need a guide and I want to be that guide.”

“If I was going to make out with another girl I would want it to be you,” Summer said with a soft smile gently interlocking her finger’s in Autumn’s.

“Well are you ready,” Autumn said softly.

Summer nodded, gulped and said “Ready.”

“Now just remember just go with your feelings,” Autumn said lovingly. “If I do anything that makes you uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to break it off. Okay?”

Summer just smiled and nodded in the affirmative.

Autumn slowly leaned in and gently kissed Summer on the lips. The kiss was light soft and meant to be non threatening and lasted for a good 10 seconds or so.

“So,” Autumn said smiling after she broke the kiss.

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Aunty’s Naughty Niece Ch. 01

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My family has something about the letter “L”. My mother, bless her soul, was named Lavinia. My sister, who at 44 is 10 years older than me, is Libby. I’m 34, of course, and I guess I must have been an afterthought on my parents’ parts, and my given name is Linda. Libby’s daughter, who is the point of this story, is Lucy. See what I mean?

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, Libby called and asked if I’d put Lucy up for a month, just till “it all dies down”.

I asked what “it” was, but Libby, who is still my “big” sister, said it was just too scandalous to talk about, but please be a pet and look after the “wayward little bitch”. Strong words for my sister.

Well, things were quite quiet at my bookshop – it’s a cosy little outfit run by myself and two lady helpers. I call it “Linda’s Library”. There’s that “L” thing again, see?

Anyway, I agreed and on the day in question drove down to the Plymouth railway station to greet the train from Paddington – no, that sounds silly – to greet my niece, Lucy, off the train from Paddington.

I’d not seen Lucy for about five years and I must confess I got quite a shock when I saw her again. She was short – I was going to say diminutive, but I guess five feet isn’t that short. She had close-cropped dark brown hair, cut in a lovely fringe, and she was extremely pretty in pouty, Louise Brooks sort of way. If you’ve never heard of Louise Brooks, type her name into your search engine and you’ll get my drift.

But that wasn’t what gave me the shock. Do you remember that Page 3 girl, Samantha Fox? At least, I think it was Fox. She was quite short but she made up for a lack of height with these superb breasts.

Well, Lucy had Sam Fox-type breasts. They thrust out stunningly from the tight black T-shirt she was wearing.

And the T-shirt gave me a bit of a shock, too. The logo emblazoned in stark white lettering read “My nipples get harder than most guys’ dicks!” Beneath the T-shirt she was poured into some jeans that looked as if they’d been applied by a spray gun. Wedge-styled red high heels were on her feet and she looked extremely, well, shall I say tarty. But tarty in the nicest possible way.

“Hi Lucy,” I said, leaning down to hug her. I’m about five eight, with long fair hair, so fair it could be taken for blonde. I’m extremely fit because I work out each day, but my breasts are nowhere near Lucy’s. Mine hit the tape at 34 inches, but because I’ve got a rather narrow back, my girl friends have never complained about not having enough to suck on. In fact, sometimes it’s been a bit of a struggle to get them to go down “there”, they like my boobs so much.

“Hi Aunty Linda,” she said, smelling of a rather cheap perfume, “glad to see me?”

“Of course,” I replied, “it’s always a pleasure to put up family.”

Lucy grinned a cheeky little grin. “Wait till I’ve been around a week or two, you may change your tune,” she laughed.

Then I looked at her T-shirt logo again. “Did you attract a lot of attention on the train?” I asked.

“Oh, this?” she said, pulling on the sides of her T-shirt and making the logo stand out even more. “A couple of filthy old men letched at me, and one foxy lady of about 40, who I could really have gone for, smiled at me. Apart from that I don’t think I started any riots.”

Of course, alarm bells should have started to ring there and then, but I honestly thought it was Lucy trying to shock her maiden aunt. Well, I may be a maiden aunt, but I’ve known some foxy ladies in my time, if you follow me.

We drove home in my lovely old Rover, Lucy saying it looked like a car that escaped from the Ark, and I showed her to her bedroom. She plonked her valise and a large suitcase on the bed, then announced: “I’m going to get changed for a really sweaty run, aunty. Three and a half hours cooped up on the train and I need to work it out of my system.”

I went down to the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea. Lucy appeared several minutes later, wearing bright red satin shorts which gleamed gloriously on her pert little buttocks. She had on white socks and brand-new Nike trainers. And she still had on that ghastly T-shirt.

Standing up and trying to sound stern but not stuffy, I said: “Now Lucy, you’re perfectly welcome to stay down here with me for a month, but I’m not having a niece of mine running around this nice neighbourhood in a T-shirt like that!”

