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Katrin turned onto her back and stared up at Peter’s bedroom ceiling as he lay next to her in anticipation. She took a deep breath and tried to mentally transport herself fifteen years into the past and over a thousand miles away.

“Okay, Peter. Here it goes…”


My mom, known around my hometown neighborhood as Miss G, was a tall blonde Swedish woman–a classic beauty with a wavy shoulder-length hairdo and naturally large breasts that she was not so generous to pass on to me. My parents divorced when I was a toddler and my dad, a Financial Consultant–whatever that is–moved away permanently to work in Germany. He left the two of us behind in Sarasota, Florida, which was probably for the better. At least we never had to worry about money.

Our house was a little too big for two people and with the exception of irregular visits from my aunts, it was eerily quiet on most days. After high school graduation and before moving away to college I spent a final, and especially memorable, summer at the house.

Mom rarely said a bad word about dad and seemed very content to stay single. Only in her mid-30’s it was like she was already retired. She spent entire days just tanning outside in her tiny blue bikini and doing her aerobics videos. She collected all of the hilarious infomercial workout equipment that late 90’s had to offer, as if she needed it with her body.

Mom was very flirtatious and she was quite popular around the neighborhood, although, not so much with the other moms. Our pool, like all the pools in the area, was protected by a transparent screen shelter to keep out hurricane debris and the occasional gator, but that didn’t prevent the guys from leering while she laid out for a tan. I had to chase away neighborhood boys on more than one occasion.

Compared to the smoldering femininity of mom, I was a shy, skinny tomboy. At age eighteen my breasts maxed out in the A-B cup range and I was very insecure about it. I kept my hair in a ponytail all the time and rounded my look with a pair of nerdy glasses. To make matters worse, I had to wear braces for my entire senior year.

I avoided boys for the most part, but still had a few innocent dates here and there. I was quick to break it off with guys after they showed interest in my mom, which they always did. She was shameless with the guys that I brought home, walking around in her bikini and flirting with them. I stopped dating altogether during my last year at home. No homecoming, no prom, and my stupid virginity still intact.

Mom was outraged by the almost non-existent sex education in our school and we awkwardly went over the birds and the bees together when I was very young. I thought that it would all be over after that harrowingly graphic conversation, but she continued to talk about “the sex,” as she called it, every time it popped into her head, and that was quite often.

When I wasn’t cringing from our sex talks, I was cringing from listening to her do it. She brought home younger men regularly and our bedrooms were right next to each other. She was fairly quiet herself, but the men were very loud, groaning for what seemed like hours at a time. I got well acquainted with the couch in the reading room on the other side of the house, which is where I would usually escape to.

“What the hell was going on in there last night,” I had the courage to ask one time when she was running a brush through my hair. She insisted on doing this multiple times a week even though I would just tie it back up the second she was done brushing.

“Do you know what the name Kaht-rin means?” mom replied, dodging my question. She always pronounced my name properly in her Swedish accent. Everyone at school called me Kay-trin and that’s still what I go by. I didn’t want to go through life correcting people.

“It means to be pure, or purity. You can blame your father for that one.”

“Mom, that doesn’t answer–“

“Do you know what my name, Gertrud, means?” she continued.


“Spear Maiden,” she said with a naughty laugh. “We come from a long line of spear maidens, Katrin. Do you really want to know why the men keep coming back and why they groan all night in my room? Perhaps I’ll show you some day.”

“Show me what?” I asked, regrettably.

“I’ll show you what happens when an Olsson woman puts a cock in her mouth. We have a gift.”

“Oh gross!” I said with hands on my ears, trying desperately to think of anything other than my mother sucking on some guy’s dick. From then on out, with every late night visitor and every audible groan coming through the wall, it would be impossible to strike that image from my head.


Something came over me during my last summer at home. I suppose it dawned on me that I would be moving really far away and I made an attempt to spend more time with my mom. We cooked dinner together, we did her Buns of Steel tape together, and I even got myself a skimpy pink bikini to lay out in with her by the pool.

“Katrin, mobilbahis güvenilir mi did I tell you who I finally met the other day?” Mom asked as we laid by the pool in reclining lawn chairs on a particularly hot and sweaty afternoon.

“Who?” I asked fearfully, fully aware that she intended to introduce herself to our new neighbors.