Lucy pouted and pulled the T-shirt off. She wasn’t wearing a bra! Her large breasts hung in superb natural uplift, the nipples thick and the first thing that entered my head was “I want to suck those!” but Lucy saved the situation.

“I’ll try another top, aunty, sorry,” she said, before skipping off upstairs again.

I returned to my Earl Grey and Lucy was back in another T-shirt, still black, still with white lettering. This time the wording was an old joke, but I thought it was far preferable to the “nipples” T-shirt. This one read: “I may not be perfect, but parts of me aren’t all that bad!”

I laughed, trying to live down my earlier stuffy aunt approach. “Far casino oyna more respectable, darling,” I smiled. “Now enjoy your run, only don’t get lost.”

“I’ll be 45 minutes, possibly an hour aunty,” she called, striding to the door and then she was gone.

I finished my Earl Grey, but instead of having my usual repeat cuppa, I walked up to her room and inspected it. Her suitcase was empty and had been placed in the wardrobe. Her valise lay on the dressing table. Idly, I pulled it to me and peeped into the thing.

I could hardly believe my eyes. Snuggling at the bottom was a gleaming black rubber item. I pulled it out. It was one of those things called, I believe, “a strap-on”. It had straps, an imitation scrotum and looked about seven inches long – although, due to my sexual preferences, I’m not really an expert at male penile lengths.

I peeped into the valise once more and there was something else which caught my eye. I pulled this out, too. It was a leather-handled, triple-thonged whip, the lashes no more than 18 inches long, the handle some eight inches. The tips of the three thongs were shaped like hearts. The instrument of punishment gleamed cruelly. It sent a shiver down my body, although it was a shiver of fear mixed with excitement.

I slipped out of my skirt, kicked off my shoes, pulled my blouse off and lay back on the bed, the whip by my side, the dildo in my hand. Idly I began to rub the head of the device against my pink silk panties. I began to think about Patrice.

She had been my girl friend. She was much taller than me – supermodel height, about six feet. She had long blonde hair, falling to her shoulder blades. She had a totally shaved pussy. I used to spend hours there, licking and kissing. I missed her so much.

My thoughts drifted to our wonderful love-making, her gentle hands, her insistent mouth. I could almost inhale the aroma of her slender snatch, could almost feel her labia lips grazing my mouth. The dildo was working away at my sex trench and I felt down at the gusset of my panties and pulled them to one side, allowing the rubber to insinuate itself into the folds of my sex.

I must have drifted off into a trance-like dream because the next thing I knew I jolted myself awake.

“And what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

The words cracked out like a whip – like the whip that lay beside me. My reverie of the sweet Patrice vanished in a split second and I opened my eyes to see a panting, sweating Lucy standing beside the bed.

Her hand was outstretched, her pose needed no words. Silently I passed the dildo to her. She took it by the scrotal sac and put it to her nostrils.

“It’s very moist, it’s very aromatic, aunty,” said Lucy, her voice now quiet, almost hiss-like. “So aromatic,” she added. “Smell it!”

And she put the dildo’s head to my nostrils. I inhaled, closing my eyes as my familiar pussy perfume wafted over me. I always like smelling my own perfume.

Lucy pulled it back and kissed if softly, just a brush with her lips. “So tasty, aunty,” she whispered. “Taste it!”

And once more I was offered the dildo. I tasted it, tasting the salty, familiar tanginess of my sex juices. I always like tasting myself, too.

Lucy took the dildo away again and pulled off her T-shirt, exposing those wonderful boobs, now streaked with perspiration. Then she stepped out of her running shorts, revealing a tiny little black thong, gleaming and wet.

I tried to get up, but Lucy pushed me down. I tried to speak, but Lucy’s forefinger pressed on my lips, hushing me. She bent and kicked off her shoes and socks. Then she was lying beside me.

“Thinking of your boyfriend?” she said, whispering the words in my ear, placing the dildo’s tip against my now panty-covered pussy.

“No,” I replied, speaking in a low whisper matching hers. “My girl friend.”

Lucy smiled and pressed her breasts against my upper arm and leaned over to kiss me softly, gently on the mouth. She no longer smelled of cheap perfume but honest-to-goodness sweat.

“Why did she leave you?” Lucy asked.

“She migrated to Australia, of all places,” I said, then adding, rather obviously: “And Australia is so far away, Lucy.”

Lucy maintained her stroking of my sex trench with her dildo, but changed the subject. “And my whip? I know you like my strap-on, do you like my whip?”

I looked at her, and her lovely big brown eyes, her lovely big brown breasts and I shook my head: “It scares me, darling. It looks cruel.”

Lucy smiled, slowly but knowingly. “Don’t be scared, aunty,” she said, in such a soft tone I almost had to strain to hear her. “It can be cruel, and you have to receive its caress because you’ve been naughty, but you will learn to love it.”