I had a painful crush on the guy next door since the day his family moved in. He was tall and athletic with blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. From what I could tell, he was the only child, just like me. During the last few days I managed to see him unloading moving boxes, helping his mom with the groceries and my favorite–mowing the lawn with his shirt off. I just knew that mom already snuck over there with some homemade butter cookies in one of her slutty dresses, flirting with the guys and instantly making a “frienemy” out of the mom, like she always did. Yep, I was sure she met the neighbors.

“I met the neighbors!” Mom announced proudly. I cursed under my breath. “They’re from Australia and, in case you’re wondering, the boy’s name is Eric,” mom explained with a suspicious smile. “Such a nice young man and he’s your age. Don’t you think he’s sexy, Katrin?”

“Mom! Please, please, please, just leave the neighbors alone.”

“I’m sorry, sötis,” Mom said as she flipped on to her stomach and untied her bikini top. Sötis is like saying “dear” or “sweetie” in Swedish.

“I’ve already worked out an arrangement with his mother,” she explained to my horror. “He is going to be mowing lawns in the neighborhood and I told her that we would be happy to pay for his services. He’ll be over this afternoon.”

“Why didn’t you warn me?!” I asked, suddenly feeling like I should run and hide. “Mom, you know we don’t need anyone to mow our lawn!”

“Oh, you have a crush,” Mom replied knowingly. “You’re eighteen now and you’re moving away to college. You can’t just keep hiding from boys–you’ll never learn anything that way. You need to get experience while you’re still young. When I was your age, back in Sweden, I was already very familiar with the male anatomy.”

“Please, Mom,” I begged. “I don’t want to know any more about you and the male anatomy.”

“But it’s true, sötis. I experimented with a variety of different cocks and learned how to make them squirt with my mouth and hands, like a true Spear Maiden,” she said with a laugh.

“Okay, I’m leaving,” I said as I got up from the lawn chair in frustration. She grabbed me by the arm and took off her sunglasses, giving me a genuinely sad look.

“Katrin, don’t be ashamed,” she pleaded. “Everyone in this country is so ashamed of the sex. I don’t understand why it makes them so mad. Last year the president was impeached for it! We are better than this, don’t you agree?”

I’ll admit that her plea did have an effect on me. She was so proud and free-spirited. I didn’t much appreciate it at the time, but when I think about her now, she is kind of my hero–a strong, independent, sex-positive woman. She was a little before her time and totally on her own, without daily internet articles to validate her.

“Okay, Mom,” I surrendered as I lay down on my stomach and untied my bikini top from the back. “Tell me about all of these squirting cocks that you played with back in Sweden,” I said with a grumpy huff.

“Katrin, how far have you gone, exactly? With the sex.”

“I thought we were talking about you!”

“No, sötis, I’m talking about you. How far?”

“Not very far,” I replied with embarrassment.

“Have you at least seen one? A cock.”

“Yes. Jeez,” I replied, bracing myself to give her more details. “I let a guy from school touch my breasts and I let him put his finger inside me, very briefly, and NO I’m not telling you who. I tried to give him a hand job while we were sitting in his car. It didn’t go very well so I just watched him jerk off and caught his cum in my hand and threw it out the window. There, I’ve told you everything.”

For some reason, this made my mom smile proudly. She was happy that I was finally opening up. “Have you ever put one in your mouth?” she wondered with batting eyebrows.

“No!” I said with embarrassment, which quickly turned to sadness. “I can’t do that with my braces.”

“Who told you that you couldn’t do that with braces?!” she demanded to know as if she was going to hop up that second and chase them down in the street.

“No one. Well, I heard some guys on the track team tell a joke about how a girl with braces would give a blowjob and then tear out all of their pubes. I don’t want to do that.”

“Katrin,” she began intensely, “don’t you dare believe that nonsense. One–it’s not true, and two–if that’s what they are worried about then it is on each and every one of them to shave. It’s their problem, not yours, sötis.”

“Really, Mom?” I laughed. “You think these guys are all going to shave their pubes?”

“Katrin, if you mobilbahis knew how to do, what I know how to do, they would be lining up for wax jobs at the salon just for a chance with you!”

She finally convinced me. “Okay, Mom,”–I braced myself–“will you tell me how to give a blowjob?”

“I’ll do one better. I’ll show you!” she announced as she hopped up , leaving her untied bikini top on the chair as she rushed into the house to grab some bananas. She walked back to the pool, yellow phalluses in hand and her big natural breasts jiggling in clear view of the neighboring houses. I quickly tied my top and rushed over to my mom with hers.

“For god’s sake, let’s go inside!” I pleaded, pulling her back in by the arm and handing over her top. She wasn’t shy about walking around topless and I didn’t always complain, but with a blowjob lesson on the way I thought it was weird. We took our seats at the kitchen table and she tied her bikini top back on.

“Okay, Katrin, pick up your banana. I am going to show you how to give the very best blowsjob!”

“Mom, I’m not the expert, but it’s called a blowjob.”

“That’s what I said. Blowsjob. Now, go ahead and peel the banana before you suck it,” Mom directed as she proceeded to peel her own banana by example. “Use your tongue delicately, at first, and avoid breaking the banana.”

I did as she said and held the peeled banana and aimed it towards my lips. “Like this?” I asked as I began bobbing it into my mouth, sliding it across the top of my tongue and into my throat.

“Very good, sötis. If you push out your lips and block your bottom teeth protectively with your tongue you’ll see that it is perfectly safe,” she explained. “Give me a smile.”

I smiled, showing off my shiny braces.

“See!” she said as she reached for a pocket mirror on a nearby table and held it up. “No banana in your braces. Those guys from your class are just ignorant.”

“Watch this!” she said with excitement as she slowly eased her own banana almost completely into her throat. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Only the very tip was visible between her lips where she pinched it with her finger tips

“Mom, stop! You’ll choke!”

She relaxed her throat and let the spit-covered banana slide out into her hand followed by a deep breath and a boastful smile. “I agree, it isn’t safe with a banana. Don’t try to deepthroat anything that isn’t attached to a body,” she instructed sternly.

“So how do I make it cum? I mean him cum? Whatever,” I asked awkwardly.

“Well, you can suck and jerk really fast towards the end, but anyone can do that. I have a special trick that makes it a little more interesting and never fails me.”

“What is it?”

“Well, do you remember what advice I gave you before you went on to rank so highly in the pole vaulting?” she asked, cryptically.

That’s right, I did pole vault in high school. Yes, ha, ha, very funny. If you’re quite finished, we can move on with the story.

“I have to visualize it?” I replied, remembering all of those suspenseful, soaring successes over the crossbar.

“Exactly! But with a twist. You aren’t the one that is squirting, now are you? So, it isn’t you who needs to visualize it. You have to make them visualize it. Men are visual, you know?”

She was a genius.

“How do I make them visualize it?” I wondered.

“Well, here’s an example,” she began as she cleared her throat. She started stroking the banana in front of her lips and her voice suddenly burst forth in an unexpected, orgasmic tone that sent shivers down my spine. “I’m going to suck and jerk on your big fucking cock until shoot your hot cum all over my face,” she exclaimed to my shock and horror. She wasn’t done. “Then, I’m going to slide your shaft across my messy cheeks to scoop up your load and slurp it off of you.”

“Okay, get it! You can stop!” I begged. The dirty talk kind of turned me on and I was mortifyingly ashamed. Still, sucking a dick had suddenly become an obsession, I had to try it. I nervously followed up with a question.

“Do you really do that with guys, mom? Ask them cum all over you?”

“Of course! That is a secret beauty trick that your aunts and I like to use. Well, it’s not a secret anymore,” she replied with a wink. “And we learned it from our mother.”

“Mom, please don’t drag Grandma into this!”

Mom laughed at my naivety and then suddenly turned her head to the sound of a starting lawn mower engine. “Look who’s here!!” she shrieked like a schoolgirl, running over to the front room in her bikini to peek out the window.

“Get away from there, he’ll see you!” I begged, nevertheless, following right behind her. I scrambled to find my glasses and put them on, eager to sneak a peek with Mom.

We both looked on intensely as Eric pushed the mower across the lawn in basketball shorts and a sweaty white cut off t-shirt. He had an old CD walkman complete with duct tape to hold it together and flimsy foam mobilbahis giriş headphones, it was adorable. He was probably trying to listen to Beck or Nine Inch Nails in between the constant CD skipping.

“He’s wearing a shirt today, what a tease,” Mom said with a nod of disappointment. “When he’s done let’s invite him in for lemonade!”