And again she kissed me on the mouth. This time it was a longer kiss. Now I know I should have snapped out of it, but my hands had a life of their own. The next thing I knew I was running my fingers all over the pert, high-slung but slippery mounds, kneading her big nipples, wanting the kiss to end so I could slot oyna press my face into her fantastic flesh.

“Did you find anything else in my valise, aunty?” Lucy inquired, after we had broken and my mouth was nuzzling at her breasts, feeling the firmness that only young women or those with ludicrous implants can exhibit.

“No, darling,” I hissed, annoyed at having to stop my oral adoration of her big breasts. Now my mouth was hungrily suckling her nipples, they were like little plums in my mouth, and I loved them, I was under their twin spell already!

Lucy leaned over to the dressing table, presenting me as she did with a glorious view of two beautifully pert buttocks, divided by a slender strap of black thong. She grabbed her valise and brought it to the bed, then dipped into it and came up with a little black contact book.

She put the valise on the floor, kissed me tenderly on the mouth, then resumed stroking the dildo up and down my weeping pussy.

“Guess it’s time you found out why I’m in such disgrace,” she said, and tossed the book onto my belly. “Open it up, have a good read, Aunt Linda.” The last sentence was spoken slightly louder, more peremptory, more a command.

I sat up and flicked open the book. It fell to the “F” section. There, in small, very neat writing, was a list of names. Fiona, for example, with a day beneath it – Tuesday – and then some sort of codes. GS, WS (not the face), DM, S, W, TT.

I looked puzzled. Lucy smiled. “I’ll explain for you, you innocent old thing, you” she told me.

“This entry denotes a client named Fiona. From it I can see that she visits the ‘clinic’ where I worked every Tuesday. She liked golden showers or water sports – but not on her face. She liked digital masturbation. She also liked spanking, the whip and tit torture.”

I must have looked shocked. Then I flicked through the book, quickly, as if its pages were going to burn my fingers. Page after page was crammed with entries. I stopped at the page for “L” – that old family thing, I suppose.

There was even an entry for a “Linda”. I pointed to it with its codes: “Tell me about her, Lucy.”

Lucy smiled at me. “Aha, your namesake. A lush-buttocked 30-year-old aunty, much larger build than yours. Nowhere near as sexy.

“Now let’s see, she was into spanking – well, they’re all into spanking – she liked to be fingered in her back passage during spankings. See, there’s the notation BP, which has nothing to do with her preferred petrol company.

“She also likes golden showers and likes to lick the domina’s pussy clean after being showered. ‘LLU’ stands for ‘Likes licking urine’. She also likes being whipped but doesn’t want to be marked – ‘W(NMs)’ means whipping, no marks.

“Then there’s tit torture – ‘MTT’ means ‘mild tit torture’. And ‘VH’ means she’s into verbal humiliation, so I called her a slut, a whore, an arse-licker, stuff like that. Simple really.”

And with that Lucy shut the book and tossed it on the floor.

“And that’s what got you into trouble?” I asked, still inwardly gasping at the contents of Lucy’s little black book.

“Hardly, aunty,” she replied. “But the place I worked at – it was called Karla’s Korrectional Klinic, or KKK for short – was, of course, a place where rich ladies could indulge in their fantasies of female domination.

“Luckily, one of mum’s best friends has a husband who’s a member of the vice squad. He told his wife they were going to raid the place, she told mum and I was conveniently sick on that evening,” explained Lucy.

“So Libby knew you worked there all along?” I stuttered, hardly able to believe Libby would put up with such behaviour from her only daughter.

“Course not, silly,” said Lucy. “She thought I was working at an all hours pharmacy by the way I dressed when I left for work each afternoon – all our kinky gear was kept at the clinic.

“And when she found out what I was doing she was absolutely livid,” said Lucy. “It wasn’t so much that I was dealing to rich lesbians, she quite liked that, it was the thought of what she would tell her friends if they ever found out. So she’s packed me off to you until the heat blows over, or whatever the fuck heat does.”

And with that, the lovely thong-clad lass stood up and leaned across my body to pick up her little whip. “And now, my dearest aunty, it’s time for your punishment for being such a snooping little busybody.”

I looked at her incredulously. Then I drank in the beauty of her breasts, which were heaving slightly as she ran the triple-lashed weapon through her fingers. Her pudenda looked prominent, swollen almost, in her lovely little thong. Her thighs were bronzed and taut. I wanted to feel them around my neck and head as I worshipped her pussy. I was lost in a turmoil of thoughts, but my pussy won the battle. It wanted her, and I think she wanted it.