“I think that is a really bad idea,” I said. My heart was pounding with fear and desire as I watched Eric push the mower with his muscular arms. All of the sex talk had done a number on me. I couldn’t believe that I was actually eyeing the bulge between his legs and trying to imagine what his cock looked like.

“Katrin,” Mom began with utmost seriousness as she held on to my shoulders. “We’ll stand in the doorway together in our bikinis and invite him in. If he gets aroused, well, then I think it might be a good learning opportunity.”

Before I could answer, the afternoon rain began to fall, as it did every day like clockwork. “Oh no, poor boy,” Mom said with concern. “He’s new to Florida. He doesn’t realize that this happens every day. I’m inviting him in, out of the rain.”

I stood petrified as she ran over to yank open the door and called out to Eric. He continued to stubbornly mow the lawn in the rain, unable to hear her over his headphones. After he was nice and soaked, he finally saw my mom waving at him in her bikini and reluctantly rushed over to our doorway for cover. Just before he made it inside, I chickened out and bolted over to my bedroom, locking the door behind me.

My heart was pounding as I pressed my ear against my bedroom door and tried to listen in on their conversation in the living room. I heard his Australian accent for the first time and it was the sexiest thing I had ever heard.

“I’m sure she has a t-shirt that will fit you, let me find out,” I heard my mom say as they approached my room from the hallway. I panicked and moved over to my closet like a scene from a horror movie. The dreaded, inevitable knocking followed.

“Katrin? Are you in there? Eric needs to borrow a dry t-shirt and shorts,” she said, suddenly putting on her demanding mom-tone. I considered hiding and not responding before I came to my senses.

“Okay,” I called out with a crack in my voice as I scrounged my closet for the biggest clothes I could find.

“Honestly, Miss–,” Eric began from behind the door.

“You can call me Miss G,” Mom instructed him.

“Miss G, I appreciate it, but I live right next door. I don’t want to be a bother,” he assured her politely.

I hastily grabbed a big white t-shirt that I liked to wear to bed and a pair of running shorts and mustered the courage to open the door. As I turned the doorknob, I realized that I hadn’t bothered to cover up my skimpy pink bikini or take off my glasses, but it was too late. I pulled the door open and faced them.

Mom introduced us. “Katrin, this is your neighbor Eric. Eric, meet my daughter, Katrin.”

“G’day, Katrin. Nice to meet you,” he said in his sexy accent, instantly making me weak at the knees. He took extra care to pronounce my name the same way that Mom did.

“Hi,” I said with a dainty wave as I held out the clothes for my mother. Eric looked even better up close with his dripping wet, shaggy blonde hair and strong shoulders poking out from his cut-off sleeves. His eyes were a sea of beautiful calming blue and his gaze made me hot and wet. I stepped forward and pulled my bedroom door shut behind me in a panic, hoping that he didn’t see the big Titanic movie poster on the wall.

“You and your mum doing a bit of sunbaking today then, eh?” he asked as he quickly and discreetly looked over my bikini. I stood there in shock as he proceeded to maintain eye contact and smile innocently in my direction. He was the first guy that ever stood with me and my mom and didn’t gawk at her breasts the whole time.

“Did you hear that, sötis? He calls it sunbaking. That is so adorable!” my mom said as she slyly rested her hand on his shoulder. She called me “sötis” right in front of him. I wanted to die.

“Come on, Eric, I’ll show you to the shower,” Mom suddenly announced. I dropped my jaw in awe of her sheer audacity as she escorted him down the hallway, leaving me standing there like an idiot.

“Really, I don’t think it’s necessary,” Eric protested politely, but she already had him. He didn’t stand a chance.

“Nonsense,” Mom said as she guided him through the bathroom doorway. “What if it was acid rain? You can’t be too safe,” she explained, now flagrantly making things up. I stood in the hallway and eavesdropped in suspense.

“I’ll run those wet clothes in the washer for you,” she offered. “Come on, now. Don’t be shy. I’ve seen it all.” I can only imagine the look on Eric’s face when my bikini-clad mom asked, in so many words, for him to strip completely naked in front of her.

I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I walked over to the living room and sat on the end of the couch where I could get a better peak at the bathroom door, which was still slightly ajar. The view was better, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I waited patiently for my mother to come out with his wet clothes so that I could talk some sense into her. She didn’t come out.

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