I reached behind me and unclipped my brassiere, allowing my large-cupped mounds to fall slightly into their natural cups. I’m extremely proud of my breasts, as I think you’re aware, and I knew canlı casino siteleri the nipples would be erect. I glanced down. They were, so much so they pointed stiffly across at Lucy. Then I slipped out of my panties exposing my semi-shaved pussy, fringed by light brown pubic hair cut back almost to the roots, to her gaze.

Lucy smiled at me: “Lovely, not bad for an old 34-year-old, aunty. Now into position – kneel with your knees as wide as you can get them without being too uncomfortable. Then hands behind you and grab hold of your ankles.”

I obeyed. Lucy looked satisfied. “That’s marvellous. Proud, yet submissive,” she said. I was pleased by her remark, proud of her remark. And I knew, deep down in the churning pit of my stomach, that I was going to be submissive.

“Now this is going to sting, but that’s all,” she informed me. “I’ll be as loving as is humanely possible on your virgin flesh, aunty?”

I nodded and Lucy grinned: “I take it, that is, that it’s virgin flesh. Never been flogged, have you, aunty?”

I shook my head, making my breasts wobble slightly. “No, Lucy,” I said, my voice in an excited whisper.

My lovely young niece then raised her triple-thonged whip and brought it down sharply across my tightly-stretched belly, just above my abdomen, well below my breasts.

“Owwww,” I yelped, as three electric shocks struck me. Then the flogger came down across my right thigh. Another trio of tingling pleasure coursed through me, but far less painful than the initial blow. Then my left thigh was the target for Lucy’s unerring aim. This was a performance she had obviously acted out many, many times.

The next blow struck my abdomen, and one of the lash’s thongs came dangerously close to my pussy. I flinched, but did not cry out. I was getting accustomed to the triple tingles I felt each time as the flogger flailed down onto me.

Lucy then paused. “Now it’s time for your breasts, my darling aunty, only they’re not quite as good a target as I’d like,” she said.

“I like my breasts,” I protested, both defending their honour and reputation and their flesh, I hoped. I did not want them flogged.

“Your breasts are wonderful, I’m going to have a lot of fun with them, aunty,” Lucy assured me, “but I need them standing up a bit more.”

She looked at me, casting a professional domina’s eye over my nakedness. “Got such a thing as a quarter-cup bra, Linda?” she inquired, dropping the “aunty” term.

“Yes, in my bedroom,” I said.

“Fetch!” snapped my naughty niece, in much the same tone you’d use for a golden retriever who you’d thrown a stick for.

I scrambled away to my bedroom, produced my favourite quarter-cup creation – a lovely little thing in bright red satin – and returned to Lucy’s room.

There, she helped me put it on, adjusting the cups so my boobs were thrown out into what I thought were magnificent platforms of flesh. Lucy obviously thought so, too.

“That’s great, Linda, I’m going to enjoy making those little beauties dance a flamenco to my flogger,” she said. “Now get back up on that bed.”

I resumed my position, my knees some foot or so back from the foot of the bed. Again I leaned back and gripped my ankles. Lucy grinned down at me and bent to bestow two kisses on my globes – one on each nipple – then she straightened and held her arm out horizontally so the thongs of the whip dangled against my breasts.

“Ready, Linda?” she inquired, her voice a husky hiss.

I nodded: “Yes, Lucy.”

The triple-armed implement whistled down and the three heart-shaped leather tips cracked against my breasts, sending shock waves through me. One tip struck my right breast, the other two landed on the upper curve of the left.

Lucy moved the whip to her other hand and repeated the dose. This time my right breast suffered the attentions of two tips, the left merely one. The arithmetic or placing didn’t matter – the strokes sent shockingly, stunningly, wonderful surges of pleasure mingled with pain through my body.

At last, after some 10 strokes, Lucy was done. I looked down my upper breasts, striped and lightly marked, and in one or two places the vivid red imprint shaped like a heart. I wore them proudly, like badges of honour.

Then Lucy was climbing up onto the bed and standing astride my upturned face. “You can move your hands from your ankles when I’m in position,” she instructed, dispensing both with “Aunty” and “Linda” now.

A musky, marvellous aroma descended on me as she placed her sopping wet thong onto my mouth. My hands flew for her buttocks. My mouth was hungry for her minge, my hands hot for the firm touch of her bottom. Neither my mouth, nor my hands were disappointed.

Her pussy was dripping a tangy, tasty meal of sex juice onto my mouth, her backside was strong and muscular, thrusting against me as I worshipped her snatch through the skimpy material.

“Get it off, get if off,” she hissed, and my fingers scrambled into the side straps and pulled the garment away. When it caught, at her knees, I replaced my mouth and for the first time tasted the ineffable glory of her womanhood, its musky secretions pouring over my tongue and lips, its perfumed promise making me almost dizzy with faintness as I served her graunching pussy.

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